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How To Create a Poster Design in Canva

teacher avatar Dawid Tuminski

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Let's Explore the Poster Design Project


    • 2.

      Your Project


    • 3.

      Let's Add the Photos


    • 4.

      Let's Add the Neon Text


    • 5.

      Let's Add the Neon Frame


    • 6.

      Let's Finish the Poster


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About This Class

Hello and welcome to the class in which you will learn how to create a poster design in Canva.

In the process you will discover how to:

  • add photos and backgrounds
  • add text elements
  • add neon effects to texts

We will create a nicely looking karaoke event poster and in the process we will add backgrounds, cut-out images and texts. We will also learn how to add effects to our text, especially the neon glow effect to add that special something to our poster.

Meet Your Teacher

Designer, coder and educational entrepreneur.
Adobe Certified Expert in Illustrator whose courses were listed in the Udemy's TOP 10 best reviewed courses.

Creating online courses on design tools like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, logo design, web design, graphic design freelancing, online teaching and digital marketing .

Teaching +30k students in 160 countries worldwide.

Loves the freedom of creating courses and prides in his teaching method, which is straight to the point and with a smile.

His motto: Boring instructors are worse than boring topics!

His students value his courses for their conciseness, professionalism and actionable tips and techniques they can apply in their day-to-day design tasks and online education businesses.

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1. Let's Explore the Poster Design Project: So in this project we are going to create this karaoke night poster. So let's just quickly break this project down. And as you can see in the background, we've got a nice big photo of a, I think it's a nightclub. I hope so. Here at the front we got a halakhic cutout image of a singer that, well this applied a filter to this image. And of course we are going to learn how to do that. And what I think that most significant parts of this, well, of any actually poster design is like the message that we're sending. And we're doing that with this like a neon sign right here. So we got this nicely looking glow in karaoke night symbol that's written in two different fonts and two different colors. And of course, we also have this karaoke night clubs. So I've decided it's gonna be the name of the nightclub. And we also have this slightly glowing pieces right here. And we're going to have to find a workaround for it and why you will learn very soon. And of course, we also have pieces of texts right here. So the place and the date of this event. And here at the bottom, I've just added some additional information like a basically a website and some social media links. So yeah, I think that we can start doing that and also, don't forget that in that description, you have the link to basically view this project if you want to follow along. So without further ado, let's just start the project. 2. Your Project: So as you probably know, I am a strong believer in learning by doing and also learning by teaching. So I would really like you to create a class project. And once you are done, I'd like you to upload it to the class. So we're going to be creating a karaoke night club poster. And once we are done, we can simply download this image and upload it to our class project section. Once your project is done, we can simply go to the Share option. And here we've got the Download tab. And for the file type, canvas suggests us to use PNG, which, which might be a good idea if you have some transparent elements in your design. But you can also just go with the JPEG, which will simply result in a smaller file size. However, jeopardy doesn't support transparency. So again, if you have p and if you have transparency in your project, use PNG. If you do not, you can just use JPEG because it's gonna be the file the smallest, it will result in a smallest file size. So I'm gonna go with JPEG and then I'm going to hit download. And ultimately we can simply just save our file. We can rename it as we want. So I'm going to call it like my poster project, like that. And I'm simply going to save it and then I'm gonna go to my class. So here in the projects and resources tab, I'm going to click on the create project option. Here. I'm going to just use this cover image. So I'm going to choose Upload Image and I got to find that projects. So this is this guy right here. So I'm just simply going to select it. Click on Open. And as you can see, you're gonna be able to crop your, your project. It might not always work like the best because we have a vertical image and we have to crop it to a horizontal aspect ratio. So let's maybe do something like this. This should be, this should be okay. Less than split hairs here. I'm just going to click on Submit and I'm going to call it my karaoke poster like that. In the project description, I'm simply going to type in something like my poster project made in Canada. And there we go, maybe with a capital C. And as you can see down here, we could add an image or a video on, or we could embed some code, but that would all go into our project description. That's not necessary. I think that just this cover image, title and description, that's all good. Now you can make your project private if you want to, if you don't want other people to see it, but I'm going to leave it as public. I'm proud of my objects. I'm going to leave it like that and I'm simply going to hit Publish. And once it gets published, it's going to be shown here in our Projects tab, and that's basically it. So, yeah, again, I highly encourage you to add your project and simply no share it with the community so everyone can see, so I can see it and maybe give you some comments on it. 3. Let's Add the Photos : So I'm gonna start with simply adding a new design file. And as you can see, I'm still using the desktop version of the Canada, but of course you can use the web version if you want to. So here I'm just going to type in poster. And I want to go with poster, poster portrait. And as I said before, I think that I think it's a good idea to start with the background first. So I'm gonna go to elements and I'm gonna go to, I'm going to search for something like a nightclub. Maybe. I'm gonna go to photos and let's try to find maybe vertical photo. Let's see what we're going to get. What I want is something that looks kind of abstract, that would be good for a, for a background. So for instance, this one looks okay. We could add this one, but two, as you can see, we already have a person here. So if you wanted to go with this photo, well, you could then we could just add some images, some pieces of texts overlap. But I want it to be, well, I want to add another photo, lack of a singer. So I guess it would be a good idea to add some, something more abstract like this photo and I think it's the same photo I used before. So I'm just going to put it somewhere here. I'm going to make it significantly taller. So it spreads across our, our canvas basically. So now we could search for a single photo. So I'm just going to type that in singer. And I'm gonna go to my filters. And here I just want to search for cutouts and I'm going to apply the filter and I want to use the photos. Now as you can see, we get quite a lot of different, different photos of a singer like this photo could be nice as well. So maybe let's use this one. So now I'm just going to grab this image and I'm gonna go to the Edit Image Options. And here I'm going to go to filters. And down here we got the gray scale and we got this street option that basically is like an increased the contrast version of the Grail gray scale filter. And I think that it's simply adds a little extra something. You know, it's not that boring. Because if we just had this image, if it was simply, you know, like in color, we would have to maybe like grab the background, go to Edit Image, go to adjust, and then maybe just play around with the Blur option. So then we can grab this image. Let's go to Edit Image. And I'm going to go to Filters again, and I'm going to choose none. So now we can see that there's kind of like some separation between the background and between the foreground. But since it's clear to see that these photos were not taken at the same time. I think that it would be a good idea, good idea to just add that. Now, like this, like black and white effect over this image and leave that background intact. So I guess that that would be it for our photos. In poster designs. I guess maybe text is even a bit more important, or at least as important as the graphics. And in this case, we want to invite people to come over to a karaoke party carry out tonight. So we need to definitely add the text. But let's start doing that in the next video. 4. Let's Add the Neon Text: So I'm gonna go to the Text option and I'm going to add, let's add a subheading because this is just going to be our name that we're going to put on the top. So I'm gonna type in karaoke night club like that. And I'm going to put it somewhere here. And of course we need to change the font. The font that I have decided to go for is called doses extra light. This guy right here, because I just think that of course it needs to be white. Because I just think that it's gonna look nice when we're gonna be using it for our neon effect. And I just wanted to keep them under font consistent. So we're going to use the same font for the nightclub and nightclubs name and for our main piece of text. So I've decided to go with this font. Of course, it needs to be definitely significantly smaller. Something like 46 should be enough. We can, of course always had adjusted later. So I'm gonna just maybe now add a heading. And again, I'm going to choose those extra light and I'm going to type in karaoke like that. And I'm going to make it bigger. So now what we're gonna be doing is we are going to be simply adding a Neon effect. Here in Canva. You can easily do it with the text. It's not that easy with some other elements. But before we start adding the neon effect, I'm going to change the color of this, of this font. So I'm going to go to my colors. And from the photo colors, maybe let's choose this pink color, or maybe let's even make it even more saturated. I mean, it's going to be a neon sign, so it's just got a pop. So with this font, this font selected, I'm gonna go to effects. And in here you can see that we got this neon option right here. And it already looks quite alright. It already looks like a neon. But we can make it even more intense and make it look like a real neon sign. And to do that, I'm just going to copy that guy and paste it. And of course, I want to put it right over my karaoke sign. And when we go to the Effects, I just want to bump up the intensity to something like maybe 75 or 80. If you go all the way over to 100, that might be a bit too much button or if you like it, if you prefer it like this, you can leave it like that. I'm just gonna go down to something around 18, 75 to 80 should be, should be enough. Now you can do the same thing with our subtitle. So again, maybe I'm just going to add a sub-heading this time. And I'm just going to type in night. Let me just type in night like that. The font that I've decided to go for here is called the clicker script. So let me just try to find that clicker scripts is this guy right here. And I'm going to change the color to like if vivid blue light of that. I'm going to make it bolder, bigger. And I'm going to move it to somewhere here. And then I'm gonna do the same thing as I did with this karaoke neon sign. But maybe before that, let me just see if we can make it even more intense. Like if we just move this pointer to the top and to the right, that's going to be like the most saturation saturated version of the color. So I'm going to leave it like that. Can go to Effect, choose neon. And then I'm going to again copy paste this guy and move it over that neon. Well, the previous night side. And again, I'm gonna go to the intensity value of this neon. And I'm going to do something again like 18. This should be enough. And now what we could do is we could simply just grab just these two guys and we can just rotate them ever so slightly and move this guy up to somewhere here. Okay. So far, so good. Now what I would like to do is I would like to add a like a knee on a frame that would just go around these pieces of texts on the left and then these pieces of texts on the right. Put, so let's do that, but let's start doing that in the next video. 5. Let's Add the Neon Frame: I guess the easiest way to do that would be to just add simple lines and then just add the neon effect to those. So let's see if we can actually do that. So I'm going to just try to find a line. And this is going to be this basic line shape. But as you can see up here, we don't have this effect option. We can just make the line bigger. We can make it smaller or thicker, but we cannot add that neon effect. So same goes for basically any other texts. So if we just wanted to add like a simple button that maybe not aligned, but let's do a rectangle. And as you can see up here, we also don't have those effects. Now we could add a separate image, an image of a line, and then try to find the blur effect and then play around with those. But I just want to, I don't want you to, I don't want to force you to use any other piece of design software. I want to do everything here inside the canvas. So there's a, I got to say but nasty work-around, but it works. So let me just share shepherd with you. So if we know, since we know that this effect only works with the pieces of texts like in this case, we can simply add a text that's going to look like a line. For that. I'm just going to move this guy to the side and clone it at the same time. So I'm holding down the Alt key and moving this guy to the left like that. So what we could do right now is we can simply replace this piece of texts then underscore symbol. So I'm just pressing the shift key and the dash or my keyboard. And as you can see, we are creating a line like that. And now when we just maybe move it over somewhere here. So now when we go to the Effects option and then add the neon option, that neon effect is, well, it's going to appear, if I just zoom in a little bit, you can see that this neon effect is, well, it's showing up. It's not that intense. But of course we could go to, well, basically we could change the font to make this line a bit more prominent. So if we just choose something, Let's go with like extra doses, extra bold maybe. Then the line, you can see that the line is a bit thicker and that this like Neon effect is a bit more prominent. So if we now just be, I'm going to first align this piece of text to the right. So now if we just start adding more like underscores, you can see that this line is being, well, basically it's growing, It's a bit bigger. Now. You could just grab it, press and hold down the Alt key and just move this guy to the left. There we go. Then we can grab both of these elements. Again, press and hold down the Alt key or Option if you're on a Mac, I'm going to add the Shift key to make this transformation proportionate and put them somewhere here. And the last thing to do would be to just copy and paste this guy. And then I would just know, rotated to 90 degrees and push it somewhere here. And then all we have to do is to just add more underscores like that. But let's now align this guy to the left. So now when we actually add those underscores is gonna go down. If we just make this guy a bit taller, this frame. So all the way to here. Or maybe even just a bit more like that and then get rid of this one. So now it's not perfect. It's, as I said, it's not the best workaround, but it kinda works. So then all we have to do is to move this guy to the side. And now we got this neon, neon effect created. So I know it's not the best solution. It's a pretty nasty work around. But in this case, it works. So I guess the last bit here to do would be to just add some basically pieces of texts, right? So here below this, our main, this mean neon sign and here at the bottom. But let's actually do that in the next video. 6. Let's Finish the Poster: So to keep things consistent, I've decided to just denote, choose the same font as our main funds right here. So the doses, well, it's gonna be doses, extra light plus doses semi bold, but we can simply just grab this piece of text and just paste it in. And I'm going to put it somewhere here in the center. And I'm going to type in like those words like where, when, when, what, time, like that. And it's going to be significantly smaller solids with something like 26. Maybe, just a bit bigger like 32, but not too much. And I'm going to move it a bit up here. And then I'm just going to maybe clone it to the bottom line. With that. I'm going to change this text to, let's see, extra bold. And let's type in something like April 30th. Let's just type in some address, 123 Fake Street. And let's type in something like 09:00 P.M. and of course this guy needs to be significantly bigger solvers, simplex 64, or maybe that's a bit too big. Let's select 48. And maybe doses, extra bold is a bit too big, too bold. So let's do doses. And let's try semi bold. That might be a bit better. And I'm just going to grab again this piece of texts pasted, copy and paste it in. And I'm going to put it somewhere here. And I'm going to type in the address while the website address. So And then let's separate this guy with a pipe symbol. I think it's called pipe symbol. And let's do like, just type in karaoke and then again the pipe symbol. And let's do like And let's do slash and then just carry oaky. Now as you can see, it's not that visible. So we could simply be, I'm just gonna make sure that it's nicely aligned to the center like that. So what we could do is we could simply change the color. So let's go to our pink color and see how it plays out for us. It looks quite alright. But maybe if we change it from doses extra light to, let's see, irregular. It's going to look a bit better. But of course we can always just play around with our fans. Maybe we can check the blue on if it's going to work a bit better or maybe even the black one. Now sometimes with these guys, like with these elements, it might be even better to put it in two lines. So if we just hold down the Shift key and then Enter, we're going to, I do like something that's called a hard space. And now we can simply just remove these elements. So now we can see that all these elements are nicely put against the light background, like against this t-shirt, like this piece, this piece of this piece of clothing. So it might look just a bit better, although I might want to make it just a bit smaller, something like that. So now we can see that it turns now it's a bit more visible. If you want again, you can make it a neon sign. Just to remember that technique a bit better. So we could go to the Effect neon. And then maybe that's going to be a bit too intense. Let's try 25 or even like 15. And then let's copy and paste it in and put it over that. And let's increase the intensity to make it look something like that. Might look a bit, a bit more interesting and a bit more like in line with our, with our design basically. So there you go. This is how you can create a poster like this. I think it looks okay. It's definitely like a dynamic. And it definitely sends the message. You can see right off the bat to what, to this poster is trying to do so and that of course, is to invite people over to the club to enjoy some carryover. Of course, you can use this design in your social media posts as well. And it could be easily like now cropped to a square format. It doesn't have to be a vertical format. But the main goal of this design was to show you how to create a neon, neon signs, neon elements here inside Canada, and how to combine that with multiple elements in the background.