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Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing - Build Artificial Intelligence AI Chatbots Without Coding

teacher avatar Robin & Jesper ✓, Teaches Digital Marketing & Social Media

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Sign Up


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      Create & Connect Facebook Page


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      Flow Builder


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      Flow Builder Actions


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      Template For Beginners


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      Restaurant Template


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      Professional Services Template


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      Automotive Template


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      Real Estate Template


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      Create Your Own Template


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About This Class

Facebook Messenger Chatbots is today the most effective marketing technique to collect leads, convert users, and educate customers with automated conversations. Yes! Automated - Once you've set up your or your clients chatbot.. The Chatbot is collecting leads, converting messenger users to customers & even educating customers about your brand, products & services 24/7 without you doing anything.

The Smart Phone Era: People are today stuck to their phone - that's not an surprise for you.. People are also communicating with friends, family & new people online. The best way we as Marketers can use this information is to become someone people want to communicate with!

If People Like You - People Want To Buy From You.
That's true! People buy products & services from brands they feel a connection to. What is the best way to connect with people over the phone? Communication. And by far the best way to reach people is by communicating through the biggest platform Facebook & the bigger chat app Messenger. And why not automate the whole conversation part by creating a Chatbot that are doing the Marketing for us? Well... That's actually a great idea!

After This Course You'll Be Able To

  • Build Your Own Facebook Messenger Chatbots

  • Build  Facebook Messenger Chatbots For Clients

This Course is for anyone wanting to accelerate their Business and/or Career with the latest & most effective Marketing techniques out there today!

Once you've build your Chatbot - the Chatbot is collecting leads, selling products and/or services & even educating your customers on a daily basis without you having to do anything.

The Best Of All: You don't need any coding experience - this course is build without a single code. Join us & start building your first Chatbot!


Robin & Jesper

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Robin & Jesper ✓

Teaches Digital Marketing & Social Media


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Robin & Jesper

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1. Sign Up: in this video will be signing up within manage chats. But before we do that, let's have a look at the different price plans that they're offering, what we're getting with the different price plans and which ones that I recommend that we start off with. So let's go ahead and have a look at them now. These price plans, or rather, the address to the price plans I'll be adding in the resource is you can just check out these yourself. Now, as we can see, there's a free plan and there's a pro plan and as always, the pro plan is going to be costing. But it's also going to be having more features. The question is if we need them. So let's have a look now. The first feature we have is unlimited broadcast. Now, if you remember, this is basically like email marketing, except we're using a bought and we're writing through messenger instead, off going to the email so broadcast work. Similarly, you can send out a message to all off your subscribers. This is super powerful, and with the free plan and the pro plan, you get an unlimited amount off broadcast. So that's a thumbs up, right, their super powerful. And if you have any questions or wondering what anything is, all you need to do is over your mouse over them, and you're going to get a great explanation for what they are. So that's also why this link is in the resource is now. Next up we have sequences and sequences is basically like automating your email like you're sending one email on Day one. Another email the next day. Ah, third email in a week, etcetera. The differences. Now again, we're using messenger or rather, re using a bought for this. But it's the same principle. The difference is with the free version. You get to broadcast sequences with the pro version. You're getting on a limited amount of broadcast sequences, so this alone is worth while to go for the pro. However, let's dive deeper into this now. They also include growth tools and the growth. Truth is basically different ways to get more subscribers to you. You wanna have us many growth tools as possible so some of the growth tools does involved. Here's, for example, getting subscribers to your websites through Facebook ads. You can do physical promo, etcetera, and one that they have included here and right about is that Facebook comments? In other words, when someone comments on, for example, a post you make of Facebook, you can have your butts start up a conversation with them instantly and have them converted as a subscriber or prompt him into taking an action. Super powerful. Now, with the pro version, you get more tools, it says. Unlimited growth. Whose? But what we need to know is that there are more tools in here and some extremely powerful ones now. It also includes Facebook comments, but also something called Facebook ads. Jason and Jason is when you're making a Facebook at and someone clicks on your ad, that's going to allow your body to interact with the person who is clicked on her ad so the boat will be able to convert that person as a subscriber and also into taking an action. This is very powerful because, remember, with ads, we can reach a lot off people, get a lot of subscribers and put people into ah lot off action quickly. So very, very useful. We also have messenger code s a tool and a messenger coat is basically something that you put out in real life, a code. So when so much scans that code with their phone, they're going to be taken to your page and also interacted with your boats again. To be converted will be prompted into an action. So a lot of very good tools in here. And if you want to read more about than just over your mouse over that, we also have tags. Now, within the free version, you get 10 tags and within the pro version, get an unlimited amount of tags. And what a tag is is basically putting a tag on your customer on example would be, Let's say that you're selling yoga mats to a customer, and you would like to put a tag on that customer as, for example, at a yoga tag. Because if another customer comes in and they're buying sunglasses for you, you would like to put a sunglasses tag on that customer. That means you can be more specific with the way that the bots interact with those customers. So you want to be sending specific messages and specific attempts and products to your yoga customers, right and your body is able to do that because it has the yoga tag on it. And similarly, the one about sunglasses is going to be getting different conversations, different product recommendations and different coupons because they're into sunglasses, so there's never a risk off. Mixing sunglasses, customers and yoga customers is a way to get more personal, more specific, build stronger relationships and really set you apart from the competition. This is how you build your brand and strengthen your business, so those are tags, and getting an unlimited amount of those is very powerful. Getting 10 tax It's going to allow you to try this out in the beginning, but when it comes to building a powerful business, you're going to want to be using more tags, and then we have custom fields. Now, Custom feels is going to allow you to put a tag within a tag, basically, So let's talk about the yoga tag once again, for example. So let's say that there are certain people that are having problems with your yoga product that you're selling. You could put a custom field that we called struggle, so everyone who's bought a yoga product from you and are struggling. We could put a certain field to those so that we can program a certain answer to them, or maybe refer them to a certain section, maybe the help section, maybe the Q and A or the contacts, so it allows us to be even more specific. Within the free version, we get three custom fields and within the program, get an unlimited amount, and we're going to be going through all of these features more in depth in the course. Then we have the manager at branding, and when you're building a serious business, when you're building a big brand and you're growing, you don't want them many chat branding. You want to have your own brand and have people only exposed to that. So the pro version removes the brand. The free one has to brand. Okay, then we have advanced marketing autumn ization, and we're going to be talking more about that later on in the course. But basically it's going to be allowing you to, for example, connect certain APS and make them do more advanced functions, which, for example, Shopify, then we have a P I and developer Tooth and the A P I and developer tools. This basically getting access to the ABS function so you could be programming your own actions and functions in there, and we're not going to be using those because we're not programmers and chances are you're in our programmer. Either. We want to keep this simple and effective, so we're not really going to be using this part. And then we have integrations and the integrations are super important. With the integration we get something called say Pierre and Safer is going to allow us to connect the but with our Shopify store, for example, and make things Easter. It allows ABS to get connected and prompt different responses wherein triggers. So let's say that you were making a lead for someone feels out that lead form. Then you could have, say pure connected to your lead and then put it in an Excel document for you instantly or instantly email it to you, depending on how you want to connect it, going to go through that in the course as well. So don't worry about it. Just know that it's a very useful to, and we needed for Shopify and we also have convert Kit and hubs, but but we won't be using those in this course and then payments. So this is going to open up the ability to have your customers pay directly through the bottle, have the book, prompt them to pay. And if we've connected this to a Shopify store and the boat is helping a customer doing customer service and they want to buy something, the boat solves it and then prompts them to buy it, using a certain code, maybe even with a discount, then this is so powerful because not only are you having someone, they're doing customer service for you but also doing sales for you now. So using Boss is the next step when it comes to marketing when it comes to business. And when you use this payment, for example, connected with stripe, you allow your bus to start doing sales for us. Well, very powerful and scrolling down. There are different payments for different sizes. The payment is going to depend on how many subscribers you have, and if you are having 500 subscribers, that's going to be costing you $10 a month now. The very, very good news is that within the app. You can see how much your app is converting for, so it's so easy to see when you have earned in those $10. So it you just need, for example, for your shop. If I store a single person to buy, let's say a $15 item through your bought that the otherwise wouldn't have, then this, too, will have paid for itself and then some. So even asked you increase in subscribers, the price goes up, but the price becomes less unless off a problem. So it's a perfect business model for many chats, and it's a perfect business bottle for us. Well, because they earn more money as you have more subscribers and you earn more money because you're also having more subscribers. It's a great business model. So what I strongly recommend is that we go ahead and start off with the pro version because we're building a proper business here and we want to use all of these more advanced and unlimited features. But if you want to check the about, you can go with the free and just follow along in the course. But we're going to be signing up with the pro version. So go ahead and just click on. Sign up now and then You want to agree to the manager s terms of service and privacy policy ? You want to click on these and read them through. So you know what you're signing up for? Always a good idea and then click on signing with Facebook and then just log in. And then I'm just going to click on Continue as Jesper and currently using Jasper's A Counter and no many chat is asking for allowing us to use certain functions on your accounting. You're going to need. You allow miniature to do that in order for it to work properly. So have a look at this and then go ahead and click on OK, because we need to allow these functions to happen. And now they're doing some market research about used to just go ahead and fill out their questions and then click on next. And then you just click on the pace that you want to connect and remember, you're having the certain price per page. So if you're using three pages and you're having up towards 500 subscribers, that's going to be $10 per page. So we're going to select a single page here, and then we go ahead and click and continue again. So now we're in here were signed up. We're all set. What we want to do next, because we always gets plunged into a free account, is get this upgraded to pro right away. If you want to check it out yourself, take it slow. You can start up with the free. But if you want to go ahead and start using this building your business, we're going to go ahead and use the pro version to go to the lower left corner and click on Upgrade to pro here. And then it's going to be showing you the benefits off it, which we already went through. And then we're gonna click on Upgrade to Pro, and we already know the cost, feeling the information and then click on pay and then we're all set up. So congratulations, guys. Now let's move on to the next lecture and start going through the dashboard, learning the program that is many shot and then start building our own pots. Super exciting. See in the next lecture, guys 2. Navigation: now in this video, you'll learn how to navigate around in manage that and understand the different functions. Now all of the different functions and tools in here. We will go through more in depth later on in the course. But first, let's have a look around and learn what all of the different things are now to get to the dashboard. All we need to do is go to many chat dot com and then click on Log in. Then all we need to do is click on. I agree to the miniatures terms of service and privacy policy and then sign in with your Facebook. So let's do that. So here we are at the dashboard often manage chat. Let's go through the different functions and learn what they are now looking to the far left. So the first thing that we can see is the Facebook page that we have connected many chatu and we are using our NJ Super sale, and we can see that it's the pro version. If there was more would click on this and there would be a list off the different ones. You can also add more pages, and if you want to use the pro version or more pages you're going to have to pay individually for all of those. And then we're currently in dashboard. Now, if we go to the right, there's something here called bottling. So what this link does if you copy this and send it to someone and they open it up, then they will be put directly into a conversation with you and or your bots. So generally, this is going to be the first and easiest way to get your first subscribers. All you need to do is selected. Copy it and send it out. So it's a great beginning to get things started. And if we scroll down, we get an overview off some boat starts. Now, we currently have two active subscribers, and that's because me and Jesper subscribe to show you the different features in here. And what you can do is have a look across time. How many more subscribers that you're currently getting? You can change the different time stamps here, but check in the last 37 days or picking dates individually and then just click on apply you can. Also, instead of looking at active subscribers have a look at Net subscribers or subscribers and on subscribers to get a better look at what worked, what didn't work and why, and also and my progress ing and my stalling or regressing. So a great way to get an overview and scrolling down. We get a summarized we get so summarized information. For example, we have two subscribers, zero on subscribes and to net subscribers, and these are based on the days that we have selected in here. So then let's go to the left and click on Audience. Now this is the audience. This is everyone who has subscribed to you. And remember, in order to be your audience and count as a subscriber, you need to have the people interact with you in some way. So let's say that you're bought. Starts a conversation with someone unless that someone replies to you, they will not count as a subscriber, they will not be registered. So what we saw in the dashboard, unless they have replied, they aren't a subscriber. But since both me and Jesper did reply, we're currently a part of the audience were subscribed, so we're gonna go more in depth in this later on in the course, and then we have the live chat and the live chat is all the conversation that's currently going on. And right now I'm having a conversation with myself, and I mean, everyone does that right? So here you can both dwelled into the conversations yourself, or you can let the bots run its course, but you have full control. At any point, you can see all of the conversations going on. We're going to go way more in depth in this as well. And then we have growth tools and grow Tools are basically waste to get more subscribers than so. For example, you could be making a landing patient could be making a pop up. You could be making a on overlay bar and bar coming down from the top off your patient, starting up a conversation. So these are different ways for you to get more subscribers and what I showed you in the very beginning, with the link that it's one way that is one type of grow to to get more subscribers. So we're going to dwell deeper into growth tools, what they are and how to use them in the best possible way. And then we have broadcasting. And if you remember, broadcasts are basically just sending out a message to all off your subscribers very, very powerful. And then we also have something called auto Posting. Now what the order posting is is basically connecting to an RSS feed and an RSS feed. It's just, let's say you're having a Shopify store and you are writing articles in that store so you could connect the feed so that whenever you write an article in your shop, if I store, then the boat will receive that information that you just wrote an article, and the boat will send that out to all off your subscribers. Now that's called auto posting. And if you go through any off these and you're wondering what they are, if you look into the upper corner, you'll see this question mark over your mouse over there and you get an explanation off exactly what it is. So this doesn't just have to be on your website and your shop. If I could be in your YouTube or anything where you're posting content basically and then we have automation. So if I click in here this is where most of the magic is going to be happening. This is where we're going to be. Creating the boat at creating is different functions. Default replies. Welcome message The keywords is going to be reacting to. The sequences will be sending out. And there's also something that's currently in beta called rules. Basically, if this then that if something certain happens, it will react in a certain way. We're going to go through all off this, so don't worry about it. And then going down, we have something that's called Flow Now. Flow is basically the conversation off the boats, and we're going to dwell much, much deeper into this. What sort of conversations we want to be having with what sort of audience what you can use the conversation for how to, for example, prompt him into an action. There's a lot of things that we can be doing here, and we're going to be learning all about it super importance, and then we have sittings. So if we go to settings, there's quite a few options in here and the 1st 1 is the greeting text, and the greeting text is basically going to be the first thing that body is going to be saying so if I first temple right high, may I ask a few questions and then a smiley I can click on, see how it looks, and then we get to see just about how it's going to be looking on our Facebook page, right? So this is going to be the first message to greeting text, and then we have the card. You're L shorter, which is going to be many shot dot com and link shortenings are great because they make the links look so much more trustworthy and professional, and they also need them in order to track click through rate. And you really want those statistics. So we're just going to leave this on, and then we have clone to another patient who want to clothe this boat. In the information we have program you on the other page, which is in here were just click conclude this bots and then if you're having any form off issue with the bots within off the reply, something is just not working the way it should. Most of the time. That issue will resolve itself by clicking on refresh permissions because something There's something in the code that ghost wrong and the permission is removed from the bots, and all you need to do is click and refresh permission, and that should fix the issues that are going on. So just know about this. If something isn't working the way it should go into settings, click and refresh permissions, and then we have keyboard input and keyboard input is if you're starting up a conversation with someone and you don't want them to write back to, you just want them to have the selected few options in order to reply to you. But generally, if you want to keep this personal, then keep the keyboard input on. It's going to make a big difference. You want to keep things personal, and then audience visibility show on Lee subscribed users, and this is going to be handed, wants to get a lot of people, and those are the only ones you're going to be able to contact and do something with anyhow , So I like to keep this checked in, and if for some reason you want to disable the bought for this page, this is where you do it. You click on Disable bought. Okay, so let's move on to the next one, which is live chat. Now here we look at the behaviour. Either you could start the life should by any message to start the conversation or the conversation should be open explicitly, and we want to keep it on this one to be open explicitly, and we'll talk more about that later on. But it's about making things more specific and more personal. And then we can close all open conversation for whatever reason we might have, and we can also remove sound notifications. And once you start getting a lot of subscribers and you spend some time in the live shots, you don't want to. You know, sit and listen for the ding ding, ding, ding ding all day doesn't sound too good, so you can remove this option and then we have growth tools. Now the cool thing with rigid localization here is that you can change all of the options that you're using for your buck into the language that you're speaking yourself into the language off your audience. So we're using English us because that's where our audience is that, but there's a lot of more options in here that you can change it to. So, for example, the send message bottom will be changed to that very language and all of the other various options. So this is very handed to make things far more personal. Here's also were you authorised websites. So, for example, your Shopify you're going to want to add that in here and any other website that you're using and the branding turn off the manager at branding in Incredible witches. You want to disable this one because you don't want the manager at branding. You want to keep it personal to you? Okay, so let's remove this one and then notifications So the first thing we can get it's a subscriber report, and that's going to be how many subscribers we have got him and, for example, daily, weekly or monthly depends on how much you want to check it up. So this means you don't have to look into many chat. You can just get on email report and see how things were going, and this is the email that you're going to be getting it, too. There's also something called Life should Notify Me on message when a conversation is assigned to me. And if you're having a lot of subscribers and a lot of conversations assigned to this can be a nightmare. So this is going to be up to you the beginning. It can be fine. And this one is super important. Notify admits action. So if you're for example having a high ticket sale, you might want to be contacted on messenger on email. So you want to cut off the actions off the boss so you can jump in instead and close the deal now? This could be for anything, of course, but it is super useful for the high ticket sales and then a custom fields. Now we're going to dwell far deeper into this. But this is a way to get ultra specific. So we have our tags. Basically, let's say there is a Shopify customer now. Then the tag would be Shopify and within Shopify. This might be a someone who wants a refund than the custom feel for that customer could be refund. So we're gonna dwell far deeper in this later on in the course and then the tags, like I was just talking about it I could be Shopify, for example. Maybe someone comes to you through YouTube or has a specific interest in one of your products in one off your knee chest. You just assign them that specific tag and then users. Now. Currently, the users are me and Jesper, and we're having add me, writes all we need to do to get more users. We click on inviting. Remember, you'll get a link and you'll send that link over and they accept. And then you get to decide what kind off admin rights, and then you get to some what kind of rights you want them to have. Is it an editor? Live shot agent? Just a viewer or an admin? And then let's go to payments. Now, this is super cool. You can connect your stripe account here, meaning your body is able to send out the stripe ling so people can actually pay you. This is amazing when you start, including, for example, you're having your boat on Shopify and it's helping you sell products. This can be absolutely amazing, and then you get to decide currency, get notified off new orders and then send the received to the user who paid and this so important you get to see the total orders being made and the purchase history so you can very quickly and very easy. See if this body has paid off for itself. Remember, we talked about the price off manager we get to see very quickly if it's paying off itself , and even if it isn't if it's saving your time and automating functions is will be far worth the cost. But it's so interesting to see it actually paying off itself and then some and then integrations. Now they're different integrations, for example, with male chimp in here. We also have convert kids, which is another email, marketing platform and hub spot. We're not going to be using any of these. We will be using safe here, but it's not included in here. We will be doing it manually later on in the course. So we're just going through having a peek at all the different things, seeing what they are, and then we're gonna dwell deeper into them later on. And then we have the billing, and since we're using the pro version were currently being built $10 a month, we're not having so many subscribers as you get to be all that information here. And if you scroll down, there's something called invoice data. So if you need to pay, for example, your taxes, you can view the invoice history printed out, ride it down, very useful. And then the a p I now the a p I. That's basically your code to let some other program get access to your many chats. So this is how we're gonna integrate safe here later. Just know that all we need to do is click on generate token and then copy and paste Super easy to. And finally we have installed templates and this is amazing amazing feature, because if we click on install your first template here, there are a couple of templates that you can download and have used right away in your many chat. For example, for your Shopify, you can be using the e commerce template, so that's going to be included with different growth tools with automation is with flows amazing and we're going to be going through that later, and that is also this section over here can go straight into templates by clicking there and then we have my profile, I can click in there and then I can, for example, look out! And finally we have the help sections. If there's any questions or anything, you can just seek that help in here. But remember, most of the issues get sold by the refresh permission, so much so that even included it here in the health bottom. So this is how you navigate around in many chat. All you need to do is go to minute chat dot com signing with your Facebook, you're going to end up on your dashboard and then start looking through this, get comfortable, and then we'll move on in the course and start learning Maurin deaf what we can do and how we can profit from this program. So see in the next lecture, guys. 3. Audience: on the left hand side here. If you click on audience, you will see your subscribers. This may or may not be empty for you right now, but this is how it looks for us. We have to subscribers, which is me and Robin here. Now what you can do is you can filter out by just clicking on filter here and click on condition. You can filter the subscribers out by tag. If you put a certain tag on a certain action that they have done on your website on Facebook on our ad or whatever, it might be also how they opted in and under the sequence that they subscribe through what gender? Low kale, at times, own language names how they subscribe. Last interaction, etcetera. So this is a basic filter, and you can feel term through if you're looking to maybe Adami into another sequence. A message sequence maybe would like to send out more messages to them for a certain event, or maybe a product release or something like that, and you just want to sort them out of filter them out. You can do that with this top Now, in order to individual go into them and see what type of tag her having, what type of sequence they are and opted into or how they opted into a subscribers list. You can just basically click on them and you can see that here. Well, this could be the tag here. The sequence. You can also subscribe them toe another sequence. Let's say that you sold them a product on a page or something like that. You can basically put him in and subscribe them to a certain sequence, a message sequence that you won't like them to maybe received later on, maybe in a few days. Or they they're buying a product or whatever action they're doing. And then you can also hear going and manage custom fields. Now, Custom Fields is basically at the tag under the tag. So it could be, Let's say that they go here and they get the tag off shop ified by something on a Shopify store. You can basically go here and under custom fields and manage everything that contains. If they clicked on our Shopify store and they may be wrote to the boats like re found, so you can manage them here by these tag, for example, and here you can see how they came through and opted in, which is direct, which is message. This could be another source as well. Now let's click this down. You can go for a search here also. If you would like to filter out only the name Robin click Enter. You will only have the name Robin there. Now. This is basic information, but what? It's really, really cool. Here is the book action Here. You can manage your contacts with a book action so you can basically make one actions off. Us. Group of people buy based on a gender based on tags based on sequences, etcetera. Let's click into this. So if you were to, maybe you have filtered out all the males, so all the males in here in your list is filtered out. Now you can add a tag not only to add a tag for him here personally by clicking Add attack . Here you can create a book action, which is really, really powerful to manage your contacts, to save you a lot of time now, Eva clicking here on their bulk action and I click on Add tag. You can add a tag under here Basically, by clicking in here now, we haven't any tax for this. We will create that later on in this course. But this is really powerful. Now you can if you click into bolt action once again, you can remove a certain tag. You can also see stripe ah, group off people based on whatever you would like to under the sequence. So if you would like to send out a message sequence to ah, a bunch of people, you can do that here also, or you can unsubscribe them From that sequence on, you can set a custom field also for ah, group off people. So this will save you a lot of time when using this tab. Bolt action. If I scroll down, you can also see her unsubscribed from. But now, if anything went wrong if you getting complaints like, oh, I didn't opt in today's I don't want to be on your list, etcetera. You can manually, by choosing a group of people, buy filter, you go into bulk action, go down to unsubscribe from this list or from but you can write in unsubscribe. Yer and Dunkley can confirm now be really careful with this, But if this were the case, then you can do this. Let me cancel this. Another great thing with bulk action. If I clicked in here on book action, scroll down. You can export your contacts and this is really powerful if you would like to take them out off Manish at or if you would like to create a custom audience for your Facebook ads So let's say that you're doing Facebook ads and you would like to create a custom audience. You could basically collect this bottom, and this only works with the pro version. As you can see, you collect this bottom and you can click on download See SV so they will download the CS we find within a click. And you can basically take the CSP file. I understand. If this complicated, we would go through this. You take this cease V five and imported it to your Facebook ads manager and you will have a custom audience which you can drive traffic to if you're selling maybe a new product and you created an ad within the ad manager, you grade in an ad, and you just want that type of audience with maybe a certain type of interest. Let's say Joga, you are selling another joga product. Okay, so you would like to target just that custom audience to not be spending a lot of money outside of this audience because this is already warm customers. They've only maybe bought something from you or interacted with your material in any way. You would like to target those people, This group of people we that add to spend money and to sell more products that would be so handy. Then you can download a cease we file here and just import that file. We will show you how to do this. So I love this book action. So on the right hand side here, you can also see which is really handy on overview. If you having 203 104,000 subscribers, you can see how they were subscribed through rich widgets. We will go through bridges later on this course as well and then subsea quinces how they were subscribed through which sequence there subscribe to. So this is a great overview on how to filter how to search through your contacts here. Subscribers and also how to manage and do bulk actions within this little tab here. So this is our overview and how you can manage your contacts within the audience tab. Now I hope this is not overwhelming for you, but really go through this once. You have subscribes to list and try to manage their subscribers and you can see and filter them out. So let's continuing in the course, see in the next video. 4. Create & Connect Facebook Page: Okay, guys, in this video, we're gonna go ahead and create our Facebook page. Once that done, we're gonna connect that 12 or manage that account so that we can start making bots through our Facebook page account, which is awesome, right? So just go ahead and log into your Facebook account in the top right corner, click on a scroll down and go to create page. Click there. Once you've done that, you will be left with two different options to create a Facebook page. Now either to go with business or a brand page or a community or a public figure page. Now, whatever fits your both click under get started either there or there. Once that's done, you would like to pick a page name now a page named Related to your business or to your community or public figure. Whatever. You would like to start making a page bolt now for us, that would be that Messan Jerre. More getting and shat bought master class under category. You can basically search for whatever industry you are within. So let's say that you're running a bakery. You can search for bakery or maybe you running in marketing agency. You can search for that. Also, Marketing agency, Marketing research Consultant. If you are that or maybe you're running an e commerce website, you can search for e commerce website or local business or whatever you were doing now. For us in this tutorial, it would be education. So we search for that and click on. Continue. Now, once that's done, you would like to add in a profile picture. Now, I encourage you to do that based on the branding. So if you're having a cool branded picture off your brand, which you can upload as a profile image, do that now. I would do that here. I'm just gonna search for that one here. I would be this little bought here, and then you could add a cover image. Now, this is optional, but it makes your page look so much better. So I'm going to do that as well. Upload a cover photo. Now we're having one here. Now, if you don't have a cover image, let me go quickly and just show you where you can take one. Now Canada is a really cool page where you can basically create one for free. So If you go in here camera dot com I will have this in the resource is for this video click on Facebook cover. Then you will have so many templates on the left hand side here that you can simply just click on any. Let's click on this, and you can just right Anything here, just customers. This just the way Want to after your branding. So go to camera, come and create one. And then once you have customized and modified it just the way you want to, you simply click on this, download bottom and just go along and just upload it to your Facebook page. I'm gonna take this off and then once that's done. So here we go. Now we have our Facebook page ready and down. So Facebook Messenger, marketing and chat. But Master Close by, Robin ESPN. Awesome. Now this is our Facebook page. Now, what I would like you to do is head over to Manny Shet, manager dot com and then click under this account here on this scroll down. If you click on there, you can click on add new page. Now the only thing you need to do is to go over here and click on Connect. Now there's a couple of questions here that they want to do. Answer. Will this account be used for an actual business? If, yes. Click. Yes, I'm gonna click here because no, this is a technical testing demo account. So they have that information or if you're doing this to set up this asked for and client, you click under here, I'm just going to click on Continue. And that's done. Now, what I would like you to do is head over here once again to your Facebook page, click under settings and go over to messenger platform. Now we're going to make sure that this is connected. Scroll down and we can see that it's connected right here, which is awesome. Now, if you're running this, maybe for a client or etcetera, you would like to go here and you can see what kind of permissions you're having. Now you can manage pages. I show lists and read Mailbox etcetera. Now they can give you different permissions for this page, for example, or you can go ahead and give other people permission for this yesterday understandings. But now we know it's connected Now, I would like you to head over to your Facebook account, click on the scroll down, click on create pages and just pick any here like business or brand or community. Click under. Get started off any of these bottoms and go ahead and fill this out just like I did in this video. Go over here. Do you manage that account? Click on the scroll down, click on Add page and add that page and then we're going to continue in the course. See you in the next video. 5. Main Menu: Now in this video, we're going to start off by creating our first chat boat, which is awesome. Right now we're gonna created from something called the main menu. Now, if you go into the back end here off your manage shot account and click on automation, you will get a menu up here, and the first option you have is called main Menu. If you click here, then we will be able to create on menu. Now, as you can see on the right hand side here, you see a mobile phone here. The only thing that customers are really going to have the option off east to send and message. So if they clicked here, they can send a message to us. Now we can build out a small menu beneath this Mrs Tabb here. So if they don't maybe feel like they want to write us a message, what they could do is basically click on any off these buttons that we're going to create now to receive some kind of information about us or about our store deals, whatever type of things that you're currently selling. Now we're going to create some conversations about our store This is a Web store, a drop shipping web store with some items on it so they can go and explore these kind of item. Now, your goal with these three buttons can be something others. But we will go through some of these right now, you can have a maximum of three different bottoms. Top level off. The menu is limited to a maximum three items. Now, these are tree different navigation bottoms like in a website, for example, this is a navigation menu. So if they would like to go into the catalogue, they can click their the rings section, toys, pets, or contact us. Now we're gonna be allowed up pretty similar menu right here, down below, and we can Onley use three items off max. Then some sub menus are They are limited to five. So we can basically have up till 15 different bottoms. I will show you what I mean is that Now, first of all, if you click here on the plus main menu, you can name this by just removing this text. And as you can see under this, send a message button. This appears. Now, this could say something like hell up about us or something like that. Anything you won't like to share, Which start conversation. But now for us, that could be What's this question mark Now why we're gonna do this? What's this? Because new subscribers could be subscribers that shared our post or liked or post a comment with a friend in one of our post or etcetera. And that is one way that they became a subscriber so that maybe they don't understand what are in Jace Super Sale is Maybe they just want to try to connect to us and understand. What is this? Now, once you have uploaded your question here, for example, this one and one stay off pressed this. What's this? You can eat ago with open a sub menu, and we will do that later or reply with message to start a conversation and start connecting with them. Or you can basically us send them to your website directly for this. We're going to go with reply with message. We're going to set this up, and you could also add in on action. Now, if you click here and you have created some tags around your subscribers off where they're coming from where they've clicked, etcetera. You can add tag. You can also subscribe them to different sequences, etcetera. We're gonna have a look at that later on. But for now, reply with message in. Click on, create new message now in here now. The mobile screen is on the right hand side right now. Now, if I were to enter some type of texting here, as you can see, the text will appear here. So now in here, you can automate some messages once they clicked on. What's this? So you can basically write something using text, you can use image cards, gallery lists, audio, video file or something called delay or something more. Now, we will go through this later on, but for this we only gonna set up us. First shot bought Now send message. What kind of message will they receive once they clicked on? What's this now? It could be something like, Hi. And look at this. You can see this little brackets down here. If I click this brackets, you could basically automate their first name. Last name, Full name, page name. If they're having a page or whatever you'd like to gender, etcetera. We're gonna go with first name. Look on the right hand side. What's happening right now? If you click on first name, then you could see High Jesper its automated, which is also really, really cool. So you can use this small brackets here. Now, here you're having some emojis so we can put a smiley on this afterwards and you can see it's put a smiley, maybe a dash something like that. How? Yes, bird, Happy you tuned. And with us where? Ah, general online store. Selling all kinds off stuff with daily awesome deals. And then this could be the auto reply once they clicked on. What's this Now? This could say anything like if you, for example, would like the first bottom to be help center or contact us or whatever you like or whatever kind of relationship you would like to build with your audience, you can type in anything right here. Now you could also click on quick reply and are quick reply would be their reply. So if I click on quick reply, look at the screen over here to the right, you can typing anything here like oh cool now in click on send message. Now if a click of send message you can name this also something like, Oh, cool reply. Once they have collecting here all cool which going to appear, Yes, the bottom and they click. Oh, cool. Then you can reply with something here something like house your day go wing and then click the brackets. Click the first name Hope your having Ah, wonderful day. Would you like shaking out our latest deals? And you can type in maybe the name or maybe a star here or anything. Think of this like a normal conversation that you're having with somebody. Meat on town like, Hey, how we doing? Hope you're having a great day. Have a nice day. Something that connects you to another because, yeah, this is a shot book. But you would like to have this leg and normal conversation basically, and you can have a quick answer here. Also, writing something like my day is awesome or something like yeah, would love it. And then click on Don. You can also have no thanks. Something like that. And depending on different answers you're getting here. You can either send them to an website to yourself went flight or you can just wish them a good day. So that would look something like this. For example, Now you can click on send message and look on the left hand side here now. And this is the message that's going to trigger one state click Jack would love it Would love to check out your latest deals, for example, and then you can hear basically typing. You can name this. Yeah, reply and you can type in he anything here, like That's great. Click the link down below to end there our website. And then you could also send themselves and more years like this be a human basically, and then you can If you click this at bottom, you can add a bottom here saying are latest deals. Maybe so and then you can click on open website and in here is where you enter the website . Now if I go back here and I just copy that I put the link in and I can click on done now. Once they've click on our little steals, the ones who replied Yes. Then they will be sent to our latest deals. Now, if I go back here to the other. Answer like No, thanks. You can send them a message to saying something like amused. No, thanks. Re polite. Now you could say something like Okay, take the brackets. Maybe first name, Okay? Yes, Bear. Thanks for that conversation. Hope you have a great day. Something like that. Maybe you have put on some smile is here as well. Now you're already started a conversation. Now you cannot get everybody to buy your stuff to maybe subscribe to an email list or to give you something every day. Now everybody is different. So here's a great way to do it. Okay. And first name. Okay? Yes, There. Thank you for the conversation. Hope you're having a create day. Now. That's it. If you click on preview now, you can see how this conversation will appear in real time. If I click here, I go over to Facebook. You can see how. Yes, we're happy. You tuned in with us. Where? A general store Selling all kinds of stuff. We daily great deals. If they would do click here. All cool. Then you can see that disappears. How should they going Just for hope? You're having a wonderful day. Would you like shaking out our laters deals if I click? Yes, I would. This appears. That's great. Clicked a link down below to enter website. And this is the link. Our latest deals. If I click this link in another top, our website will appear. And this is something that you could do yourself, which is awesome right now that is the 1st 1 you could click publish and it will go life. Now let's click publish and its life. Now, if I go back to main menu. If I click here, you see my mouse. You can see that this is already created. Okay, So what? This The next thing that we're going to create s about on saying our latest deals. Basically, when? And we're going to send them directly by dis link open website. So we're gonna name it in here. Our latest deals. Okay. So to get triggered, once they collect on this or later still down below here, they will be sent directly to our latest deal or to a website or whatever. Action, Whatever goal you have, this is where you're gonna get sent. So if I click it once again, open website. I can go over here copies your l and pay studying in here something like that. So whenever they clicking this link later on, they will be triggered and sent to this website. Now, if you don't want to them to be sent directly to a website, what you could do is you could basically open up a new scent sub menu. If I click on open a sub menu, you can see that you remember this. Sub menus are limited to fight, so you could basically have five different options triggered. Now, if they click on this, you can see this little arrow down here on the right hand side. You could basically put in some other sub menus here. Now if I were to go to the website here, for example, we could have rings, toys and pets. Let's put that in. So first of all, you could put in rings you can put in toys and you could put in pets our latest deals. Now, once they have, you can see on the right outside have once they've clicked on this arrow here they have these three options rings, toys, pets. Now, if you were having like an restaurant, for example, and you're saying our latest meals or something like that, you could basically create a sub menu here for maybe vegetarian food, vegan food, maybe meat fish, etcetera. So this is really hand. If you would like to navigate them to a certain place or to take them to another place outside off Facebook, for example, Now these three different sub menus. If I click on any here, I could basically click here on open website. So if they were to click on our latest deals, if I come back here, if they were to click on our latest deals here and he clicked on rings, I could basically send them to our website here. So if I go into the website here, two rings and I you just copied issue Earl by clicking control, see or command, see on a Mac and click on Rings. Click on open website. Click this box and just paste that in here and click on Done. When they click Now on rings the Rings option. They will be sent directly to our rings collection. Now we can do the same with toys. Here it's copy this one clicking here. Open website Pay studying. Click on Don. Make sure you click on Done and the same with pets. Copy Paste Open website. Always go with open website here, paste it in and click on Done also. Now we have created two different navigation options for audience would be What's this and starting the up a conversation and then our latest deals on we can send them directly to the website for rings, toys, pets could be if you're having a restaurant, a bakery, whatever type of business or services you are having, you could send them there by simply just go in here open website and paste, adding and click on done, which is awesome. Now the third thing, the third item with that we're going to create is about us. Now we can send them also to an about US page. Now, if I go back here a click on menu item here once again, you can basically yes, typing here. Ah, about us. Okay. And you can also do this as you would like to. But here we can also open up a web site and we can also the contact US page. We can send them there a copy on Paste. Awesome. Now we created these menu. As you can see. What's this? Our latest deals about us Now why would they do this in this order? Is because And what's this? That will be the conversation started. You can start up a conversation and you can ask them Thought something and they have different options to pick either yes or no or so on. Or you can share the latest deals with sub menu like this if you'd like to. Or you could just send them to an about US page so they can connect to you directly. Now, later on, we will go in to more in depth with the flow builder, etcetera, and we would create default reply, welcome message, keywords, sequences and shake off rules as well. And all this is the start of your shack book journey. Now what encouraged you to do is re watch this video, go in to the main menu, create three different or two different one main menu Benites. Send a message, start connecting to audience and then just see if this sequence it's working. You can go in here maybe to our deals here and go in and see if everything is working. Now, this should be live. So if I were to go in here, maybe click on this reply message and I would click on review and I would go here. Now you can see that everything is done here. Now, we created this three brackets. Now it's your turn to create a main menu and good luck now. 7. Welcome Message: Now in this video, I'm going to show you how to create an automated welcome message to anyone that's interacting with your posts with your Facebook page or with your bought in Anyhow. Now, in order to access that going to your management account, log in, go to automation, click on automation tab and then click on Welcome message. Now, in here, you can choose to basically go with anything you can, Yes, typing text by clicking text bottom and write something like Hey, and welcome to this site were about this and these are our values and this is our goal, etcetera. Or you can simply a send them to a page for your products or services. Or you can Cendant with a link to a blawg post or maybe to a recipe or whatever your business is all around. How you would like to welcome your subscribers. It's totally up to you. I will show you a way that were doing this. Now the first thing is, we are clicking the text here to add in some text. Now a welcome message can look like this. Hey! And then we use the brackets to collect the first name welcome to us. Feel free to contact us in any way, as down below, and then we can put in some smile is and mortgages something like that, a pointing finger that's pointing to this bottom because in here you can put in some different types off waste. They can contact you, and that is exactly what I'm going to show you right now. So if you click here on add bottom, you can choose to. Firstly, if you're having a phone number you could easily typing, call us three dots Something like that and just you can click on coal number and you can type in any number here. That's really do your business and click on Done. That's the first thing that you could do. The second thing is to click on add bottom, and maybe you can send them to your website, which sits are store, for example, if you're having a store, we sit my blawg within our blawg with its whatever you would like them to go to. You can type that in there and then also open website. If you click there, you take the euro from your website or from the location where you would like them to go and you pay studying and click on Don. Now, that's two options. Okay, The third option could be if you click on add bottle, you can take this send message button. So if I type in here, I click here, send message. You can name this something like send ah, message. Then they're free to send any type of message that they want to. And then you can click on done. But before we do that, we would like to put in an action so that we get notified whenever somebody is sending us a message. Now click on action here you can click on, Notify admits, and you have to have the pro version in order to do this. So we get notified whenever somebody is contacting us so that we can contact them in person back now. Then you can click on Don once that's done, whenever they clicking this, send a message bottom. This is what they will receive. Okay, so here you can say something like hey, and then always go with the first name. So it's personalized, and then you can type in something like will be right with you please type and the question down below. Okay, well, let's finish off with some funny emerges. Something like that. Okay, you can do it like this. This is a way to get them to ask you anything. Really? So hey, yes, there will be right with you. Please type any questions down below. Okay, so this is the direct message. Whenever they are going for despotic, send a message. Now, if a click back here we can, Yes. Typing here, send a message, but reply. Okay. Now, if you don't want this to trigger directly, you could put in something called a delay. So if I click here and I dragged this just in front or above the message and I dropped this off the tree seconds, this will trigger. So you have you ever been with that? When dots is taking, like dot, dot, dot, dot, dot When it looks like somebody's writing. Okay, so this is really could cool feature, and I will show you how it looks. Now let's go back to send message here now, First of all, Hey, Jesper, welcome to us. Feel free to contact us in any way asked down below and They have three options either to call us either to is it our store or eat it to send us a message. Cool. Right now, this messages, you can basically customize them. Yes, the way you want to, but always have a goal in mind when doing this. Because you would like to push them either to your website, either to a blogger, either to a link to somewhere wherever you go. Might be. So push them there or just getting personal with them as soon as possible. Once they've clicked on, send a message because you would like to connect and maybe collect those leads, which is really, really important for your business. Now, if we click here on enable first of all and then on publish, we're gonna go ahead and look in preview. If you click on preview here, how this message will look, I go back to Facebook. This would trigger somehow. Okay. Cool It trigged. So Hey, Jesper, Welcome to us. Feel free to contact us in any way as down below. Okay, so if I click on, call us, then they were called that number. Now that is not our numbers. I'm not going to click that bottom. But then wizard our store. If I click on visit our store that see what triggers and they will come to our store. So if I click on send a message and you can see that is on the lay on here, going there, writing something and you can see here. Hey, Jesper will be right with you. Please type any questions down below. Now the subscriber can type anything in here and we'll be right with them. And we will be notified as well in our managed account for this and by email, which is an awesome feature by manage up now may be recognized that something was popping up here. A text below is a notification from orange. A super cell bought just Brazilian just did something you wanted to know about. This is a notification. This is nothing that our customer will see. And because I am Jesper and I am in the orange a super sale as well. This pops up for me, but the customer won't see this Now This is a way that you can customize your welcome message, re watch this video, be creative and have a lot of fun. Now is your turn to automate your welcome message. Good luck 8. Keywords: in this video. We're going to talk about keywords now, keywords that can trigger certain conversations with your bought. Now, if somebody is typing in a certain keyword, for example, start. You can trigger the conversation or you can trigger an action like they're gonna subscribe to your bought. Now, let me show you what I mean. Go into your manager at account. Calico Automation on left hand side. Go down to key words. Now, we already have two rules preset here which manage that and Facebook have created for us. Now, these two, you cannot change now. First of all, it says start or subscribe. So when anybody is talking to your boss and they're writing eater, start or subscribe, this will trigger the boat to subscribe that person. Now, if there were to write in stop or unsubscribe, that would trigger their bought to unsubscribe the person. Now, these two messages we can change. We can change the reply on this. We cannot change the action. We cannot change the rules, but we can change the reply to make them more personally if we'd like to end. I highly suggest you to do this on the unsubscribe because We don't want people to unsubscribe from us. We would like to have them in our little both area. We would like to have them on our list. We would like to communicate to them, build a relationship and eventually sell stuff to them. Right, Because we would like to make money, build on sustainable business. So if you click here on unsubscribed from bought and then click on edit flow in the top right corner, you can see that it's already automated. Now, this is the first measure saying, Hey, you're successfully unsubscribe for our list and you can click here on unsubscribe. And these are two other messages. Now, we're gonna customized this Yes, to trigger them to stay on our list. And this is one way you can go about this. Okay, I will show you what I mean. Now we can take this off and rights and be like, hey, and then use the brackets to make it more personally to use your name. Hey, First of all, you can write something like will make sure to not send you any more deals. Okay, This is basically a scarcity tactic to keep them on our list. now, we'll make sure to not send you any more deals. Now, do you want to miss out on deals? I certainly don't want to miss out on deal, so I would probably just typing. Hey, don't unsubscribe me, etcetera. So in order to do this, you will type in some scarcity thing with, like, they're gonna miss out some things here. Now, you could have this unsubscribe button down here, but I will remove this and I will show you what will will do with it later on. So in order to just take this off years, click on it and click on delete. Now, we have no buttons, so it's not possible for them to us to click on unsubscribe There. Now, we can put on a little delay on here, so if I take this bottom, I drag it on beneath here and I drop it. Then this will be a three second delay for them to really reconsider if they would like to unsubscribe or not. And then we're gonna put in one more text underneath here and write something like, Are you sure that you'd like to on sub describe from our latest and heart test deals. Question Mark. Okay, let me just fix this one. All right? So are you sure that you would like to unsubscribed from our latest and hottest deals? This one gonna trigger after three seconds Once they've considered a little bit. Now, we're not gonna put in and his unsubscribe button here. What we will do is put on two quick replies and I will show you how to do that. Now click on quick reply. Okay. In here, you can type in anything, like, just or no, for example. No. Yeah. Um, sure. Okay. Eat away. Yeah, I'm short to unsubscribe. Or you can typing. No, I want deals. Something like that. Okay, now, if I click on this bottom J, I'm sure toe unsubscribe. Now click there and scroll down and you can click on the plus icon on actions. Now, this one who would unsubscribed from but so click there. Now you know what this button will do. And the other one off course? No, I want more deals that would trigger if I go down to action. This one Good. Trigger the action off subscribed to both, so they stay subscribed. Now that is done. first of all, hate First name. Hey, Jesper. And we'll make sure to not send your animal deals. Now take away the bottom here. And then it's a three second delay here. And then Are you sure you'd like to unsubscribe from our latest and hottest deals? Either way, they're gonna answer. Yeah, I'm sure or no, I won't deals. Okay, now we can go to this button over here successfully unsubscribed if they click on Yeah, I want to unsubscribe. They will get this message. Yeah, You have successful unsubscribed use. Start to subscribing an end. Also, turn on subscription and make sure if you click into this that this action is triggered subscribed to both. Okay, Make sure of that. And then the other answer Great. The next post is coming soon. Stay tuned. Okay. Here you can just go in and customize this year with the way want to And here we can write something like, Hey, the next hot deal is calming to you soon. Stay tuned. Well, that is it. And that would take off this text and will go with some M Moyes here. Okay, like a happy face. Happy smile, maybe a sunglasses guy or woman or whatever you might be. So this is the way you can make a more personalized message when somebody is wanting to unsubscribe to you because you want to have them on your list. You would like to make them a lifetime customer, build a relationship and sell more products, services or whatever your business is all around. And then we can click on Publish. Now, if I click on preview here, let's see how we turned out. Click on preview. Let's go over to Facebook. And here it popped up. Hey, Jesper will make sure do not send you any more deals that delay. And then are you sure that you'd like to unsubscribe from our latest and hottest deals? Oh, my God. I really are going to miss out on things. They right? Okay, so, yeah, I'm sure I don't want more deals. No. Now I I want deals. Definitely. I won't deals. So if I click here, I will stay subscribed to the list. Okay. Which is really, really handy now. If we go back here, you could basically, if you go over to keywords once again, you can put in new keywords, so Let's say that you would like to put in something new. Okay, so let's type in here and the key words that you would like to put in here. Now there's different options here. So let's say that somebody is wanting to I returned something to you. Maybe they bought something. Maybe have a bad bought on your let's a Shopify store WordPress store of newcomers or whatever they typing like refund. Okay, for example, you'll have that word in there, and you can basically go around this word just the way you want to and make a trigger in any possible way that you want to so re found. The message is, it has to be this word on Lee. OK? Or you can have message contains. Now. There could be a sentence containing re found or message contained. The whole word re found or message begins with three found. You can trigger this in any type of way that you want to, but I encourage you to click on Message contains okay, so they can write something before or off that that work Now. Here you can create our new reply and, for example, if you click in there, you can type in something like will be right with you And in name, like first name stay tuned will be with you with in 24 hours. Something like that. And then maybe a mou smiling. So this is a message that you can write and ethnically comm publish. And let's see if it's life. Now, remember what's going to trigger. This word is re found. Okay, So if I click in here, re fund, let's see if it's triggered. Yes. Okay. It works. Will will be right with you, Jesper. Stay tuned. Will be with you within 24 hours. So this is basically if you go into keywords once again on the left hand side here and click on the plus here, then you can trigger certain keywords. So if anybody is wanting any deals re founds, maybe they would like to go to your seminar. Maybe they would like to know a recipe. Maybe you're having, like, I don't know. Whatever your business is all around, you can put in a bunch of key words here and they use message contains instead of it has to be just that. So message contained is really powerful because they can write and whole sentence and just keep one word, which is containing that key word for you, and you will trigger a conversation with them. And you can build a conversation by just clicking in here and then build out the entire conversation and you flow basically. So if you click on edit flow, you can start building here with delays, text images, calorie or whatever you'd like to. So this is a really powerful way to trigger certain keywords. To get an action or to get a conversation started automatically. So use this really, really handy tool, go into keywords and play around. I would encourage you to start personalized this unsubscribed from both a little bit more. So put its some scarcity in there, so they're feeling like they're missing out on something. Now it's your turn. Play around, have fun. Good luck 9. Sequences: in this video we will talking about and creating sequences now a sequence. If you're familiar to email marketing a sequence is like an author responders basically messages that are sequenced to be send out over time. That could be days. That could be hours. That could be month or whatever you'd like to be. Now, in order to set this up, you would like to log into your management account and go down to automation. Go down all the way to sequences. And in here we already have one preset by manage shot. Now we're going to create our new one by clicking on new sequence up in the top. Right corner. Click here. Now, before we start, I just want you to imagine what type of sequence would you like to create now? Are you sending out a lot of content to your subscribers or you planning to Our is sending them to a webinar are sending out some deals like on your products or services or what can you really create and sequence about? We're going to do one, and it's gonna called daily deals. Now post this video. If you would like to follow along on the screen and then daily deals and click on Create. Now you can click this bottom to create more messages, and I will show you how so clicked his bottom. You can see that one appear here. Now we're going to send out three different sequences. So I'm gonna click on one more message here and one more. Now, we have three different like messages that's gonna pop up in this sequence if I click on create new reply than in here. I can name this like the daily deal, and this will be the panel deal. So panda deal. And that is because we're selling, like, this panda kind of plushy toy. And then you would like to have a message in here, all to message that's gonna get send out on one day after Now in here, you can write something like hey than the name of the subscriber. Hi. First name as a subscriber. You. I have a great deal coming to you. Type in that code sale once you picked, they're right panned out for you. So this is one way you can go about it. I'm just gonna copy all these texts because this text is what we're gonna use for the next deal as well, or for the next message. So just make a smile here or two. Or maybe three smileys and just say this one, which is really good. Okay, so on the right hand side, you can see here. Hey, Jesper, As a subscriber, you'll have a great deal coming to type in the code sale ones. You picked the right panda for you, and then we can typing Kilic de Botton down below. And then that finger, Smiley, where is it? Here we are. Cool. Okay. And you can add this bottom by simply clicking on this. Maybe you would like to just go into this panda going to toys, make sure that you're sending them directly to the product or service or page that you would like to. Now, I'm gonna copy this one. I'm going to go back and, uh, deal. We can mention this bottom panel deal and then click on open website and in here, we're going to send them the link and click on Done. Now that is done. Now, that is one automated message already finished, which is awesome. I'm just gonna companies one more time. So we're gonna use all these texts and then click on publish. Now we have our first message done. If you click here on daily deals, as you can see, my arrow is pointing out. Click on daily deals. You can see that it's set after one day. Now we can activate this campaign. So click on, Activate and then you can set another scheduled post. Now, if you would like this to trigger after two days off the Dave subscribed or three days etcetera, you can do that. You can also set this by time. So times between and these are basically the location time that you are within. So this may or may not be the location for your subscribers, but you can put any time in here if you like to. We're gonna put it on any time. And then you can also put here any day or if you see, like your email campaigns or messages campaign before. Maybe they didn't work on Sunday, Saturdays or Fridays. Maybe you can take that off. You can customize these just the way you'd like. Okay, so we're gonna have it any day and just save and update schedule. The next one that we're gonna send out is going to get triggered in three days. And now we're going to create sequence message number two clicking here. And then this one will be rings. Deal. Okay. And we're gonna pace that message in, and we just kind of customize this a little bit high. First name as a subscriber, you'll get to deal coming to your code sick. Okay, so in here, once you pick the right ring for you, collect the button down below, and this bottom is what we're gonna add. So click over to rings over here, and we're gonna take that you, Earl, I hope this doesn't go too quickly for you. If it does, then speed this video down or we watch it. But this is really, really helpful information here. So if you click on add bottom here, you can just paste in, like ring deals or a ring deal is good. And then open website. Put your link in their directly to that deal to that seminar to the webinar or whatever it might be that you would like to drive your traffic to and click on Done. And don't forget to click on Publish. So this goes really, really smooth, right? And then go over to daily deals to your campaign, and we're gonna pick this one the schedule after five days, so they will get another deal after five days. Okay, which is really, really handy now. Five days, we're gonna save an update schedule, click on the side and make this activate also. So now it's activated both of them and create new reply for the third message, we're gonna type in here. We is gonna pay studying just like that. And for this, this is not the rings deals. This is the pet supplies deal. Okay, so we know which campaign or message this is basically now we would like to add at bottom ass. Well, here. Now, before we do that, that's typing pit plies in here. Okay, so make sure yes, that your message is okay, So we're gonna go over here, go over to pets, and we're gonna take that euro, and we're going to go down and create a new button. Says pit. So applies deal. Okay. And then we're gonna open website on just pay starting and click on Done and click on Publish and we're done. Basically, Look at this. If I go back to daily deals, we just gonna activate this one. And the thing is, right now that we have nobody that's going to receive this message, we're gonna tie this one to an action that somebody has previously made on our messenger or with a shot. But so in order to tie this campaign or this sequence to certain subscribers, what we're gonna do is we're gonna hand over to the default reply. I will show you what I mean. Click here on default reply. And you remember earlier that we created some things here. We have to click on edit Flow. Once you've done that. If somebody's clicking, what is this or was it us or contact us? What we can do is we can subscribe them to this very sequence that we has created. Now, if a click on this button here in a click on action and then I can click on subscribe to Sequence, I can pick this sequence. Now, the sequence that we're gonna subscribe them to is daily deals and then click on Done. Now we can do this with all the buttons. Let me do that. Click on action, Subscribe to sequence, Scroll down. Click here Daily deals, Action Done, and then contact us as well. And then action. Subscribe to sequence. Click the box here, go to daily deals and click on Don. So now anyone that's coming to our bought inner messenger and are clicking on What's This? Visitors or contact us is going to be subscribed to this sequence that we just created. Don't forget to click on publish now. This is very, very cool, right? So if we go back now to sequences now, we already have three messages in here already set up. So when anybody is clicking, what is this? Visit us or our latest deals when their visit our shop. But they will get this sequence, and you can basically tied this to any action that people are doing by just clicking on main menu default messages. Or you can also tie this to anything really, which is really, really handy. Now it's your turn to create your sequence based on your goals. Always have your goal in mind. When you're creating your sequences, you can go with days or hours. Play around with this, have fun, bring value to your customers and good luck 10. Rules: In this video, you learn about an automation tool for your, but that's called rules, and that's basically setting up your butt to make certain actions at certain triggers. So this is called, if this than that. So let me give you an example. If someone has their birthday, then we'll send them a happy birthday message. If someone buys a product, then we'll send them my receipt so we're gonna set the rules up. So when something happens, if something happens to trigger, then that action will happen. So let's go ahead and explore this option. Set a couple up and then I'll show you how you can make your own. So let's start off in the dashboard off Manager, and then we're gonna go down to automation, and then we're going to click on rules Now. Rules is currently in beta, but even when they released the full version, the same well rules, if you will, is still going to apply, so it's still gonna work the same way. Now all we're gonna do is click on create my first custom rule. So let's go through how this looks and then how it works now, as you can see first we have the trigger. Basically, when something happens, which is going to be the different options off triggers, then this action is going to be performed and this is the actual list. So when it comes to triggers, the things that can be triggered that can happen that we can make an action on is going to be date and time based. It can be when someone gets a tag when someone gets the tag removed, get subscribed to its sequence. Unsubscribed from a sequence gets a custom field value changed. Or there's a new subscriber, and the action we can take is that we can add a tag on someone, remove it as well. We could subscribe and unsubscribe someone from a sequence market conversation as open or as done, you can assign a conversation to an admin that's gonna be a human. In this case, me or Jesper, we can notify. Admissions started flows that a custom feel clear subscriber custom field subscribe unsubscribe From about. As you can imagine, there are thousands off things that we can do in here and customize this for ourselves, so the first thing we want to do is to actually save some money. So what we're going to do is create a rule so that the boat is going to be cleaning in your list. We're gonna make a rule so that the bottle remove people who haven't been active for the past 60 days. And the reason is simple. If they're not active, we don't have any use of them. But if they are still subscribe there costing us money, remember, the more subscribers will have them more the monthly fee ISS for many chats. So let's go ahead and do that. So let's click on Trigger because we wanted to be triggered when people haven't been active for 60 days. And then we're gonna select date and time based trigger. And we wanted to be triggered after 60 days off, not having seen the person. So let's change the days to 60 days. There we go. Now there are more options. There are hours. Remain is when you want to make a a certain rule as well. But for this example, it's 60 days, and then after, and then we're gonna go ahead with last seen. Now, I want you to know that later on in the course, we're gonna go to something called Custom Fields and we can add our own fields in here as well. But these are the three default fields. More about this later. And then we're gonna click on last seen. And then there's something called field time when it's gonna be triggered at, but we're not gonna use any certain trigger. Just use the field time, meaning when it was last noticed. And then if you want this event to happen every year or not and we don't want this to happen every year, this is great for birthday wishes, for example. Perfect. And then we can set up a condition. For example, if we only want this to happen to people with a certain tag Teoh only men to only women for people who opted into a certain way, it said. But we want this to happen to everyone. So now this trigger is going to go off 60 days after the person has been last seen. And then it's the action. What do you want to happen then? When people haven't been seen for 60 days? Well, we want them to become unsubscribed. Okay, so if we scroll down there. We have unsubscribed from bots. There we go. So now when the bots notices that people haven't been lasting for 60 days, they're going to be on subscribed. They're not gonna be subscribers anymore. Then we're gonna save this draft, okay, and activate it. So now it's safe. It's all done. We can also give it a name by clicking up here, and we can call it's unsubscribe after 60 days. There we go. So that's our first rule. Awesome. And it's going to save us some money as well. So let's go back to rules. And let's set up a couple of more rules. I can show you a few example on how this can be used. So all we need to do now is click on the plus here, plus custom rule and lets it up a rule to where we subscribe someone to a sequence based on a certain tagged there. Given now, remember, you can tag someone through. An option they choose is from the default reply from the main menu from, for example, a broadcast which we're going to go through later, and also you can put a certain tag on people, depending on how they opt in. So let's say you have a Shopify store now. If they offed into your body through Shopify, chances are they're going to be interested in your deals because you're Shopify is based on daily deals. Well, ours are. So it makes sense to give them that tag when they are opted in through our Shopify. So let's go ahead and make sure that all the people with the Shopify tag get subscribed to the Daily Deals sequence. Okay, so all we're gonna do is click on Trigger and then tag applied Now, Right now, we don't have a Shopify tag, but if we did, it would be shown in here. But for this example, we can create our own Let's write Shopify and then click on new tag. There we go. So it's been added. So when someone gets the tag applied Shopify, this is the first part. Then they will be subscribed to a sequence and then we're gonna use the daily deals sequence. Fantastic. So this means that everyone who gets this tag gets to experience this sequence and it's a great way to increase your sales, increase your conversions and the best part is automated. You don't have to do anything. That's the whole point with using the butt to make your work as little as possible and still get all the benefits off it. So there's a lot of things we can do with rules, and we're gonna need to get creative in here in how we use it. Okay, so let's go ahead and save this one down and then let's activate. It is not gonna be any use of its not activated. And then let's give it a name. Show P five tag subscribes to daily deals. Sequins. You want to give it a name so you understand what it is. This is only internal for you to see. And then finally, let's make an example where you might want to use a certain gender, for example, you want to set up the condition, so let's click on, plus custom rule. Here and again, let's set up a trigger. Let's say that that this is going to be applied to new subscribers when someone is a new subscriber, we want to subscribe them to a sequence great, and right now we only have these two sequences, but let's say that We have daily deals for men and we had daily deals for women. Then it makes sense that all the daily deals for men would be subscribed to for men, right? So all we would do is click on condition. Here. We would select gender, and then we would select male right, and then we would select the male sequence. And then we would make a new rule, do the same thing. New subscribers, select female and then select the women's daily deals. So super effective thing we can be doing. And then finally, if you want more triggers than just a single, you can add that one in here simply by clicking on trigger. So right now, new members who are women are being subscribed. You are imaginary daily deals for women. Now, if we wanted people with the tag off Women's daily deal to be subscribed to the sequence a swell, we would just added in here. There we go. So now when someone is a new subscriber and their female, they will be put into this sequence. Or, if someone gets tagged with the women's daily deal tightened, they will also be subscribed to that sequence right so you can customize this. Ah lot. You can add multiple triggers like we just did. And you can also add multiple conditions to make this even more specific. Okay, guys. So now we have set up a couple of rules. That was quick. It's easy. And it's all automated now. Get created with this. Start off by making the 1st 1 We use unsubscribe people after 60 days because going to save you money and then think, what are the needs in your business and start automating as many things as possible. That's where we're using this box. Okay, also, that was your turn. Go ahead and do this and I'll see you in the next lecture. 11. Flow Builder: In this video, you learn how to use the flow builder in manage chat. But before we go ahead and check that out, what is safe? Low? Well, if you have been following along the course, you will have created several flows already, and you could say that it flow is basically whenever your boat is having a conversation with someone than that is a flow. Now, if Low could be very small, with very few steps, or it could be very long with a lot of steps, let me show you what I mean. So let's go ahead and click on automation and then click on default reply. Now this default reply is, they flow in itself. So what the body is doing here it is interacting with someone and offering that person several different options to click on, so this could be regarded as a tiny flow. Now, if you remember, when we created this default reply, we also added in something that was called What's This bottom and what's This is a flow in itself. So from this conversation we can start a new conversation by clicking here, and that is a flow and a flow can involved actions it can involve several triggers. If Low is basically when your boss is interacting in conversations with others, let's go ahead and check out the flow builder. So if we scroll down here and we click on flows, we get an overview off all the flows that we have created and also the default close that already involved in here. And you're gonna find, for example, what's this flow? It's gonna be in here as well. Now let's go ahead and create a new flow using the flow builder, and I'll show you what's new in it and what's different. So go to the Operate corner and click on New Flow, and then let's give it a name. Slow. Build our tests. That sounds good. Unlikely can create. So we already recognize this interface. We have been creating flows in here before. Nothing new. We can enter a text we can create, replies, etcetera. But what we want to do now is that instead of having it like this, where we take once that at a time, we want to get a bird's view it so we can see all of the steps from afar and the way to do that is by simply clicking on go to flow builder in Operate Corner here. Now this is gonna show this box. But if I go to the left and click out here, you can see that I can end it this box. And if I scroll out, you probably noticing by now that we're getting a bird's view off the entire thing. We haven't built anything yet, but this is how we can start editing, moving, dragging and dropping things and building a flow. And since we can see it from afar, it's so much easier to understand what's happening and how to edit things. So let's go ahead and actually build a flowing here, and I'll show you the different features. So first off, let's write something high end. Well, come and then we're gonna add their name. Let's check out the flow builders features, shall we? Would you like to see what it can do? And now let's go ahead and add a little delay, and that is down here. You can either grab it and put it down here, or you can simply click on it and it will appear at the lowest part and we can change it to two seconds delay time, and then it's gonna show these three dots showing it like someone is typing. And the reason we're doing this is because it makes the boat seem more human. It's just makes it better feeling during the conversation. So I recommend that you add these thing where they feel appropriate, and then we're gonna adding another text. I'm gonna drag this time there, and then I'm going to write. Would you like to know more? And in here I'm gonna give them two options. Either yes. To Seymour or no to cancel out the conversation. So what I'm gonna do is click on quick reply. And we have done this before. This is nothing new. And then I'm gonna write. Yes, please asked one. And I'm just gonna click this away. We're not gonna use thes yet. And then another. Want this called? No, thanks. I'm good. Okay, so now we have two different replies in here. So this is where the benefits off the flow billers starts to come in. So what we're gonna do if we look to the right in here? This is the entire conversation going on Now, if I click on the plus or I scroll with my mouse wheel I consume in. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna connect these two different things. So let's start off with the Yes, please. If I click on this box, you can see that I get this arrow that's attached. And if I click on this arrow somewhere completely randomly in space, I'm gonna get this list and we're gonna go through all of these features. But not yet. We're gonna keep this simple one step at a time, and then let's click on send message, okay? And then we're going to create a new conversation in here, and then we're gonna have the know things. I'm good. Click on that one as well, and click on it here and then click on send message. There we go. So if we have a little look at what we have done right now, we have created our first conversation, right? And we have given them to different options. Would you like to know more? Yes, please. That's gonna take them to this conversation or No, thanks. I'm good. Is gonna take them to this conversation. We haven't actually done anything with the conversations yet. But this is where the true strength off the flow builder comes in because you get this bird's eye view of what is going on and what the different options do. Now, Before you proceed from here, I recommend that you start renaming things so that you know what they are and how they work . So let's click in on this one and let's click up above her with this send message and we're going to call this Hi and welcome. So we know what it is. Just the beginning. And then for this one, I'm gonna call it. Yes, please. And then I prefer to write it like this. I'm gonna do a dash mark and right reply, because it's easier for me when I have the burst view to see what it actually is. When there are a lot of things going on, there we go. And I'm going to do the same thing with this one. But I'm gonna write. No, thanks. I'm good. Dash reply. So let's go ahead and actually work on these conversations since then, No, thanks. Is gonna be the shortest. We're just gonna go ahead and start with that one, and then we're gonna build out the Yes, please. So let's click on it. And whenever you click on any off the blocks, you get to edit them. So I'm gonna click on this. No, thanks. I'm good. And then I'm gonna write, Okay. Sorry to hear that. And then their first name. And then I'm going to write. I hope you have a fantastic day. Talk to you some other time. And then let's at some emojis because that's charming. That's having this is gonna smile. They will go a bit more personal. Okay, so now we have ended the conversation. As we can see, this is a dead end, right? Nothing more going on here. However, this conversation where they said yes, please. We actually want to make something out of that. So all I'm gonna do now, since we're finished with this block, I'm going to click on this block, okay? And now I get to end it. This block is super easy. The interface to be using. And then let's right. That's awesome. Let me show you some off the features. And then at eight smiling, There we go. So let's go through all of these different features one by one and start building a conversation from there. Okay, so you get to learn what all of these do at least the most important ones. So the 1st 1 you already know it's a text. If I click on it, we get to write some more text. So I'm going to do that right now and I'm going to write. Would you like to see that dot And then I'm going to click on Quick reply because this quick reply is gonna allow them to interact with us once again and asked, They are interacting with us. I get to show off these different features. So let's click on Quick reply and then let's right on image and then card gallery list. Okay, there we go. So these are the different features that we're going to be connecting to something so I can show you what we can actually do with these Super useful. So the 1st 1 is an image now, in order to connect this to an image is super easy. Just like I showed you before. All we're gonna do it's click on this one. Click it somewhere, anywhere you would like here and then click on send message. Okay. And now here in sent message, all we're gonna do is click on image here, and we're going to remove this message as well. And then all I need to do is click on image and you can select any random image in here. Let's have this pug, for example, because everyone loves pugs. Perfect. Looks beautiful. So this is the image. And when they click on this button, they get taken to this image. Very simple, very straightforward. And then we have card. Now, let's connect this one to a card, and I want to show you what you can do with cards. Same thing we click on card, we click out here and then click on send message. OK, so we're going to remove these textbooks because we're not gonna write it takes we're just gonna add a card. There we go, and then we click on card. And now a card is just like it sounds. For example, if you have a business card or if you're having a business where you are using several different people and you would like to showcase these people, you could be using this feature for that. So, as an example, let's say that they were different people. Now we're just gonna use Mr Pug here. Then you could take this picture. You could end to the title. Ask for example, Mr Pug. And then you could write something about this person. Excellent lawyer turns that frown upside down. There we go. And then, of course, the U R L. So when you add in this euro asked, they click on this one, they get taken to the page off that person. You can also, of course, recruit people to different companies if you're owning different companies or if your affiliate with different companies and in order to add more would just click this box away by clicking anywhere and then we click on the plus sign here, and then we can add another person and another person, and then all of them will get displayed Super useful feature. Okay, but we're just going to use Mr Park for this demonstration. So let's remove that one and then put this one up here. Now if I assume out, you can see that there actually some things starting to happen, right? here, you can see that we're starting to build a flow and we get a bird's view over. It is a very beautiful thing and much easier to manage. Notice also, if I click on that, I can drag and drop them and they're very easy to manage. So let me use my mouse well too soon in. I'm just scrolling here and then let's add a gallery. Let's put it in here and then once again send message and we're going to remove the message and we're going to click on gallery. Okay, so what you could be doing here? I mean, the possibilities are endless. But you could, for example, for your shop. If I If you're having a Shopify, you could be adding in different products and showing them off. So let me show you what I mean. So let's add on image here and let's go with this one. The vegan teeth whitening I had it in and then we're just gonna ride in the price in here. So let's say that this one is, um, 14 in 19 9 vegan teeth Whites in there get white nice teeth with a great conscience. Perfect. And then this would be the first product and, as you can see in here, is going to be displayed differently, depending on if you are on your desktop. If you are on your cell phone, you are using a tablet. If you have it, turn for some totally. If you're depending on how you have spun it around, the product will be displayed differently. So just have that in mind when you're adding in your pictures. So this would be the first product. And then we just add in the euro off course to be taken to that product page. And then we just click somewhere to get that away. Normally we would at a Europe, and then we click in here and we get to the next one and would do the same thing. We click on Image and let's, for example, use glowing moon necklace in here. They would go beautiful, Nicholas, And let's say that this one is 1999 Lowing moon Nicolas shine bright like a diamond. There we go. So this is super useful to be showcasing all of your products, and of course, you're going to be linking directly to the product in here so when they click on it, they'll be taken straight there in order for them to buy it. And you could also be using the same product, but with several different pictures. Showcasing is different. Views is different. Usages, etcetera. Okay, so that is the gallery. And then we also have the list. So let's go ahead and do the same thing here. We're gonna click on list, and then we're gonna click down here, put it there. Once again, we're gonna use send message, and then let's click on a list here and they would go, and we're going to remove the takes because we're not gonna use to text. Okay. And then in here we could, for example, if we were selling T shirts and we were using different colors than we could be, for example, writing in the different callers in here, or maybe different sizes, or maybe a collection off the same type of product. Maybe there were different rings in here, so a list would be a great way to showcase a lot of product off the same John Ray or off the same collection and what you also can do, and we're going to go through this morning. That later is Let's say that you had your product in here. You can click on add bottom, and then you can use something called by bottom so they can buy it directly from the boat. Extremely, extremely powerful. So this is the list feature. Okay. And also do remember that as you're creating these to keep an eye on what they are going to each of the block, change these titles off them. So, for example, this one would be on image and then dash image. Just you know what it is and the same in here. Change this one from card and then card. Now, most likely you're gonna have a different name. Maybe you're gonna have employees here that you're going to be a showcasing and you want to write the card in here, Okay. And then just do that for all off the different blocks that you're adding in here. So there are a couple of additional things we can do now if I click on this block here, remember, with the different options, we could also click on quick reply to add another one and let's call it. What's this? Okay, And then what we want to do is that we want to grab this one on. Let's just put it. It doesn't really matter where you put it. And then let's start another flow. Okay, so now we're gonna go ahead. So when they click on this button, what stays? We're going to start a flow. And the flow that we're going to use just click on Select Afloat is off course that what's this flow? And we can ride it in here. What's this? And there it is. So I select it and click and select this flow. And then now it's chosen. Okay, Perfect. So there are off course more additional features in here as well. And some of these additional features are, For example, you could be adding audio in here. It works the same way you attach older. You can attach a video. You can attach a file, the delay we already know how to use. We can use something that's called user input, and user input is basically using custom fields so we can start gathering information from our customers. For example, when it's the birthday, when have the booked an event? What is their opinion on something particular, but we're not gonna use this yet because we're gonna go through that in depth later on in the course. And then there's also something called Dynamic, and this is an advanced feature. So you could, for example, be sending information to another program like Google Maps, for example, And then Google Maps would be sending information back. So one of the usages is you could check out the distance to a certain location, But in order to use this, we need to use codes, and that's a very advanced feature. We're going to go through some usages of these and so simple ways to use it later on in the course. But we're not gonna touch it right now. So now you know how to use all of these different features and what they do, and we're gonna touch on these two more advancements later. Now, in the next lecture, we're gonna move on to part two off the flow builder, and that is when we start adding in different actions in here. So, for example, if I scroll up and let's move on to the left here, remember this one that says no, thanks I'm good. We're gonna learn how to have these people be unsubscribed if they choose this option or, for example, how to tag people who chooses a certain product. But all of that, we're going to be learning in the next lecture. So great job guys making it this far. I recommend that you follow along with what I'm doing so you can learn this entire process . And then let's move on in the course. See your there, guys. 12. Flow Builder Actions: in this video, we'll take the next step in the flow builder and learn about this different actions and tools. Now, if we have a look at all of that we've created here and we assume out a little bit, to be honest, I mean, it's beautiful, but it's also miss. So what you can do to make a little bit more space and arrange things differently? It's click on this button here that says, Auto arrange steps. So let's click there, and you see it's gonna arrange things for you and make a bit more space. You may not agree with everything it does, but you can just click it and drag its and drop it wherever you want to keep it. There is a very, very useful tool to have. Now let's zoom in a little bit. There we go Now. Remember the first thing we spoke about when we ended the previous lecture? Waas this one over here? So there's someone saying here. So we're asking them, Would you like to know more? And they're saying, No, thanks. I'm good. Now we want to add on additional action in here. We want to actually unsubscribe them from our But when they click on these bottom, So we're gonna go ahead and do that by using this button in here so we're gonna do is click on it and then we're gonna select perform actions. And then you see this box popping up. And right now it's in limbo. It's not doing anything is not attached to anything. We have to first select what kind of action is gonna have. And then secondly, we have to connect it somewhere in this float. So let's go ahead and click on it. That's how we edit it and then click on action. And then we're gonna scroll down and click on unsubscribed from But there we go. So now we have the actual All we need to do is connect it and to connect It couldn't be simpler. We're gonna click on this one here and connected to the No, thanks. I'm good reply. And then we're also going to change the name to subscribe. Action. There we go. So now when they click on the No things, I'm good, they're going to get unsubscribe and then this reply is going to appear and all of these gonna happen in a merely second. But the important part to know is that when you connect on action to a box, the action will always happen first. And you can see that by reading the next step here. Okay, So when you connect on action to a box, the action appears before the box event appears. Whatever that might be, Maybe it's a gallery. Maybe it's a text. The action will always go first. So that is how we add the UN subscription to on option in here. Now, let's explore more options that we can be using. Now, let's move up a little bit. So we have this card here of Mr Pug. If we remember now, what we want to do with Mr Pug is that we want to add a tag to people who are interested in Mr Park. So what we're going to do is we're going to click on this box here and then once again, we're going to click on perform actions, and then we're gonna take this action box here and we're gonna click on it. And then we're going to select ad tag in here. There we go. And let's add the tag, Mr pug interested? We're creating our own tag. Okay? Selected now its added. And all we need to do is click on it and added in here. So whenever as we can see, whenever they click on cards, then they're going to get this tag because this action is going to occur before this card shows again. We can see that from here. So let's explore a couple off additional features and what we can use them for. Okay, So what we also could do in here, for example, is that if we have a tag connected to them, we also might want to send them into a sequence. So maybe we have a conversation about this person and we would like to activate that sequence as they get sent this card. So all we would need to do is that we're already getting the tag added, but we also want this sequence to begin. So we're just gonna click on action, scroll down and then we're gonna choose subscribe to sequence, and then we would just pick that very sequence in here. So now there are two things happening. As soon as they click on this button off cards. Okay, very handed to be using. And then we can be using additional tools as well. If we click on this button once again, you can see that there are more things in here. We already know how to send a message. We've been doing it plenty of times already. We know how to perform actions. We know how to attach them. We also already know how to start another flow. Remember, we did it in What's this? And if we scroll down all the way down here is that what's this flow that we have connected ? And we already know what a flow is by now and then we have something that's called condition and condition is actually super interesting. So based on your condition, remember the rule section based on the condition you can be sent a certain reply. Let's explore that. So before I set up the condition, I want to add a another reply in here that's called products. Okay, because I wanted to be so that if you're a man, you get shown the men's product and if you're a woman, you get shown the women's products. So all I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna go back to the Yes, please reply. When they wanted to see more features, I've clicked on it and I'm going to click on quick reply here, and then I'm gonna add are products. Okay, there we go. So now we have our products in here, and the next thing I want to do is that I want to click on this box in here. There we go. And then I want to add condition. Right. So let's add in condition there. And let's also make a little bit more space for this to make sense. We're going to have to do this several times. The better we can arrange this, the more things are going to be making sense for us. There we go. So now there's a bit more space. Okay, so not right now. We have a condition set up, and what we're gonna do is that we're going to select what the condition is. And right now the condition is going to be Are you a man? Okay. And if they are indeed a man, they're going to be sent a certain product in men's product in if they're not a man, they're going to be sent the women's product, and if they're non binary there, then this is still just two sided. So what we're going to do next is we're going to go ahead and click on our products and connected to the condition, right? So it's only connected to the condition. This is the first thing that applies. So now what we're going to do is that we're going to be creating, say, a gallery with products. So let's go ahead and click on this bottom. Click on Send message in here. There we go. We get this block and we're gonna click on it, and we're gonna change the name and let's say, Call it Men's Products gallery. There we go. And then we're going to create another one and again, send message. Let's click on this one and let's call it Women's Products Gallery. There we go. So what we want to do now is we just want to make sure that we added them. We removed the text in here, and then we would add a gallery in here, and within this gallery we would be adding the products for the men. The men's products. Okay, just adding the image to title. It said that we could even be adding a bite Now bottom and similarly, we're gonna do the same thing. We're going to remove the text we're going to click on gallery with. The differences were going to be adding the women's product in here. Okay, so if you're following along so far, everything should be making sense. Let me make some more space. So this is easier to navigate and see what I'm doing. Okay, So remember now when you click on our products, the many chat is going to have a look. Are they a male? If they are indeed a male, yes. Then they will be taken to the men's products. If they're not male, no, they will be taking to the womens products. And this is not a question that they will be getting. This is a condition. Many butts can get this information from their profile already. So if you are a woman clicking on this one, you will be automatically taken to women's product. If you're a man clicking on this one, you will be taken to the men's products. It's extremely useful when it comes to showing specific products. Also, you can do this same condition. But when it comes to tags, when it comes to opt ins, etcetera. Very powerful tool. Okay, awesome. So let's click this one away and we get an overview off what we have done here. Now, the next thing that we can do is that we can click on the bottom here and now we already know what condition is and how it works. We can click on something that's called randomizer, and this is a pretty exciting thing. Now randomizer works the very same way as a condition when it comes to attaching them. So what a randomizer is is that it's going to be taking them to a certain reply or a certain flow or certain gallery. Depending on what you have, sit up at random. Okay, so let me first show you how to connect this. It's the very same way now for this example to make it easier. I'm just going to remove condition here that we already set up. There we go. So I've have removed the condition and then I'm gonna use the randomizer. So I'm gonna connect our product to the randomizer. And then I'm gonna have option one men's product, an option to women's products or option A M B. So what this does is when they click on our products, they're going to be taken into men's product or women's product at random, and that one of the biggest and most useful tool for the randomizer is when it comes to. For example, if you're having several daily deals and you don't have enough information to know what to show them specifically, or if you have created a bought with Kristers quizzes, is a great way to make people interact with your. But now the more people interact with your but they're having something that's called micro engagements. So the more they're engaged with your bought them or they're engaging with your brand, the more like that they are to be making bigger decisions, like going to your website like buying a product, etcetera. So you want to build this relationship. You want to get this interaction going, so this is a way to use the randomizer now. Clearly, you don't want to show the men's or the women's products at random, right? And then let's look at the next feature. So let's click on this button once again, and we have something that's called a smart delay. Now a smart delay is just like it sounds. It's a waiting time before the next step occurs. So, for example, if I put a smart delay in here, let's say that the smart delay is gonna be for one day, and I couldn't make this to women's products. That means that it's gonna take one day before they get the reply. Would they rather they get to be shown the gallery with the women's products? Because I've added on this delay. Now, in this case, that wouldn't be very smart, but sometimes it can be tactical to use this delay. For example, if you know that there a certain sale going on over there say, release going on. Or maybe you're using a questionnaire or a certain question, you wanna pull out over ah longer set off time so you can get very creative with how you use this tool. So let's take this one away, and then finally, if we click here, we have something that's called comment, and this one is gonna be off great use to us now. This isn't something that the boat uses. This is something that you use. This is internal on Lee, so let me show you how it works. First, let's soon out so you get a better view. You see, we have created this beautiful mess and let's added on the top and Suman So this is basically your posted in the flow builder. So if I click on it here, I could, for example, right product section. I could decide that I wanted in a large size they would go, and I also want it in the larger font size. There we go now it's more clears, and it's so if I scroll out now, let's say that this would be the section where the boat is handling all off the products. Let's say that we have created on option and they flow That goes out into a product sequence or just a product section. We could put this comment note up here so we know what is in here. We could put another note in another section that says, For example, employees flow employees section when you're bought, flow gets huge than these comments or these post its is going to come in very, very holly So everything in the flow Biller is going to help you get an overview of what you're doing and makes things easier to manage easier to connect and allows you to understand much better what it is that you're actually doing because of this bird's view. So that is how you use the flow Builder is actually very simple to use once you do get into it. In my opinion, I enjoy using the flow builder over the basic builder whenever I can, because it simplifies things, gives me a better look. And once you create a beautiful mess like this, remember, you can just go ahead and use the altering steps, and it's going to be arranging things for you. Ah, lot more space in here right now in a lot easier to see. So that is the flow builder guy. If you have any questions whatsoever, you can ask them to us in the Q and a great job making it this far. I strongly recommend that you follow along with the step to really get the hang of this. This is a practical course. You need to get your house a little bit dirty and do this in order to properly learn it. So, good job. See in the next lecture 13. Template For Beginners: Okay, guys, in this video, we're gonna have a look at templates, templates to access it, go down to the left bottom corner here and click on templates. Now Template is basically a pre built shot, but that management has already created for us now. We went through some features in automation and flows, but now we're going to dive into templates, which is pre build for us. And we'll have six pre built templates here, as you can see on the screen. Once you clicked on templates, we have the one for beginners. We have it for restaurant, e commerce, personal services, alternative and real estate. And we will go through them one by one. In this section, we will also have a look at how we can create our own template to share it with friends or colleagues, etcetera to make their life a lot simpler. So the first thing I would like you to do is click on four beginners here now, in here on the left hand side. We can see what's included in this. If I click on this arrow down, you can see welcome message. You already know that by now. What iss one growth tool. And we haven't spoken too much about growth tool. But we will do this in a later section. This is basically how to collect subscribers more easily, and then two different flows. Now, I would like you to click on install here, and we will have Ah, look on this Now in here, we would like to pick at page. Now, if you have more than one page, you would like to pick the page that you would like to go with. And we're gonna go with our pro page because we can use more features in here. Then you would like to click on install here, and once you've done that, you can scroll down a little bit. Here is all the features once again. And here it says, if enabled like it is right now. This welcome message you're currently fold reply and welcome message will stay in your flows and will be able to attach them back Now if I clicked is away, then we will have their welcome message that we already built in. Or if I click this on then this new one in these If I scroll down here, this new worker message will be attached. So if you have this on and you click install now, you will have a new welcome message. If you collect this away, this issue your welcome message that you already created. So this depending on what kind of shop bought that you want to build out. Really? So we're gonna have this on because we're gonna build a new one or we're going to follow along with a template for other click on install now and now it's installed to access this shot, but go over to flows on the left hand side. Click there and then you can see that a new folder is appearing here, which says many shot beginner templates. If I click on this and I clicked on it once again and once again and then you can click on flow about your butt and you double click. And here on the right hand side, you can see the entire flow so you can start moving around. Let me click this away. Something like that. So here's the chat bought. This is already pre built. You can moment modified is just the way you want to. But make sure you click add it here. Once you would like to go in and modify it, let me scroll a bit through here and you can see this is a welcome message. Now in here to be able to write anything, you simply click on the page or the text that you would like to modify. If I click here, you can see in the left hand side here that I can modify it. I can remove takes here. So this is basically or welcome message. As I said earlier, if you would like to have the welcome message that you already created, just disable that function in there. Okay? So in here, you can type in anything. Really? So here you would like to welcome the subscriber or the person that is shopping with you. And once you who have done that, maybe you would like to yeste type in something about a question, Or you would like to send them to a page, etcetera. And you can do that. You can see that it's a question, for example, in their welcome message in this pre built. So you maybe you would like to modify this. You can have ah, just sense or no answer. And as you can see here, if I scroll out a little bit, there's one. If they're clicking on just here, then you will be sending them to another like conversation. If I scroll down if they click on no, they will be sent to another conversation here. So this is a basic shot, but which is really, really handed to begin at. Really? And as you can see, it flows on. If I scroll down, you can see if they typing. No. On your welcome message, they will be sent here and then they will be sent on to another message. If you would like to remove something, you just hover the mouse over and click on the garbage can hear. Let me scroll out the ones again. Okay, So if they're clicking Yes, on your answer. Yes, they were descending into another conversation. Okay. And then if I go move on, then they will be sent to another conversation which says, for example, in this one read article. Now, if you would like to send them Ah blawg post, you will send them on a link or etcetera. He simply just click on this bottom and you can basically click this away open link. Or you can just modify the address here for your website or for whatever article a blow post or lead magnet E would like to send them into. You can just modify the u R l hear the U. R l is your website address in here. And you can also modify what you would like the bottom to say, Maybe write something like read Balog. And then if I click on down here, you can see that now it says read block. But always make sure that all the links in here if I click on this once again that this is your links always put in your, um, off the website or which ever cited you would like to send them to in here and then always click on Don. Now we can modify the text here above s well, so if you would like to send him to a block post Now you can write something like, Hey, let's check out our newest blawg posts and learn more about this or send them to a restaurant page or whatever gold you're having. You can put it in here in text and always make sure to always put the bottoms to the right address. And now the bottoms don't have to be open up a Web site. If I click this away, you can put another action to this. You can basically click on action here. Now, if you click here once again on this box here, you can basically just move this to this box. So you connect them to an action. And in this case, if they're clicking on read blogger here, you can see that they will be Let me scroll through here They will be added a tag, a tag which says they that were open this link. Now, in this tack you have tagged them. So you know that this group of people have clicked This read blawg. Now you can be sending out more blawg posts to them in another conversation if you'd like to. So you can make this whole big that you want to Really? And also, if I click on actions here, you can also put another action to these people. So let's click on action once again and you can subscribe them to a sequence so you can automate all these so that they will receive some automated messages. Let's click on Subscribe to Sequence. Let's say that you had a sequence that would call blawg posts. Then they will be send the sequence, maybe every second day or so about a new block poster. You keep them updated with your content. This is a really powerful way to go. If you would like to build a sustainable and good relationship to your subscribers, basically. So let's say that this were the example sequence. This is a bunch of block posters going out like every second day or so to them. You can subscribe them as well here, and then you click on the screen something like that. Then you have two different actions you have. Once they have opened the link, they will be added attack open link. And then you also will like to subscribe them to that sequence, which is really, really powerful. So you can modify this just the way you want to. And if they're clicking on the next one here, you can see this is the 1st 1 read blawg. If they click on the next one here, that could be, for example, see or products or something like that So you can modify this. If I click in here, you can modify this link, see products, for example, and you click on Don always make sure to click on down so you can basically add a tag here once they've collect this link as well. Now we can modify this if used. Want one action? Maybe you want one conversation. You can basically just remove things in here just the way you want. But always make sure that the links that already are pre built in here let's say they see product. You can see that this is not your You else Always make sure that you're sending the people to your website or to your below ago or whatever destination you would like to send people to. Always make sure that the link address it's yours. Okay. And now you can just modify all the messages here. So this is great for a beginner. Really, Really good. Now you can see the starting step is here with a welcome message. If they're clicking either just or no, here they will be sent to another conversation. So this is if they're clicking Yes. And then they will be sent to some actions. So play around with this. Have a lot of fun. You will learn a lot. Now, in order to see this in action, you would firstly, would like to click on Publish. And then you would like to click on preview. Okay, so if I go into Facebook here, we can preview this conversation. Okay, so it says just for welcome to orange a super sail, this boat will percent weekly material blah, blah, blah, and so on. And here we got the Yes or no. If I click on yes, here, I will be Send the into another conversation. Okay, you remember. So if I click on Yes, here, I will be sent to this very conversation. So if I go back here, you can see if I scroll up, you can see that first of all, read Blawg. And then we're having this See products, and that's it. So if I click here on C products, I will be sent directly to that link that you have linked this little bottom two. Now this is free to use. You only have to go in here to templates and you go in for beginners, download this. It's really, really cool to use. If you would like to own. Install this. You go to settings and you go all the way up to install templates and you click on the template and you click here on the bottom. I'm installed and it typing here in stole and you click on uninstalled. Now it's uninstalled, so go into templates. Go to for beginners. Go through the process to install it and modify it just the way you want to. If you don't want to do that, follow along to the next video where we're going to go and have a look at a restaurant template. How it can look and how you can modify it. See you in the next video. 14. Restaurant Template: So guys in this video we're gonna talk about and we're gonna have a look at the restaurant template. Now, in order to download this and use all the features within this, you have to have the pro version, which starts as $10 a month. Now, if you're a restaurant owner or coffee shop owner, you definitely want to download this. If you're feeling a bit confused and overwhelmed off all the features going on in Manage shot. This is a really helpful one. So if you would like you can download this and click on Restaurant now, in here on the left hand side, you can see that there's a lot of things going on here. We have three. General. If a click on the down arrow here, you can see that his main menu Welcome message and default reply. We already gone through them, so you should know what it is all about. Click this away. You can see that is to growth tools. We haven't used him yet. We will talk in the next section about growth tools, which is really, really cool. It's basically a way to get more subscribers more easily, and then we have keywords. Eight different keywords, which can trigger a type of conversation with that subscriber off with your customer, basically. So if anybody is typing in start or subscribe or starter unsubscribe is gonna put in action in there where the menu dishes of Racine hours. Is this really, really cool and already pre build? You don't have to think about anything. Understand? You have to modify this after your restaurant or your coffee shop or whatever you're having in the restaurant business. Now we having two different sequences that you gonna go and get subscribed to a few. Choose to this could be the burger sequence or the coupon sequence. It could also be the vegan sequenced Vega terrorist sequence. It could be like the sandwich sequence or whatever sequences you were creating, which is really, really cool. And then we're having different flows here, also as type of conversations, basically, when they're clicking on contact, also, the open hours, my reservation and so on. This is really, really handing. Now we're going to click on install and see for ourselves in here. You can see that this is Onley available to download and install this. If you're having the pro verse and we don't have the progression for this. The message of marketing, shopping, Martha, Close kind of thing. So you have to upgrade to pro s. You can see here, but I will show you this. You don't have to go in up graders right now, so let's click on install. As I said earlier, if we scroll down here, we can see that we can check or uncheck this box is if we uncheck these boxes that default replying a welcome message and the main menu that we already created earlier will still be available. That will be the ones that we're gonna use. But if you don't want to use them, you can enable these two boxes. This won't go away. Either Dar default reply or the welcome message. But your main menu Look at this. If enabled, current main menu structure will be fully replaced, so this will be removed. So be really careful. If you already created your main menu, don't click. This enabled. Click this off like this. So we're not having a restaurant. I would like to enable this, but be careful about this and then click on install now, OK, it's installed. Now, in order to continue, click on continue. And this is really, really cool. Look at this. Please specify your restaurant name now in here. You put your restaurant because that would be automatically input into the conversations. So in here we're gonna put in Robin and just Spurs v again cookies. Cool. That is our restaurant. And then we're gonna click on next, and then you enter your phone number here. So for us, it will be this kind of phone number, and then we click on next and then the address to your restaurant and frankly, can finish. This is really, really cool. So now they're having some information about you and your business, which is really, really handy for customers to know the address, the phone number and the name of your restaurant. Now, in order to go in and modify this chat, But click on flows on the left hand side clicking here and you can see all kinds of things going on. There can be a bit confusing. So on the left hand side, it's a menu that helps us sort this out a little bit better. Now if you click on opt in messages. This is basically messages that's going to appear once they have subscribed to our sequence by either are interacting with her boss or clicking a link or something like that. Now here's the welcome message. Now, if you click on keywords on the left hand side, thes are the keywords that's going to trigger some type of conversation or action. So you need to go in one by one and shake these keywords out. Well, it can take some time, but it's really, really worth it to do it right now. So we're gonna go into, let's say, open hours. Let's say that somebody is typing in. When are you open hours and then they're gonna get triggered. If I click in here, the's kind off tech. So he in here. You can go in here and modify this just the way you want to. This is the basic builder, and this if we go to the flow Baylor in the top right corner, you can click on edit here or ready flow here. If I click on edit here, you can see the entire flow here. So if they're clicking on location, make a reservation on contact us, they will be sent to three different kind of flows. You can say so if I click in here on reservation, for example, you're gonna open up the reservation flow for this. So if I click on open this flow, you can see here it's already built out a reservation flow. It's already named in here. So you have everything under your control. You know exactly what you're getting when you're clicking on bottom and you can go in here and just modify this. Click on any flow. UK has modified these. Yes, the way you want to add a bottom play around, and you can also go here to book table, etcetera. I don't want to confuse you with this. It can be some work to be done here off course, but it's already pre built for you. You don't have to think about Hey, what kind of keywords to well want to trigger etcetera? So if I go back to flows here, you can see that is quite a few things here. Let's go into keywords once again because the answer try from bought, subscribe to bought. These two are essential, as we were talking about earlier you need to have this in and you could see if anybody's typing in Hey, the restaurant menu. I would like to see the restaurant menu. Then this one will get triggered. If I click into this, you can see this cool Here, go to flow Builder to have a greater overview scroll in Libit, you can see the starting point of a welcome message is Here's our menu. Swipe these cards to explored a variety off good foods and special dishes. Now I click on Edit here to be able to shake the whole float. Okay, cool. If I click on Burger Menu here, you can see the burger menu here, which is really cool. It's has pictures. You can see how it looks with a large picture with a smaller picture. You can also see if you click on, click on the screen and see the Asian menu. You can also scroll here through them all. Let's see. Here you can see so you can really modified is just the way you want to, depending on what kind of messages did you want to send out based on what keywords you would like to get triggered. Now you can send them to like a sequence here, as you can see on the right and Seiler miss scrolling here. So if they're clicking the menu, for example to clicking the menu here, then they will percent and tag, or they will be added into a tag like they're interested in burgers. Then you can send out stuff for just that group off people with that tag. For example, if a new burger is arriving, you can send them a message in Facebook. Yeah, you can send a message that hate our new burger is live. Let's come in and have our taste or something like that. We can subscribe them to the burger sequence or to the coupon secrets or the coupon sequence for burgers. You can do this, just the specific asked. You like to let's go back to keywords. And as I said earlier, if you go to sequences, he started type of sequences here, and basically you can go into this burger sequence. If you go into this burger sequence, for example, go to flow builder. Once again, you can see that desisted burger sequence. Now you can modify this just the way you want toe like we're having a cookie store. Vegan cookie store. If you would like to modify this click on, add it here. We can basically go in and click on this picture here, and we can modify this yesterday. Want to maybe a vegan cookie. We put a vegan cookie there on. We're modifying this Texas saying, Hey, Calmund tastes are great. Vegan cookies. They are delicious. You need to taste them. Here's a 10% off coupon or something like that, and then you can send them to the menu, and so one. Send it to a location or whatever you like to never go back to sequences. Here you can modify the welcome message, a default reply. I mean, it's quite a few things to go over here, but the most important things that I think, in my opinion, is to go into keywords and see that your triggering the right key, which, when they're talking to your shack boats so they will get the right open hours about us, the location reservation. So you only need to go in and modify these things you don't have to think about. How do we want to design out to flow really? So this is a really great way to use templates. Toe have already pre built shack ports in. So going here, modify this and just have a look on how you can build out your restaurant shot. But what you would like to do is go to the left bottom corner, click on templates, go to restaurant and install your shat, but and then just modify this just the way you want to after what, you're rest around your coffee shop or whatever kind of restaurant business you're having, whatever keywords, whatever sequences you would like to put them into and have a lot of fun doing so good like now. 15. Ecommerce Template: Okay, guys, I'm super excited to share this video with you, because in this video, I'm going to explain, and I'm gonna show you how the e commerce template, the pre built template for e commerce businesses, is laid out. Now, in order to access it, log into your manage that account, go down to templates on the left hand side and click on e commerce. Once you've done that, you can see that desire, the templates content. And it contains off some really, really cool pre built features already. So you only have to click on install here. And then you will pick the page, the Facebook page that you would like to connect this shop, too. And we're gonna pick are in Jay's super sale for this. And then you would like to click on install. Now, in here, we can see what the templates contains off. If I scroll down here now, you can see some general elements. These are things that already build out or have a look at already when we build a default reply the welcome message and the main menu. Now, if these boxes are checked in and green these things that you already build out will be replaced with the templates once. Okay, But if you're on checking these boxes, then your reply, your default reply, your welcome message and your main menu will be in this template instead. So this is a decision that's totally up to you. But beware off. If you are enabled this box just like it is right now, the current main menu that already have created will be fully replaced. Have that in mind? I don't mind. So we will have this in check. Then you can see the different other options here, like that growth tool. And the growth tool is basically a tool that will help us to get subscribers more easily. And we will go through the growth tool with Jason grew to and everything in another section . Now we also have some keywords. This is awesome, right? Look at this. We have some keywords. That is when somebody is typing in, for example, order. Then we will trigger another conversation, which is awesome. Right? So these air keywords that already pre build with pre built conversations and actions while this is really handy and then we have 12 different flows, 12 different conversations, basically, which we can modify just the way you want to. So let's install it and have a shake. All right now your e commerce template is already installed, and in order to access is and to modify it, go to the left side here under flows and click on flows. And then we can see the folder here, which says Many shots e commerce template. If I click on this folder and I click on this folder, you can see all the features laid out for us here. Now we have to go in and modify it yesterday. We want to have it off our Web store. Basically now here's a smaller navigations menu here, which is really handy to, like divide this up every all the kinds of features. Now, if you click on, opt in messages here, if somebody's opting into and sequence or they opting into maybe an offer or something like that, you can go in here to the grow tool, and you can modify this just the way you want to. Now, if I go back here, we can go over to key words. We can go over to sequences and modify them but we would like to start with, um welcome message. What are they going to see once they've interacted with her bought or they're starting to shat with her. But what is the first thing that you would like to trigger to welcome them? If there are maybe following your page or something like that? So clicking to welcome message here and click on welcome message. Now we're in the flow builder. So let me take this away and let me scroll into this welcome message. Now, this is a starting step. The first thing they will see is hallow first name will welcome you in our page, and we offer you a greatly variety off fashion bags and fashion related content. Now, if this is accurate, you can have it just the way want to. But if you'd like to modify this, you need to click on this box and you click on edit flow. So you're able to go in. Let me click that up once again. Now you're able to modify this. Now you can type in anything here. Really? So we're offering, for example, the latest and hottest deals online. Okay, Now we have modified this message and you can see that there's a bottom here says Learn more. You can see that there's having learned more shop now for school. Um, you have a shop. Now you can modify this text, discover more than 100 different brands in our store. If that's true, you can have it just the way you want to. Or you can just have it go to the latest deals by clicking, Yeah, button, something like that. So start modifying your welcome message, really Here and then they're having the options to either message us or call us. Now if I click here on the screen right here, you can see that they have already tied it up to another flow. So once the click on learn more, they will be sent to another flow. Let's if I click on this, open this flow, you can go in and you can modify this next flow. So if they're clicking about about US store, then there will descend into this floor. So you need to go in and modify. This flow s well, so it's quite a few steps to take here. But remember, manage shot has been really kind and build out this kind of steps for us. The only thing we really need to do is to go and modify them after our store and its automated so we can make more sales and skyrocket our e commerce business. Which is awesome, right? Yes. OK, so let's go back to flows here and let's go into keywords. For example, click on keywords. Keywords is basically winter talking to your shop bought and they're typing in, for example, all products or products all something like that. Then if I click into this, this conversation will get triggered. This which is really, really awesome. So based on what keywords based on what words they're typing on the computer to your shot. But they will get sent to another conversation, which is already automated so they will communicate with your shot. But if I go to flow here, you can see the entire flow if they're clicking on all products or if they're typing in products all our all products. So in here you can see that this conversation is saying, please select the category and then you have women and then you have men. Once they've clicked on men, they will perform an action, they will be added a tag on them. So at the tag off, they're interested in women, clothes or women products, etcetera. Now you can go in here. If you click on add tag, you can modify the tag off course. We can put another action on them, maybe subscribed into a sequence or notify an admin or whatever action you would like to put in here. You can do that now. The next thing. After they added this tag, they will be send this message where they can basically click on fashion bags, backpacks, letter bags and also you can see all this kind of bottles you would like to type in your UL here. So if you click on Wizard Website, you can see that this is managed at dot com. So you would like to put in Your UL off your store or the site rather. So for this one, if I click back here to the fashion bags, you or else. So if you were having a store, let's say that this door name is orange. A super sale, forward slash fashion bags. Then put in that you Earl in here. Now, if you would like them to maybe buy at the first sight. You can basically take away this open website. If I click here. This is really cool feature. You can add a buy button. If I click here on ad buy button, you can see that I have to connect my striped accounts. If you're having on e commerce store and you would like to add in the buy button here, which is really, really cool, you can basically go to your stripe account and just connected to your mannish at the count . So I mean, look at this. This is a really, really cool way to start making and building your but with help off, manage that. Let's go back to keywords here. We're gonna tow put them into different sequences here. So I encourage you. If you were having an e commerce store, you feeling pretty lost, and you're like, I don't really understand how to structure out my shaft pots. Go into templates here, go to e commerce and this is a pre build version. You can go into it modified just the way you want to after your store and after the kind of products that you're selling And remember you can, like, edit everything in here. So, manager at Thank you for this feature and go now and download this. It is your train. Good luck now. 16. Professional Services Template: Okay, guys, in this video, we're gonna have a look at a pre built template for professional services, which fits you perfectly. If you're ah, hairdresser, maybe you're having a gym. Maybe you an I T consultant or your lawyer, etcetera, to collect those leads and to get people to your service. Now, in order to access this goat over to manage at, log into your account, go down and click on templates and click on this template E of professional services. Or it's the first of all, here we have the templates content. So this is what it contains. Off it contains all the main menu welcome message, the fault reply, and then some keywords is going to trigger a type of conversation. And then, of course, it contains off nine different flows. Nine different conversations once they are clicking around in our shop, bought basically. Now we're gonna go ahead and install this one, and then you would like to pick any off your Facebook pages. Now, if you only have one than it's clear. But otherwise, pick that right page for your shop. But we're gonna pick the messenger, marketing and chef. But masterclass for this we're going to click on install here and then scroll down. And the first of all, we're having general elements, which is the default reply, the welcome message and the main menu that already went through during the automation section. So in here, you can see that this taps are enabled, which means that we're gonna use the templates like default message, welcome message and main menu. But if you already created a default reply welcome message and a main menu and you're happy with it, just turn them off. Okay, But if you haven't just turned them on and click on install now, so let's go and check this out on the left hand side own under flows. If you click here, then you will be able. If you're clicking on this folder here one time and then you click on this folder here, you can see all kinds of things that are winning this flow and then left inside, you can see the keywords, and then we can see the sequences and the welcome message in order to go in. Let's say the key words here. You know where to go ahead and edit. Thes keywords go over to automation. Left hand side in, Click on keywords. Now, in here, we can see that what this bought is roller. The pre build with what kind of keywords is gonna trigger what kind of conversation. So here we can see that if somebody is writing to our shot, but and they are typing in in their sentence services or hair haircut, shave, shaving, coloring or color for his shot. But then they will be sent to conversation, which says our services. So if they are typing in this, they will be sent to this. Okay, this is a flow. This is a conversation of a scroll. A little bit further into the conversation, we can see that we offer all kinds of beauty services ranging from simple cutting to bridle a coach, Asian and beard care. Well, you can go in here and you can start modified. This flow? Yes, the way you want to. If you're having on Hair Saloon, you can do this. But it's really, really cool. Here is if you don't have a hair saloon, maybe you're having a gym service. Then you can basically click here and you can just take this off and you can add in your own keywords, which you won't like to trigger a type of conversations. So you go in here, you click on this on. Maybe you're typing in gym membership. It could be. And what else? Weights, weight loss, etcetera. So you triggered these kind of keywords you click on save here and then you can go into this very conversation. If you click here and then you can start, just modify it, click on edit and scroll through. And you can just type in here anything like we offer all kinds off June services, for example, Jim Services such as Wait, that training, CrossFit and weight loss, for example. And then you can just edit this picture to somebody's lifting weights or whatever kind of service you're having and just edit all these kind of things here, like you would like to add it, these buttons so it could say, maybe weighted training. It could say crossfit here. Maybe because they weight loss here. And be sure to when you click on this bottoms that you are. If you would like to perform an action or you would like to subscribe them to in sequence, whatever kind of action or whatever kind of next conversation would like to send them in. Make sure that you're tagging your kind of things in here and that you are. If you're sending them to a web page directly, that you are sending them to your u R l Which is this up here, you're sending them to your website. Okay, so let's cyclic this away. Let's go back to flows once again, OK, that was key word. So you can basically go in here under automation, go to keywords and you can just start modified them. Yes, the way that you would like your book to trigger What kind of words do you want to trigger and what kind of conversations do you want to trigger? And you have to modify them just the way you want to know. If you go back to flows here, we can go into sequences. If you haven't already created sequence, they can create a sequence, basically what it is. It is sending out automated messages every like one or three days or something like that could be content. It could be some sales that you're having for your services were like a free visits etcetera, so you can trigger some kind of automated sequence, and that's going to communicate with your audience or video subscribers over a period of time. So you're building up this strong relationship to them. Other ways we can go down to welcome message and you can go in here and modified is just the way you want to often your business. And always make sure that all these kind of effect click on edit flow here, make sure that this one says what it is. This is a welcome message. If it would be a goodbye message, that's a goodbye message or unsubscribe message. Make sure to have everything in check once you like. Build out your conversations. Really, because it's really, really important to have everything organized. So you know exactly what type of flow, what type of conversation, what type of answer and reply, etcetera that you're writing in these tabs. So you're having everything organized Now, if you go down here as against the this is a welcome message. This is the first thing that your subscriber is going to receive once they've opted into something. So here it would be high Jesper in this case you can see on the right hand side here, hair dressing has always bean much more than just a job for us. Okay, so if you were running our professional service, you can typing anything really there. So I t consultant has always been my dream, etcetera, blah, blah, blinds so on, bring value and send them into type off action Here. As you can see, you're rambling on here to present yourself in your company and then down here, you can see that we have some links here. If I click on our services here, you can see that they're starting another flow. So go in tow. All these kinds off flows. If I click in here, open this flow, you can see that this is a new flow that we're ascending into. So go into these all kinds off flows. Check out your keywords on the left hand side. Go to automation. Goatee, keywords Shake out your default reply Also their reply that if somebody is writing to you, this reply will come up, pop up them and then also your welcome message. Of course. And then you main menu the menu. If you see here this is a mobile phone, the main menu under beneath understanding a message when clicking on sending a message. They will have this automated main menu here, down here and just happy in here. If you click here, let me click on Edit menu. You can write anything here. It's like about our gym, for example, and then our services. And in here you can reply with message. Or you can open up a new sub menu. For example, our services. Let's say that the first service would be a gym training, okay, and then you open up another menu on the knees here would say weight loss, for example. And then you can have something like a group training and click on Don and always tied these sub menus and all these men used to a certain goal. So for this it could be open up a new website and you put in your Eurail here so they come directly to the tab for Jim training or and here on weight loss the same. Open up a new website here. It could be jim dot com forward slash Wait los Okay. And click on Don. And here could be group training and you can put in your address. Let's say what's jim dot com for a slash group training, OK, and then click on Don. So you tidies up to a certain goal that you would like to a certain destination on action or you putting on some tags on them so you can sort them in two different groups if you would like to send out the sequence. So you really would like to go in if I scroll down here on the left hand side, going to flows now, once you've downloaded his template and just play around with this template, go into the keywords and see which type of keywords are tied to which type off flows or to which type of actions which type of tags, etcetera and build is out after your business. This is really, really important and have a lot of fun doing this. So what I would like you to do is go over to templates on the left hand side here, click on professional Services and go ahead and install these template. Go into this template and basically just play around with it, going to flows here and click on this folder. Click on this folder and you can see all kinds of conversations in here. And you can see what type of key words there tied to. And you can also go to automation and changed those keywords in here. Basically, by clicking here and change, does keywords make sure to save? Check out the key words. What kind of conversations are the key which tied to and just modify those conversations after your business? OK, now is your turn. Really to go in and check out this template. Good luck now. 17. Automotive Template: All right, guys, in this video, we're gonna talk about ultimate ive template. That man chef has already pre built out for us, so we don't need to build this. We only have to modify it after our business. Now, in order to access this, go to manage that dot com, go down to templates and click on Automotive. Now, in here, we have that templates content which contains off some general messages such as main menu welcome message, default reply, which we already went through. And then we have some grow tool which we haven't already went through. We will go through this in the next section off this course, and this is a massive section. So we really have to go through this in a step by step, But just know for now that we're having and growth to in these chatbots and then some keywords that's going to trigger act type of conversation in here. As you can see, these are the key words. And then the conversations itself, the flows, okay. And now we're gonna go ahead and install this. And now, while these are some pro features in this such as the growth to we need to have a pro account in order to download it. So ah, pro count starts us $10 we're able to have around 500 subscribers for this and we're having a pro account. So we're gonna install it on this Facebook page. Click ill install. Now, in here, you can see that we're having three different general elements such as the default reply, a welcome message and the main menu. If you're having this green as I am having right now, which are enabled than the default reply, welcome message and main menu that already created, if you have created, will get lost for this chat about. So if you would like to click them off If you have already created this one, you will have your created once. But if you would like to replace your ones or you haven't created, you would like to enable, just like I'm doing right now and then you would like to go ahead and click on install now and then you would like to click on Continue in here. You will enter your dealership in name. So the name of your shop now if you're selling cars, if you're selling like mope aids or you're selling motorbikes or whatever kind of things you're selling. What is your name for us? It would be or in Jay's Joe moved Biles and then click on next. And then you would like to enter the address of your shop so it will be for us. It would be and then click on finish. All right, so we're already filled out some information now, in order to go ahead and check this out and go to modify days, go to the left hand side under flows, click on Flows and then you click on the folder here and you will get everything up here. Okay, so here's your default reply. Here's your contact. US conversation is your about us and the landing page. Opt in and you having also a conversation which get triggered by certain keywords. That's it. Sell vehicles on the left hand side. Here, we're having a small navigation menu, which makes it a little bit more easier to sort this out. So if I click on key words here, these are the type of conversations that's going to get triggered by certain key words. Now to go ahead and check out those keywords now go into automation on left hand side. Click there, go down all the way to keywords and click there. And here are the key words. The rules are equal with the keywords. So, for example, if somebody is typing in the message, rental or rent, they will be sent to this conversation. So if I click in here, we can see the conversation here that you can go in and modify. Make sure to click on any flow, and then you can use to modify this. If you don't want to be in the basic building, you would like to be in the flow builders to see the whole conversation at once. You click on Go to Flow Biller, and you can see the whole conversation. Now this is a pretty long conversation with Miss going to the starting point of the starting step. You can go in basically and click here and modify this. Now this is car rental is perfect for road trips, airport travel or getting around town on weekends with it and then a page name. If I click in here, you can go ahead and change this after at whatever gold you're having with your car rental message, for example, or if you would like this to be like a morbid rental message or like a motorbike rental message, you can go in and change this US. Change the message. Make sure the tabs like If I click on the tab here and somebody clicking on Message us, they will perform an action which says, open conversations. So we know in our shat boat account, which we already went through. Then we will know that somebody is wanting to message us. Now, if you would like to make this more automated, they can send a message, and you don't open up a conversation. But you would like to put in action. And if you click here, you can basically yes, to modify this action, take away or add another action. So if they click on message us, maybe you would like to subscribe into a sequence or you would like to unsubscribe whatever you like. You can add in actions here. Now, if you go back to keywords once again, you can go in and modify this. Now, as you can see, the message is that means that message must be rental or rent. Now we can modify this. If I click on Message is you can have message contains, which is awesome. So if somebody is typing in blah, blah, blah, rental, blah, blah, blah, then this will get triggered as well. So I encourage you really to have this message contains, and then you can go in and modify. Here's one conversation, which gonna get triggered by dis keywords. Here's another. If somebody's messing, contact, contacts, address, location or hours or opening hours, etcetera, then this message will get triggered. If I click on contact us, you can see that it's a map here, which is awesome. So it's linked to Google maps and so one and you can just change the time, so zero, you can just change the time. Serious. Well, now that is the key words. Now, in order to go ahead and maybe edit the main menu under automation, click on Main menu, and here you can add in whatever you like to the main menu is what's been need the message tab here. If I click on send message underneath here, they will have some main menu, which is really, really good for your customers because it's a great navigation system that can triggered certain type of conversation automatically So you can go in here and you exchange this just the way. Want to click on edit menu? And you can just change this just the way you want to, either. If you would like to open up a sub menu, reply with message or to send them to another website. If they're clicking this link, you can send them to your website. So let's say orange Ace Auto more feels dot com and click on Done. Okay, so that is what you can do. If you go back to main menu, let's scroll down all the way to flows once again and going to flows. So click on the folder here, go in here and see what type of conversations is going on here and modify the conversations . Also go over to all to mation here in the left hand side, going to default, reply and see what kind of default reply is getting triggered. How can I change this? Also, go to you. Welcome message off course really, really important and say make you familiar with your customer and make them get to know you a little bit. Maybe a first name. Hey, welcome to and then your shops Name. If you're looking to purchase our vehicle at our competitive price, come to your store name, etcetera. And then you can basically have a contact us to start collecting those really, really important leads for your business. And then you can also have a question. Do you want to bet by? We called. They want to sell vehicle Or do you want to rental a car? And you can go in here and edit flow And always make sure to make this message personalized with the first name always connected to the first name. And you're doing this by Okay, let me take this away. And you can write in, for example, high and then always thes top here and then first name. And then you can see that it's going to treat you on the right hand side here my name and then always thes tabs go in and modify them going and really make them. You were. So if I click on contact us here, you can start another flow. But if they click on by vehicle, you can start another flow. But always make sure to go in there to the bottom and adding your address to your website or customized the flows after your needs and your goals and have a lot of fun doing this. And now it's your turn, really to go into templates on the left hand side here, click on Alternative and then install it and customize it just the way you want to after your goals your business needs and your customers needs in order to start making a lot of money and a lot of leads with this kind of templates. Now it's your turn. Good luck now. 18. Real Estate Template: Okay, guys, in this video, we're gonna talk about and we're gonna have a look at the real estate template that Manager is providing for us for free. Now, this is a pre built template that is customised for if you're having a real estate business , if your real estate agent or agency were broker or something like that, so it's really, really cool is already pre built. We only have to modify things in these shots. But now, in order to access this, go to banish at long into account, go down to templates on left inside Kilic there and then click on real estate. Now, in order to access all the tools with in thes template, you need to have in pro account, so you need to upgrade that one. And it cost you $10 in the beginning per month, and it's really, really valuable to collect those valuable leads, right? So this is what it contains off we have first the main menu. Then we have the welcome message and the default reply, and then we have the growth tool. We will talk later in these course in another section about the growth, too, which is really, really powerful to get those leads in. And then we have eight different keywords and this T different keywords are tied to different conversation to different flows, and these are the flows were having 11 pre build flows for us, we only have to modify them, which is awesome. Let's install it. Click on install. Once you click that bottom, you have to pick their Facebook business page that you would like to build a spot with. And because we only have the pro version on our orange, a super sale page that I'm gonna click on install here. And once you've been here, if I scroll down a little bit, you can see the general elements. You can either turn this off, which means they've if you already build in a default reply, a welcome message and the main menu and he would like to keep it. You can just turn this off. Otherwise, the pre build default message Welcome message and main menu. If you turn them on like this if enable them, it will follow. So we would like this to follow and then click on install. Okay, Once you hear you click on continue in here, you put in your company name and we will choose the name are and Jay's Prayer T's okay, and then click on next. And then you enter your address to your location on which you're having your firm and then click on finish. And once you put in your information here that we're gonna go ahead and go to flows on the left hand side here and we're going to check out some flows that are pre build that we can modify. Now click on this folder here, and then you can click on this folder here, and then you can see all kinds of flows that is appearing here. All these flows are tied to different actions, to different tags to different. It's sequences so on and so on. And let's go ahead and check that out. So on subscriber bought rent, property subscribed to bought etcetera. So the left hand side, if you goto automation, what is really, really cool is if you go to keywords. If you watch the keyword video, then you would know by now that the rules is equals that type of message that somebody is typing to us. So if somebody is writing by by property by house by apartment than this conversation will start. So if you can go in here and you can modify this just the way you want to If you're not selling apartments, you can take this off. For example, click on save and you can have this key words. But whatever keywords you would like your box to response to with a conversation, you add them in here. Okay? And these one by property sell property about us rent property, Contact US appointment. These are all different type of conversations based on these keywords. So when somebody's writing by then, they will come into this conversation. Let's click it. Okay, cool. So here it's already a pre built conversation for us. Now, if you click here on the arrows, you can see that it's already pre built some voters here, etcetera. And you would like to put in your photos for your real estates, of course, and the tabs here and these bottoms in order to customize them. Yes, click on edit flow. You can click on the buttons, and you can just whatever message you would like to send them to. You can also just modify them. So go in here and look under the keywords. What is triggering? What kind of conversation? Okay. And if this doesn't relate to anything that you would like to trigger, then you can simply press here on the garbage can here. And you can click it away. Something like that. Comfort. And then it's away. So these are the key words that is triggering. When somebody is typing into your chapel in messenger, when they are typing in, this conversation would get triggered. Now you can go over to welcome message off course as well. Yes. Let's go to the flow, biller for this one. And you can see if I scroll even here. You could say that this is the starting step. So when somebody is subscribing or you would like to say hi, Welcome, then this message will get triggered. Now you can go in here. If you click on any flow and you click on this, you can go in here and you can just change this just the way Want to after your business and make sure that all the buttons off this, like about us, are either tied to a certain flow. A certain action or something like that, or tied to maybe a link to your website. So if I would like to put about us to about us page on a website, you can click here on exit and then you can just click on open website and then you put in your U R L Hill. So whenever somebody is clicking this about us Botton, once they receive this message, they will be send to your website, our website about us, for example. So you can go in here and modify. It is just the way you want to. Okay, So what else do we have? The default reply. You can also go in here and add in whatever you would like to hear a swell off course and then go over main menu also on the right hand side. Here, under the send message tab, they will have a small navigation, which is the main menu. So whenever somebody is clicking on about us, for example, they will now be sent to our website. When somebody's clicking our services, they will have a small sub menu under here. Let's click edit menu safety. Click here. They will have three different options, and these three different options are tied to some kind of. These are tied to a message that will also be tied to an open a website, and you put in your link here for your buy property page on your website or your cell property page. You can also tie that to a website. But if you would like to have this to another conversation like if they're clicking on our services and then they're clicking on by property, for example, and you would like to send them in to on different conversation, then you can also do that. Maybe if they're clicking on by property and you would like to put a tag on them. This is how you do it, so they click on by property, and you would like to put a tag on them. Let's say by problem T tag, for example, Spell it correctly property, and then you can click on Done and they will be added That tag, which is really, really cool because then you can divide all people into different groups. If you would like to send out some sequences, message sequences or if you would like to have them into another like flow or something. Lad attacked. So this is really, really cool. You can just go in here. If I scroll down, go to templates, go to real estate. If you're having a real estate business and click on install, then you just simply go into the flows and have a look at the flows. Click here on the folder, Go into this flows and just see how they're laid out for you going to every keyword flow here, all the sequences. Now there's no sequence you can adding another sequence if you just go to automation and you just go to sequences here can build out the new sequence except exactly the way you want to for your business. Go in and just added that default reply, then main menu. Welcome message. Keyword and sequences. And then you can see how your flows are build out basically by us going to flow. Stop and click on the folder and just click into any flow here. So now it's your turn. Go over to templates, install the real estate template and go and just modify it just the way you want to after your business, with your images, with the links and everything in there. And good luck now 19. Create Your Own Template: Okay, guys, in this video, I'm going to show you how to create a template and how to shared with your colleagues, clients and maybe friends. And this is a really, really cool feature that management had created for us. So we're gonna go ahead and click on this, create my first template. After we build that out, I'm going to show you how to build a pretty simple kind of shot. But and then we're going to create a template that we can share with friends and clients or colleagues. Now, before we go ahead and click this bottom, we're going to go over to automation. And then we're going to create a main menu and a welcome message. Let's start with a welcome message. So we're gonna create and template to selling online courses, and I'm gonna show you how to create that. Pretty simple. So in here under automation, you see the welcome message on you will probably see this menu here. The basic flow builder. Now we can use this. Actually, first of all, we can welcome anyone that's describing and typing in something to our shot, but and saying Hey, and then we're gonna type in the brackets and click on first name And then we can write something like Glad to see you writing to us Can we help you in any way Police Kilic and link down Be low Okay. And then let's putting some emojis here Something like that. Now we can add a button here we can add more buttons or we can add some quick replies. Now, by now, if you went through this course, you should already understand what? Add a button and add quick reply means now we can add some bottles. Let's do that. So first of all, we can adding a full number. So for this it could be call us and then you can add in the phone number here something like that and click on Don. Then we can add another bottom saying, visit our course and then you can add in the website address here. Now for this, we're gonna take this. This is our digital marketing course. I'm gonna copy this u R l and then we're gonna go over to the website and paste that in and click on done now to this bottom visit our course. If I click here we can add an action here basically saying that we add a tag on these people that are clicking visit our course of maybe don't buy our course, weaken continuing, maybe sending out and message sequence to them and saying, Hey, here's us, Sesay. Here's a discounted price for this course. We saw that you click the link, but you didn't buy it. Why didn't you buy the course? So we're gonna add a tag here saying clicked. This it are course, And then new tag. Click here and then click on Don. Now we know that anybody who has clicked this bottom is gonna get divided up in a certain tag within our manage that account so we can start sending out some sequences to them. Or we can start sending out some discounted prices for that course and maybe some valuable content to them etcetera. Which is really, really awesome. And now we're gonna add one more button here saying something like not interests dead. And then we can send them a message. That message could say something like lead, you shaked in with us type stop to, um, sub scrapped, so you give them the option to unsubscribe from your list, which is really good because you don't want people on your list costing you money because the more subscribers you're having on a list cost you more money. So you don't want those customers that are not interested honors persons that are not interested in your like products, services or whatever you're doing. So you would like them to click on either typing stop or unsubscribe to your list. So once that's done, we have the welcome message here. So we have some bottles here that they can click. This is already pre installed, so I'm gonna take this away to not confuse you. This is just preinstalled things that we've gone through to the course. So don't bother about this. Now we can see that the welcome messages high in the first name. Glad to see you writing to us. Can we help you in any way please click any link down below? Either they can call us. We added their phone number or visit our course or to not interested. And then we're sending a message to police type. Stop to unsubscribe. Now. When we created this a welcome message. Let's go over to the main menu on the automation and click on Main menu. Now we can click and just typing anything here, really click on Edit menu Now, the main menu, as we went through early in this course, is this navigation menu under beneath Wenders Typing in Send a message. This menu is here static. So this menu, you can basically do whatever you want with, but I like this, like about us. Then you can maybe reply with a message were open up a new website. So if you're having maybe a website outside off, well, if you're selling a course, maybe on your site and you're having an about US navigation menu section also on your page , you can basically Karen open website and you can add that in here so it could be robbing. And Jesper just spurs cores dot com forward slash about us, and then you can click on Done basically and then our services. In here you can typing for this example are cores, and then you can yesterday open a website once again. If you would like to have navigate them toe another place, this is a best way to go about this to click on open website, Go to the U. R L copied at your URL and paste that in here and click on Don. Okay, then we can just take this sub menu away or you can type in here, for example, or courses. So when they open up a web site and you maybe you have your own website with your own courses and you're having a lot of courses, they will come to a website where to see all your courses are all your services or all your whatever you're doing. And then you can also have this under menu. So if I click here either to reply with message system menu and this is the sub Manu's Okay , So if this is our courses, it could be one course here, Maybe the Facebook monster close. It could be the Instagram monster Close. It could be another monster close here, so you understand how the system works and then you can also have this contact also make sure to put in either you're putting in there website or putting in sub menu, which means that you can put in some different options here for them to contact you either by phone, either by message beater by email, etcetera. So this is what you can do. Let's delete this one's for now. Let's delete this one's for now as well. Okay, cool. So now we're having about us our courses and contact us, and you can see on the right hand side here, it's right beneath the send message button. So whenever they're clicking on about us here, they will be sent to on website or they're clicking on our courses. They will be sent to an website order clicking on contact us. They will be able to contact us. Now we can click on update menu. So remember to tie this one too. And like an website, for example. So we're going to do that as well, Robin and just spurs robin ESPN dot com for much last contact us, and then we could click on done and then click on update menu. Okay, Now we created a welcome message and that the main menu Now we're gonna go down, we're gonna go into templates, and we're gonna go ahead and click this bottom, create my first template. If I click here, then I have to pick an eight page here. And if you were to use some type of growth tool which will go through in the next section, which is really, really cool, you need to have the pro version in order to install this template on this page because some features is just pro features. So you have to have a pro account in order to access those features and this account, we're going to do a basic bought so we don't have to bother about that. So I'm going to go ahead with this messenger marketing and shat. But master close Facebook page and this is a free version. So I'm gonna click on use page and then to the fund stuff in here. We're gonna pick what we would like to have in our shop bought template. So 40 So you remember that we created our worker message. We're gonna pick that, and we created a main menu. We're gonna pick that now. If you're having default reply and you're using the girl tool and you created some awesome growth tools and you also have some keywords that would like to get triggered also, you can use them and remember that we have the stop keyword. So when anybody is typing and stop, they will get unsubscribe. So I'm going to click here, and they were going to click this. Also start or subscribe. So if anybody's typing in start or subscribe, they were. They will be come and subscriber to our list, which is awesome if you're scrolling down. And maybe you have created a sequence like automated messages that's going out to your audience, or to a certain group of people with a certain tag, etcetera. You can click your sequence here as well, and you're flows. If you created a certain flow, a certain communication conversation with people that's taking a certain action or clicking a button or so on within your butt, you can click that flow here as well. But we're satisfied with only having these two key words, and then we're satisfied with the main menu and the welcome message. Then we're going to click on next step once you've done and then once again you're gonna click on next step in here, you're gonna name your template. So for this, it would be course selling template. This is great to have everything organized, so you know exactly what kind of template that this is now in order. If you're going to send this to a colleague, to a friend or to a client, it's really, really important to put in the correct name for this. Now, your subscribers won't be able to see this, of course, because this is within your management account. But this is good for you to keep everything organized. And then you can upload a template avatar meaning a picture off off your template to basically. So I'm gonna click the plus here, and I'm going to scroll down. We're gonna add in this course image and then you can just precise is yes, the way Want to like there, for example. And I'm gonna click done. Awesome! And now we're going to click on create that template Super excited and click on there. Great, Awesome. Look at this. It's already successful and created. And basically, this is the link that you would like to share with your colleagues, clients, or friends or anybody that you would like to share. This really, really great template win. So the only thing you really need to do in order to share this one, you click on copy here. Now it's copied. You open up a new tab. Let's say you're writing an email and then you finish off with this. You just pay starting control we or command V, depending on what kind of computer you're having. And then you just pay studying here and you click on Enter. And once you've clicked on Enter, you can see that this is the course selling template created by, well, me in this case, and the only really thing they need to do now, once they've got this link is to click on install, and then they're gonna pick the page that they would like to install this one on. So let's say that we would like to go ahead and install it on Orange is super safe. I'm going to click on install, and then they have the option, just like we went through in earlier videos to eat or have their welcome message. If they already created one or their menu, if they already created one and if they would like to keep theirs, they just uncheck this box is. But if they would like to keep your welcome message and your main menu and remember they can modify this as well, but then they just having this on enabled. And then you click on install now and here you go. You have basically installed you have created, and you have installed your own template that you can share with friends, colleagues or and clients, which is really, really cool. Basically, because if you go here to templates on the left hand side now and click here, you can see course selling template. Awesome. Right. So click this and UK yesterday Write something about it if you would like to share some more details, etcetera. So this is basically it when you created your template and you would like to access it to share that this with friends, you only click into templates. Here, you can see my templates. You collect the template, you click on copy, and you type that in in a message on an SMS, or maybe an e mail you shared. Wait, somebody. The only really thing they need to do is open up a new browser, a new tab and just paste it in and click on Enter. And they're having your template that you have created. Now it's your turn to play around with this, if you haven't already going, download a template that are like related to your business. So now it's your turn, really? To play around with templates and learn a lot. Okay. And share your knowledge with friends, family and clients. Good luck now. 20. Facebook Comments: in this video, you'll learn what a growth to list and also how to create a Facebook comment growth tool. But first things first. What is a growth tool? While a growth to is basically a way to grow your audience, Okay, that's what is called a growth tool. And the way you're gonna grow your audience is by using different tools for your but to get in contact with your customers. Okay, so there are many ways to get your boss to engage with your customers. It could be from a landing page. It could be directly on Facebook. It could be on your Shopify from the little help panel in the bottom. There are many different ways, but all of these different ways are called growth tools, and we're gonna go through several different, very important a super youthful grow tools in this section. But the 1st 1 that we're gonna learn is called a Facebook comment growth tool. Okay, it's I'm gonna show you exactly how that works. So what you want to do is actually go to our Facebook page, okay? And then what we're gonna do is that we're going to create a post and the way this works is that we're going to create a post and we're gonna write something that intrigues them so they want to reply. And, well, they reply, The body is going to automatically open up a conversation with them. Okay, now that's a Facebook comment growth tool. You get your boat to engage whenever someone comments, right? So let's start off and write something. Let's say that we're having a Shopify on e commerce store, and then we could write something like Which one is your favorite products from the R and Jay's Super Sale comment down below. And then we can also write, for example, will reply you with our favorite. And then let's adding some nice smiling here as well. Let's go with this one. There we go, looking much better already, and then we're gonna post this. We're gonna publish it, and then let's scroll down. And here it is. So this is our post. Which one is your favorite product from the orange? A super sale comin down below will reply you with our favorite. Now, whenever someone replies here, they brought a replying in the comment section. Then the body's gonna open a conversation with them. But in order for this to happen, we need to create the actual growth tool and connect that growth to to this very comment. So we're gonna go ahead and do that right now. So let's go to our many chat dashboard in here and then go down to growth tools. So you have a couple of example grow tools in here, but we don't need to concern ourselves with that. All we're gonna do is click on New Growth Tool up here in the right corner, and then we're gonna go down and click on Facebook comments here, just click on it. And this is where everything starts. So the first thing we're gonna do is select a post, and we're gonna click there and then simplicity, like the post of we just created and click on it. There we go. And that when I click on this confirmed so that we know that we're following the guidelines and everything. Nothing strange about that. And then there is something that's called track first level comments on Lee and you want to activate this, and this means that the boat is going to open a conversation with everyone that replies to the post, but it is not going to open a conversation with someone who replies to a reply. So, for example, if someone replies, Hey, my favorite product is blah, blah, blah And then someone writes, Oh, really? Me, too, and replies to their reply instead of the Post, then the but won't open a conversation. And I think this is a very good thing because it lessens the spam is going to get more engaged users. So in our experience, this is preferable to have track first level comments on Lee. And then when usually leaves a comment, send message after and here as well. I recommend that you go with immediately, and the reason is they're on your page. They're writing a common thinking about your product. You want to hook them in while this is still fresh in their mind. Okay, so I recommended to keep this on immediately unless you're having some special kind of idea or some sort off reason or some sort of question that begs for some space in between, but generally go with immediately, and then you can exclude comments with these keywords. Now that could be anything from, for example, you don't want to open a conversation with people who are writing in certain products. You could add in certain curse words, if that is your preference as well. You don't want to have a conversation with those or anything, just adding the keywords that for whichever recent you would like this about to ignore and then the reverse here we could add in certain key words that the bots is on Lee going to be opening with. And this can be very handed because you could have this growth to and connected to certain keywords. And then we could make another growth tool to the same comment and opening up based on other keywords so you can get more specialized in this. But we're going to go with the General Growth Tool here, and we're not gonna add in any keywords. And then next up is the author responds, okay, and the auto response that is going to be the first thing that both says when someone has replied to our post. So this is going to be the opener. Okay, so now it says, Hey, full name. Can I help you with something just right down the reply, and I'll get in touch soon. That's not very personal, and it's not very interesting and it doesn't go hand in hand with her post. So we're just gonna remove all of this. We're gonna write something ourselves, for example, high and then add in their first name, because that's much more personal. Thanks for letting us know. And then we could, for example, writes, Our favorite product is the pug ring. It's absolutely adorable. And then let's add in a couple off Happy Smileys. So they're ago, so this would be our opener. This would be the first thing that the bought says when they open a conversation with them . So you might also want to add another question in here to get them to trigger a reply, because remember that the boat is going to open a conversation with them. But unless they reply to the boat, they will not count us a subscriber. And if they don't count this a subscriber, we also won't be able to reach them. With all of four bots functions, we won't be able to broadcaster them. Nothing. They won't be a subscriber, So we could, for example, trigger them to write something more. What exactly is it that you like about that very product? And then next up, we just scroll down and we could click on next. We come to the next step, which is called the opt in actions. And the often actions is basically that if they reply to the auto response, that is the conversation opener that the boat has. If they reply to that one, they will officially count as, say, a subscriber. And as the now count as a subscriber, they have just opted in. So this is going to be the first thing that happens to them. Ask. They write their reply. Basically, this is going to be the first thing that happens to them. Ask, They get subscribe. Okay. Are you following along? So far. So we have a couple of different options in here, and the option number one would be Don't send an opt in message at all. This could be if you want to do this manually, maybe you don't have that many people subscribed yet, and you want to write to them manually. Or maybe you're doing high ticket sales and you want to handle those customers by yourself . And then we have the other option, which is sent to everyone who replies. And this is the one we prefer to go with. And it's also the most common one because you want to continue the conversation. You want them to not only get a subscriber, but you also want to market something to them, maybe get them into some sort of sales or market funnel or put them into a sequence. There are a lot of different things that we could be doing here. Basically, this is where we get creative. So the first thing we can do is to actually send them a reply. And this is the default reply for looking to a writer. It says, Welcome, Jesper. Thank you for subscribing. The next post is coming soon and stay tuned, P s. If you ever want to unsubscribe, just type Stop now what we could do instead, to make this more personal, we could click on edit in here, okay? And then just click on comfort. No worries. In here, nothing is gonna be lost. And then, just like we have done before, we could start making this personal. So let's remove all of this takes and we're not gonna go in death in this because you've done this already. You know how this works. But we could, for example, just to give you some ideas we could right? Which off? The following categories. Catting. Gore's are your favorite. And then let's add in a smiling, suddenly happy, smiling. And then we could, for example, add a quick reply in here. And then we could ride the different categories that we have on our Shopify We could right ? Maybe we have Pitts, for example. That could be one. Maybe we have a got clothes and maybe we have got watches. And then they're able to click one of these. And then you start adding more and more replies. That's eventually going to end up either to the boat, linking them to that very sales page with pet products with clothes, products or watches. Or maybe you're gonna program your bought to show them products directly with a buy now button. So there's a lot of things we can do in here, and we can also, of course, as you already know how to use the flow builder and make this into a beautiful long flow where they get exactly what they're looking for. That's the power off this tool. And that's the power of getting people subscribe and then showing them what they want to be seen, what they're interested in. This is what chatbots are so amazing. But let's get back. All we need to do is click on Growth to 26. We haven't given it a name yet. Let's just click there to get back. Okay, so now we're back here. Everything is in order. Nothing here has changed. Auto response is still the same and we are working in the opt in actions. Here we are. So this would be that sent to everyone who replies, and we were just working on that reply and we would just click on edit and we can customize it to whichever way we want. Then we can also enter them into a sequence. Now, this could be any form of sequence that you have prepared specifically for this very up them, or you could choose not to use the sequence at all, or you could choose to remove the often message and Onley uses sequence. So this is going to depend completely on how you decide to use the sales funnel, if you will, to use your but to talk to your customers and to lead them to where you want them to go. This is where creativity plays such a big role. Okay, And then we have the final option, which is sent on Lee to users who replied with a keyword. And like I spoke about earlier, you can make several growth tools for the same comment here. And then you want them to trigger at certain keywords, so you'll put them into certain sequences. For example, you can get super specific with this, and those are the different options. But for now, we're gonna choose send to everyone who replies. And then we're gonna click up here to rename this one, and we're just going to call this one. Let's call it Shopify Facebook come and growth too. They would go and then I'm gonna click on Save now. I recommend when you put in the name you wanna put in somewhere either in the very beginning or just somewhere exactly what it So this would be Facebook comment growth tool and were specifically aiming towards driving people for our Shopify in this example. So put that in the name. So you know what? Everything is in the list. Okay, so now he's been saying we're gonna click this one on active. They would go, and now we're going to try it out. Okay, So let's go back to our page here and now let's write a comment in here. So let's reply to the Post and the but should be starting a conversation with me, Okay? It's not gonna write something here. And I also need to change the use or to myself, because it's not going to reply if I used the orange a super sale to write a comment, and I'm gonna write something like, um, I love the clothes that you guys are selling and then post it. And now we should have a conversation popping up any second on. There we go. Here it is. So the body's replied to us, we know that everything is working. And if we have plugged in and made an open, all I would need to do is common something in here. Like I love those clothes because off how they feel. And if I'm right this back then that both would reply to us now we didn't actually save the opportunity, did so. The boat isn't going to reply anything, but if you make your own often meaning your own flow in there, then it's going to reply back, and by now we're already subscribed. So this is how it works to make a Facebook comment growth tool. I hope you've been following along here is actually super easy wants to get into it. If you follow along with the rest of the course, we're going to dig into the next, grow to and go through a bunch of them. There's super handy, and I do believe that shot. But are the future off marketing? And if we want to get become good marketers, we need to learn how to grow our audience. There's no better way than using the growth tools. So guys just follow along with the videos and I'll see you in the next lecture