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How To Create a Tik Tok Video in Canva

teacher avatar Dawid Tuminski

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Your Project


    • 3.

      Let's Break This Project Down


    • 4.

      Let's Add the First Video


    • 5.

      Let's Add the First Piece of Text


    • 6.

      Let's Add the Second Page and Some More Text


    • 7.

      Let's Add a Page Transition


    • 8.

      It's Time For Our Third Clip


    • 9.

      Let's Add the Fourth Video


    • 10.

      Let's Add the Audio Track


    • 11.

      Let's Add the End Screen


    • 12.

      Let's Tweak the Audio and Finish the Project


    • 13.

      Let's Explore the Video Saving Options in Canva


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About This Class

Did you know that you can create a Tik Tok video in Canva?

You might think that Canva is a tool for creating social media graphics and video is not something you can work with here.

However, Canva lets you put together video and audio tracks too! Add some graphics over it and... there you go. You've created a nicely looking and engaging Tik Tok video!

And this is exactly what you will learn from this class, because inside you will discover how to

  • set up a Tik Tok design project
  • add multiple pages with videos
  • create transitions between videos
  • add animated texts and graphics
  • add and edit audio tracks

In this class you will learn all there is to know to create an engaging Tik Tok video you can use on your own channel or on your clients channel.

Enroll in the class and let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Designer, coder and educational entrepreneur.
Adobe Certified Expert in Illustrator whose courses were listed in the Udemy's TOP 10 best reviewed courses.

Creating online courses on design tools like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, logo design, web design, graphic design freelancing, online teaching and digital marketing .

Teaching +30k students in 160 countries worldwide.

Loves the freedom of creating courses and prides in his teaching method, which is straight to the point and with a smile.

His motto: Boring instructors are worse than boring topics!

His students value his courses for their conciseness, professionalism and actionable tips and techniques they can apply in their day-to-day design tasks and online education businesses.

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Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to this class in which you are going to learn how to create a TikTok video here inside the Canada, because Canada can do also that. And in the process, you are going to learn how to create a video that's going to look something like this. So as you can see, we've got different videos here with some nice transitions and some nicely looking overlays. So with the text and some, some basically graphical elements. And in Canada you can do all that. You can add videos, you can add audio, and you can edit video and audio. So this is something that you are going to learn from this class. So maybe without further ado, let's actually jump right into it. 2. Your Project: So this is a project-based class. So I know after watching this class, I would like you to create your own project. But here's the thing. Generally you can upload a video as a project example here inside the Skillshare, but you'd have to upload it to YouTube or Vimeo or some other video hosting platform. And that might be a bit too, too tedious to work with. So here's what you can do in order to create a class project. Just to show off, just to show what you've created following this class and not use the video. We're going to simply add an image instead of a video. So to do that, all we have to do is to go to the Share button. And here you have this download option. And as the suggested file type, we got this MP4 video because of course we are creating a TikTok video, not a TikTok image, but we can simply click on this drop-down menu and choose a JPEG, which is evidently is best for sharing. So once you do that, you can see down here that we have this select Pages dropped down. And now if you want, you can download all pages, but I'm just going to choose one that, that is going to best represent my project. So maybe I'm going to choose the page three, this guy right here. And I'm simply going to click done and then download. And as you can see, I've already played around with this functionality. I already have some like basically images of my projects where I got this TikTok fashion project, a new TikTok fashion project right here. So all you would have to do is to simply name your file and call it like my tick tock project and then simply save this guy. Now the file is saved and we can go to the class. And down here you can see that we've got this Projects and Resources tab. And here we got this Create Project button. So I'm going to click on that. And here we can add a cover image of our, of our projects. I'm going to click on Upload Image. I guess can choose this might TikTok project image like that. Now as you can see, it's gonna be like crop the bird. And so we can maybe move it to somewhere here because we created our video like in smartphone portrait mode. And you know, normally the image, the images that you're going to be using here for your class projects are going to be horizontal. But we can simply just maybe crop it, just something like that and just submit that. And I'm going to call it something like my Tik Tok, my fashion tick tock video, something like that. And I'm going to call it here on this project description section. I'm going to call it, this is my fashion tick tock Video Project made in Canada. But of course you can write in whatever you want to know just to say a few words about the project. Now, down here we get this add more content option. And as you can see, we can add an image and we can add a video. But of course, as I said before, you would have to add a link to basically where we are hosting our, our video. And we could also embed code from another site. But they will all be placed inside here and inside this project description. And I think that we got this cover image and this description. We've got the title, I'm think it's suffices for that, for the wealth, basically for our class project. Now we can also hide our project, but I would just encourage you to leave it public so everyone can see it and tell you how great it is. So once everything is done, we can simply click on Publish. And ultimately, this project is gonna be shown in the project section. So there you go. I highly encourage you to add the class project to the video because you know, it's all about learning. It's about creating something meaningful. And basically no, gaining the skills that you need to create projects on your own. 3. Let's Break This Project Down: So before we get started, let me just quickly break this project down for you. And let's see what we are trying to tell what this video and how this whole video is composed. So first of all, what do we have here is a few videos that are being put on a few different pages. So you got to page number one, number two, number 345.6. So we got six pages in total, and each page contains a video, I can video in the background. There's also some, at least some text overlaid. And there are also, if we move on to the second one here, we have also these arrows, so graphic elements right here. And when we go here, we can see that we have a background. Well, another graphic element rectangle that has been put over the background video and we have some, some animated text here. And in our last video, or we're on our last page, we also have nice icons direct in someone to the social media of that tick Tucker. And what's also important here to understand is that not only do we have their videos and different pages, between the pages, we have animations. So you can see this icon right here That's, that shows us that there's an animation between these pages. And also down here you can see this purple line. This is basically an audio track that was added to this whole project. And we're also going to learn how to edit and edited, but just a bit. So it all can create a nicely looking TikTok video for us that she can definitely upload to your TikTok account or know someone like your clients TikTok account. So let's start doing this project absolutely from scratch. But let's start doing that in the next video. 4. Let's Add the First Video: So the first thing that we have to do, of course, is to create a new file. So again, I'm using my desktop version of Canva right here. So I'm going to go into click on this plus symbol and I'm going to start typing in TikTok. And you can see that we've got this TikTok profile picture, TikTok story and TikTok video. So I'm gonna go ahead and choose TikTok video. And this is our basically blank page, as you can see by default, it shows us like this is a video that lasts for 5 s down here. And of course it's blank, but that's not what we want. We want to add some video here. And you can do it right here straight from the Canada repository. And of course, if you want to use a template, you can do that, but let's do it all from scratch. So I'm gonna go to elements and I'm gonna try to find a video that is going to match our previous project. So I'm going to type in something like fashion, women clothing. I believe this is the term that I was searching for before. Let's go to videos. And you can see that I think that this is this guy right here. So what we could do is we could click on these three little dots and we could simply click on, see more like this. And this is going to give us the videos that are in there like the previous project. But if you are looking for something else in a similar style or maybe from a similar or the same author. You can use that method to simply search for similar videos. Now as you can see, some of these videos are in portrait mode, like they are vertical, which is actually what we want. But to actually of these that we are going to use are in horizontal mode, which is not what we want. But of course we can fix that later. So for now, we just have to decide which video we want. And this first page that we are creating is going to be our title page. So all I want is like a brief introduction of this TikTok her. And we can just choose which one is going to work better for us. Let's try to add this one. So I'm just going to click on it and I'm going to reposition it and make it significantly taller, maybe even something like this. So now you can see that down here we got this video. And when we hover over it, you can see like on the left and on the right, we've got these little markers that allow us to simply crop the video. So right now the length of this video is, it's set to full, it's 8 s. And I think that's way too long. So we can simply crop it down or we can make it make it shorter. But I don't want to push it to the left like this. Right part to the left or right part to the right, left part to the right, like arbitrarily. I just want to, I want to tell a certain story. So let's say that right now this person is like walking in here. Till somewhere here. May be. And I think that this should be okay. So right now I can grab this marker on the right and print it all the way to the left. And now we can actually just play it and see what it's gonna look like. And I think that this should be, should be enough. Maybe we could even make it a bit shorter because I think that this first movement here, like you can see that there's maybe like 1 s of like empty frame. So until here. So I'm going to push it somewhere here and now play it. Now as you can see, now this person works in much, much faster. And this should be a bit better. There you go. This would be our first, basically our first page, and now we could move on to the second page. But before I do that, I'm going to try to rename my project. So I'm gonna go to File. I'm going to click on this, this pencil here, and I'm going to call it tick tock project, maybe TikTok fashion project. So now we've got our project saved. We added the video, we also cropped the video. So now before we move on to adding a second video, we need to actually add our first, first piece of text and animated a little bit. But let's start doing that in the next video. 5. Let's Add the First Piece of Text: So to add our piece of text, I'm gonna go to Text, and I'm simply going to add a heading. Let's type in something like me. After a long day. Shopping, something like this. Now would be a good idea to decide on the font. Now, since this is like a playful video, a TikTok video, I think that a bit more playful font should work better than a simple like this. Cannabis sons. This is very, very highly professional typeface. So the one that I was using before is called this guy right here. More sugar and there's a thin version and there's a regular version. So you can choose which one you want. Basically, if the font is bigger than this thinner version, would we look a bit better than this? Like thick version like this. But of course, it's up to you, You can leave it like that. So this would be our thick font and this will be our thin font. And I think that we could also maybe change the color to just plain white. And maybe now let's change this guy maybe to this regular or this thicker font. We've got our text right here. Let me just maybe quickly position it to the middle. And now I don't want it to be like just overlaid like this. I want to animate it a little bit. Here in the top we got effects and we've got animate. So I'm gonna go first Maybe with animate. And of course, when we hover over and on any of these guys, you can see that we get different animation options. So I think that lets try this typewriter. This one looks okay, it looks kinda tick talking, I think. But I also like, I think it was called merge. It just gives a nice, nice animation that I'm gonna go with marriage. I liked it before. Well, the two remaining things that I would like to do is I'd like to just adjust the line height here because I don't like how spread out are these lines of text. So let's go to this spacing option. And usually the bigger the font, the smaller line spacing can be. So I'm gonna go with all to just one. I'm going to go down to one and I think it's going to look okay. I'm also going to make sure that this guy is set to middle. And also we could, now, I want to kind of separate this text from the background. So we could try doing it in two or maybe even three different ways. So for instance, we could go to our colors and maybe try to use a different color. Maybe like this. Well, basically pink color. We could also go to effects, may be chiral. Add some effects here like we could add a background that's going to look more or less like this. And we can play with the roundness, we can play with the spread. As roundness may be to something like this. We can play with the transparency and so we can drop it down, we can push it a bit up. Maybe let's go to something like this. I think it looks kinda okay. Now, if you don't wanna do that, You could also just choose, for instance, this hollow option and then you can play around with the thickness, but I don't think that it's going to do us any good here. We could also add a shadow or like a drop shadow. So it will look something like this. You can play around with all these options now, all day long. But I think that this background option looks pretty nice. I think it looks okay. So now when we try to play our video, I'm thinking it looks kinda neat. And basically we would have our first well, first page or first frame, if you want to call it line to that, I think it looks okay. And then now we're going to actually start creating our next page. But let's start doing that in the next video. 6. Let's Add the Second Page and Some More Text: So to add the next page, I'm going to click on this plus symbol like that. And now we can add a, another, another video. So again, I'm going to try to find those videos. I'm gonna go to elements. And this is, these are the guys that we used before. So now let's maybe not, but let's add one of these videos. Let's think this one should logo, should look okay. It's a bit more dynamic. You can see that maybe I'm gonna just add it here. You can see that we've got some nice like zooming in here going on. I think I like it. But of course it's definitely too long, so we can simply again crop it a little bit. So let's play it like that. I think that somewhere here, it should be okay. So somewhere here, or maybe here, let's do, let's go to maybe this frame. This should be fine. So now we can simply, of course, you can adjust it later because when we move this guy to somewhere here, so we place our playhead somewhere here. You can simply just go back and bring back all those friends that we like. Well, it basically mask them. We didn't cut them out, but we simply mask them. So they are there. It's a night, it's a dynamic effect. It just depends on the length of this clip. So again, I think we set it to something like 7 s. Once it here, I'm not really sure. So let's just play this back. So it's gonna look something like this. We got this nice dynamic effect here. I think this should be enough. So now what we can do is we can simply add some text over it. So I'm just going to go back to my first page. I'm going to grab this text and I'm going to paste it here. And what I wanna do now is I simply want to indicate like pieces of clothing that this TikTok or bot. So my first thought was to like add relations, but then I thought that maybe there'll be some copyright infringement issues. I'm not sure. So I tried to come up with some some made-up names, but that would still sound familiar. So let's try first with like instead of Zara, Let's do or something like that. And now we can again decide how big this guy should be or how small it should be. Well, let's try something around 48. And maybe let's also type in Zora tee shirt like that. And let's put it somewhere here. And I would like to add like an arrow to it. So I'm gonna go to my elements and I'm just going to type in arrow. And I'm gonna go to graphics. And I want this arrow to be fairly quick. I was thinking about adding an animated animated arrow, but I'm not sure that it would look okay. I mean, it's, well, we cannot control this animation, the length and the easy, nothing like that, the direction. So I just thought I'm gonna go with like a simple arrow that's kinda have to look a bit different. Let's try this color. Maybe it will look a bit better. There's Duotone effect. I'm going to have to like move it somewhere here, rotated, make it fairly smaller. Maybe let's try to adjust it a little bit. So let's change this color of this highlights color and this shadow color to our plain pink. Maybe this is going to look a bit more similar to our main pink color. I think it is going to look like that. So let's move this guy somewhere here, and this guy is somewhere here. So now what I would like to do is I'd like to animate these guys. But the thing is that Canva allows you to add different animations to text, different animations to two graphic elements. So what this guy with this arrow right here, you can see that you do not have this Merge option that we have here. So we got this merge because this is tax and we can use the writing elements. So if you like it, you can leave it like this. And for the arrow, we could try something different, Let's say like pan or maybe fade. Now it would simply look a bit more different. I think it looks nice. It looks nice like this. I mean, this rise effect looks nice. Combination with this merge effect here. I think it looks okay. So I'm going to add this rise effect. And I also want to grab both of these elements. So I'm going to Shift click on them. I'm going to copy them. And I'm going to try to maybe move this guy somewhere here, this play head here. And I'm going to paste that in and try to print these guys down to like somewhere here. And I want to now Like indicate or like Mark Baeza, this trousers, I guess. I'm going to type in something like, I don't know. So we've got Zora, let's do maybe like H and N. I'm not sure if these are Gino's or something else. So this is just like pens. And I'm going to grab this arrow and I'm gonna go to the Flip option. And let's try and flip horizontal, flip vertical. And now let's go, let's do flip horizontal and let's just rotate it slightly. Live that we copied these elements from our previous elements. Are they retained? Our animation. So this guy has the rise animation and this piece of text has the merge animation. So now when we try to play these guys, you can see that they are nicely being animated like this. I think that it looks quite decent, quite alright. And we can leave it like that. But I would also like to do like one more thing when we play these guys. So you can see we've got this first page is first video, and then we can get the second video that is like really, really abrupt. Like the editing is like very, very strict. And this is not really what I want. I would like to have some nice transitions between these pages, which would actually mean adding transitions between these pieces of video, like between these clips. So let's do that, but let's actually do that in the next video. 7. Let's Add a Page Transition: So in order to add an animation between pages, all we have to do is to just position our cursor, like somewhere here between these two pages. And we've got two different options. So we can add a page and we can add a transition, which is what I want. So I'm going to click on it. And you can see that right here we've got different transition options. So the default one is non transition. Then we got a dissolve option that looks something like this. It's not that bad. Then we got the slide, which I think is my favorite. We got the circle wipe, which kinda looks like 990s video acted. I think we got this color wipe that is not that bad. Wine wipe. We got match and move. We get the stack option that kinda looks like slide, but in a different direction, which is also nice. And we've got this chart option. That's cool, but maybe too much. So what I want is I think I just like the slide option. So when I just, I'm just going to click on it. And now when we play the video, we got the first video and then we get this nice slide option. And we got our animation is looking pretty, pretty nice. I think it looks. I think it looks okay. So our next step would be to simply add a different page, well, another page, but this time we're going to add a different video to it. And I think it's gonna be the one that doesn't have, well, but doesn't have the right aspect ratio. That's not vertical, that's, that's horizontal. So we're going to have to edit it a little bit, but let's start doing that in the next video. 8. It's Time For Our Third Clip: So let's add our third page now. I'm just going to click on this Add Page symbol right here. And I'm gonna go to, let's actually click on this recently used see all this. This is our videos. I'm going to maybe click on this first one and choose this. Seem more like this. Now we could either choose maybe this guy right here. But I see that this is, that this guy also. I think it's going to look okay, It's also vertical. Only this guy is horizontal. But we can also just check if maybe it's simply would look better as opposed to this vertical one. So as you can see, we get this kind of like Denisovan girl here. And let's try this vertical. And I think it looks pretty, pretty similar. You know what? This one is? Vertical. It looks okay. I don't want to see that jumping action some edit it out. And I think that this might look okay. So as I am here, I'm simply going to just quickly add a transition, which is going to be the slide transition. So 11. Now when we click on this guy, you can see it start from the beginning and now just so you can see everything. So we got this guy right here. We got the second, second video like that. And then we're going to have the third transition with this, with this video. So on this video, let's also add nice animations. Like I'm going to just borrow these two elements. I'm going to copy them across. I'm shift clicking on them. And now we can simply paste them in. And don't, don't forget that we still retain all these effects here. But this time I'm trying, I'm going to try to put it maybe like somewhere here. And this is gonna be called, let's do like instead of product is the product. Dress. Dress like this. And let's again, maybe rotate this arrow. And you know what? Let's put it somewhere here and this guy just a bit up, and let's put this guy here. Okay, so we got this guy right here. So I'm just going to shift, click on these guys, copy and paste them in like that. And I'm going to try to move it maybe somewhere down here. And I'm going to move this arrow like that. Maybe I'm just going to slowly rotate it ever so slightly, so it looks more or less like this. And let's change this text to, I don't know, like Jenny's shoes. And let's do it like that. This should look okay, and it should have this merge effect added to it. This arrow has this rise effect, edits to it. And let's now play this back. And this should look, okay, Let's now decide where to finish it. I think that's somewhere here should be okay. So now we can move this guy to the side. So now we can see that our third clip lasts for 4.6 s. And if we now play it back from the beginning, like this, so we got this first page, then we got this second page right here. Then we're going to have the third page. And that's supposed to end somewhere here. And now we can move on to our fourth page, which is going to be like just another video that we're going to have to add it and just some pieces of texts. And after that, we're going to have to add some more pages, basically two pages that are going to have a bit more text, less or fewer, like graphic elements. And we're also going to have to finish it off with adding some audio. But let's first create our last shopping page, so to speak, or last, like clothes show. But let's actually start doing that in the next video. 9. Let's Add the Fourth Video: So I'm going to add another page right here. And this time I'm going to use this clip, as you can see, it's horizontal like that, but we need to be vertical. So I'm just going to stretch it all the way down here. So it looks more or less like this. This should be okay. Now the thing about this clip is that when we play it from the beginning, you can see that this girl is jumping. And she is jumping because this is kinda like an I can add that effect. You can sometimes see it on YouTube videos, on TikTok videos that when someone is jumping suddenly had the frame or the clip changes and like the jump is continued or some other movement is continuing, but it's, but she should be wearing different clothes, right? Like this is the idea. But that's not the idea that we want. We want, we don't want that jump here. So let me just check. So I want this to start somewhere here because I want to focus on the bag and maybe the jacket. So I just wanted to start somewhere here. So I'm going to move this guy to the right. And I think that she's jumping also at towards the end of the video. I think or maybe not. But I think we can finish it off, like maybe somewhere here. So again, I'm going to make it a bit shorter like this. And again, what we can do is we can simply copy this element and just copy it, and then just paste it here. And maybe this time I'm going to move this guy to the bottom like that. And this arrow needs to be rotated like that. And I want to say we already had Zora, we had H and N. Let's do something like, I don't know. Just like I don't know, Manoa bag like this. And then I think that they should have these effects here. And then I'm going to again copy and paste them and maybe put it somewhere here. I don't want to hide the face. And this is gonna be let down the jackets. So let's do something like, I don't know, R and P, something jacket like that. And again, we need to rotate rotate the arrow or my game. We're going to put it somewhere here, so we're going to have to think lipid like that and maybe rotate it ever so slightly. So it looks more or less like this. And now we can play this game back. This should look okay. Now what? This is right here, this text or NP kinda looks like, kinda looks like our IP, which is just not a good connotation. I don't want it like that. So let's just do, I don't know, e and e and b. There we go. E and B, Jack whatnot. Like this effect the Internet. The most important thing about this tutorial is just no. It's just like a place holder to show, to show how to create TikTok elements here inside this video. So again, all I want to do next is to add a transition between these pages. I'm just going to add a slide option here. So the next one, the next page, would be simply about adding know like, like a list of things that this TikTok or bought also with the prices. But I think that before I do that, I want to add a, an audio clip. And I think I want to do that first before. I'm going to add that next page. Because those audio or audio clips vary in length. So sometimes you might want to have too much video and not enough audio and they need to be in sync. So I think that it would be better to first add the audio before adding the next page. But again, let's do that in the next video. 10. Let's Add the Audio Track: So as I said, it's very important to match your video with your audio. Not only in terms of its length, but oral, but also in terms of like the situation, the vibe, the theme of your, of your video, it all must go well together. I mean, if your video is kinda sad, music, the audio shouldn't be too uplifting if you know the story that you are trying to say is sad and vice versa. So here, inside Canada, you got this audio tab right here. And we also have, we have different categories right here. And of course, most of these audio clips are paid are from the premium library. We can search for some like categories right here, like, like love and we were like upbeat, but most of them, most of these guys are going to be paid. And of course, when you hover over any of these, you can simply play them back. Just to hear them. Just to hear them. There you go. The one that I found that's free and that's a ticket just goes well. With this video, is likely simple, very calm. Two units like this one. I think it plays well with our playful video. So if I want to edit, I'm simply going to click on it. And as you can see, it's being added like a right to where our playhead is. I'm just going to press Control Z on my keyboard to go back with that change. And again, I'm going to move my playhead here at the beginning. I'm going to click on this play head right here. So you can see that we got this basically this track down here. And what we can do with it is we can also edit it as we, as we can with the video. But I don't really need to like edit too many things right now. And also, what you can see here is that our track is a bit longer than our land, our video. So if we add another page, so what we could even grab this one and simply duplicate it and move it to the, to the end. You can see that right now our track is a bit shorter than our videos. So now if we want to just grab this page and no ad, like maybe those social media links are like that list of like the shopping list. You would see that simply we don't have enough, enough audio here. So what we could do is we could simply just copy this audio track and put it somewhere here and then paste it again. So now matches our video. But like doing it that way might sometimes create problems. Because like the ending of an audio track might look completely different than its beginning and dislike change the switch from one audio track to another. Even though this is the same audio track, might sound like not to natural it, it might sound really, really fake. So we can actually try what it's going to sound here, what it's going to sound like here. You can see it ends like pretty abrupt, abruptly and then starts pretty abruptly. So what I would suggest doing is to just add it. Maybe these videos maybe make them a bit shorter to match them with your audio track. So this is what we're going to be doing last. Because before that, I want to add maybe if not like too loud, when we go to our memory like this is not that important here in terms of adding our video, what I wanna do is I want to add that this guy right here, I think it looks nicer. I think that it's more important in terms of basically like building your TikTok presence or your social media presence to also tell your viewers that they can find you or your client on different social media platforms. So I'm going to do something like this. Instead of doing this guy right here, I think it's pretty redundant and I think that you already know, you know how to simply do it to add text. And maybe like a lot like a background here, which basically is a rectangle. So there's nothing too complicated about that. And I think that adding this guy right here is a bit more interesting, maybe even a bit more important. But let's start doing that in the next video. 11. Let's Add the End Screen: This last video is going to have only like a, like a background overlay. And it's going to start maybe somewhere here. Once this girl is already here in a frame. And we're going to add those social media links. So to do that, I'm just going to make this guy is significantly shorter, like this. I'm going to grab this piece of text and I'm going to type in like, I don't know, follow me on like that. And I'm going to go to effects. I think I'm gonna get rid of this background. I don't want it, so I'm going to click on None. Going to change the text to white, the color text to white. And let's add this pink background. So I'm gonna go to elements. And let's try to find a simple shape. So this, basically this square that we're going to turn into a rectangle that's going to look like this. And of course we need to change its color to our pink. And maybe just to follow that design idea from our previous dislike. This guy, this video right here, we can change this text here. So I'm going to grab this piece of text I'm gonna go to Effect. And I believe it's this hollow guy right here and here. We can also play around with this thickness option, but I think that maybe 50 per cent is gonna be okay. So now let's move this guy is somewhere here to the top. And it also has this Merge option right here. So it's going to pop in like that. I think it looks okay, it looks decent. And then we can simply grab this piece of text and maybe let's just make everything consistent. I'm going to grab this piece of text copied and try to paste it in somewhere here. Now, I also don't think that I'm going to need these effects. So I'm gonna go to non, want to make the text to white like that. Our first social media is gonna be instruct in Insta Graham like that. So now let's search for an Instagram icon like that. And I think I want to go with something a bit more like fuller. So maybe this guy right here old or this guy, let's actually see what it's gonna look like. So I'm going to change this color to white and make it smaller and put it somewhere beside this guy. And I'm just quickly going to add this guy right here and change its color to white. And let's see what it's actually going to look. Which one is going to look a bit better. I think that this full Instagram icon is gonna look a bit better. Although this guy, these are the design choices you sometimes have to make. Now, this guy looks a bit better in relation to this element because this is, this one is like a hollow and this icon kind of looks like it's hollow. But this piece of text looks better with this guy right here. So it's basically a design choice that you have to make. Maybe we could also try this more sugar thin option. And now maybe it looks a bit better with this icon right here, and it all looks a bit more consistent, I think. So I guess I would leave these guys like that. We could also just maybe try to position them to the center of this should be okay. Maybe I'm going to move it a bit to the side. And I think it looks okay, so the next guy is gonna be to get Instagram. Let's do Twitter maybe. Again, let's try to find the Twitter icon. And let's see all this time. Now what Let's try this guy and let's do like this icon that's going to look more or less like this, should look fine. Motor or may be. Again, Let's, let's try to find something similar. Or maybe let's try like the traditional one. Maybe it's going to look okay, a bit more clear now cleaner. And let's get rid of this guy and put it somewhere here. Maybe it just a bit bigger like that. Maybe let's do one more. Let's do let's say that she also has a YouTube channel. So let's do YouTube. So now let's search for YouTube icon. And we get this line icon right here. We got this folder icon. We got this icon in a circle. Maybe let's try this one and let's make it white. Let's see what it's going to look like. Maybe it shouldn't look all that bad. And let's make sure that this font is okay, so more sugar thin. That's alright. Not sure about this Twitter icon and I'm looking at it and I am not sure if it looks okay, but I'm not sure also, if we have something that would look okay here because I don't really like this icon and now, and when I make it smaller, I guess it's going to look a bit but consistent with all the others. But I'm not the greatest fan of it, but okay, let's go with this guy. So again, let's put it somewhere here. This guy, Let's make sure that they are nicely positioned to the middle in relation to each other. Let's put it, put this guy to the side. Good, also grab, so Shift clicking on these, grab all of these elements. Let's maybe move them to the left. There you go. Now let's shift click on these elements and let's move them to the left as well. I guess they should look okay. This guy is maybe just a bit wider. So do we have a YouTube icon that it's just plain, like a play button? Or maybe we should simply search for a play icon. Now I'm not the biggest fan of any of these, to be honest. So let's leave this YouTube icon like this. Maybe I'm just going to move it to the side. I think that this should look okay, so now you can simply select all of these elements and group them. Then I'm going to Shift click on this guy. And now I'm going to make sure that they are nicely positioned to the center. And when we group these, I'm pressing Control G on my keyboard. And then we go, when we go to the position options, choose middle. And this guy is gonna be put like directly here in the middle of our, of our project. Now, if you want to add more social media, you definitely could do that. But what I wanna do is I want to now add effects to these elements. So now they are all set to merge. So when we click, it's all going to look something like this. I'm not sure that these guys have any animation to them. So let's try our light curve rise animation. And let's see what it's going to look like. So Let's play this guy back. I think it looks okay. And basically our TikTok video would be complete with an exception of just tweaking some things. So our like this audio line is inline with our basically Video Timeline. So I think that the best solution here would be to maybe change this second video that is the longest here. But let's try tweaking that in the next video. 12. Let's Tweak the Audio and Finish the Project: So let's move our playhead somewhere here to the back, basically to the beginning of this page. And let's see what we can change here. So maybe if we tried to try to make this guy just a bit smaller, I think that we are almost like in line here. So let's try playing this back. I think it still looks 0 k. Now, I think that's the only thing that I would want to do is to maybe add some effects to my audio track, but not too much. All I want is to simply click on these three little dots and go to Audio Effects. And as you can see, you've got this fade in, fade out options. So what it means is that our video is not going to like jumping and jump out at the beginning and at the end. But it's going to lyse like fading. So it's gonna be like smooth ER, at the beginning. It's gonna be, it's gonna become louder or like 100 per cent loud, a bit more smoother, and it's gonna go down all the way to the zero. A bit smoother instead of just like cutting at the end. So I'm going to just set it to one, like 1 s at the end and 1 s at, at the beginning. So now it's going to just know, it's going to sound a bit like nicer. So let me show you what I mean. So let's simply play this back. As you can see will, as you can hear, there's like a very, very slight fade and maybe I'm going to set it to 5 s. You're going to hear just a bit better. As you can see, it fades in nicely. And then at the, at the end when we click it also, I'm going to start here. It also like fades out a bit nicer instead of just being so like abrupt. So again, I'm going to go to 1 s. I think it's a bit better. And the last thing that I forgot to do is to add a transition between the pages. It's gonna be the slider transition like that. So now we can simply go to our play button and see what it's gonna look like. There we go. This is our TikTok video. And the last thing to do here would be to simply save our project and then upload it to TikTok. But this is something we could do in the next video. 13. Let's Explore the Video Saving Options in Canva: So remember that we are creating a video here. So we cannot save it just as a PNG. We have to save it as a video file here inside canva. The video file that is suggested to us is when we go to Download option, you can see that we get this MP4 video file types suggested. I think this is the most popular video format out there. And you shouldn't have any problems up, uploading videos like this basically to any platform. So I would go with this file type right here. And as you can see, if we have the premium version, you can play around with the quality. But when it's set to one or ten ATP, that's more than enough. We don't have to fix that. I mean, if you really want to create for k TikTok videos in Canada, you would have to chew and I'll basically by a premium version of Canva, but I think it's just my suggestion that is really not necessary here. It's really hard to distinguish ten ADP videos from four k videos on a, on a mobile device. And of course we want to select all the pages so you want all the clips to be rendered. And then what we would have to do is to simply download our project and to upload it to TikTok. I'm not gonna do that because I'm this is not a video of me nor this is a real client of mine. So maybe in a future project I'm going to do something for my own side projects and I'm probably gonna do like TikTok videos to promote that project. And then maybe we're going to see we're going to do it together. Upload that video to TikTok. But it's not really what this class is about, but it's more about creating a TikTok videos. So in the next video, we are simply going to revise our project. We are just going to take a quick look at what we created here, what we did, how we did that, and how you can benefit from the techniques you've learned in this class. 14. Summary: So thank you for making it this far in this tutorial in this class. Let's quickly go through and revise what we've learned in this, in this class. So first what we did is we added a simple page, and over that, we added a video. And we search, of course, search for that video in our elements library. And remember how we modified this video to make it just a bit shorter using these markers down here. Then we added our piece of text that has a nice effect of this background effect. We will search for a, for a farm that would go well with our, well, with the theme of our video. So this is the small sugar font. And we also played a bit around with the color of the font. So from black to white. And then we ended up with pink. I just think it looks better in this scenario. So then we added our second page, and we added this effect to our texts and the arrows. And we also added a slide animation for our, well, between our pages actually. So remember how we click on this button here to simply add a slide transition. So then we basically like a continued this understanding to create, well, we use the same techniques to create the following, the remaining videos, we also just ever so slightly edited this horizontal video to make it look like it's vertical to make it fit our canvas. We also added our final, final basically clip with this background here and some icons and animated texts. And of course, we also added, added a nice audio clip that we added just a little bit. And we talked about the importance of it being like the same length as your, as your videos and also of it being kinda like in the same thing in line with the theme of your video. Because as I said before, you don't want something too lighthearted. If your video said, you don't want to add something sad if your variable is lighthearted. So all in all, I think you've learned quite a lot here, and I think that you're going to create your TikTok videos much, much quicker, and that they're going to look a bit better if they didn't. Or that you simply know that some techniques are going to allow you to create your own projects here inside Canada with ease. So as always, until next time, have a nice design.