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Build Your Digital Marketing Agency | Run Your Social Media Marketing Business (Full Course)

teacher avatar Robin & Jesper ✓, Teaches Digital Marketing & Social Media

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome To The Course!


    • 2.

      Your First Year Focus


    • 3.

      5 Easy To Sell Services


    • 4.

      Secrets No One Shares


    • 5.

      Niched VS General Agency


    • 6.

      The Most Profitable Niches


    • 7.

      How to Pick a Niche


    • 8.

      Setting Up Your Agency Legally


    • 9.

      Naming Your Company


    • 10.

      Creating Your Legal Entity


    • 11.

      Set Up Your Taxes


    • 12.

      Open Your Business Bank Account


    • 13.



    • 14.

      Charging By The Hour


    • 15.

      Project Based Pricing


    • 16.

      Value Based Pricing


    • 17.

      The Importance of Your Website


    • 18.

      Marketing Agencies Website Example - Real Estate 1


    • 19.

      Marketing Agencies Website Example - Real Estate 2


    • 20.

      Marketing Agencies Website Example - Restaurant 1


    • 21.

      Marketing Agencies Website Example - Restaurant 2


    • 22.

      Marketing Agencies Website Example - Healthcare 1


    • 23.

      Marketing Agencies Website Example - Healthcare 2


    • 24.

      The Art Of Getting Clients


    • 25.

      Get Your First Client


    • 26.

      Case Studies


    • 27.

      How To Close The Deal


    • 28.

      Make Them Sign The Contract


    • 29.

      Writing Contract


    • 30.

      Keep Clients


    • 31.

      Freelancer vs In-House Employee


    • 32.

      How To Find Employees


    • 33.

      What is a CRM


    • 34.

      When Should You Get a CRM


    • 35.

      Improving the Sales Process


    • 36.

      Introduction Salesflare


    • 37.



    • 38.



    • 39.



    • 40.



    • 41.



    • 42.



    • 43.



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About This Class

Let's Build a Successful Digital Marketing Agency Together, Step by Step!

The Build Your Digital Marketing Agency | Run Your Social Media Marketing Business is an online video course for anyone wanting to work as a Freelancer, learn the latest Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing Skills on the market and for anyone wanting to build a successful Digital Marketing Agency from scratch.

This is a 100 % Practical Course - Get Ready For Real Time Hands-On Experience From The First Lecture!

— After This Course You'll Be Able To

  • Run & Grow a Digital Marketing Agency.

  • Work as a successful Digital Marketing Freelancer.

  • Get Hired as a Digital Marketing Expert.

— What You Will Master Inside This Course

  1. How to Build You Digital Marketing Agency.

  2. How to Price Your Services.

  3. How to Build a Strong Website for Your Agency Business.

  4. How to Get Clients & Keep Clients.

  5. How to Hire The Right People For Your Agency.

  6. Customer Relationship.

  7. How to Do Less & Earning More Money by Outsourcing Efficiently.

The Course includes Articles, Templates & Tools That'll Optimize Your Digital Marketing Agency!

The majority of the tools in this Course are for FREE and will give you instant results. The Paid tools are only the very BEST.

Who Is The Target Audience?

  • People Wanting to Build a Digital Marketing Agency.

  • People Wanting to Build a Social Media Marketing Agency.

  • People Wanting to Become a Top Freelancer.

  • Website Owners Who Want to Increase Web Traffic, Conversions, and Sales.

  • Business Owners Who Want to use Digital Marketing to Grow their Business.

  • Anyone Who Wants to Master Social Media Marketing.

  • Anyone Struggling to Get Traffic and Sales.

  • If You're New In Business & Want to Market Effectively.

  • Anyone Looking to Start a Career in the Digital Marketing Space.

  • Anyone Who Wants to Build a Brand and a Fan Base on Social Media.

  • Anyone Who Wants to Master Digital Media Marketing.

  • Anyone Wanting to Set up a Website from Scratch.

  • Someone with a job who wants to create their own business on the side.

    See You Inside The Build Your Digital Marketing Agency | Run Your Social Media Marketing Business .


Robin & Jesper

Meet Your Teacher

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Robin & Jesper ✓

Teaches Digital Marketing & Social Media


We're passionate about teaching! There's no greater joy than watching beautiful testimonials of people achieving their goals and dreams. That's why we STRONGLY believe in full and constant support. With ALL of our courses you can expect:

If you're interested in learning Digital Marketing - Social Media Marketing or Creating a Something Awesome..

We're at your service!


Robin & Jesper

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1. Welcome To The Course!: Hi. Welcome to the build your digital marketing agency course with me, Jesper and the co instructor, Robin. Inside of this course, you're gonna learn step by step on how to build and also around your digital marketing agency. So let's dive into the course plan. So on the right hand side, when you are entering the course, you are able to see the course out line here, and we are having 42 lessons inside of this course with completely 6.5 hours off video material. And that is because we have built this in a step by step for you to understand what to focus on before you start building your agency. So first off, we having a lesson called your first year focused. This is a very important step toe. Understand the entire process before you start building your agency and then we're going to dive into different types of services and nations that you can go into with your digital marketing agency and we're gonna start building out your agency s. You can see here setting up your agency legally naming your company, creating your legal entity and stuff like that. Maybe this doesn't sound too fun. But, hey, we have the builder company in order to start getting clients, and then we're gonna learn on how to price our services as against see here, there different types of ways that we can start pricing or services. And then we're gonna have a look at case studies like websites on how they have builder websites in order to get more clients and leads for their business. And then we're going to dive into the art off getting clients and different ways on how you can start getting clients to your business to make a profit. And then we're going to dive into when it's time to start writing the contracts and also to keep the clients. And if you were to expand your business later on on how to hire people for your business so you don't have to do everything yourself, where to find those people and what to look for and then we're going to dive into something called a C R M system. A CRM system is basically a way for you to keep track on your clients and also on your own profits. So that's an entire system that we're going to go through for you to be able to stay in business. And then we're gonna just go through all of those kind of things and have a look at everything around that C R M system. It was scrolling down just beneath this lectures. You're able to see a little tab here where it says projects and resource is and actually inside here, you are able to see that we're having created some exercises for you to make sure that you are going step by step inside of this course and completing all the steps along the way. So here we have ah website exercise. You go through this exercise and we have also on a link here, as you can see to one of our courses on creating a website which is a resource for you. And then we're having another exercise called get clients exercise. So this is a way for you to understand on how to start getting those important clients to get your business up and running, and then an exercise off hiring people and also in the right hand side here, you can see that it says resource is we're having two different resource is. So if you're clicking on any off these two, they will be downloaded to either your computer or to your cell phone or whichever device to looking at this course inside. So if you're clicking on one of these, they will be downloaded. And here can see we having a contract template, which will help you write in your contract with different clients and also how to close the deal and template on that as well. So you can just follow along step by step with these templates. And in the end of this course, you can expect to have all the knowledge you need in order to start building out your digital marketing agency. And the only thing you need inside of this course is actually your cell phone or your computer to look on all of these videos. And then you don't have to spend any money if you don't want to, because we're going to teach you all of these steps, and all of these steps are free. But if you would like to sign up for this c. R M system, it's going to come with a monthly cost. But that is later on once you have set up your business and also have gotten some clients to keep track on. And that is up to you if you would like to sign up for that or not. So 6.5 hours off video material once again, welcome to the courts. Robin and I are really happy that you are inside of this course and we'll see you in the next video. 2. Your First Year Focus: in this video, we're going to be talking about your first year off focus for your digital marketing agency . Now, the first year it's were most agencies make it or break it. We're gonna look at what makes on agency successful, especially for their first year and then continuing on with their success, making sure that its long lasting Let's get started now the first year. It's going to be where you are, educating yourself, not only within the marketing, but with everything you do from getting clients negotiating when clients performing your services, etcetera. What we're gonna do now is that we're gonna look at how to become that a plus student for your first year and then make sure that you're successful. Agency continues to be successful, so let's look at the most important skills to be focusing on for your first year. Now the first thing is going to be to focus on your service now. This is a very classic beginner mistake. Most of the people within the first year off the agencies, they focus on getting as many clients signing as many contract as possible. But here's a reality check. Having too many clients is just as bad as having too few clients. Now the success of your agency is based on how many services that you can actually perform . Now, If you getting too much work or you're getting too little work, you're not going to be performing well. That means that your clients are going to be kicking you out, which means that you're going to be out of business quite quickly within your first year. Instead, focus on a few clients that you can get and do that job really well. This means you're gonna have a very happy client that not only can you use it as a case study to negotiate and increase your value for upcoming clients, but that very client is going to be more than happy to recommend you to other people as well to other businesses. We're going to want to hire you because you did such a good job and you know what? That client in itself it's probably going to want to stay because you perform your service really well. It's all about making sure you get those great testimonials gaining those great case studies and performing really good service, making your clients happy so remember having too many clients is just as bad as having too few clients. So don't go crazy. Don't try to get as many clients as possible, Get a few and do this service really, really well, now, next up is focusing on your skills. Now, the truth is, all of us are individuals. When you're starting your agency, you're going to have certain prerequisites within your agency, meaning you're gonna have a certain background, most likely or a preference. Some people are really great Web designers. Some people are really great with S E O. Some people are really great with ads. What you want to do is focus on your skill and become the market leader. Make sure that whatever skill that it is that you have, let's say that it is Web decide become a really, really good Web designer because your clients are going to want to hire the best. And if you are the best at what you do, they're going to want to hire you. So within your first year, make sure that you focus on really mastering that one skill and becoming the market leader within that area Now. Next up, what you also want to be focusing within your first year is networking, and networking is such an important thing that a lot of agents is miss out, especially for their first year off learning. Now, networking doesn't only mean going out to, you know, the local commerce and the local meetings and meeting people. But it also means networking with entrepreneurs on Facebook, meeting like minded people learning from each other, sharing with each other and start getting those context because you know what? If you are that expert Web designer, you meet another entrepreneur who also has an agency. Well, chances are he might be an expert at S c O, but he has a client that needs to have its website, this side or needs to have a website created. This is where you come in, and this entrepreneur can recommend you. Similarly, you'll be able to recommend him for a possible CEO work that perhaps you don't know how to do yet because that is not in your skill set. So networking is going to be extremely important. You're also going to be meeting a lot of entrepreneurs performing different tax who are in need off a digital marketing agency or who's going to be having clients who can't perform certain ties that you can so focused on networking and not only the physical meetings, but also meeting entrepreneurs on other sides, such as Instagram or Facebook, or wherever you're currently networking? And the fourth thing that you really want to focus on and not be afraid off is outsourcing now off course. Outsourcing is going to be scary in the beginning, but the truth is that your time is extremely valuable. And because your time is so valuable, you're going to want to make sure that you're spending all of your time on things that actually make you money that actually brings in a profit to the business and that has your business growing. You don't want to spend time on admin task that well, it needs to be done, but it doesn't help you grow. These are the kind of things that you want to be outsourcing now, when it comes to outsourcing us, well, this is very important to keep in mind. There's going to be a lot of people out there who want to be hired by you, but who are actually entrepreneurs So let's say that you're hiring song for Seo purposes. Well, those people, if they're actually interested in gaining some skills from working for you so that they can start their own business, they're not going to be highly motivated neither to do a really good job for your business or for sticking around in your business, they're going to want to be doing their own thing. So what you want to look for is two types of people when it comes to outsourcing, and we're going to be talking about outsourcing later on in the course. But those types of people are going to be one young people who are actually hungry in learning their skill, not for the sake of being an entrepreneur doing their own thing. But there's going to be people out there who are really into Web this time. Who wants to Master Webb the sign? Those are the people that you want to hire and number two elderly people or just older people who have already gone through the entrepreneur route, and they noticed this isn't for me. They have their skills. They know what they're doing. Let's say that there s still especially and they want to stay as hired people. They're not interested in becoming entrepreneurs because they're going to be highly motivated to perform their job, Mr Specialty, and stay within your business. So when you're r outsourcing and you need to be outsourcing, definitely focus on those kinds of people want really hungry young people who want to master their skill or their art, and to older people who has already gone the entrepreneur route and who are happy doing whatever it is that they are currently doing. And then finally, we have client communication, and client communication is something that is completely overlooked. Now, even if you perform on okay, a job for a business, they are going to have a fantastic experience with your agency as long as you keep the communication with them stable and consistent. In other words, when you have reports when you have update, inform them. And don't just send them a quick email. You know what If you note if you are doing lope, a local job actually go over to them, bring the reports and walk them through the reports. Keep building that relationship because that relationship on their experience, their emotional experience of you and your agency is what determines how they actually experienced your service, right? What? They actually think of your agency so off course you're going to need to perform. You're going to give them great results and add to your case studies and everything. But as long as you can keep the client communication on top, even if you only did an OK job or a mediocre job, they're still gonna have a really great experience with you and your agency because your client communication Wasson Park and they're probably going to want to stick around with you. It's all about building that relationship. So, guys, this is the criteria off what we recommend that you focus on in your first year. Remember, stay as a student, become the A plus student. Focus first and foremost on your service, right, And then on your skills. Monster that one thing. Don't be afraid of networking. Go out, meet entrepreneurs. Use Facebook. There's a lot of great Facebook groups. Don't be afraid to outsource. You need to outsource guys. Your time is valuable and focus on client communication. Make it personal. Make sure that you create a strong relationship you update them and you explain things in terms they understand, and they feel involved. All right, guys, See you in the next lecture. 3. 5 Easy To Sell Services: in this video, guys, we're gonna talk about five different services that are easy to sell. And this is more targeted to you who are a beginner when it comes to digital marketing and to start your digital marketing agency. So let's dive into it. Now you're sitting there watching this video and you don't really know where to get started . Okay, So how do you know which services that you can get started to sell today to make a profit on your digital marketing agency? Well, the first thing is social media marketing and content marketing. You're basically creating content on Facebook, instagram, maybe even YouTube at LinkedIn. Twitter, etcetera. So you're using the social media platforms in order to create content on that platform for a client to bring awareness, maybe for their brand, for the products services to just simply reach more people, maybe to get them even to their website from, let's say, Facebook or instagram. So that is one thing you can do. And this course is full off all of the biggest social media marketing platforms out there. So you will learn a ton inside of this course on how to run other people's and manage other people social media in order to get more leads to drive more sales for those companies. So that is the first easy to self service. Now, secondly, we have email marketing. Wow, this one has been around for at least 20 or 30 years. Even so, this is a big one. So let's say that you're having a client, okay? That client would like you to rounder me Maine marketing campaigns, For example. You go into that company and you're asking them, Hey, do you got in like an old least for maybe leads or maybe old clients? And if they do while jackpot, you got a ton off different email addresses in there. You can just take those email addresses and put them into and program like male gym, for example. And then you just bust out tons off campaigns, which means that you're emailing them the old leads and the old customers from this firm, and you are maybe making them a good offer to become a client once again. So email marketing, it's a very, very easy to sell service and also a super effective one when it comes to marketing. Then thirdly, we're having Facebook ads while this is a huge one. Guys, this is a Facebook ad. If you know, then you know. But if you don't know and Facebook, it is something that you place in people's feeds, and you can also place them actually on Instagram. Then it becomes an instagram at. If you didn't know Facebook owned Instagram. So when you're creating Facebook ads, you can also create INSTAGRAM ads in Facebook ads manager. So this is basically you're paying or the company's paying for an ad to be shown in Facebook. So by creating Facebook outs, which is a super super effective strategy in order to laser focus and target the right customers for that service, you will be able to make that business more money. That is what digital marketing is, and in order for you to get even more clients in the future, so Facebook Ads is super effective in order to drive more sales, more leads and more business for your clients. Then you're having something called Google ATS. Well, Google out with this spray in the top for any searches you're doing on Google, For example, if you look on the screen right now, on this picture. We're having Photoshopped training, and in the top of that photo shop training you Timmy is there, right? You can see also where the arrow is pointing it on this image. You can see something called add, and that is a Google ad. And Google owns YouTube, so you can also do Google ads on YouTube videos so Google you can make them on different websites. You can also make something called display ads, and that is actually when you're making an ad and you're displaying them on all kinds of websites all over the place, so you can make is like a banner if you maybe have seen them on different websites. So Google ads are super effective to reach the right people that it's searching for something within Google, but also people who have clicked on different things can get retargeted with an ad on a YouTube video. So Google has are really effective, and you will learn that inside of this course, Then we're having something called S E. O, which means search engine optimization. That is basically when you're optimizing a website for client or for a business, and you're optimizing that so that when people are searching in Google, for example, then that website is popping up for that search term. Let's say Photoshopped training now. We already know that Judi me has bought an ad so they have paid money for this. But eso is a little bit difference, though if you're doing eso there correct way you're optimizing that website for Does search term like photo shop training, for example? Then you won't be be shown above that ab, but you can be shown just been need that ad. So if you are on the first page on Google, you will get clicks to your website and this system or free version. So if you're optimizing a website or a client's website, they can display on Google search for that term if doing right. But this is a process that can take up couple of months in order for them to start ranking . But once they're ranking, they're not spending any money whatsoever. So this is a huge investment for all kinds of companies in order to rank on Google for the rights search terms. So these are five different services that are pretty easy to sell and that you can start with right away. Ah, last tip from us. It's actually that you do want to specify on one off these in the beginning. Don't try to learn all of them. Try to learn all of them. But don't try to master all of them. And don't sell all of these services to clients. Because once you must one off these services one of these like tasks, then you can move onto the next one. So always be lasered focused on one of these tasks. To begin with one most of that one and then move on. And then you can offer your clients a variety off different services, so hope this video makes sense and I hope to see in the next one. 4. Secrets No One Shares: in this video, guys, I'm going to share a secret that no one are willing to share with you a secret that is going to get your clients better results. Ah, lot better results. So let's dive into it now. This secret will be super valuable if you are doing marketing. But you're not getting the results that you're looking for. You don't really know where to get started. So this is basically a tree step process in order to get your marketing successful. Now, this is actually a process that works the best. If you're working with local clients now, a lot of you guys is going to work with a local client in order to make their marketing better. Right? Maybe you have already worked as maybe a freelancer, and you see that working with local clients to get that connection between you and the client is super valuable. So you know, and understand their business and inside out, and you can talk with them or directly face to face. So this technique is actually best applied on local service businesses, service businesses like real estate agencies, services like then to services like mechanics, car mechanics, car shops, etcetera, log local businesses around you. Now, the first step in this is called awareness. And that is when you're bringing awareness to a business. Now that it's cold traffic, let's say that you are looking for and dentists because you broke your tooth, right? So you broke into and you're looking for a dentist. Where do you go? You go to Google right now. You don't know a dentist may be in the nearby. Maybe have been not been to the dentist in, like, five or 10 years or something like that. Maybe you're new in the neighborhood. You go to Google and type in something like dentists near me or dentist in this city. And normally you are going to find a dentist locally, right? You're not going to another city to find a dentist now. So you were having a tooth problem. You go to Google and you start for dentist. Then this dentist might be your client. Your client ID would like to have traffic to the website in order to get leads and client to sign up to become a customer in the end, right? Makes sense. Right? So what, you would like to go and focus on. The first thing that you're working when you're working for businesses is actually S E o and Google ads. Because if you're working with a local service business, you would like to drive them traffic. You do want to go in and work with S, E O and Google ads. We see a lot of people trying to work with Facebook ads. They're trying to work with INSTAGRAM ads and YouTube ads on cold traffic, and that doesn't really do it for them. The best thing is to optimize the website for those search terms, maybe dentist New York or something like that. And then you are able to get clients for your client. Well, that's great, right? And then you can get referral that further down the line, and you can make more money in the end and get more business. And also for Google ads, those ads that appear in for the search term in the top of a Google page. This is the marketing you would like to do in the first stage. When you're having cold traffic, then the second step is consideration. Now this step is really, really important. You would like to re market and retarget those people who have clicked on that ad or who have clicked on S E O optimized websites on Google's first page. And then, if they don't become the customer directly, you would like to re market and retarget those people with Facebook, as you do about Instagram ads. And if they have left some kind of details like your email address, you would like to do some email marketing on those customers because they're a little bit warm and now in the consideration face rather than in the awareness face. So this is the method you would like to go with. And then we're having the lasts. That which is conversion when they're typing in their email addresses. Maybe they're putting in their phone numbers. Maybe you have put out an audit in an email for them, so you don't know. You know exactly how much your services are costing them. Then you would like to get them to website and to sign up. So this is a tree step process to successful marketing. When you're working with local service businesses, First step is awareness. You would like to rank a client's website on Google because on Google is where the most people go these days for services like dentist of car shops like Yes services. Basically, maybe a real estate agency. They're looking for a new home, and they don't know any real estate agency around them. Then they go to Google and search for real estate agency near me. And you do wanna rank a client's website. Four does search terms. Then you'd start with awareness, which is SL and some Google ads. Then once they have little bit warm, maybe they have shown your clients some type of interest. Maybe they're putting in an email address, maybe a phone number. Or maybe they just click to the website and you're having a pixel installed on the websites . You can retarget them with Facebook ads. We'll talk much more about that later. In the side of this course, thes court is filled with social media marketing. We're having like, six. If I was 70 hours full off digital marketing inside of this course, so you will learn a lot and then in the consideration face, you just want to re market and retarget them and then the conversion State on optimized website in order to drive in more leads and more sales for the business and client that you're working with. This is basically this three step two successful marketing. Now you know this secret. Don't go out and spread it to people around you. Keep it for herself. Maybe to make more businesses for you in the future. Good luck now, guys. Seeing the next one? 5. Niched VS General Agency: Welcome back, guys. In this lecture, we're gonna have a look at niche vs general agencies. Should you go more narrow, or should you go broader? Let's have a look. Now. A lot of agencies starting out go broad thinking that, hey, the broader I go, the more people are able to serve them or leads up able to gather the more income I can make. That's a fine idea in theory. Now other people decide to go more niche rather than going for everyone. They specialize in one need. They go deep in it and they become the go to guy or girl within that expertise area. We're gonna have a look yet why? It's a really, really good idea to start nichd and to stay NICHD. And the first reason for that is because you don't want to be really in one thing. The wheel all the time. Now, within every nish out there, whether you're helping the restaurant business or real estate owners or dentists or brokers or investors doesn't matter what it is. All of those unique niches are going to have their ins and outs right. They're gonna have their own unique planning, their own unique strategies and their own unique way to success. That means that every time you approaching you need, you're going to need a new method and this is reinventing the wheel. This is having to do so much more work than you need to. If you were in one niche mastering that needs. Which brings me to the next point, which are case studies. Now. Case studies are super important, and the client, or rather any potential client looking to come to you are going to want to know that. Hey, can this agency give me results? The only way to know that is through case studies is through great testimonials. They want to see the numbers to want to see that the numbers match. Here's a great example from Creative Focus, a digital marketing agency. Now they did their case study on a psychologist who were unable to get any leads right so we can clearly see before creative focus. Before their help, she had a single lead off to their help. She had 3133 leads. That means that if I am also a psychologist looking to get more leads struggling, and I see this case study, I am going to be blown away. Which brings me to the next point, which is who and how both you and your client needs to know who you're serving and how you're serving them. That means that Let's say that, for example, you got these fantastic results. You've got this amazing case studies for the psychologist. But, hey, you're a real estate er, that's great. Clearly, the agency can bring in results for psychologists. But what about me? Can you bring in results who are real estate? Er, that is the question that I if I am within the real estate business and going to be asking myself and this is why you want to stick to one needs because that means that your case studies, which is so important, is gonna be the make or break. It is going to apply to your future clients as well. So you want to be super targeted. You want to know who you're serving and how you're serving them. And very similarly, your clients want to know who you're serving us well and how you can serve them with your case, that is, with your expertise and that means that you are going to have to become the expert within your field. If you go general, chances are you're not going to become an expert because you'll be working in multiple fields at once. You'll be the jack of all trades. Sometimes that's a good idea. Within digital marketing agencies, that is a bad idea. Now you want to be the go to guy or girl when it comes to your niche. Now, whatever you become, the expert rumors are going to travel through word of mouth to recommendations online, etcetera off your results. Now let's say that there is a real estate and most really, staters. Once they get a sale, they get about 3% off off their main sail. So let's say that there's a real estate er and they make a sale for $300,000 right? They're gonna have a 3% cut than 3% over $300,000. That's $9000. So you help them get that sale. And for that, this really stater paid you $3000. That means that he just made a profit off $6000 into his pocket for a sale that he could never have done without your health. And that also means that you just got $3000 down in your pocket using a method that you will be able to use most likely for upcoming real estate er's as well. Because you're in that niche because you know the instant house off that need and all of the secrets within that trade, you can keep bringing our results. This will be your next case study. And that also means that this real estate er, is going to be very happy to come back to you to recommend you. And you know what? Because of all of the case status is your building up. You'll be able to charge more and more ask the clients, keep coming in. And this is just an effective way to grow your digital marketing agency and is also the reason that I recommend that by going nichd you will continue going this successful route. So I strongly, strongly strongly recommend guys go niece. It is the easiest way it's gonna save you time, make you more money and bring you happier. Clients. Trust me is gonna bring UME or clients because you'll be the expert within the field. You'll be the go to guy or girl and you'll know what you're doing right. And also you don't need to keep learning about Unita's. You'll have your knees. You'll stay within unique bring result. They'll bring you more clients, and you can keep increasing your price because you can showcase that you're bringing that much value. Now, once again, if you brought in $6000 straight to this real estate, er, what about when you start bringing $12,000 into the real estate is pocket or $20,000 straight into their pocket off course? It's not gonna be a problem to charge 5678 $1000 for your services, but this is the route that you walk. Once you decide to go Neech from the beginning, stay in that need and build up your expertise. So without further ado, I recommend that you go need. But of course, there's a lot of niches out there. So in the next lecture we're gonna talk about the different, most profitable niches that's available, and I recommend that you go ahead, pick one and stick to it Now. It's not the completely, but it is a list of the most profitable niches. So let's go ahead and go to the next lecture and check it out. See you there, guys. 6. The Most Profitable Niches: Welcome back, guys. In this lecture, we're gonna go ahead and look at the most profitable niches for your digital marketing agency to choose from. Let's have a look. So, guys, first things first. What you want to know is that when we are looking for potential niches, we know that from the beginning we're gonna go ahead and go locally, right? We're going to do a lot of work for local business around us, and that already makes this very individual. So it's gonna depend what kind of businesses are around you. And when we're thinking about profitable niches, you have to realize that pretty much an image is possibly profitable simply because if there is a demand for it, if there's a market for it and there's a business that feels that market, then you have a client. Now what we're going to be looking at here are the most profitable niches that you can choose from and profitable in the sense off. They make a lot of money, and they have a high willingness to spend that money on marketing. And that is what's gonna make a potential niche profitable for your agency. So let's have a look now, the first possible needs, which is also the most profitable. Currently off the mall is going to be really estate now. Real estate is a fantastic needs, and there were several reasons for that. Now, no matter where you live in the world, everyone knows a real estate agent in one way or another is that means that they're very easy to get in contact with. Even without you doing any advertising, chances are, you know, some real estate agent or, you know, someone who knows a real estate agent. Or you at least know people who have used real estate agents, right? They're everywhere, even in the US alone. I believe there's over two million off them now. The second reason for real estate is that they're late to the game now. There's a lot off profit to be made within the real estate niche. In other words, they have between 2 to 3, sometimes even higher percent profit margins. So let's say that they have a 3% profit margin and they make a house sale for, let's say, $500,000. That already means that their profit margin is going to be $15,000 straight down into their pocket. They're gonna have no problem whatsoever paying you $5000 to make that sale in the first place that they never would have done without you. And that's $5000 down your pocket. Easy PC. Right now, the real estate needs is highly underutilized late to the game. For some reason, they haven't been spending a lot of money on their marketing. But they are just recently coming to the conclusion that, hey, the better I market, the more sales and make the more money I make. And this is for you. Commend us an early bird catch on to this early. The niche is super profitable, and also they are everywhere, which makes real estate. One of the most profitable in each is that you can go ahead and find and dive into now the second profitable needs that you can go ahead and go into our lawyers and or attorneys now , because of the nature off this business, they spend a lot of money, and they also have a very high profit margin, right, So let's say that you're spending $200 in order for them to get one client. Well, that one client can make them up towards 12 $3000 would make this business very, very lucrative for you, right there. Gonna be very happy. The only paid $200 to get a client. That then made them $2000. So that's really perfect. And a lot of people hesitate to go into the lawyers and or attorney business because it seems really stiff. It seems really scary, but honestly, it's just like any other niche is nothing to worry about. And it works just the same way All they want our clients so that they can do their job and make their income. So because of the nature of the business, because of the high profitability, that makes this a very profitable needs to get into no, next up our restaurants now restaurants, they are a little bit special. First of all, they're everywhere, Right? No matter where you are in the world, chances are that you're gonna have a restaurant near you and probably more than one, right, unless you live in a really, really small village or town. So restaurants, they're everywhere. But the problem with restaurants generally are that their profitability is very low, and the benefit is that they're very willing to spend money on marketing, because if they don't have any marketing, they don't have any customers. If they don't have any customers, they don't have a business, right, They need you. But there are some pointers to think about before you go ahead with the restaurant niche. First of all, you want to make sure because we're going locally. You want to make sure that there are some high end restaurants don't go for the startups to start off. They're not gonna know where to put their money. They're not gonna have money to put into proper marketing and pay you well. And also don't go for the restaurants that only have a single restaurant. You want to go for the chains and not the kind of fast food chains that minimize their profit margins in order to be as cheap as possible. You want to hook and make sure that an entree is gonna be like, you know, 50 60 plus dollars. Ah, high ticket, high end restaurant that costs a lot of money to go to, but that Ulta makes a lot of money If you're gonna go into the restaurant needs, which is a real lucrative niche, you want to make sure that things were going locally. You want to look for those high end restaurants, and if you don't have those high end restaurants, is gonna have more than one restaurant. Then I would look for another niche. So to summarize restaurants, very profitable, very willing to spend their money on marketing despite their low profitability. But look for the high and ones, and then we have health care. Now. Healthcare is really large, right? You have healthcare. You have different sort of pills that people are selling. You have weight loss programs, but even more profitable. Do you wanna consider our general physicians, doctors, surgeons? Now all of these people, they make a lot of money, right? Especially if you are within the U. S. Now, private, healthier practices within the U. S. Are huge. They make a lot of money. They have a very, very high profitability and hands. They're willing to spend a lot of money on their marketing. If you are in Europe, chances are the healthcare systems are a little bit more stable so that the state helps out with that. But you still have to realize there's a lot of private practices that need to rank high in order to be profitable. Now. Nowadays, most Healthcare's most doctors know that people who are sick or looking for maybe some cosmetic surgery or similar they're gonna go for, for example, surgery near me or doctrinaire mere plastic surgery near me, whatever it might be. So they realize the importance off ranking high in the search engines, right, And that's where you come in. And because of the high profitability within the need, they're going to be willing to spend a lot of money on their marketing, which makes this a very lucrative niche to go into. And finally, we have fitness now. Fitness. There's no secret the fitness industry exploded, it keeps exploding, and people are selling fitness scheduled high end schedules and programmes. But more importantly, gym memberships and the gym business is fierce. It's competitive. They need to make sure that they are ranking on top in order for their business to thrive. And once again, this is where we come in now. This is also business that has stood the test of time, even 5 10 15 years down the road, people are still going to be working out. People have been working out for many, many years. They're looking for great James and because off the plentiful nous off Jim's, they need to rank high. And this is where you come in. And this is where they are willing to put their money and a lot of money into their marketing, because otherwise they don't have a business. So the fitness industry, it's very, very lucrative. And remember, this is not an exhaustive list. Now there are a bunch off different and very profitable niches out there. They're dentists are general contractors and general contractors. There's a lot of money in that niche. Car dealership, chiropractors, salads, all types of difference. Beauty is just an example. Their veteran areas not remember. There are so many different niches out there. What we have gone through right here and now are the most profitable ones and the most profitable being. There's a lot of money in it, and they're willing to spend that money on marketing right. That's what makes it profitable niche. But in the end, as long as there's some market than a need for it. And there is a business that feels that need you have a potential client. So this is a lot of different, very profitable niches that you can choose from. But in the next lecture, we're gonna go ahead and look for some criterias that you want to think about before you choose one off these niches. Right? So keep all of these in mind. Return to this video, looked through it. But go to the next lecture and find out. What do I need to think about before I choose in each? So let's go ahead and look at some of those criterias and learn how to choose a great niche seeing the next lecture, guys. 7. How to Pick a Niche: All right, guys. So we have looked at the benefits of creating a niche agency. We have looked at the many different, profitable niches that are available. Now, we're gonna go ahead and have a look at how to actually pick our own individual niche. Let's have a look. So, in order to decide how to pick your niche and which needs you specifically should be picking, The first thing you need to know is that the choice itself is highly individual, right? So depending on who you are and where you are from, that answer is going to be different for each person. So what we're gonna go ahead and do is Look, it's on different criterias that you want to run through in your mind before you decide which needs to go for All right. So first things first. Profitability, profitability is so important. We just dedicated an entire lecture to it. So remember what I spoke about earlier. In order for something to be profitable, all you need is a market need and a business that covers that market need. And then you have a client, right? But profitability is so much more than that. It is Also, how much are people earning within their knees? And also how much money are they willing to spend on their marketing? These are important things to answer before deciding on your niche, and we're dedicating an entire lecture to to just redo that one. If you have forgotten about the different niches and there many different important points , the next thing we need to talk about is your local availability, right, because you'll be performing your services locally and you want to be the go to guy or girl with your services. You need to have a look around, hate what's actually available to meet right here, and no. So, for example, you might have a bunch of different restaurants all available, looking like a gold mine. But if they're fast food chains, if their start up and if there are none off those restaurants that we're looking for in other words, those kind of restaurants, which you're gonna cost you 50 $60 from entree, then restaurants are a no go for you. You need the high ticket, the high end restaurants where it's gonna cost you a lot of money to go there and eat because those are the one with the high profitability and who are gonna pay you what you are worth to do. Your service is there All the restaurants, they're gonna pay you lowly because they're not earning good and not right. So first things first. Look locally. What's available to you don't have a veterinary around you. Well, then that is gonna be a problem, right? Is there a lot of Juma's near you? Well, what about the competition for those gyms? That is something worth investigating real estate agents. They're everywhere. Start off by looking locally, and then we also want to talk about your interest. And this is where we get a little bit more humane. So beyond profitability and local availability, you also need to pick in each, which is going to be interesting for you. And the reason for that is simple. Because you're going to be spending a lot of time within this niche, right? And in order for you to be so good that you will be considered their trusted advisor in other words, the one that they can come to for advice because you're so knowledgeable you need to have an interest in what you're doing if you don't have an interest in, for example, real estate. If that subject just kills you with boredom, then you're not going to spend any off your free time digging deeper, learning more, learning the secrets, understanding the trade itself. Because those kind of actions is what's going to separate you from your competitors and make you the so called trusted adviser that knows the ins and outs of the business. Because when you reach that level, when you are that good, go to guy or girl, you increase your value. And when you increase your value, guess what? You just increase your profits so very important. Look for something that is interesting to youth. If it looks like one subject as a higher profitability, then another. But one is more interesting than the other. You need to be humane here. Be smart about it and go for the interesting one because you want to be an expert and a trusted advisor within that niche. And next up is something called your unfair advantage. So what is your unfair advantage? Well, basically, that is your background. So say, for example, that you have a bunch of siblings and all of your siblings are real estate agents. You know what? That is? Your unfair advantage. That means that you have connections and you have a lot of people with a lot of insight in that niche that you can learn from first hand. Now, that would be amazing. Unfair advantage. So say, for example, that you have parents and they run a restaurant. That would be your unfair advantage. Or let's say that you have a massive, massive love for animals for pets. Well, being right then going from veterinary is gonna qualify. You hire because you already have a background with knowledge that's gonna help you out in that niche. So whatever you have in your past or whatever knowledge that you have or connections that you bring with you, that is known as you're on for advantage, that's just gonna set you on a higher level. So start right now, scan your own mind, scan your own background and connection. What is my unfair advantage and keep that in mind for when you pick your niche? And then finally, we need to think long term, right, because when you create this business, chances are and hopes are that this business is going to stick for a long, long, long time. Now ask the years go by. It is completely possible and even advisable to go ahead and add in more knishes to your repertoire. But that's many years ahead already when you're are well established. Expert OK, you're going to be spending a lot of times in a lot of years ahead and hopefully I'll hard a lot of years ahead. Within this niche, it's important that you think long term, even though you have on initial interest in Let's say, you know, attorneys. If you're gonna go for that, need to make sure that that is just not a spurt of interest that later is gonna kill you with boredom. Make sure it's something that you can stick to for the long run, because that is profitability. That is good business when you stay consistent and in order for you to stay consistent and profitable within your need. For your digital marketing agency, it needs all of the criterias we've just been talking about. It needs profitability. It needs to local availability for you to even do the work. It needs your interest for you to become an expert that they had an unfair advantage that's going to set you apart from the competitors and then the long term thinking, which is gonna make sure that you can stick to your business and make sure that you are very successful for a long time coming. So, guys with this in mind, run through these criterias, go ahead and check out those profitable niches once again, and then make your decision for your knees or Kate. Don't make it likely. Think it through and then we move on to the next lecture where things start to get. Really? Okay, Run through the criteria. Check out the profitable niches, decide on your knees and I'll see you in the next lecture. 8. Setting Up Your Agency Legally: All right, guys, in this lecture, we're gonna talk about what you need to do in order to get your digital marketing agency up and running legally. That means legally recognized as a business and agency. Let's get started. Alright, guys, let's talk about all of the things that we're gonna need to do in order to get set up. Now. First things first, though. I want to comment on the most important thing that you can do from the very beginning, and that is to get a good accountant. Now. A good accountant is not only going to help you with the opening off your business, they're also going to help you with the tax deduction with your payrolls with your audit. So whatever cost that they may have 345 $600 they are going to be earning in that money for you both in time and money with the help off property tax deduction, because we don't know all of these things and we want to focus on building our agency right , getting our business up and running. So that's first things first. Now all of the things that will be talking about in this lecture are going to differ. Depending on which country you are in, we're going to get look at different options. But I still recommend that you have an accountant by your side to help you with all of this . All right, now, getting on accountant isn't hard. All you need to do is search for account and near me. Check them out, read the reviews on Google, and then send an email to all of them. Look for the best offer. Tell them what you're about to do and take it from there. Okay, let's move on. Now. The first thing that we're gonna want to do is find a great business name for our agency and with a great business name. I mean, a catchy, solid name that's going to stick. It can't be too long. It can't be too hard to pronounce. Can he travel through word of mouth? Is it easy to write in its website with name? And what about a CEO? Just the name of take a CEO should have digital marketing in it. We're gonna talk about all of that in the next upcoming lecture, but needless to say, the name off your agency is very important. It needs to stick with people, and it needs to travel to other people easily. Now, when you have a client and they're happy and they recommend you, you want people to hear what they are saying. If you have a hard name or a long name that people easily forget, that's gonna be an issue. And once we have a great business name for agency, we're gonna go ahead and create our legal an urgency and our legal entity. That's just another name for creating our business itself. Now, with legal entity, there are many different shapes and forms that your business can comment You can have on A s corporation, a C corporation, a partnership, A sold priority. You could have an l see you could have on lt d But regardless, we're gonna help you with all of this is don't panic. We're gonna help you with all of these in an upcoming lecture. Go through what they all are, what they mean and which one we recommend for you. All right, so if you're feeling confused, don't worry about it. You're going to get all the help you'll need. Next up is setting up your taxes. This is where we start looking at different things, such as your teen numbers such as your E in number, social, your V 80 number. If you are in Europe, that is. We're gonna look at what they mean depending on where you live is gonna be different for Americans and Europeans. And also what kind of information you're gonna need to gather for your accountant. Now, remember, you're still going to be needing that accountant. And if you are in a different part of the world in a different country, you're gonna need to look up. What kind of tax requirements do I have where I live? Once again, this is where a great accountant coming. But we're gonna look at these together in an upcoming lecture, and next up, we're gonna go ahead and open our business bank account. Now, one of the things we're opening a business bank account is that once you make your business illegal entity, it's going to be needing its own bank account. Right? We're gonna talk more about what it means to have a legal entity and what that means for you and why you need it in an upcoming lecture. But you're going to need to create your business bank account because your legal entity is going to be separate from you, right? So you no longer bear the responsibility off the business. Once you create illegal entity, all of that responsibility will be on that entity. But it also means now you need to showcase your own incomes and expenses, and you need to showcase the business income and expenses. And this is why we're gonna look at how to open your own business bank account in which wants to choose from now straight off the bat. If you've ever heard of it, what me and just for use. We prefer to go with Transferwise because they are on a line based, borderless bank list bank. But more about this in an upcoming lecture. So once we got everything up and going and everything is in motion, we need to start looking at the permits and licenses. Now, the truth. This guys that different countries have different rules, right? And in some countries, and even if you're in the US, in some states, you're going to need certain permits and licenses in order for your agency to be legally up and running. Now, if you're in the US, these licenses calm Matty Federal at a state and local level where you can find them. Just contact your state your government and have a look at that and talk to your accountant . But if you are in another country, there might be all their permits or no permits that you need to look into in order to get up and running with your agency. All right, so first things first. Google is your friend. Second thing. Talk to your accountant. He or she may or may not know about it, but this needs to be researched. Depending on where you live, make sure that you have everything you need. And once you've got those permits of those beautiful licenses that you need and you can continue the next thing, we need to talk about its business insurance. Now, why should you have a business insurance? Well, the problem is, first of all, some clients. When they don't get results, they get angry. When they get angry and something happened or they blame you, they might sue you. If you get sued, your business is done, and that's the reality we're looking at right here. However, it might not even be about that. You might have the best of relationships with your clients. However, when we're doing digital marketing, four other businesses or for other people, we're handling sensitive information, right? So that also means that let's say that someone hacks your email or your computer, and through that they get a hold off their businesses information and their business is in trouble. They're gonna have to sue you, even just to recover their own costs. And that is going to kill your business, even though it's not your fold. And this is where a business insurance comes in. If you have a business insurance, you'll be protected. You'll be safeguarded, and depending on where you live, there gonna look a little bit differently. However, in the beginning, when we're getting things up and running, you're not gonna need one. But once you start making some money, it's worthwhile to look into the different business insurance that's offered within your country. Just so you know about this, So this is the overview off what we're going to be looking at in the upcoming lectures guys , in order to get our agency up and running and make it into a proper legal entity. Really business. So what we're gonna do next is that we're gonna talk about proper names in the upcoming lectures, choose a proper name, then we're going to continue with creating the legal entity itself. All right, guys, see in the next video. 9. Naming Your Company: All right, guys, in Theis lecture, we're gonna go through what makes a good business name and some common deuce and Don's because once you get your business up and running and you have your name, that thing is gonna stick for a while, So let's get started. All right, First things first. So what's so important about your business name? Well, here's the thing, guys. Your business name is your first impression. Right now, the business name is the first thing your potential clients are going to be hearing or even your potential clients from their when it goes through word of mouth. Now, it's so important as we already know that the first impression, if solid hence we want a solid business name. And remember, once you have a solid business name and it sticks, it's probably gonna be around for a while. You're not gonna want to change that once you get some momentum. So let's get started now. The first thing I want to look for is a name that is easy to spell and pronounce. Now, whenever we use any sort of name that's hard to pronounce or spell, we're losing customers, and that's just the truth of it now, First of all, if you don't know how to spell it, they can't find your website. Probably if it's bad enough they can even google it now. If they can't pronounce it, chances are they're not gonna be able to spread it further. And if people have troubles pronouncing it, they're probably gonna have issues remembering it. So we want something that's easy to spell and pronounce. Such as, for example, L a veil. Would she sit digital marketing agency? And that is such an e seat name easy to remember and easy to say, right? So if I would say, Hey, you should really go ahead and check out el avail. There are great agents. It really helped me out. Well, that's really gonna work. Similarly, Metro take It's very easy. Very short, very much to the point. So that's the first thing to keep in mind. Keep it easy to spell and pronounce. Now, the second thing is to avoid limiting names. Now, what I mean with limiting names is, for example, spine s CEO, which is a digital marketing agency. And that's a perfect name when you're focusing on S e o right. But the problem is, now all you're gonna do is focus on s CEO. When your business grows over time, you we're not just talking one. You were talking 5 10 15 20 years ahead. Things are gonna change and your business is going to involve. Now, if you have a name, such a spine s CEO is going to be a bit harder to focus on, For example, Google ads because they're gonna be the A CEO guys or girls, right? So you don't want names that limit you as that Web creation company or that s C o company or agency, Right? So we want to keep our names much more neutral and make sure that there's nothing limiting about it. So once you find the name that you think sounds good or has a nice ring to it is easy to spell, easy to pronounce. It's not limiting. The first thing you're gonna want to do is Google it. And the reason is simple to see if it's already taken or not. Now, if someone is already taken, that business name is probably going to pop up quite quickly, like in this example. Now, when I served for Robin and Jesper. The first things is gonna put up is our YouTube channel and our website and a quick run through those who is going to show that Hey, that's a company up and running. The name is not available, right? So I can't use Robin. And just for because someone else is using it. So the first thing you want to do with your potential new name is go ahead and Google it, check out the links, make sure that no one else is already using it, and then, if they are off course, then go for something else. Keep brainstorming. If they're not using it, though, you can move on to the next step, and the next of is to chick dot com availability. Okay, because you want to have the dot com mark on your website for your agency's name, now dot com has several benefits. One. It looks more professional and to most clients believe it looks like a much more and longer established business when you're using the dot com ending. So it's strongly recommended to use to dot com ending and also, of course, make sure that it is available and there are many different places you can do that on. I prefer to use Go, Daddy. And doing so is very simple. Let me show you. All you're gonna do is go to go, daddy dot com, which is gonna be in the resource is, and then you're going to search for your business name. So if I, for example, would serve for Robin and Jesper here and then hit, enter the search bottom, we can see that Robert and Jessica dot com is taken. Which makes sense, because I bought it myself. Right? But if I would search for something like eternal digital marketing and hit Enter, we can see that eternal digital marketing dot com is available. No, guys, that's not a hint. I don't think that's a very good name, but that would be available. You can see that dot com is available. So if you did your googling already, you could see no one is using that name. Hey, the dot com extension is available. Okay, Perfect. We're really on to something here. That's great news and probably means that it's time for the final check, which is be proud off it. Are you proud of that name because the truth is that when it sticks and when your company starts growing, that name is gonna be around for a while. And there is no benefits to changing your business name, right? You want to get your business through through word of mouth through S E O through ads and spreading it in all the ways you can and by changing your name, your Onley going to make things harder for yourself. What I recommend is that you make things right from the very beginning. Find a name that shakes out on all of these points and also that you can be super proud of not just today but 5 10 15 25 years I had. Then, you know, you've got a nice, solid name and you know what to use for creating your legal entity. So, guys, when it comes to the created part of OK, where do I get my name? There are tons off naming generators online. What I recommend is that you sit down just in a quiet space and brainstorm and asked the most trusted ones for feedback. Don't get too many people involved. Film is your head. Just a couple of people whose tastes your trust, ask for feedback, brainstorm and then let the name come to you. Once you have your name, it's time to move on to the next lecture. And in that lecture, we're gonna go ahead and start talking about the different legal entities I know Don't freak out sexually. Very simple yet. Very important. So we're gonna go through the legal entities and how to create one. Okay, so I'll see you in the next lecture, guys. 10. Creating Your Legal Entity: All right, my friends, in this lecture, we're gonna go through how to create your legal entity. What different options there are to choose from what we're looking for and how to do it. So let's get started. So here's the thing when we're starting our digital marketing agency, whether we like it or not, even if we take no decision, illegal entity is still going to be set on us. No, What we need to make sure is that we have a legal entity that's going to protect us and going to give us a couple of key things is going to allow us minimum taxes, flexibility within the company and, most importantly, guys. It's going to allow limited liability. In other words, separation between you and your company. Now let me go through what this means, because if we do nothing, we still end up with illegal entity. So let's get started now. There are different types of legal entities available, and the first type is called Soul Preparer Ship. Now what that is, it's basically if you do nothing if you go ahead and you start taking on at jobs for digital marketing agency and your clients pay you, then already you have a soul prepare ship that all you need to do is do your taxes through Social Security number and everything will work out fine. So basically, all they need to do is find a client, take their money and you have a legal entity. You can start your business like this. But there are some pros and cons with this approach. Of course, Now the pro would be It's super easy. It takes no paperwork. You can get started right away. But here is the downside to that you are personally responsible. In other words, if something were to happen within the business, then that is going to fall on you personally. So you're gonna have to take all of the money out of your pocket if you end in depth to pay for the depth. And if you can't, well, they're gonna come for all of your items, for your house, for your car, everything that you own. And that's not a good situation. So this is why we're looking to limit our liability because when we have a company, things happen and you don't want to be personally responsible but to go through the different legal entities. This is the default, your sole owner. Off your agency, you start taking in clients, you do nothing. Then you can use the soul preparer ship to get started. The downfall being you're personally responsible. But you can just do your taxes to your Social Security number instead off the tax I D and everything is gonna work out legally. So this would be the solo default option doing it yourself. Now the other option that we have would be called a general partnership. Now, partnerships can be a little bit confusing because the partnership can be limited. It can be added to corporations, it said it said about, Let's keep it simple here because we don't need to dive into that now. A general partnership is similar to a sold prepare ship. Is that you are, instead of one person, you're gonna be two or more people in the company, but it's still gonna work the same way, right? You're gonna do your taxes through your social security number, but you're all going to be personally responsible now if you go ahead and you decide to go this route, what I recommend you do is create a partnership agreement. Now, a partnership agreement is basically where you create a contract. Now, there tons of these templates online is where you create a contract between all of the people involved. There's gonna explain, How do you want to run this business? What is gonna happen if someone falls ill? What's gonna happen if someone has a change of hearts? What's gonna happen if so long wants to pull someone else into the business. All of these really important questions needs to be agreed on because the number one reason for businesses splitting up is because partners stop agreeing where they start having different ideas. So get things right from the very beginning. If you go ahead and decide for this general partnership route, even if you just decide to start with it, still get a partnership agreement and talk to your accountant. Now, the next legal entity options that's available are s corporations and see corporations. Now what on AES corporation is it's basically you create a corporation that is external from you while the soul prepare ship and general partnership. It's one or two people involved and they're personally responsible with an s corporation and a C corporation. You are not personal responsible. You create the corporation that is external from you. Now on AES Corporation is going to be more limited. Is going to allow for a maximum off 100 shareholders or members within that corporation. They all have to be from the US and it's a great idea to start an s corporation If you're planning on having a lot of investors. However, the form is quite rigid and there are some paperwork that's required now with a C corporation. That's the big version off the S Corporation. It's C corporation has an unlimited amount of shareholders within it, meaning you can take in a huge bunch off investors. However, there are double taxation says you're gonna tax eight the company itself and you're also going to tax it all of its members making this one of the more difficult for us. But for your agency, I don't recommend going with need an s corporation or a C corporation. We're gonna look at a better option for that. However, should any of these be interesting? I recommended you start with an s corporation and once you can start developing that one you can move on to a C corporation in order to grow your business and make it more unlimited. But once again, what I recommend, rather than going for these big, big company, is that you go for something that's called a limited liability company. Now. Limited liability company is just as it sounds. It's a external company from you that's gonna limit your liability. The best of waste, meaning if something were to happen while you were doing work for another client, they're unhappy. Something crashes, anything can happen. You are not personally responsible, rather your company's. So you are not going to get in that your company is going to get in there. And this is such an important protection to have now will limit. The liability company is a hybrid. You're still going to tax like it was a sole proprietorship, meaning you're going to do your taxation through yourself, meaning a lot less Paper worked in a C corporations. You also have the ability to open up to more members just like a general partnership or an s corporation. The difference being here is that a limited liability company is much, much more flexible and has the best of protection with the least amount off paperwork. Also, the easiest tax deductions. So I strongly recommend, if you are in the US to look into limited liability companies because again, what we're looking for here is the separation between you and your company making your life as easy as possible and making your profits as high as possible. Now, all of these different legal types guys, these are for the U. S. But they're pretty much standard all over the world whether you're in Europe or Asia. This is where it gets a little bit individual. And I strongly recommend that you talk to your accountant and have them look for the equivalent off on L L C company. All right, on L C. Company is definitely going to serve you the best in this case. And you're going to want that separation between your liability and putting it on the company. That protection is very important. But because of the individual difference, guys talk with your accountant. Super important cannot stress that enough. So to get back to the question, when should I start my legal entity? Well, this is the case, guys. This is the way it looks. Once money starts coming in, baseness is on. So money and baseness on even by default. That means that if you get a client right now, you juiced. You know, close to computer, you go ahead and get a client and they pay you. You're already working. It's a sold prepare ship. Unless you're doing it with a friend, that it's a general partnership. So it's already on from the very beginning. It's just that you are going to be personally responsible. So what I recommend is that you take the bulls by the horns from the very beginning, talk to your accountant looking to the LZ and get the company started. Guys, do it early. Just make sure your foundation is right and solid so you can create your beautiful digital marketing agency and continue on. Now, if you are within the US, you're going to need to get your legal entity. Your Elsie started and permitted both federally and in your state. So in order to do that, I strongly recommend that you used a website called In File Now Inc file. I'm gonna put that in. The resource is it's very straightforward and easy to use all you're gonna go ahead and do is go down, select the entity type into an L C. Select the state that you want to form it in silicon, get started and get started. Now, this is not an excuse to not use an accountant. But here you can get started if you're within the US forming your LSE right away. And I believe that in file that is the cheapest that I have found currently available. Now, guys, to end this, know that it is completely okay to get started on the fold, meaning your sole proprietorship to start getting clients and working there. Just know that you will be personally responsible if something were to happen. So if I haven't stress that enough, talk to your account and get a solid accounted. I mean, it's going to be the best investment you make. And in the upcoming lecture, we're going to be talking about taxes. And don't worry, it's not as harder, Stressful asked. You think we're going to go through the different types, what they mean and how to use them and what the influence that you're gonna need to collect . So, guys well done, See, in the next lecture 11. Set Up Your Taxes: So let's talk about taxes, and I know it's not my favorite subject in the world, either, but it's oh so important. So we're gonna look at what you'll need in order to set up your taxes correctly. So let's get started. Needless to say, taxes need no introduction. We know what they are. We know what they mean, and in the end is probably going to cost us. That's just in nature. Off business. However, depending on where you live in the world, there's going to be a couple of different things that you will need and a couple of different rules and taxes you'll need to follow. But first things first. Let's start with the basic guys if I haven't talked about it already, which I think I have 1000 times. Get an accountant. You are going to make so much more back, most likely than what you will be paying on accountant In order for them to do your audit to do your taxes to help you with the startup everything. It's priceless. Now an accountant is educated in being an accountant in finding deductible taxes, right? If you're doing your own taxes, chances are you're going to be missing a lot of things because truth is different states in the US have different rules and different things that's deductible. Different countries have different rules. You are most likely not an expert in this. If you were, you would be an accountant. But you aren't, and I am not either. So I recommend that we leave it to the professionals. Get an accountant, let them help you with start up, let them help you with the taxes. So this is going to be their area. So with that being said, knowing an accountant is really gonna help us save money, they're not just going to be an expense. Let's look at what you actually need to do and learn. And the first thing is that you are going to need something called a tin in order to even pay your taxes. Now that's a tax identification number. And depending on where you are in the world, that's going to mean different things. And also what kind of company that you do have so 18 number, for example, for a lot of you is going to be your social security number. And this is very often the case within Europe and the European Union is also going to be the case if you using the sold prepare ity as your legal entity. Now, if you don't already know your Social Security number, you can very easily find in your passport on your driver's license, etcetera. But if there are any confused Europeans out there, let me show you what a team means within the different European countries and where you can find yours. So I am at the European Commission website and I'm going to link this in. The resource is, but here you can find out what the tin is by each counters. All you need to do is find your country in here, click there and check out. Where is your 10? What does it mean? And if I have any issues, where do I go? If you don't find your country in here, go ahead and do a Google search, but chances are you're gonna find it in here if you are a European. However, if you are an American and you decided to go for the LoC for you are going to need something known as an employer identification number, E. I n right employee identification number. So what that means is that you, as an employer, are going to be having a different number than your Social Security number, and you're gonna go ahead and go to the I. R s website in order to order your own E i n number. Now something such as filing they may help you with this, but it's actually a very, very easy procedure, and you don't need to pay $100 for it. So let me show you exactly how to do this. So I'm at the I. R s website. I'm gonna put in. The resource is as well. All I'm gonna do while I'm at the website is go to the search for in the upper right corner search for E I. And and then he searched. I'm going to scroll down. And there is something that says apply for an employer identification number is very easy. Is probably just gonna take you 10 plus minutes or something to apply for this. No need to pay $100 to have someone else do it for you. Scroll down. Read through these and when you have click on, apply online now and that's all there is to it, and you'll have it on your way to you. So once again, the e i N number is going to be for all of our American friends out there, especially if you have an LLC S or C corporation, for example, you're going to need a e i O and number. And once again, if you are in Europe or in certain places in Asia, you're going to need your V 80 number, right? Your V 80 number is something that doesn't exist in America. But it does exist in Europe, within the entire European Union and within certain places in Asia, and you're going to need to apply for it now. In most cases, your accountant is easily going to help you with this application. But if you're in the UK, for example, I have included a website where you can easily go through and read editorial how to apply for the V A. T. So I am a governmental UK site. This will be in the resource is as well. Here. You're gonna find a V 80 registration guide. Now, if you are somewhere else in Europe or in Asia, you need to order you ve 18 number, which you will need for your company. You're definitely gonna need it. Simply go ahead and do some Googling. But most off all ask your accountant and let them help you with this for me. And just for for example. We used her accountant all the time. He's helped us, Aton. He helps us order our V A t number. I strongly recommend you get a solid accountant. Let them help you out with these kind of things. And once again, this is for all of for European Union friends and certain places in Asia who uses the V A T system. You don't need to bother about this if you're an American, unless you are selling to Europe. Of course. But even then that's gonna be later down the road with your services. So with that being said to summarize once again, you're gonna want to get an accountant. I know if you're in the US, go ahead and apply for your e I and number for the rest of us. For the Europeans. Check out your teen check out. You know your social security number. Make sure you know how to order for a V A T. And then we're gonna go ahead and move onto the next lecture where we're going to talk about opening a bank account. All right, guys, see, in the next lecture 12. Open Your Business Bank Account: Alright, guys. So by now you have named your company, created your legal entity and even set up your taxes. First of all, great job. Now let's talk about opening your business bank account. Let's get into it. So first things first, Why would you even want to have a business bank account? Well, to get into right away. The reason that you're going to want to have your business bank account is first and foremost to get a separation between your personal income and your business income. And the reason for that is once you start doing your taxes, which hopefully you're a counter will be doing for you, you're going to want to send him all of the invoices, all of your incomes, all of your expenses, everything you've been doing in your company. And in order to do that, you want them all collected in one nice place, right? And that is going to be your business bank account. You don't want to intermingle it with your personal expenses and incomes, etcetera, etcetera. Now the second reason is going to be Did you want to keep on eye on how your business is going? Right? You want your own analytics. You want to see how much of my actually earning how much of my actually paying And the only way to see that is to keep a separate business bank account. So what we're gonna go ahead and do is look at a couple off options and the first thing that we're gonna look get before we decide where and how to open our baseness bank account is what kindof bank fees are we looking at here now? Different banks whether that be local banks, big banks or online bank are going to have certain fees. Right? And when you open your digital marketing agency and you get your legal entity created and everything, chances are money aren't going to be overflowing in the beginning, right? That's just in nature off business. So what we're gonna want to do is avoid the bank fees as much as possible. And there are fees for a lot of things. For example, a lot of bank takes out fees for you not using your bank account frequently enough. Some banks also take out fees if you're doing too many withdrawals and deposits, and also if you don't put enough minimum balance into your bank account, you can get fees for these. And also worst of all, a lot of banks don't notify you about these fees, so they're just gonna be pulled from you. And, you know, he didn't cost That's no good. That's not a very good beginning. So that's one of the things we want to keep on eye for when we decide where to open our business bank account, the hidden and the plain sight bank fees. Now the second thing we want to keep in consideration is how will my clients pay? In other words, what kind of options am I going to need to keep open? Am I going to be having international clients? Am I going to be having clients were going to decide to pay with cash? So you want to look at a couple of things with your bank, and those things are Does your bank have, For example, Elektronik transfers doesn't have a mobile app for mobile deposits doesn't allow for direct deposits Now, All of these are important questions to ask your bank before you decide to open your business bank account with them. Now say, for example, that you get a client. They want to pay you. But you don't have a mobile app on the spot so that you can verify that they just paid. You know that's gonna be a problem, right? You want to make sure that you are prepared so that one you can have your clients pay you regardless off the situation you are in and to. You can verify that the client has paid you now knowing how the majority off your clients will be paying or their preferred payment method is not easy. So what I recommend is that you go ahead and you look for a bank that has a lot of flexibility. Ah, lot of allowed paying methods and verifications method and definitely a mobile app. So let's talk about the options themselves now. The first option that you can look at is a small local bank, right? You could open your business bank account at your local smaller bank, and there are certain pros and cons associated with that. Now, one of the benefits would be that it's much more personal. Chances are because you'll be visiting that bank personally. Probably a lot of times it's gonna be easy for you to make contacts is going to be easier for you to sit alone now. If you like that style, that is great. The disadvantage with this is, of course, going to be that it's a smaller bank that likely has a lot less options because they're not going to be as established, asked the bigger banks. But once again, if you're looking for a loan from the bank, then the small local banks can be a really, really great option. Now the other thing. We can also look at Easter, large national banks right now, the large national back sister pros and counts as well. And one of the benefits would use in a large national bank is that they're going to be very established. They're going to have a lot off features now. The biggest take away from a big national bank is unfortunate going to be that they have a lot higher costs and a small local dying, and these higher costs that that's really something you need to keep an eye open for. So while large national banks usually have the best sign up offers, meaning you go there, you sign up, you open your business bank account, and they might offer you certain insurgent your account. From the very beginning, you're gonna think, Hey, free money or hey, what? I'm getting all of these things. The number one thing you really want to keep in mind is what is going to be my day to day expenses, Right? So how much are my day to day usage is off these bank going to cost me even these small, small percentage fees, They really add up over time. So before you decide, keep on eye off. Okay. What am I actually going to be using from this bank? And how much is that going to cost me? Especially compared to your small local bank? But once again, there are certain features that we're going to need to keep an eye for that as well. And finally we come to online banks. Now, online banks are incredible in many ways. Usually they're associated with the lowest fees. They are paper less meaning that you can get all of your statements online as e statements . You put it into your Google drive and then you send it to your accountant. When it's tax season, it's amazing. And Also, it's usually means they have the most amount of features because they are an online bank. So there are a lot of benefits to it. And, of course there are. Some constitute as well. The custody is an online bank. Going for alone is going to be much harder, and it's also going to be a lot less personal now for me and Jesper. We have gone with the online bank option, and it is what we recommend generally as well. Now, when you do your research on online bank, be really, really, really careful because there are a lot of scams out there. Do your Googling Do your review readings, check the ratings. Just make sure you make a good option. But of course would do have a recommendation for you. And what we use and recommend is actually Transferwise. No Transferwise is amazing because it has all of the features as a mobile app. It has the lowest costs, and it also has to lowers conversion rates. That means that once you start expanding, you might start taking in international clients. Doesn't matter which currency they pay you in. You're going to be having the lowest conversion fees off all. And besides their online and their mobile app, it's incredible. It's very easy to use, and you can see right away on your phone when someone is paying you. So we love Transferwise. We think it's super easy to the point and the cheapest options that we have found. So let me show you, if you decide to go for this option, how to open your business bank account on Transferwise now all you need to do is go to transferwise dot com, and I'm going to link you directly to their business page. You're gonna go ahead and click on, create your account and then go through all of the different steps to get your bank account open. Now this is incredible because you can even order a credit card associated to your business bank account. It doesn't cost you a thing. You can download the app right away. It's a very, very handy tool, and it is our favorite online bank. So, guys to summarize, there are a couple of features that you're going to want to need, and you're also going to want to make sure that your bank it's flexible enough for your clients to be able to pay you in different ways. You wanna watch out for the bank fees? You want to look into your small local banks? If you're more interested in taking a loan, keeping it more personal, the large natural banks if you're looking for a lot of features And of course, if you're going for the versatility and you're gonna go like us with an online bank, then do your rating. Do you're searching? Read your reviews or simply go for Transferwise because we really recommend transfer wife if you want our recommendation. If you want our word, go with Transferwise. Unless you have other ideas in mind, then look into the other types off banks. Great job, guys. Let's move on to the next lecture. 13. Pricing: Okay, guys, in this section of the course, we're gonna go into something that can seem a little bit hard or difficult in the beginning and also on how to scale your business even further down the line, which is pricing. So let's dive into it. So we all know that pricing our services can be pretty hard. We don't know where to begin, and in this section we are going to make it as clearly as we possibly can for you. So you know exactly on which model that fits you the best. Because there are different types of models. They're like any other businesses. There are hundreds of different person models, but we are having the tree best for you to start with and also to scale your business. If you are mawr a bit of advanced with your digital marketing agency. Now these are the tree once that we're going to talk about now that we have charging by the hour, we having project based pricing and something called value based pricing, and we're going to dive into each one of these in single videos in upcoming lectures. But just know that there are different types of pricing models. So there's not one fits all now what types of pricing that you're going with ish, actually, depending on what type of services that you can provide to your client. Now let's say that you're doing S e o search engine optimization your expert in that maybe you can take one type of pricing model for that. Or maybe you're doing Chappelle Marketing. Maybe you're doing social media for ah company or you're doing maybe Web development. You're creating websites now. The pricing model or how much pay you can take depends on your services that you can provide and also depends on the type of client that you're working with. Let's say that you're working on. If you look on this picture on the left hand side of this picture, it says, start up and on the right hand side, it's a bigger company. Maybe you're working for a startup that is not having to large budget to maybe put into their marketing. Then you may have to go with a certain pricing model so they feel more secure. Maybe the hourly probably sing model is a little bit better for them, and maybe they can counsel at any time or, I don't know. Maybe they're having a large body it, but often bigger companies. You can go with a different pricing model, and we will go much more in depth on each single pricing model in the upcoming videos. But it heavily depends on the client that you're working with. Also, when you're choosing the different pricing models, it also depends on your expertise. Now maybe you are doing a CEO. Maybe you're doing a social media. Maybe you're doing Web development, and that's good and all. But there are also other digital marketing agencies out there that are doing these tasks. But maybe doing something with a little bit more high demand that not many agencies in your area or at all is doing something like, maybe shat both. Marketing Facebook shattered marketing. You getting amazing results with your Chappelle marketing, and you have proof and all that you can show cos. Then if you are expert within that field, you're more likely to get the job right. So it depends on different things, like on your services that you can provide on the clients that you are working with and also on your own expertise. Now you need to keep on testing when it comes to pricing, because it's like you begin maybe at one level, and then you end at one level. In the beginning, you're not an expert, and then you cannot go into different types of pricing model based on that, maybe you're not an expert or maybe just fits your business to work on an hourly basis. It comes down to keep on testing and trying out things. Don't be afraid on testing different pricing models. Now it's time to dive into the first pricing model a little bit more in detail, which is the hourly one. So seeing the next lecture guys. 14. Charging By The Hour: in these video guys. We're going to talk about how to charge a client and how to make a profit off it. So you don't go into the trap to us, charge a client randomly, and then in the end, you're losing money. Let's dive into it. So charging by our is a very, very old method in order to get paid for your job. But is it effective if you're starting and marketing agency? Well, yes, it is because it's easy to begin with now. It's easy to count the numbers plus minus and divided, and to get an understanding on how much money you can make in the end off the gear and how much money your client has to spend in order to get the job done. So it's a very easy method to begin with. It was a very, very easy way to sell also to a client. Let's have a look at an example here. Now let's say that you're making social media management for a company. You are working 40 hours a month for this client and you are getting $100 an hour in pay. Now, both you and your client knows what the price is right. So this is how you can divide up those hours Now, 20 hours on instagram management and 20 hours on a Facebook page. Management and both you and your client knows that this cost $4000 for the client and you will get $4000 in your pocket for these job very, very easy to sell. Right now, a great thing about this is actually that you can add hours to your products. So you are getting paid for every single hour that you're putting in into this work, which is a difference to another type of thing that we will talk more about later with which comes down to value based and performing based charging when it comes to your client . So you are sure that you're always giving paid for every single hour that you're putting into a project. Now there are some pros and constant ease off course. Now the pros in the top right corner, you can see it's simple and straightforward. You know what it is, and your client also know what it is that your client has to pay you and you know what type of amount that you're getting into your bank account, which in the end leads to it's easier for you to count out your profits. It's easy to sell to your clients, and you get paid for every single hour that you put in now the consulate. This could be that is no motivation for you to work hard or fast because the harder and faster you working, the less you're getting paid right makes sense. And then it's extremely challenging to scale. We will talk more about in another lecture on how to scale your company in order to charge the right amount of money for any project that you're doing for a client. And this, of course, comes with experience and you knowing exactly what you're doing and what results your client can expect. But we will talk more about that later on. And not only is it extremely challenging to scale because you know what to expect, right, what type of money and you getting into your pockets? You don't get paid for non billable hours like when you're managing your agency when you're doing admin work, and also when you are managing your business, etcetera. So these are the pros and cons. So you can post this video and just look at this little chart on the right hand side and decide for yourself If this is something that is good for you if you are in the beginning of the journey, or maybe you're having more experience under your belt and you don't want to go with this method, it's totally up to you and maybe to your business partner. Now, what we're gonna do now, guys, is pretty heavy. Are we going to go into some mathematics on how to understand how you can charge by the hour and still make a profit? So let's have a look at the next point. How to Price. Now look at this. So I've made in calculation for you in this table that you can use at any time. If you would like to calculate on how to charge a client per hour So you would like to know how many hours are you or your employees are going to work? And then you would like to know what that person's salary a year would be. Now, if you know how many hours and this salary now we need to calculate the profit. Okay, but we're going to start on the left hand side off this table. That is the hours. If you look on the left side off this table now you can see that we're calculating everything here based on a full time job. Feel free to post his view at any time. I know this could be a bit overwhelming, but we're calculating this on a full time job. Normal, full time job is between 35 hours to 40 hours a week, which come downs to multiplied with 50 too. Yes, you can post these videos any time, but it comes down to around 2000 hours a year. That is how much abnormal person is working on a full time job. All right, But that is not the whole truth. You cannot calculate on those 2000 hours because things happen in life, right? Things like you getting sick and you're having holiday. So we're taking minus 400 hours for sick days and for holidays, etcetera. And then you it comes down to working hours, which in 1600 working hours per year, But then, once again, you have to plan your work and that is the non billable hours that we talked about earlier . So you're not getting paid. You cannot charge clients for some hours that you doing like managing things or like admin work or planning things behind for your own company. You cannot build clients for that. So we take away another 200 hours and we come down to billable hours off 1400 hours per year per person. So in order to make $50,000 a year on this 1400 hours, how do you calculate? Right? That is what we like to know in the end and also know how much profit are our company, our agency, make in the end off this year on this person, how much can we make if you look on the right hand side? Now that we know that ah person a year works around 1000 400 hours roughly look on the right hand side now on their persons salary. So in order to get $50,000 a year in order for us to be able to pay somebody $50,000 a year or pay all Selves $50,000 a year, Firstly, we need to multiply this bite to, and there are several reasons why you have social insurance. You have self employed fees, and you have maybe a life insurance and mawr insurances and things that you need to pay in order to have an employee at your company or have yourself as an employee. Actually, so we're calculating the salary per year that we would like to pay our employees or ourselves. Times two, which comes down to $100,000 a year. That is how much money we need to make in order to pay $50,000 to 1 person a year. Now, once again, you can post this video where you can re watch this video to understand the calculation process that we're going through here. Now let's move on. We would like to make a profit, right? Guys, we would like to make money on our employees, right? Yeah, So this come down to We're calculating that we would like to make a 20% profit per employee . That includes us if we are self employed in our company. So we're adding another 20% on this 100,000 dollars a year, which comes down to $100,000 times 1.2, which comes down to $120,000. This is how much we need to make in order to pay our employees or ourselves. $50,000. All right, I hope you bear with me here now. We can also add being like usage off programs and tools were using and wondered, too, manage our digital marketing agencies and doing tasks for our clients. And if we would like to put in maybe a bonus for ourselves or for employees were adding another 10% now, this is totally up to you. You don't have to add anything here. You can add 10%. You can add 20% depending on how much you're spending on your tools and your programs. And if you would like to pay out bonus totally up to you. But I'm doing this in this example to just clarify everything for you to make everything as clear as I possibly can. So with that knowing next one is, then you have to multiply 120,000 dollars times 1.10 that is the 10% extra that we just put on. And then it equals $132,000. That is exactly how much money we need to make per employee in order to pay our employees $50,000 in order to pay our employees $50,000 a year. Now, how much an hour do you need to charge your client in order to make a profit from this? Okay, look at this. So we're having $132,000 right? We need to divide that with the hours on the left hand side that employees or ourselves off working I year, which is 1400. So if you look in the bottom corner off this table right now, you can see 130 to $2000 divided by 1400 hours equals $94 an hour. This is how you're calculating on how much an hour you would like to charge a client for the work that your employees or you are doing on a project in order to make a profit. So how do you know how much profit your making out of this? Well, it's pretty clear, right, because if you look in the middle off the screen to the right, you can see four profit, 20%. All right, So the profit for us would be $20,000 a year. That is how much money are companies making on one employee with this model? Now, you can customize this model just the way you want to after maybe your needs, your services, or maybe the country that you're working in. Maybe you're working in another country. Then you cannot charge your client this amount off money. Or maybe you can charge even Maura amount of money that is totally up to you. This model is just for you to have an understanding on how you can calculate how much money you're going to charge per hour. And in this case, it comes down to $94 an hour. Now a conclusion. Okay, so look at this. The conclusion is to make $50,000 a year yourself or to make $20,000 a year per employee for your company, you need to charge in this case $94 per hour off work. Now, I really hope that this entire video makes sense and that you are able to use this model yourself to calculate the profits and how much you can charge a client for an hour off work . So with that said, Why should you charge by our? Well, it's easy to begin with. It's easy selling point, actually, for you with your client, and you can also add hours to your products. Do you make sure that you're always getting paid pros and cons? We already went through that, and then how to price? This is the model that we're using when we're charging a client, and this is a model that I assume that you would like to use as well. Now you can post these videos and it time, and you can also re watch this video to make sure that you understand everything that goes into this calculation. So with that said, see you in the next one, guys 15. Project Based Pricing: Now, when these video guys, we're gonna talk about the pros and cons with charging a client based on a project that they want to have finished. Okay, let's dive into it. Now. We have already talked about how to charge a client. Based on the hours that you put in now project based pricing, it's a little bit difference. Let me show you what I mean. Now. Ah, project based pricing is you charging a client for your expertise rather than charging your client based on the hours you put in. Now you are an expert in maybe let's a web development. You're creating a beautiful website and your S e o search engine optimizing that website for a client. Okay, so you are in expertise, and you know that instead of working based on hours, you can make more money because your expert and you can work faster than the hours they would pay you for if that makes sense, so but you still want to set rates based on hours? What I mean with that you still want to calculate everything based on the hours that you put in, so you know that you can make a profit makes sense, right? So it's like you are working a little faster than the hours. So in the end, you make more money on this model, the project based pricing model, instead off that hourly model. So everybody wants to make more money, right? And you would like to make more money for your agency or for yourself. Then this is the model you would like to go with, and they're not. A good thing with this model is also that you can include non billable hours, hours that you are sitting with your computer and maybe answering emails, maybe, or doing admin work, or maybe are managing your agency. These hours are not included in the hourly model, but you can calculate them and include them in this model because, hey, life is what it is. And your days doesn't always goes as planned. Do they know? Because sometimes the project, maybe you're having a client that would like you to maybe put out like 10 instagram photos and like managed their Facebook page or whatever. Then this is the project they want you to do, and maybe they are calculating this on life 20 hours, but it takes you maybe 25 hours in the end. So before you say 20 hours have in mind that hey, this maybe take 25 hours. So always include a little bit more hours. So if you're making it within 20 hours or 15 hours, then awesome. You have made even more money and not based on your our hourly work. But if you are sitting there and you have, like worked 24 hours and it was calculated on 20 hours, then you have lost money. So always add some more hours to make sure that you will get paid for the non bailable hours as well. Now let's talk about some pros and cons here. Now. Pros are pretty simple. It is like it's a simple model and it's quite straightforward. Your meeting up with a client and you say, Hey, what do you want? And they are telling you what they want you to do. They want you to manage their social media marketing, for example, and you're saying, OK, this is my price for, like, 10 posts and maybe afford setting up our profile on YouTube or LinkedIn, Pinterest, whatever. And it's pretty straightforward. You telling them the price and you're negotiating right? And then it's easier for you to scale than the hourly model. So this is basically it's easier for you to make more money. If you are are an expertise and you know what you're talking about. You know your calculations, etcetera. So this is like you need to be a little bit more advanced. Maybe when it comes to this project based pricing model, the cons are. It's easy to underestimate how long the project will take. That is also a reason why you always would like to add in some more hours there, so you're on the safe side. So always are making a profit out of this because it's easy to underprice yourself. And in the end you're sitting there and you're like dragging out your hair from your head, and you're like, Why didn't I added some more hours? And maybe the first time won't be the best for you, And maybe over time, if you're doing a project based pricing model for your agency, you will get better on it, right? So it's easy also to scare away clients with high prices because it's more like a one time fee. And you're saying, Hey, I want to $10,000 was like, Whoa, no, no, no, no. I don't want to go and agree on that, but it can also be a pro because then they know. Okay, it's a one time fee. So this is the pros and cons. Now, who is this model for? Well, let's see. So it's best for more experienced agencies Now, you don't have to be been in the game for, like, 10 or 15 years to be a more experienced agency. Maybe you just are an agency that you know what you're doing. Basically, you have maybe being working on specific kinds of projects earlier, maybe, or a web developer. And you know exactly how long time it takes for you to create and develop a website. Then this is a good method for you. Or maybe you are an agency that are working on deliverables. That means that, for example, you are that web developer, and your client would like you to create 10 websites off the same. And you know that Hey, this is gonna take me maybe. Okay. 10 hours per website. 200 hours. So you can easily calculate how long time there's gonna take you, and then maybe you take pay for, let's say, 300 hours in your head. You know what I mean? So this model is, If you're a little bit more experienced agency, then this model is going to work out good for you because it's more scalable, which means that in the end you can make more money. Hope this makes sense. So charged this project based pricing. If you're more of expertise but always count and set rates based on hours the model that we were talking about in the earlier video go back and see on how to calculate if you don't already know that. And also don't forget to include non bailable hours. That means add a few hours here and there in the project to make sure that you, in the end, are making a profit. Go and look through the pros and cons again. If you're not secure and who is this model for? Hey, it's you if you're more often expertise within a field and you know how long time your project is taking, and also you know that in the end you will make more money than your losing right. Okay, So I hope this video helped you and I hope to see in the next one. 16. Value Based Pricing: in these video guys. We're going to talk about something called value based pricing, what it is when to use it and also the pros and cons with using this pricing model. So let's dive into it now. Value based pricing is basically when you are charging a client based on your expertise and the solution that you can bring to the company rather than the time spent on work that you're doing for that client. So you are charging that client based on your expertise and solutions, and they are hiring you to come up with a solution on their problem. Let's say that you are a Web developer and you are expert on that field. Within that field, you are like nobody else. Then they are looking for you, and you can charge them and higher month off money based on your solution that you can bring to the company. Maybe they're struggling with getting website traffic. Maybe you on s CEO expert, and you can search engine optimize their website for them to get more clients or more leads in the future. Then you are the solution off their problem. You need to have a special skill What do I mean with that? You don't want to be like a general agency with, like, people on different places and all over the place. You need to be like laser focus with a special skill. Maybe let's say that you are doing social media marketing for a company. Then you need to be a true expert within that field. And you do want to show off some kind of proof and or results off maybe earlier clients that have gained, like this amount off leads or this amount of money based on maybe your Facebook ads or Google ads, etcetera. So you need to bring some kind of testimonials and some kind of proof to the table when you're negotiating with these clients or potential clients, so you need to charge for expertise and solutions, not based on the hours that you're going to put in. You need to have a special skill, and you need to have proof and or results off what you've done earlier. So what are some pros and cons with using the value based pricing models while here to come ? So the prose is that it's the most lucrative pricing model to go with out there on the market because you are getting ah, lot of pay if you negotiating with a client to get the right price because most of the clients are willing to pay you ah, high amount off money in order to be the solution to their problems. Makes sense, right? And it also is that easiest pricing model to scale your business because you're getting paid based on your expertise rather than your time. Now let's say that you're developing a website and you're doing some S CEO work for this company and you're driving them clients. You say, Hey, you're gonna get like 100,000 more visitors to your website this month. If you just let me to do the work now, maybe on an hourly basis, this could take you Maybe, I don't know. Let's say 40 hours now you know that is going to take you 40 hours. So instead of going with them hourly pricing model like just charging the client 400 hours , you could like maybe charging for, let's say, 100 hours without them knowing because they are so keen on letting you be the solution to the problem so they can pay not whatever, but almost whatever. So if you are an expert within a field, you know your numbers. This is basically the best pricing model for you now. Some counts with this pricing model, the value based pricing model could be, that is can be hard to sell if you don't know how to negotiate how to sell it into a client . Because, hey, you maybe you are saying like, I'm gonna give you this in this amount off leads or distant this amount off new clients if you're letting me do the job. But can they really trust that if you're saying like it's gonna cost you, like $10,000 to do this and then it could be a turn off for damn if they don't really trust your expertise. So it could be hard to sell in if you're not good at negotiating. And if you don't have enough proof off earlier results that to say and another con could be that the amount must be high in order for it to be lucrative. Now you could be expert within a field. Ah, specific field. You can have some special skills and you know that you get results. But if the demand from the clients aren't too big than you, build, be out of job, right, so make sure that whatever you're doing with in digital marketing, your demand has to be high. So who are these modeled for? Well, it's pretty simple. It's best for agencies with expertise in a specific area. Now, if you're doing general jobs like a CEO, Web development, maybe some social media marketing here and there, maybe you're not an expertise already yet, but maybe you will become one. Or maybe you're doing, Let's say Facebook shad bought marketing, which you will learn inside of this course. That's a pretty high demand right now, and that feel is getting even more popular for each day that passes. So if you're having some kind of expertise in any specific area, this is a great model for you and also agencies that are working in special niches with high demands. Let's say that you're working with, let's say, a restaurant and you're having these shat book markets that are driving traffic or they're driving people to that restaurant and you can show proof of that and there's not many agencies around you that can show this proof, actually, so you can show the restaurant that you're getting money into their pockets with driving customers to the restaurant for eating. So in general, what the Valley based pricing model is is that you're charging your clients based on your expertise and your solution. You need to have some kind of special skills in order to go into this pricing models to make it look creative and to make it profitable for your business, you need to have proof off results when you're doing this pricing models when you're negotiating with potential clients and the pros and cons, we just went over them. You can rewatch that section if you are not secure if this pricing model is something for you and who is this pricing model for? Well, agencies with expertise and agencies that are working within special knishes and are able to close a good deal? And you also do want to have some type off experienced within your field in order to close a deal like this? Hope this view to make sense, hope to see in the next one 17. The Importance of Your Website: All right, guys, in this lecture, we're going to look at the importance of having a website, and we're going to look at a couple of questions such as Do you actually need a website to get started with your digital marketing agency? And if so, what should be on your website? Lets get started. So first things first. Do you actually need a website to get started? And the answer to that is No, you don't. You could get started using cold calling, negotiating, closing that deal, and then you have a job to do. Right? Then you have a lead. You have a job. You have an income, etcetera, etcetera. You could even do with a minimum legal entity. However, if you want to go long term, you wanna have a steady income off clients. You're going to want to have your website up and running. Think about it. Your website is usually going to work through three parts and the first part being awareness and awareness is simply going to be existing on Google or existing locally. Whether that's using people, see ads or S e. O. Now the next thing Often people are aware of you it's going to be consideration and consideration can be simply being aware of your presence and or using tools such as Facebook retargeting. Or you could also use instagram retargeting in order to re target and then get your customers to you. But regardless off the way, you're the pact that you use. They're all gonna end up in step number three, which is conversion, and a conversion for you is getting a lead, right, getting a client. And in order to get that lead and get that client, you're going to want your website up and running because that's where all of the magic is going to be happening. So first things first. How do you actually get started on your website? Well, you have two options here, and the first option is going to be getting started using our WordPress scores now award. Chris course is already a part of this course that you have in your hands. Right now, all you need to do is go through it. There's 25 hours of material that's completely covers everything, guys, from the very beginning of how this word for work, what is the Gutenberg editor and how do you use it. All of the plug is that you're going to need from anti virus to back up to optimizing your website. The legal part. How do you use GDP here? How do you right to privacy policies, terms and conditions, policies. They're all in there together with templates. How do you design? I'm gonna show you using elemental how to design a beautiful website and off course, the psychology behind each page, how to start your website, where to drive them and why to drive them there so that it's all in the course. And we also have so many hours dedicated completely to s CEO included. So if you don't know how to create a website or you have a team member already who needs to know this, then send them that way. The course itself is based on us selling our courses, but I'm gonna show you exactly what you're going to want to include instead in your digital marketing agency website. That is what we're going to be looking at in the upcoming lectures. Now, the other method, if you don't want to do this yourself, is simply using fibre. Now, fiber means using freelancers because it is quite funny. In the beginning, you're going to have a lot of time and little money usually and ask your business developed You're going to be having a lot more money but less time. So you can either go the route of creating the website yourself because you probably have more time. Or you can spend some money saved time and put your time where you want to focus more, such as growing your business and getting clients. Right. So let me show you how to use fiber in order to get a website up and running. So this is fibers website. I'm gonna put it in. The resource is and all you're gonna do. It's click on, find services there and then search for the service. Now I'm very comfortable in war tress, so I would search for a word for WordPress website. Now, if you prefer to use weeks or squarespace or whatever, you can just search for that and use that tool. But I'm a big fan award personally. So then, once you've searched for that, the first thing you want to do is go down here where it says sort by and it says relevance . You're gonna click on that one and sort by best selling, right. You only want to focus on the best sellers that get some quality work done, and then you're gonna look for these important things, such as How many reviews do they had and what is the price? Now, understand that your website it's important you're going to want to spend some money here unless you're gonna build it yourself. So scrolling down and looking around, we can see here someone with five point Syria. That's the Max grade and over 1000 reviews. So that looks interesting. So I'm going to click there, see what I'm getting for my money. So there's a five day delivery. We have two revisions, four pages with the Sign Customization Responsive Design for plug instant extensions. Now, when it comes to plug ins and extensions, you can still get someone to do your website. This sign is really beautifully, and then you can install the plug ins yourself. But it's really important that you find some person who is very knowledgeable and has great designs. Now, when you're looking at over 1000 designs and 5.0 in the grade in the rating. That's really, really good. If you're still on convents, scroll all the way down and start going through the reviews. Read what people are saying. Click on, see more. Keep reading the reviews. And if it looks good, see what you need. Basic standard or premium package. Click on. Continue getting contact with Seller and then you talk about what kind of website you're gonna want and what you're gonna need on that website. So that brings me to the next question. What do you actually need on your website? So we're gonna go through a couple of criterias here off what you're gonna want to put up on your website and why, in order to get leads and close those deals now in the upcoming lectures were also going to look at a couple of really good and really bad examples off different Digital Marketing agency website in different Nisha's. So stay tuned for that. But moving on the first thing with your website is similar to the niche. You need to know who you are serving and how you are serving those people now that is so, so, so important. And let's look at a great example for this. Now here is, say, an agency called Mind See? So the question is still who are they serving right? That's the first question. And if we really takes, we deliver mobile app experiences that are planned and designed and built to win, right? So who are they serving? They're clearly serving people who are in need off mobile APS rights. And then how are they serving them well by planning and designing them, giving people mobile app experiences. So if I am someone who's looking to have a mobile app done and I wanted, designed and or plan, then these are the guys that I'm going to go to. So the message here is very clear. Who are they serving? Well, people looking for a mobile app? And how about helping with the planning by helping with the designing? And then it says, build to win. Now that's a fluff word, because everyone wants to show that they're good, right? But still, with the planning, the designing and the experience, they're gonna help you create design and plan that mobile app. So the message is very, very clear. Now let's look at a bit off a bad example here. And that would be this business. And all they're saying is we turn good ideas into great products. So what are you gonna do with that information? So if you have a good idea, they can turn into a great product. Well, first of all, who are they targeting? Well, we turn good ideas into great products. Everyone. Right? Everyone wants to turn the good idea into a great product. Pretty much so. They're all over the place. They're just targeting everyone they haven't needs needs down one bitter. How are they serving those people? Well, we turn good ideas into great products. But how How are you serving me like, what are you gonna do? What you gonna offer? So when it comes to these two examples and whether I want to learn more about the business and if I feel like they have something to offer to me, I don't feel very targeted in this example. Whereas in the previous example, this is very clear. It's very clear who they're serving and how they're serving them. Here. It's all over. The place is super General. It's basically takes that says nothing but how good they are and how good they are is not very relevant because everyone is proclaiming to be good, right? This is nothing to do with the targeting. So the next thing that we really want on our website, it's gonna be super clear is going to be our call to action. So when people actually entered the website, what do we want them to do? What do we have to offer? What is available to them? So he called to action can be a bottom. So, for example, looking at the previous example where it says, find out how mind C can help you. Now that's a call to action. All you need to do is click there. So let's say that you are a business looking for a mobile app, right? You don't have a mobile app. Unity, everything from scratch. Well, clearly, these are the guys to go to, so I want to find out more. What do I do? Well, here's a call to action in order to find out how mind C can help you click on that bottom. So that is a call to action when you have the visitor of your website perform on action. Now, another thing that you really need to put on your website that's going to be so important and we're going to see this all the time. When we look at the upcoming examples of both good and bad Website is going to be case studies. Now we need case studies in order to prove our value in order to prove who were serving in how we're going to serve them like we've been talking about in the need. If we can show that hey, we can take your needs, your business and improve it this much we've done it before then that is going to be interesting to them, not only interestingly so that they want to hire you and you have a client, but also interesting in the sense that is going to increase your value. You can take more money for the work that you do because you have case studies showing proof of how effective you are at what you do now remember, if you can showcase that, you can make businesses. Ah, lot of money, they're going to be willing to pay you a lot off money. So case studies you want something to look something like this. Here's a couple law for 83% growth in 12 months clothing, retail, increased sales by and then a couple of numbers. And if I were to click on any off these, we would get into the case. Study itself And the case study itself is super important to have on the website because you want to be completely transparent with your data. This is what's really going to sell them on hiring. You ask their agency to do their marketing for you. Now, generally, when we're selling two people B to C business to customers, then we're going to be focusing more on the emotions. But when it comes to B two b business to business, which is what we're doing, you want to focus on the numbers. The numbers are super duper important. So if I were to click on any of these ah, great blueprint to include is going to be one. What is the project itself? And you want to know what is the business? What is to go with their business? What is a conversion for them to do? You want leads? Do they want increased sales? Didn't want increased traffic, etcetera, etcetera. And then to you want to be transparent with what was the challenge? Working for this company. What was this challenge? Did you encounter? What were the designs you were trying that didn't work? You want to be transparent with everything. And three, what was the solution? And what are the numbers of that solution? What are the end results right now, you can present many different solutions here. Just a showcase. The way that you were thinking when you were working on this project. Complete transparency. But in the end, you really want to show the solution, that work and what kind of results it gave. So this is a great blueprint when we add our case studies to our websites and then finally , off course, you want to get that lead. That's what it's all about. Once you get that lead, you are in a position to contact the client. Start negotiating and closing that deal, and we're going to talk much more about negotiating and closing that deal later on in this course. But it's so important that you show your value that you show what you can do, who you're serving, how you're serving them the value of what you're about to serve them and then get that lead and they lead can come in many different shapes and forms. For example, something like learn more or contact us might work perfectly fine because people have been referred to your website or you have showcase so many great case studies already that they just want to get in touch with you and no hay. What can you do for my business? Right? You could also use lead Magnus. You could offer a free audit, a free review, free consultation, etcetera, etcetera. There is a lot of different things, and in the upcoming lectures we're going to look at a couple of great digital marketing agencies, websites for different niches. The good, the bad, what they did right, what they didn't do so well, etcetera. And then you wanna use thes ask examples along with this check place when you were either creating your own website or outsourcing it and having someone else making the Web site for you. So guys, I'll see in the next lecture, and we're going to look at a couple of Nisha's and look at all off them right Don't just go for your knee shift if it's in there. This is so educational. We want to look at all of them. See in the next lecture. 18. Marketing Agencies Website Example - Real Estate 1: All right, guys, in this lecture, we're gonna have a look at a couple off nichd real estate, digital marketing agency, website. Now we're gonna look at what they do good and what they do bad, right? So we're always gonna have one good example. Followed by a bad example, followed by a good example. Followed by a bad example. Etcetera, etcetera. You get the drift. So let's get started. So this is an agency called emotion Real estate, media. And the first thing we're always looking at is what is happening once we enter the website because we're not going to get a lot of shots. Right? So we want to really nail this. So we entered the website and this is what we see the c. R e marketing and design agency. So the first question is always Who are you serving and how are you serving them? Well, CRE stands for commercial real estate, so they're already even a little bit more niche dating. So we know who they are serving. So how are you serving them or how were they serving us? Well, if you read down here, you can stay in motion. Real estate, media is a commercial real estate marketing agency that provides creative solutions to help drivers souls for ambitious C R E firms. Now we're not getting too much information on the how here. But what we do know is who they are serving right? And we know the use creative solutions, which could mean basically anything. But here's the thing they explained from the very beginning, who they're serving and who they're targeting, and also how, at least by the way of creative solutions. Now they have a call to action directly connected here. So if you come to this website through word of mouth, which is going to be very common, that all you need to do is enter the website and click on Get in touch, right so a lot of people don't actually need to be sold. They're already here through recommendations through word of mouth or to link ings, and all they want to do is get in touch. So this is genius Now, even still, on the first page, they have a lot of testimonials going on just by mentioning the companies that they have been working with. So if you recognize any of these companies, chances are you're gonna have an immediate bolt of trust towards these agency, which is genius scrolling down. The first thing we'll see is what we do, right? So who do you serve and how do you serve them? Well, what we do? Web development. We can see there's work development, digital marketing, take integrations and graphic design. This is genius. Now, if I want to know more about the development, I quick overview more. I can go to digital marketing, click on view more such a nice design on the website and straight to the point as well. There's not too much text going on. If you're interested, you click on view more. And if not, here is a small description really well designed now scrolling down who we are. Why work with us? And this is proof. I mean, this is really gonna sell you into okay there, establish their hair and they mean business. Really, really good and scrolling down. Look at this. Guys featured project. Now these air case studies. I love case studies. We already know how important they are. So all they need to do is that you can click on one off these or scroll down and click on view portfolio. And if we go to their portfolio, we can see that they have a lot of case that is going on. And for me, as a potential client, this is heaven. Now I have proof. I have social proof already know they work with some well known brands and businesses. I know how to contact them. I have case studies. So I know you know what kind of work they have been doing. And if I click on one of them, I'm going to get more details scrolling down what was a client or was the project the delivery website Project summary Project delivery genius Loving everything about this website. So if we go back to the beginning and scrolling down even further from their case studies down here, we have popular resource is available scrolling down. How can we help you? Another call to action. Get a free proposal. Genius. Well designed website. It has everything we need. If you scroll up to the top, we know who they're serving, how they're serving them. We also have a call to action. We have case studies. We have proof testimonials and we know you know exactly what they're doing and what they can do for us. Perfect. Lovely. Now let's move on to a bad example. Off a website, it doesn't accomplish this. Quite a swell. And that is this website right here. So first of all first questions first, right. Who are they serving and how are they serving them? Well, starting off, I have no idea. You know, all I see is their big, nice logo. This is emerald, which looks nice. And also the graphic in here is pretty cool. But who are you serving and how are you serving that? I have no idea. So for me, who just ended up on this website looking specifically for a real estate digital marketing agency, I might as well just have clicked out right now. But let's say that I decided to stick and look around a little bit. Now, the first thing is there is a call to action here, which is great, but there are two called to actions now. The importance of a call to action from your landing page. This is your landing page. The first place you land on is going to be that you need to know where to click and why to click there. First of all, digital solutions. I don't know why I should quick digital solutions for Watts and also people see how realtors win. Okay, so what am I gonna find in here? I already don't know where to click or why. So they're too many options, and neither of the options explain why I should be clicking that. And that's a big problem. Now scrolling down it says digital marketing that well, there's an empty space in here, generates qualified leads. Well, that's good. Now, clearly, the animation is suffering or making the website suffer itself, because when there is an emptiness here, I don't know what it actually says. I think these parts are killing the design and scrolling down. Okay, here we go, devoted to real estate agents and brokers. Now, this takes I would have liked to have on the very top in the beginning, so I know what I'm actually getting in here. Most of the people who enter your website, they are not going to give you this kind of second chance. They want to know what they're getting from the very beginning because their time is valuable. So this you already have us so many clients lost by not explaining who you're serving and how you're serving them. Well, scrolling down, we can see that they explain how they're going to serve them, which is really good. There are some numbers being thrown around here. We put in the work. Well, this is good. Dominating digit marketing strategy is okay, So there's a picture off a Google ad on the top home for sale and thereby that's good. Okay, they add seem to be on top, but didn't perform well that it do good idiots service purpose. Well, waas, even the purpose I have no idea, because there are no explanations attached in here. Scrolling down real estate is a marketing designed for real estate agents and brokers. Well, that's great. Search engine marketing, PPC s CEO. That's also great, but I don't know what to extract from here. To be honest, qualified leads. Why is emerald really stated to marketing so effective? Well, here we have something Over 90% of home buyers and sellers search online. That's great, but that's still not a proof that's still not a case study and they still not numbers to show them that. Hey, these guys can help me out. So the only thing they have here is 253% growth in real estate. Google searches past four years, which again actually sounds like numbers they're providing for work they have done. But it is. It's just stating a fact and the fact that it's a really showcasing their talents or specialties. So, guys, we have lost direction here. We lost direction from the very beginning off this website, so we can already see the importance off really nailing the direction who you were serving and how you're serving them and utilizing proper call to action case studies, social proof and all of that good stuff was going to show your value for the client. This website kind of lost all of that. Now let's look at another great example. So here we have chatter bus. Now, the first thing we see when we entered the website is really state marketing agency. Okay? Who are you serving well? Really, State. They're a relisting marketing agency. Perfect month to month ala cart. No long term contract. That's quite exciting, right? So I know if I just want a job down, this might be the go to guys and girls. And here we have enter your business email to talk to strategies once again collecting the lead from the landing page again. This is the landing page is genius because a lot of people are gonna be recommended here. They are already sold on your business. So if you can capture them right away, that is genius. Now, the only thing so far is they haven't exactly explain how they're going to serve us. But if we scroll down, we can see brands. We have helped increase revenue again. We have the trust incoming, right? Very similar to the previous website where they were going to show the brands they have been working with. Because if you can recognize just one off these brands, that's gonna make a huge difference in you as a client and your trust towards this agency. So that is huge. Once you start working with brands, add those in in the very beginning, off your website and your landing page scrolling down. We get some explanations. Real estate marketing leads and sales perfect. It's a veteran number one leading real estate marketing and advertising digital agency chatter. Bus knows what it takes to attract in market Homebuyers and improve your real estate leads . Perfect. That's what I'm looking for. I'm looking for more real estate leads. So they're explaining their marketing strategies and their created, which is gold. That's gonna be very interesting for me. It's a client. We are experts in lead generation. And if you are in the real estate business, leads are everything right now. Leads were gonna be what? Conversing to sales and money into your pocket as a client. And also, those results are gonna be money into the pocket in more money into departed for you and your deter marketing agency. Because you are bringing your clients for results going down. We have custom website development. Perfect. I want to know about these things that they're doing and how they're doing them. And then we have a few examples off our work. OK, so they do. Mobile app development, custom Web development, programmatic displays, campaign developments. So they're showcasing what they have and what they're doing, which looks really, really nice now scrolling down our capabilities. This is great because these shows exactly how they can serve me as a potential client scrolling down. We have how we work. We can see the pricing, great call to action. And then we have the case studies. Now, in my opinion, even though I think they do this so so so well, I would personally put the case studies a little bit higher up, but any rate, let's go ahead and click on one off these case studies. So we get in here, we pair up or deep industry knowledge, creativity and digital expertise to deliver powerful affected strategies that build strong brands and ultimately sell homes. Sounds really good, right? So I want to know the numbers scrolling down. We have the client introduction perfect. We have the challenge. Perfect. And then our approach perfect. And then they have documented everything. How they were thinking, how they how they did the actual execution off this project. So this is goal. I mean, this is the gold standard for case studies. You want this on your website and you want to show this early? Because if you are a potential client, you want to know OK, I mean, the real estate there in the real estate. How did they help this real estate agent with their lead generation? What did they have before? What did they have after? So again? Really impressive website. That's very clear, who they're serving and how they're serving them. They do everything right now. Let's We're gonna look at a bad example. 19. Marketing Agencies Website Example - Real Estate 2: So here we are at another website, and, as always, the first thing we're going to dissect. It's the landing page, because even though you might have a lot of great stuff in the menu, not everyone is going to go to the menu or even scroll down on your website unless they're hooked from the very beginning. That's what is called a landing page, and you have to mail that part. So the first thing we're seeing is get the deeded whole experience and you can click and get help. Now for me, who's new to this website? I have no idea what that means now. I don't even know why I would click on get help, because I wouldn't know what I'm getting help with. I get in this kind of catchy because the company's called whole, probably her last name. But that doesn't make any sense for me to be clicking on to get help, because I don't actually know what I'm getting. So I don't know who she is serving or this agent agency is serving or how she's serving them or rather, me who's a potential client. In this case case, I'm gonna put this one down. This is Hi, I'm Melanie. Let me surrender my social media knowledge and know how well, I might actually have enjoyed that if I understood what the website was about by now. So let's see a little further. Whose? Conquering the digital realm in your neighborhood. Let's make sure it's you. Well, actually, that's interesting for me as a realtor, right? As a real estate agent, however, I wished it was even more focused on me knowing that this is for real estate agents. If that is what it happens to be, I don't actually know what it's about. Yet modern real estate agents are creating their own brands in the digital world. Okay, so now we're actually targeting real estate agents on this website, but this actually mentioning who you're serving or targeting That's too late, because this piece of text, if I scroll down, see, it's not actually a part off my landing page, you are part of the first screen. So I don't know who this website is about, who she's serving or how she's serving them. It's lost in translation, so that is a big miss. I would have liked to put up this takes higher up, scrolling down, just gonna explain what she has to offer, which is really good. But still, I'm not sold on the concept because I don't actually know who she is targeting properly or how yet scrolling down. We can see here that we have an agent that's leaving a review, and that's perfect, right for me, it's a client. I really wanna have those scrolling down. There's a call to action to get in touch. Really nice. Another real estate agent who lift a review Really good. But scrolling down here we get to her blogging a bloke that can be really nice and really hand. But you know what? Where are your case studies? Where are your proof that you can help me out? So Fire was a singer for business benefits? Real estate agent. Right now that's very niche does. We're focused. That's great. But I don't actually cure yet for your help until you can show me the numbers right until you can show me that you have helped really real estate agents before And what do you actually did? Black on white numbers. What was the numbers before? Was the numbers after and I'm not seeing any of that. And then there's an explanation for who these person is, which is really great. Be a change agent. What are you waiting for? Get help! So this website gets lost in translation, no matter how good she might be at what she does or these agency because there are a couple of things missing now from the very beginning, I don't know what I'm getting. So the targeting is off, right? I don't know who she's serving or how she's serving them. There's also no case studies going on it, so I can actually trust her. So this website kind of lost in translation. We don't want to make that mistake. So let's move on and look at one final great example and then one final bad example. So here's another great example off a digital marketing agency for Realtors who are taking a slightly different approach. So the first thing we have is joined the digital revolution and never knock on doors again . Actually, that's quite exciting. I don't know yet who this is for how or why, but that is quite exciting for me. It's a real estate agent. Okay, so I don't actually have to do any cold calling. I don't have to know doors. It's gonna save me a lot of time and effort looking down, we're committed to revolutionizing the real estate industry by helping real estate professionals effectively utilize innovative technology and digital marketing in their business. Now, that is actually quite cool, right? So we know who they are serving and how they are serving them. We know that they are focusing on the real estate industry that super clear by helping real estate professionals effectively utilize innovative technology and digital marketing in their business. So this is straight on the nail here. This is perfect. I know who they're serving and how they're serving them. So what this website is doing a little bit differently is that they don't have a lead generation here, right? So they have. Why hire us in the very beginning instead? So if I click on why hire us right here? I get taken straight down to all off their testimonials, which is really cool. I get taken into how they work, why they work the way they do and who they help. Look at this. Agents, brokers, investors and an explanation with a really beautiful design. So they're not actually going straight for the lead here. They are actually selling themselves in a little bit more. And the benefit of that is that you're gonna have more dedicated clients were gonna be a bit more sold in your business, and the cone would be people who have heard of your business through word of mouth or through other Resource is Well, maybe they just want to contact you. You can go ahead and do that in the menu, but you often want to be a bit clear on that. So let's go back to the landing page. So these are the first thing we're seeing, right? Why higher. So we're gonna scroll down, were actually even asked to scroll down here. And the first thing we get is who we help. And this is gold again. We know exactly who they're serving. So if I'm on agent, I would go ahead and I'm a click on agent here and get more information. Perfect. Now scrolling down further. Look at these Are decides Now. I love this because if I click on view design right here and then I scroll down a little bit. We can see that these are actually case studies. Right? We get to see the challenged objective. The solution? Incredible. This is also I mean, pitch perfect case studies they have done It is the gold standard. This is exactly how you want to do you want. Explain what the challenge. Waas What the objective waas and how you sold that issue. This is really, really good marketing for your website. This is a great way to not only get clients get their trust, but also put yourself in an incredible spot for negotiation, for your own value, to take some good sums for the work that you do. So let's go back. So the only thing I think they're missing out there is that they're calling it are the signs rather than calling it case studies because then I would know what I'm getting here. I think there's just gonna be that the science I get to look at but you get so much more you get entire project, the problem and the solution. Perfect case studies now scrolling down what we do. There's an explanation for how they are going to serve you. And in what way? There's a small explanations You can learn more gold and then scrolling down water. Clients say they're even more testimonials, which is really nice. And this this call to action is gold. Schedule your free strategy session. $500 value with a real estate sees a marketing advisor Look at this with our real estate digital marketing advisor. If you remember the conversation off, be becoming the trusted adviser now. This is it they know or pain points. They know our issues when it comes to being a real estate agent, and they know how to solve all of those problems. Look, you're getting $500 of value for free. All you need to do is scheduled your strategy session right now and they have a lead. One of the best sales ways that I've seen so far off. All of the websites is gold, and if you weren't sold already, they have the why right down here you can learn even more about this for and how they work . And look at this questions ask me live. So they're also utilizing Shack book marketing, which is another great strategy to use when it comes to your digital marketing agency. So incredible. Incredible execution, incredible direction. They're very clear who they're serving, how they're serving. They're called to action. Super clear. Incredible Case studies. Social proves getting the lead such a strong incentive to get the lead as well. Just really well done. Let's move on and look at the final example, which is gonna be a another bad example. So here we have this website, and the first thing we get when we enter here is digital marketing for real estate. Perfect. Who are you serving? Well, we're serving real estates people, investors, agent, whatever. We are focused on the real estate needs, and that's really good. You want to know that? But here's the thing. First of all, before they explain how there's a piece of text you need to read. Now this piece of text is unattractive on a lot of levels. First of all, it's very plain, and the caller makes it hard to read. I don't actually want to read this text right so that this sign is already flawed from the very beginning. And if the design is flawed, that's already Hong. Some warning horns in the client's head and wave some red flags, right? Because if the text itself, if the design is flawed, so it's hard to read the information. Hey, what does that say about your business? Right? There's no call to action in here, So Okay, I like it. But, you know, where am I gonna click? Once again, you can request a demo up in the menu. But this is not a reliable culture, actually. Want to keep that on the landing page? You want to explain who you're serving and how you're serving them? If I haven't said that already and then bring them into a call to action and they're completely missing out on that here, scrolling down, proving strategies that work for real estate, really good. And then they're gonna show us how they serve, right? Perfect. Now a bit of a design flaw, in my opinion, I would have liked this all on the same rope, but there's gonna be a minor now, here's the thing. They're using something highly personalized, and I like this. They have a video that they're using for their marketing, but the problem is, I haven't gotten a strong enough incentive to actually click on this video yet. So why partner with Union Street Media? Well, Jimmy, I haven't got in a connection. I haven't got in a clear direction. I'm lacking a lot of things. Also, I so far I don't have any social proof. I don't have any case studies. I don't have any reason to go deeper and click on this video because that actually requires an action from me. A lot of people aren't even going to scroll down and get past the first landing page, the so called above the fold section so scrolling down. See how well your current eso stacks up and you get a free report. So this is really cool. So there's an incentive there. There's a call to action and a reason to add in your email, or you give up your personal information because you get a free report now so they have a great lead magnet going on scrolling down. We get to meet the digital marketing team, and this is also a good move because it gets personal. But once again, guys, where is the social proof? Where are the case? Studies haven't gotten in any of that yet, so I am actually even meeting the team before. I know what the team can do for me, and that's the wrong order. You want to reverse that order? I want to know what you can do for me before I even get to meet the team. If I get to meet the team, right scrolling down, we could see. Okay, now we are at the bottom section here and you know that's it, guys. So what are we lacking here? Well, we're lacking a call to action. Clearly were also lacking in design because this takes this hard to read. So we're also lacking who they're serving while who they're serving is decently but how they're serving them. Lacking call to action, lacking social proof, lacking case studies lacking. And if you're lacking on these points, well, then there's gonna be an issue for your clients to trust you and hire you because your value just goes right down the drain. So finally, guys, I want to say that I'm gonna add these website in the resource is But you have to know that all of these websites, just like Anna business are prone to change. So when you click on them, they might have changed your design. If you wanna have some good examples and some bad examples to showcase, especially the good ones, if you're outsourcing or just want a copy for your own website creation, you could just go ahead and Google them. Make sure that the criterias that we went through in the previous video match and then follow the lead off the good examples that you can find yourself and that I have Attash into resource is and create your website based on that. Now, in the next lecture, we're going to go through another need and look at a couple of good and a couple of bad examples. And even though that niche might not be for you, stick around because this is so important to understand what works on a website, your foundation and what doesn't regardless off niche. So guys see in the next lecture 20. Marketing Agencies Website Example - Restaurant 1 : All right, guys, in this lecture, we're going to be looking at a couple of digital marketing agencies specifically need within the restaurant business. Now, you're gonna notice quite early that the main difference between the niche websites for restaurants versus real estate agents is going to be the language, right? So most successful website are going to be built up very similarly. But the language used is going to be a little bit different now for a real estate agent. What they're mainly concerned about is getting leads because they just need a couple of leads in order to land that sale, which might be enough on entire month's salary for them, even from that just one sale now, within the restaurant niche, things are very different. The profitability is much, much, much lower. And their pain point is going to be focused on feeling up tables, right? As long as they're not feeling up their tables and having their business, their restaurant running constantly, they aren't profiting as much as they could. So they're going to have very different pain points, a different language and different cooperating. And you're gonna notice that in the examples provided. So we're gonna use the same strategy as last. We're going to start off with a good example, followed by a bad full of by a good etcetera. Let's get started. So the first website we have here is a good example off a digital marketing agency towards restaurants. So the first question is just like we spoke about in the previous lecture. Who are you serving and how are you serving them? Well, first things first. Who are you serving? Digital marketing for restaurant Now that couldn't be clear. What could be clear is how are you serving them now? The benefit with this website is that they're quite straight to the point. They packed a lot in there above the fold on their landing page. So what we see is that they utilize a CEO, reputation, management, social media and paid media. And that is all great. I mean, that's really great. Also followed with clients that we ignite growth in that they have worked with. So for example, if you recognize Papa John's pizza and you know they have worked with Papa John's, then you're already gonna build some trust towards this agency Now where they do get things a little bit wrong. Here is the lack off call to action. Now, as you can tell, I enter the website. I get to know who they're serving. I get a good sense of how they're serving them, right? Not too much info, but still. But I don't have a call to action. So if I'm here by word off mouth, I've been recommended this website. Well, I don't really know where to click or why. And that would be the downfall. So far, we have the menu. But not everyone is going to get away with the menu or they get started here. You want to be much clear with Okay. Where am I going to click from the get go Now? What I do love once again is that they have packed a lot in here a lot of valuable information. Who they're serving, what they do clients that they have worked with. And look here. I can even start seeing the case studies from the above the fold section, now above the full is this entire section. The second we scroll down, that's below the fold. Right? So we get to see the case studies from the very beginning. And I love that guys. You know how important I think case studies are? They are the numbers and your clients, which are going to be mostly businesses. They want to see the numbers they want to see and know that you can make their numbers grow . That is how you show your value and make sure that you land great deals with your negotiation. So the case started here. As we can see now, all we need to do is click on one of those in order to view the case study. So first things first, helping deliver better pits at the local level, we can see what the main points than main results were it 374% increase in revenue through Google and a 426% increase on orders on Facebook. Fantastic. I love that they're already selling their own case. That is, from the get go scrolling down. We're going to get a lot of information. For example, the increase the cost right, they almost doubled their costs but also almost quadrupled their revenue and more than quadrupled their order. So this is really great stats scrolling down you're going to see how they were thinking, how they did it, how we hit a home run with video advertising. This is genius. This is transparency and showing the data you're using in how you're using it. Now. If we go back and scroll down, we have the case studies. I love that These are just a few of the ways we can help you restaurant grow incredible so we know how they can serve. And then this is something that's quite unique so far from the websites that we have seen looking at the previous lecture, it says When people dine out, they turn to Google. That is Copa writing one No. One there straight to the point. And that is true. When you're looking for a restaurant, they usually turn to Google. Now there's a bit of text there. Some people are going to read it, others or not. But what people are going to read is this headline, which packs a punch and also these bold and parts. Your restaurant is easily found online. Potential customers like what they see when they find you online, so the question is are usually found online and do they like what they see when they find your life. So the parts people are most like that you read is gonna be the headline and the Bolden part and all of these bold in parts of really thought through what They're cooperating because they pack a punch. It makes me go well, do they? And that is already selling in these agencies. So genius genius generating a bus hot spot that field sees. And remember, we're talking about a feeling up tables filling up Caesar, already pressing on the pain points. Not everyone is going to read this, but most people are going to read the bold. So let's just summarise their bold your reputation. Is everything well true? Definitely in the restaurant business as well. Facebook yelp. Google reviews Twitter Well, do I have all those nailed? I don't know and then will also generate a positive bus across all of your digital communities. Really, Really good. This packs a punch, make people fall in love with your brand. So more text and then off course the lead, right. This is where you get your lead. So the entire website is built up really well. Really clever. They have thought through every step and it sells. It really sells the agency. What am I missing here? Well, I am missing a call to action in the beginning, and I would also be missing. Mawr called to actions as you go down Now I would like the lead generation to pop up earlier, but all in all, Cardinal Digital marketing. They do a fantastic job. Now let's look at a bad example or a website that just doesn't do this as well. So the first thing we're seeing this website is that it's clean and I like a clean the sign . And I think a lot of clients like that to the effects are quite cool. If I move my mouse around like this, you get to move the camera with the image rather in the background. And that's a pretty neat this sign, right? So first thing first, who are you serving and how are you serving them? Results. Driving digital marketing for restaurant? Well, we know they're serving restaurant, but we don't know how yet which is a problem. Also, results driven. Well, every single digital marketing agency needs to be resold treatment, so those are just empty words. Now here's the problem, right? They have nailed the call to action. But I love that. But don't give me two options. In the very beginning, I need to be guided. Once I entered the website and I'm not being guided here, either they can do it for us or they can coach us how to do it. And I have no idea where to go from there. All I want is help with my restaurant in order to feel my tables. I don't know what they should do it for you if they should, coach need to do it. I have no idea. I don't know your basis. I don't know what you can offer me yet, but still you're asking me to make a choice regarding your agency. And that is not a good design on your website. So if we go ahead and we scroll down, we can see our expertise, right results or even modern restaurant marketing method. That's great, but it's still just empty text. So did remarketing social media and we get up some pieces off texture. Now, once again, looking at the design from my point of view, I am missing the nice, clean Look where everything is on the same road. They're missing out on that. They have different lengths, and it's just not looking very need. Also. Not a lot of people are going to be interesting in this much text from the beginning. So you want to summarize it? Scrolling down we have about which is really great, right? You want to know they about how they do it and everything we get to meet their CEO, which is great. And then there have their blawg. So what am I missing here? Well, a couple of things, right, A clean call to action. And I'm also missing testimonials that I'm missing case studies. So, guys, I don't know what to make of this. So they have a block, and that's nice. And here they had their lead capture, which is really great, but scrolling up, I'm already stressed out about their agency because I don't know what I don't understand, but I'm still asked to make a choice. They have expertise clearly, but they're not showcasing that at all by showcasing any form of testimony about showcasing any form of case study and guys here we have a huge huge rookie mistake. Don't make this mistake. If you look up, you can see that up here, it says. Not secure. They don't have their SSL in place, so that means that they have designed a website where, if you write in your information than that, information is not going to go through an encryption, that information is not going to be safe. And if you are making your living as an agency through designing other people's website, but your own website isn't even regarded as secure such a big minus such a rookie mistake. You don't want to make this mistake now. Still, this could be a great company, this generating great revenue through cold calling, etcetera. But looking at their website, they're not earning any plus points whatsoever. They're making most off the mistakes or scrolling down here. Even if you get in touch with them and you add in your information, there's no SSL. The information isn't going to be secure, and that is really unprofessional. So let's move on to the next website, which is a good example again. So here we are at Doctors, which is a digital marketing agency. Focus on Restaurant, the restaurant needs, which is really great. Now the first thing we get when we enter this webs, that is that they actually are using chatting and they're using co lark down here and old large is a chat widget, which allow someone from your team to live chat with your visitors. And that's a really great feature, and I love that they're using that now. What I would recommend here, it would be using a chat book, right, because first of all, he wouldn't be needing to use your own team to sit and wait for someone to chatter. Chat with you could use it to generate leads. You could use it to bring directions to your restaurant. You could use it to showcase the open times of your restaurant, etcetera, etcetera. It shot, but can feel so many functions for your visitors, right so I would start of by utilizing a chat. But rather than can I help you with anything and using a live person? So let's click this one down and first things first. As always. Who are you serving and how are you serving them? Restaurant. Digital marketing solutions love that build awareness, increased footfall to grow your business. Perfect. So who are you serving restaurants with? Digital marketing solutions. How you're serving them by building awareness, increasing foods. Paul's growing your business perfect. They haven't hailed everything from the very beginning. And also they have a call to action here. So this is kind of textbook Above the fold section. This is textbook website for your niche. They have decided really cleverly. So if I go ahead and I click on, I want to grow my business, we get straight into the lead generation. So once again, like I was talking about earlier, if you've been recommended this website through word of mouth or been recommended by someone linking or maybe you giving someone a business card in your already sold in your business, well, I want to grow my business right in your lead and you're gonna be in contact. That's genius. You want to put that early and this is such a good design. So far, so scrolling down, we get to see some companies that they've been working with. Perfect. That's just gonna build a trust from the beginning, we know that scrolling down. We have some personal testimonials and has also been putting to a carousel like this. Really good. Really clever scrolling. Now we get to see their services a little bit more on how they can actually help us out. And you know what I'm liking with this? Everything is put neatly on the same road. This is good design. Guys, look at this. They're all on the same road. These are all on the same road. The images are all on the same row. This is nice looking clever this time. And just to get the point from the previous, they're also using SSL, which you without a doubt, always, always should do so scrolling down We get to see the case studies asked Well and I am loving this. They have a lot of different case studies. You can click on them. You get to see some information like this. And then they had a call to action. I want these results. If I click and I want these results, we get to see the actual case study itself, right? We get to see the objective, the approach and the results. And that is just again textbook a case study. This is exactly how you want to do it. And in the very beginning, put up what the result where in 60 days we increase, but I don't know how to pronounce it. Curatorship phone calls by 42%. Genius. How did you do it? I want to know, Because I want that for my business. I'm going to read the study and guess what, Then your agency is gonna have such high value for me, and you will be in a great position for negotiation. Right? So let's go back now. The only thing I don't like is the call to action that says I want these results. Will you do? But that is not actually function. That's bottom. Has the button has the function off reading the case studies? I would just change that name. Scrolling down further. Why octus 15 plus years in the industry helped over third arrested, increased their sales, etcetera some more partners and then requests a call by another lead capture. And this is genius, right? So they have done everything textbook. They have sold me. They have shown their value through testimonials through case studies. Do you have explained exactly who they're serving? How they're serving them? Perfect. This is just again a textbook example on how you want to build your website with a nice and clean this sign as well. So let's move on and look at another not so good example. So here we are at another website for a digital marketing agency focused on restaurant. Now, First things first. What's the first thing you see? It's a bunch off text missed out all over the Web site, so I don't know what this is. I don't know what they do and honestly with this kind of design that lacks the clean loneliness, I hardly even want to find out. But let's start from the very beginning. From the very beginning is his digital marketing for restaurants. So who are they serving well? Restaurants Clearly. And then it says, raise the bar on digital plus, accelerate your restaurants growth, and that isn eyes. But it still doesn't explain how right these air quite empty words. Besides, the text is put into such a background where it's hard to read, and I hardly even want to read it. So there is some resistance from my part already from the beginning. Now we get some more takes, unleash the power of social media to bring in more customers and bill loyalty. Well, that is interesting. Create digital experiences that keeps your customers coming back again and again. And this is actually pressing on a pain. Point off having visitors show up once and not returning. You want returning visitors? You want to feel those tables. This is great. What it's not great is all of this takes they have used so much takes with such bad coloring that is hard to read, and there's too much for me to read to get their main point. Right then we have all of these six, and that is already in the about the old section. I don't even know how they're going to serve me yet. I have some ideas what they do, but not how they do it. 21. Marketing Agencies Website Example - Restaurant 2: So what do I like? I like that they have the lead generation from the very beginning here. So you could go ahead. You could sign up and you could get in contact with them from the beginning. And I love that because once again, ah, lot of people visiting your website is going to be interested in that. But what I don't like is this. We are offline. Leave us a message once again. If you are in the restaurant niche, what you can do is just use chatbots if you use chat, but you're always gonna have a but you don't need any manpower for this. You're gonna use it. But that's gonna help your customers with everything from directions open times showing the menu, booking a table and even generating a lead for whatever reason, that might be so utilizing a chat. But is going to be so much better and so much lower in the cost than using manpower and, for example, having them offline right now. So if I want to know their open times or have a question or whatever, I can't really utilize them because there are flying right, so scrolling down. We have the recent of words. Well, that's pretty good. Does your website reflect your brand? Okay, that's quite interesting. Grow my business. Here is also a couple off testimonials, which is really nice now for the testimonies. I would rather have a face than the logo, maybe even have the logo underneath the face. But this so far isn't very personal at all way too much text. And here we have some related post. Okay? And there's no additionally generational lead captured here. So what am I missing? Well, there's a lot of things that I'm missing here. I am missing proper call to action. I am missing clean minutes explaining who you're serving and how you're serving them. I am also missing case studies. We already know the value of case studies. I'm missing much cleaner testimonials, much more personal testimonials. Truth to be told this website to me, it's very confusing. And there's a lot of work for me. It's the client to get to the main point. Another point is, their name is absolute mobile solutions. And that is a cool name. But I'm not hearing anything so far in the takes about them being focused on mobile solutions, right? So maybe they started their business with Mobile Solutions optimizing website for Mobil's do mobile app. I don't know about their name. Even though it's not a huge con, it's likely limiting. And that is exactly what we were talking about when you decide on the name for your business, not a have a name that's gonna limit you later down the road. So the website is missing on quite a few things. Once again, this might be a fantastic agency that it's making great revenue, but their websites is not helping them with that. Let's move on to another great example. So here we are, vigor and, as you can tell already from the beginning, that the Sinus a little bit different. They're using a video with a red overlay. This kind of gives them a different feel to the website from the very get go. And the question in the beginning is always the same. It's basic. Who are you serving? How were you serving them? So let's look at the text. People don't buy food, they buy experiences Well, for me, this is cooperating. One, the one that gives me an ah ha moment Okay, so I have an idea who they're targeting. It's not very clear yet, but that captures my attention. Looking down, restaurant branding, marketing and design with vigor. These answers everything. Who they're targeting restaurant, how they're serving them by using branding, marketing and the sign that is genius. I am loving that That is one of the most clear and direct headlines that we have seen so far. So this is looking really good. And also what do I like? The call to action. What don't I like that it's a video Now. Video content is actually really good. It is the future, and it's highly captured sieve, and it really helps with conversions. But here's the problem. I am not completely sold on this website yet. I understand the targeting and that is already selling me and building trust. But what I don't want here is a video in the beginning, where I also have to click and do something. Something more interesting would be learn more where I get taken to testimonies and your case studies or elite, where I can sign up and get in contact with you. Video not doing them any favours, even if It's a great video. I would put that later on the website. So if we scroll down, we can see that we get a piece of text and the only thing sometimes that your client is going to reduce the bold. And here it says, Vigorous, the restaurant branding, marketing and design agency in Atlanta, Georgia. So they're repeating takes maybe not necessary. But they're super clear with who they're serving, how they're serving them, which I love. And then a piece of text here is going further. Explain that scrolling down love, love, love this look. They have dedicated an entire screen to their case studies, and they have put in their case studies in a carousel. So if I click here, I can roll through the different case studies that they have. And if I want to know more, all I need to do is click on view case study, and I'm gonna do that. So what? They're actually using its elite minus. When I click on the case study, I get this pop up where I can sign up, download. They're able and they're building their email list. This is a pretty good too to be using e books. They don't always work that effectively, But still, they can contain a lot of interesting information, especially if it's super targeted to your client. So 10 restaurant branding blunders. Now, if you're really into branding your restaurant, you're probably gonna love this e book. You're gonna want to sign up with your name, your email. You're gonna be put on their email list, and they are going to start building that trust in that relationship to you, which is going to increase the chances of making you a client. Right. So this is really clever. I'm liking this big time. No scrolling down on the case studies sell. What we see here is the location year completed, team size and the service is used. We get to see the challenges in a really beautiful design going down and the solution And then the documentation off how they did it, mostly image documentation I can see here, but still they have summarized everything. Maybe I would have liked a little bit more detail, but still, they have designed everything so well and you can tell that this sign is a big deal for these guys. And you want to stand up with your agencies. That is a huge plus. Now let's go back scrolling down. We get to see who they have been working with. You can probably already tell a theme here, Right? Most websites are designed similarly because it works scrolling down. We have some more off services that they're offering restaurant branding, restaurant, marketing, restaurant rebranding So clearly they're very clear with their targeting. Okay. And also you can tell that this sign is so important for them, like we've seen earlier with the case studies. But also hear the button is on the same row. There are three rows off text, three rows of text, three rows of text. They had the what they're actually doing here, the restaurant branding restaurant marketing The headline is on the same line and then above that, there's another piece of takes on the same line. Beautiful, beautiful design and this kind of designing is what sets you apart. You want to show this skill fullness in your agency, especially if you're selling services such as website creation, scrolling down. We get to see some articles that they have. They have some resource is, and then we can click on, Let's discuss your project invasion and by clicking here is gonna be a lead generation so scrolling down you get to fill up your name. Last name email. It said you can inquire. You know why you want to use their services, how you want to use it, etcetera, etcetera and then another lead magnets here. But once again, you don't actually need a lead magnet here because we're already about to sign up on this page, right? So you're going to get their email anyway. But going back from the very beginning on this website, what do I love about this website? Super clean standing out Who did the sign? They really paid attention to how they look. They're super clear with their targeting. What don't I like? Well, first of all, did they put a video in the beginning, Not a fan. There were clear with their call to action, but the lead generation itself is actually quite poor. Now look, there's nowhere where I can sign up here if I want to get in contact with them. There's nowhere I can sign up here to nowhere until I get to the bottom, where it's just Let's discuss your product ambition. Now, what I would do is that I would put in on Upton a lead in the very beginning and also at the bottom here. And I would make sure that they could write in their email or the phone number, or even just a page here would be to the feeling their full information from the very beginning. So in order for me to contact them from their landing page on there, so of course, used many which a lot of people aren't gonna use. I need to scroll down all the way to the bottom and I need to click here and then I can sign up with my information. That is too complicated. I would change that. But overall beautiful design, well thought through and really good copyrighting and sales techniques putting out their testimonials on their case studies very early. So loving that. Don't let's move on and look at the final bad example. So here we are at this digital marketing agency, focus on the restaurant needs. The first thing we see is Hey, we are the foodie agency. Okay? Who are you targeting and how well Hey, we are the food agency. It's probably not going to be very clear, neither who exactly, you're targeting and how you're targeting them. So what am I lacking from the get go? I'm lacking directions. I don't actually know what they're about or how they go about their business, right, So there's no clear message here off what they're doing. More reservation, more return and gets result driven agency. So they're using a good language here with reservations. Remember, I spoke about that. The language here is different. That pain points are different. You want to fill up those tables, but they're not clear that. Hey, we're a digital marketing agency for restaurants, and we help restaurants by utilizing blah, blah, blah, blah, right. There's none of that in here, and that is really lacking. And above that, there's no call to action as well, so I don't actually from entering their website. I don't know what they're about, and I don't know what to do to get in contact with them or where to start. Now, Once again, we have the menu, but you're not always going to get away with the menu because people are just going to see the full picture off your website and I'm not being guided from the get go. So scrolling down, they were the food agency. This is very personal. This is actually nice. So I love this. The sign. It looks very good. It says the food agencies, the first full service marketing agency in the U. S. Specialize in restaurant for over 20 years. Now that's huge, right? So they're explained who they're serving and also leads. Quite a big trust is being built when you explain that you've been doing this for 20 years . Is your restaurants one stop choice for all marketing needs? They focus on all marketing needs, which is really great. But I would still want some information of Okay. What do you specialize in or how do you do it? Stop struggling and make things happen by yourself And get the right team to take your rest into the next level. Okay, that's good. I want that. So the text is short. That takes us to the point you can read more than the sign. Looks good. Loving all of that scrolling down restaurant marketing solution. Okay, so this is nice, right? Online marketing and the tools they're using. I'm really liking this. Even marketing review management, local search, the same digital media buying. This is a clear and nice design, and they're also very clear with how they're serving a little bit too late, in my opinion. But they're still becoming very clear scrolling down explaining social media. You can view more Web design, congenial restaurant branding and this sign you can check out the report Folio here with their branding and scrolling down, we can see their client. Here is some of the brands that we partnered with. This is all really good. But, guys, what am I missing here? What, am I not being presented? Well, two things, First of all, where are the personal testimonials of people saying, Hey, this is a great agency. They deal blah, blah, blah, blah for me, and I'm really happened with the result into where are the case studies? Those things are missing on a website that has been claiming to do this business for 20 years. If you've been doing this for 20 years, chances are you could at least have a case study portfolio that is gonna be several megabytes is gonna be ah, lot of case. That is in a lot of happy testimonials. But you know what? I'm not seeing any of them. So that is a trust breach from the very beginning. So once again, you might have been doing successfully for 20 years and driving a great business. But your website is not helping you out here. So let's summarize. What are we missing on this website? We're missing clear directions from the beginning. Who are you serving and how you serving them? That's not clear from the beginning, we're missing a call to action. I don't know where to click, where to go. Where do I sign up with lead? Where do I go If I want to learn more? Of course I can scroll down, but I want to call to action. I want to know what to do from the beginning. I want to be taught and let right. There are no case studies. There are no proper testimonials. Yes, they have shown their clients. The client base is huge and that's great. And they're This sign is also really nice once you start scrolling down. But there are some fundamental things missing from this website that is doing them a great disservice. So once again, guys, I'm gonna put all of these website in. The resource is and you can shake through them and understand what they're doing. Good, what they're doing not so good and also know that they might change their website. And the sign asked, You're looking at this because business is changing their web design change. But what you want to remember and really dissect in these examples is the language being used right, And that is what wanna go deeply into a nation monster needs because they are using a different language. They have different pain points. They have different needs. They have different things. They want to be served in this need. For example, comparing real estate with restaurant real estate would you want to generate least in the only need a few leads to make a lot of money restaurant. They have a low profitability. They want Philip tables. You wanna have a steady income and they want a guide, their clients, or rather, their customers towards their business and make sure that they are always the top choice when people are searching for them on Google, which they are so the needs are going to be very different than you want to look at that language. And then, once again, we've gone through a lot of the science already, and with this sign from the very beginning is quite clear. Who are you serving and how are you serving them? Called to action testimonials. Case studies Nail all these things and capture their lead in the beginning. And in the end, and you're gonna have a great website, right? So, guys, in the next lecture, we're gonna move on and dissect the next nation once again. If that needs doesn't appeal to you. It's not something you will be using. Go ahead and check out that website anyway, because the more you can learn about what kind of website that works and what kind of website that doesn't work, the better your website will be and the better your website. Your foundation can serve you so guys, I'll see you in the next lecture. 22. Marketing Agencies Website Example - Healthcare 1: All right, guys, in this lecture, we're going to be looking at a couple of digital marketing agency website examples for the health care niche. Now you're going to notice once again that the language here used is going to be a little bit different than for real estate and for restaurants, because it is a different needs, right? So most of these websites and agencies air going to push more on the emotional side and the pain point, or usually going to be, well, literally pain and your relatives and your friends in pain and how they can help them etcetera. So let's have a look. So the first website we're going to look at is called Story Collaborative. Now, even though these guys do more than just a health care needs, I know for a fact that it is their biggest needs and where they put the most focus now. I wanted to show their website because they do the designs so well, especially when it comes to the purpose of collecting leads. So let's have a look here now. The first thing that would see is a video background with the text. Growth matters now that captivates right now, the question is still who were you serving and how we specialize in lead generation, customer acquisition and competitive advantage. And then they call to action bottom. And I love these on many levels. Well, growth matters that really captivates. It doesn't really say that you're specified in the health care niche, but they do say how they're going to serve using Lee generation custom accusation and competitive advantage. Right. So if I could come to get started button, I'm going to be taken right to their page where you can contact them in. This is genius, because this is exactly what we've been talking about being straightforward with who you serve and how even though the who could be a little bit clearer and then you can write in your name, your phone number basically become the lead and you can schedule for 15 minutes. Really clever. Now they're also ahead in the sense that they are using chatbots. So if I click in here, the chatterboxes have any questions. Happy to help before we get started. What's your name? So they're gonna be able to capture a lead in here as well, Which is genius. I think if you are not using chapels already, you are missing out. And luckily, we do have chapters in the course. So definitely, if you don't know that subject, check that out. It's later on in the course, but it's definitely there, and you should know it now if we go back and scroll down. One of the things this website does so well is that it explains quite how they can serve you and what they use using very, very little text. Look at this marketing strategy. Brand stories, digital ads, video Web, two signs, search strategies. The genius part here is that you want to convey the strongest message off who you're targeting and how, but also with us few words as possible, giving you the cleanest possible decide and story collaborative that come here. This agency has really captured that the sign and done a great job now scrolling down off course, you have the hub spot gold reward, which is a great testimony in itself. We also have some self advertising for the methodology that we use in here and then, of course, the ever so important case studies and then further scrolling down. We have some self advertising off home in 18 members. How Maney engaged users per month and 10 cups off coffee, which is another great way off strategizing your advertising. Latest inside is what they call their blawg post. It was a clever way as well. And then let's talk. And if I click on let's talk here, I'm going to be taken to this page where once again I can become their lead either hair or using the chat, but which advertises itself every time you click on a new page. So if we go back from the beginning, what do they do? Great. Well, they show who they're targeting, though that could be better and how they're targeting, who do you serve and how do you serve them, Right, very clear, though the 1st 1 could be better, they have a call to action that's very clear. Have a super clean design showing them exactly how they can help. They capture the lead in the beginning, and they also captured the lead in the end. The use testimonials, the use case studies genius. Now this is gonna Countess the testimonial here, being a certified agency partner, though there could be more testimonial to, but the case studies is really going to be everything. So a website well designed, well done, definitely serving them for the better. Now let's go ahead and look at a an example that doesn't do this quite a swell. So first things first. Who do you serve and how do you serve them? Well, experts in international health care, wellness and medical marketing bang right on the money. We know your business very good. Now there are a couple of things missing. How do you serve and to the call to action, right? There's no call to action. Where do I go from here? Where do I click? So there's a piece of text that you need to read in order to get more. We have the information with the instant results. Well, you can sell instant results, but also that's a pretty high promised, especially when you want to sell results over time and you want to sell results using actual numbers. What I mean with that are case studies. So I would much rather be putting case studies or some sort of testimonials up here rather than giving the information of how they work though that is important as well. Now scrolling down, they talk about the channels they use, which is really important information. Absolutely, and it's interesting, but it's not as interesting as testimonials and case studies. I still don't have a reason to trust these guys, and there's still no clear call to action. All of these things were still missing. Scrolling down, get more international patients, find new customers and partners. Two videos. Absolutely interesting. But once again, when it comes to effective designing, you wanna put one video so I would much rather have one video covering the screen, followed by the next video. Because then I don't have to make a choice. Right now we have to make the choice. Um, I'm gonna wash this or this or both, or neither, right? So rather, if you just give them one video, the choice is simple. And that is just basic designing. Scrolling down some facts about those once again, this is actually really clever way of advertising yourself. How many quarter leads per year they have him in the contrast, is serving etcetera and then talking about the benefits of online marketing and advertising . And once again, this is good information. This is all good stuff. But you know what? What's really interesting is being ultra specific and showcasing what you means using case studies and testimonials rather than telling them how they work and how they're gonna help you rather show that you have done this before That you really know the business. That is what's gonna sell better than an explanation off what they do. Scrolling down further. We have some off our clients. Now, this is very good. I would definitely have put this much higher up on the website to build that initial trust . We have just gone past a lot of information Still lacking the trust of Hey, this is all good. But can you deliver scrolling down more information? Successful marketing requires engaging content. Definitely agree. And here's the first testimonial. So, in my opinion, way too far down. Definitely not deciding the order that I would recommend go down. We can choose to sector, and this is very important to show where they have their expertise. Very good. The pricing model. Okay, interesting. But once again, I don't have any case studies. I don't have any proof that this is effective that this agency knows what they're doing, that this works, and then they're going to capture the lead, which is at the bottom. And actually, this looks really good and it's very clever. But you know what? I would have liked to have that up here as well. So let's summarize a little bit. What are we missing? Well, we know who they're serving right there. Experts in international health care, wellness and medical marketing. Perfect. How do they serve? Well, there's all the way down here, so it is there. It's a little bit too late, but there's no call to action. The testimonials come relate, and there are no case studies. So there's definitely a couple of things lacking, and especially when you want to focus on the above the fold section right here. Because if you don't guide your visitors and your potential clients, well, chances are they're gonna look for someone else, right? Their time is valuable. Make the best out of with when they actually do in through your website. So a couple of things I would definitely change here. Let's look at the next example, which is a good example. So here we are at a digital marketing agency called Blaine Turner. And the first thing, as always, you should know this is the mantra. By now we ask Is Who do you serve and how do you serve them? Well, health care marketing. This could not be clear now, could it? So that's perfect. And then it says emotional marketing for hospital doctor and service lines. So who do you serve? Well, health care of marketing. That's very least. How do you serve through emotional marketing four and and then going more specifically to who? But this is very, very clever because this is a nation itself. And I just told you earlier on in the video that the different nations have different pain points, have different needs and have different things that they're gonna president. And the emotional side is gonna be a big thing when it comes to health care. So emotional marketing is a very clever way to put on the very top for the reason that ah, lot of the clients already know the importance of the emotional side. So if you come up, you specialize in health care and you specialize in emotional marketing. For me, it's a client. That is gold. I'm gonna be very interested in that. The next thing that they do really well is that they have a call to action and video is very personal. So actually going with emotional marketing and adding up a video in the beginning. Very clever. Personally, I would still rather have a but some which is gonna collect the lead or guide them into case studies or furthering important information because not everyone is gonna be interested in watching a video, right, but still very, very nicely designed and very clever copyrighting scrolling down. They do things a little bit differently. You can see already and the above the fold, you have four different ways to go. You could read the resource oriented case study client testimonials and our awards, right? So they're all about building the relationship. So you were pretty clear that hate. They know what they're doing because they're already doing this towards you at this very second, so scrolling down, The first thing that we have is what do customers want. And that's the question everyone is asking. That's the question. Use the client are asking. That's the question that the agency needs to know. So this explanation down here is genius scrolling down. They're going to showcase their work, the different websites that they have built, different videos that they helped create and videos again. Very personal, emotional, super important, scrolling all the way down, talking about the brand awareness. And then they have their blawg post right, scrolling further down. We have the lead collection, and this is a pretty catchphrase. In six months, will you be wishing you had hired Bt A or be glad that you did pretty nice and then you collect the lead. So going all the way up here, there's no doubt about it. This website covers pretty much everything. So if you want to go into case study, you click and case study, and then you can click on read the case, study here and go deeper into that. You want to know more about the client testimonials? You click there. You can read the client testimonial. You can go to the award and see hate. They've got in a lot of awards. I don't even know what the's awards are, but, hey, if they've gotten awards, surely they must be a good agency, right so really nice. Clever design on this website straight to the point. Very straight with what they're doing, the emotional marketing part. Super clever. Especially since you can tell that they're already doing these towards. You asked. We speak building that trust in that relationship. So a different look, but definitely good at what they do. Great design. Let's go ahead and look at another example and a not so good one. So here we are. And at this website, the first thing that strikes me is okay. Where did I end up? Did I end up in a block that I end up in a digital marketing agency website? I have no idea. So I'm gonna have to go to the text. Right? Conga Pharmaceutical Digital agency. Well, it's pretty clear who they're serving them. Welcome Congress, a full service digital agency that helps pharmaceuticals and healthcare competence with digital marketing in medical communications. That's perfect. But that is pretty much already on explanation off what they already explains. So they're not really explaining how they serve or what they're good in. What they're expertise is, they explain their niche, but not the tools that they use, which would be much more interesting information here. And guys, we watched so many websites already. Can you tell if you give it a second? What is missing in here? Yeah, we're missing a call to action bottom. So from the very get go, the design is very clean. There's no call to action. We don't actually know the kind of tools that they use, but we know there needs should. That is what we know so far. Scrolling down. We see that they're talking about the digital transformation, digital strategy and digital delivery. And this is all interesting. Especially since we have a call to action button down here. See how we can help. But this is a little bit too much. A little bit too late. I would rather have this button up here, right with the lead collection or something similar, and already start going into the testimonials in the case. That is because I have no reason to trust this website yet. You want to build that trust? You wanna build a relationship from the very beginning, so scrolling down, Let's see what we have. We have our story and our story. That's actually very interesting, but they're already talking about themselves before they're talking about you or us If we pretended we are the client here because it's the client. The one thing that I'm wondering is Okay, how can you help my business? How can you help me? And I'll know this by seeing, for example, the methods that you used knowing the knee centurion suit, knowing the testimonials that you helped others and most importantly, reading the case studies to see. Okay, you've done this before and accept that those results. Those are the results that I want. So going into your own story before showcasing the trust and expertise that you have done this work before and how you can help the client. I think that is the wrong order of things now scrolling down. Our team consists off, and this is all interesting information again, just in the wrong order. Would you have some call to action buttons? Water clients say Now this is really good, but again, this is put on the bottom right? I would have liked that earlier. We also have a newsletter, and I would rather make it into the lead, scrolling down when they have their own news, etcetera. So there's a couple of things that's clearly lacking on these websites. 23. Marketing Agencies Website Example - Healthcare 2: so starting up there not at all clear with how they help, right? They're not clear with their methods at all. There is a lack off call to action, right? There's also very clear their own No case studies. The testimonials is way too late. And there's one more thing and this is the mistake we don't want to see ever. And that is they're not using SSL. Look here, it says not secure. So no SSL means that you're gonna look really unprofessional and especially if you're gonna offer the service off. For example, creating website and you haven't created your own secure website. That's just not good marketing for yourself or for your business. So this website, definitely lacking on a lot of aspects. And guys, we have two more example one good and one bad. So let's have a look at the final examples and we're gonna take it slow and see if you came from the beginning. Figure out what they are missing. Okay, let's get started. Let's go ahead and look at a good one. So here we are, at a digital marketing agency called Interpret Right Cooling. The first thing we're gonna look at water was seeing. So I'm just gonna give you a couple of seconds to look at the screen hair and you get to judge for yourself or even just pause this video for a second and ask yourself, OK, what are they doing? Good. And Easter? Something that they're doing bad. So pause this video for a second and have a look. Okay, Perfect. So let's start dissecting this and see if my opinions coincide with your opinions. All right, so the first thing we see is a text and looks quite modern, right? That explains what they're about. Who are you serving? And how are you serving them with general medical and health. Well, here you see one of the down part that the text actually goes too fast for me to read. So clearly, that is definitely a miss in the design. I would let the text linger. Even though the design itself is really nice and clear, we build websites appointment called leads and something else. So they do have a message. Medical and health growth experts. Okay, there we go. But the message isn't very stable. Is it? Because the text keeps changing, so I can't actually read it, so that is a big downfall, Especially when you want to be clean. Who and how you're serving. So you're targeting is a little bit off now, reading down here, generate new patients and build your dream practice Well, there are really speaking to the emotional side from the beginning. Generate new patients. Now that's pressing the pain point already and build your dream practice. Very good. Very nice copyrighting. The only thing lacking here is that we don't actually know how they're going to do it yet. But so far, so good, connecting on the emotional side, even though they definitely could be much clear with who they're serving and how they're serving them. And lovely design. But sometimes the design goes a little bit too far, and it kind of makes the message suffer. And this is one of those cases. So if I could have come to learn more button here, well, first of all, they have a call to Action Button, which is perfect. Good job. So let's click on that one. We get taken to this pay show. They have some more animations, right? So it seems like they're going to show us a video here when we have clicked on the learn more and that is pretty cool marketing. The only thing that's the downside with this was that it took actually quite a while to load this video. And also, I didn't really sign up for a video, even though that can be a pretty good method to use. If the message is clear scrolling down, we're gonna explain who we are. Our goal, etcetera, and recent agency awards. Now, this is really good. The recent agency awards very, very impressive. Ready to grow your patient base and generate new revenue. And then we're hiring Join our team. Okay, so what I'm actually missing here is any form of lead collection, right? So I would really have liked the possibility off collecting a lead now granted, if you look at their menu to have a free S CEO audit which you can use but still we are looking at the website in itself. So, so far, the design wonderful. But it's gone a little bit too far, and it's actually lacking some basic functionality now scrolling down, you can tell that they work with website the sign right, and it's pretty clear because this website stands out a lot from the rest. Now, there are some function I can hover my mouse over like this, looking really good scrolling down. See how we four times a urologist practice. This is incredible. So a case study early on. I love that. I love that. The sign genius. This is how you want to do it, right? So if you click on read more, you're gonna go straight into that case study. And this is just textbook design. Lovett. 840% grow. 752% returns and 47 new procedures. Wow. OK, so this sign is beautiful. Message is clear. Really, really enjoying this. So what are we seeing here? Well, if we look at the very beginning once again, we can see that if you have a clear message. If you show who you are serving and how you're serving them in the beginning, you adding a call to action button that preferably collects the lead or takes you to the case that is etcetera. You're gonna have a really nice above the full decide. And if you scroll down in you showcase what you do and then you take them directly into the case studies. That is a beautiful, beautiful design. That is a really clever way off, guiding your visitors into building the trust into building the incentive of one thing to hire you and building that relationship. Now, if they're going to contact you, you are in a great place for negotiation, right? Because you have a lot of value already. Ah, lot of valley, especially thanks to these case studies scrolling down the interpret difference. So they're already advertising how they are different from the others. Very clever Onley A small piece of text with a culture action Find out more button once again Perfect Lovely design scrolling down CR works or more case studies I love this. And look how neat and nice this looks that the sign off the case studies did the sign off. The portfolio is beautiful so they have the name, the show, the website, how it looked and you can tell they know how to work their color palace and know how to sell things Clever I am definitely completely sold already. If I want someone to design my website, we're an agency just to drive Mawr leads these air Gonna be the guys I'm super impressed so far Scrolling down view all And we have some, you know, showing who you've been working. We were just gonna work like a testimonials. Impressive scrolling down, actually. What's happening right now? If I scroll in the mouse wheel of my mouth, you can tell that I can kind of separate or add the scene just a pretty cool design effect going down. Are you ready to grow? Our team of healthcare marketing is has spent years developing unique tested, improving marketing, progress to grow medical practices. Very impressive. Request a quote today and see the leading healthcare marketing agency can do for your business. So here, clearly, we're gonna enter our website and get a free quote. And this is just very impressive, very, very impressive, unique website that clearly gets into the heart of the visitor and really sells the clients so scrolling all the way down Maura effects. Do we need all these effects? Well, they definitely separate you from the competitors. You get into some more testimonials. They even have a blawg and even look at these. The design itself is absolutely beautiful. and you can subscribe and get on the email is so let's go to the top once again and dissect one final time. This website does pretty much everything correctly. The Onley mistake that I'm seeing here is that this the sign itself has gone a little bit too far and actually takes away a bit from the message just to improve the design. So if you have a choice, design or clear message, always go with the clear message. Because in the end, the message and getting that message to your client is what's really going to sell. They have their very clear what they do, how they do with the call to action, your super clear with their case. That is very impressive and they know how to connect emotionally with the client. So let's go ahead and look at the final example, which is gonna be a not so good example. All right, so here we are at this website, and just like previously, I want you to post this video and just have a look at this above the fold section and landing page that you see right now what is missing. What would you like to add. And why? So pause this video in 321 and figure it out now. Okay, I'm gonna assume that you haven't passed. Welcome back. Let's have a look and see if our opinions coincide. So first things first, we always ask the same question. Who do you serve and how do you serve? Right, So we deliver results. That's great. But that headline is a headline off. Nothing. Every single agency needs to deliver results that they do that so far. Just talk. That's what you're gonna show with your case studies. And then it reads. At Digital catalyst, we create and implement marketing strategies for private health care businesses. That is great, right? Whether you're a single consultant, an established clinic or group, we can help you grow. We don't just build private health care website. We build businesses. This is all great. This is very, very good. So they show who there is serving very clearly, but still not how so. We're lacking the how we don't know their expertise. We don't know the methods that they use or if there is specialized in anything specific. I would like to know all of these because I only want the best for my agency. Right. And secondly, can you tell something else that's missing here? That would be the call to action, but, um, I don't see it anywhere. You probably don't either. So that is definitely missing in the guiding off the visitor. So let's cool down a little bit here. They're explaining who they are, so we are a full service agency, and then they're gonna explain who they are, which is all good, but still something in here to build the trust before explaining who you are. You want to explain clearly who you are in the beginning, then you want to go ahead and build that trust using testimonials or case study. And then you want to further explain what you do. You know what you have to offer, who you are, etcetera. So, in my opinion, a little bit of the wrong order here. So scrolling now how We were also interesting information. Pretty good looking the sign. But so far it's all talk, right? I wanna have testimonials. I want to know who you've been working with. You recognize any of the company's case studies? Can I see your numbers Please. Can you please show me with action? How you can help my business grow scrolling down? We have the testimonials. Lovely. And there are a couple of testimonies that you can run through and read as well. But still, testimonials, Earlier case studies earlier scrolling down. We get to meet the CEO, which can be interesting. But still, I'm much, much, much more interested in knowing how you can help and the fact that you have helped others in my situation before. Before I want to meet the CEO scrolling down we can read their blawg is gonna be semi interesting at this point. Contact us. We can go ahead and contact them, and then they have a lead. So what am I missing here? Well, let's scroll up and I want you for a second to post this video and just write down or go through in your head. What is this website missing? So pause and figure that out in 321 go. All right, welcome back. And gonna assume you have unpoliced. So I'm gonna summarize what I believe is missing here. Well, first of all, they take too long to be clear with who they serve. It is in here. But look, it's in this little text. They spend this big, beautiful headline to say We delivered results. Basically, they spent this big headlines saying nothing. So that's not very interesting now. Secondly, how do you, sir? It's not very clear here. Is comes later on. But I want that clear from the beginning. Third, there's no call to action, right? It's same, you know, pretty nice designed website and everything in once in game. They might be a very successful agency, but there is no call to action, and that is not serving them one bit. This website at this point isn't serving them at all. So scrolling down, what more are we missing? Well, we get to know who they are, but I'm missing the testimonials. I'm missing to know who they have previously worked with What kind of companies, Even if I just recognized one single company or just get to see a bunch of companies, I'm gonna feel so much more safe scrolling down. I am missing case studies completely. I'm not seeing a single case study. We get to meet the CEO. That's interesting. We can see that he has more than 20 years off experience. But where is it? I want to see how you have been using those 20 years of experience by helping others. Only then will I be interested so scrolling down. Finally, they have the blawg semi interesting at this point. And also they captured the lead down here. But I would also recommend it to capture the lead up pair so clearly a couple of things that this website is slacking. If you're looking to really build the trust off decline to showcase the value that you have to offer and finally convert that potential client and put you in a great seat for negotiation. So a couple of things lacking here. So, guys, at this point, we have gone through 18 different website nine good examples, nine not so good examples and we have run through three different niches. At this point. I think you have a pretty good idea of how to make a great design for your website and what you want to avoid on your website, right? And also taking in the specificity off your niche. Now, if you're in a niche that we haven't been looking at here what you need to do first and foremost is Google your knees and just Google the niche and then teach them marketing agency. Look at a couple of websites and look at the language that they're using. Now. The build is going to be very similar, but the language is going to be very different because there's going to be different needs . There's going to be different pain points, etcetera. So you want to nail that copyrighting then and there. And finally, Eustis examples good and bad. Check out your knees and build your own webs that either by your own hands, by using our WordPress courses already included or by outsourcing. And then just this. Sign accordingly. And remember, be super clear and never forget. Who do you serve and how do you serve them? Add a call to action used testimonials. Use case studies. Captured the lead, preferably in the beginning, and definitely captured lead at the end. Just be very clear and smooth, right? All right, guys, if you have any questions, will be in the Q and a good luck see in the next lecture 24. The Art Of Getting Clients: Alright, guys, I'm super excited for this video because in this video we're going to talk about the art off, selling the art off, getting clients well, let's dive into it or a guy. So we are all excited to get our first clients or to keep getting clients if you already are having a business up and running where if you have done some freelancing jobs, etcetera, we always would like to get more clients and always to get the right flies for our business . But there are few things before we go in there and diving to getting the clients that would need to consider this is more like a mindset, really, So sales worse is service. Ah, lot of you guys would like to get that contract to close a deal for $10,000 a month and get rich quick and so on. I mean getting money into your account account while you're sleeping, or maybe laying at the beach that is good at all, and that is possible in the future. But firstly, you need to educate yourself and you need to provide good services because if you're providing good services, then you will get more clients. If you're in this for the long round. Now, a question for you guys. How good are you at what you are doing now? Don't panic. Maybe you're a beginner. You don't know what digital marketing really, IHS. Or maybe you're more advanced than you at. Know exactly what digital marketing is. But you're looking to get better results with your agency or with your freelancing. Well, how good are you now? How good are your website ranking? How good are your Facebook ads campaign performing? How many clicks to your website are you getting? How many leads from clients are you getting a month? This is a question. This is an open question. I just want to get your mind going on on this question and think about it. How good are you? Because the secret with getting clients is become the trusted advisor. This is more like a mindset, really? To understand that you do want to dive into an itch which will talk about in a second. But you would like to be that guy or woman that people are coming to the guy a woman that people are referring to when they're having a certain problem. That's why it's so important to provide yourself results first in order to show off like this. For example, this is our website. We're having somebody who wrote and testimonial from online course. They have gotten really results. This is testimonial. So when anybody is coming to a website in this CDs Hey, this person is actually getting results with these guys Online courses off course. I do want to go to them. They trust us now. Testimonial is one thing. Another awesome way to get results would be if you sign a client based on that, they found you on Google's who have ranked your own website and you can say, Hey, how did you come to my business? And they say I found you on Google and then you say I can do the same for you. I can also rank your website on Google, but you do want to go in to and specific niche. It's super important that your knee shing it down, that you don't go for a general niche like s e o for anyone or like website development for anyone. Or maybe social media marketing for anyone of content marketing for anyone. You do want a master. One thing at the time. You do wanna be the trusted advisor in that field because there is where the money is at. You don't have to close hundreds of clients every single month if you are educating yourself if you're diving deep into Som Nisha's, which we will talk about more later on in this course, Or maybe we have already talked about it. But you do want to dive into a niche and really master one thing at the time because then you are the person or the marketing agency that people are referring that people are talking about, that people want to go to, and you would are then the problem solver. But because that is what it is, you always want to bring a client more business. If you bring clients more business, people are going to talk. That is why you would like to nish it down. What? I mean with this when Lisa down to, maybe you're making Facebook. As for real estate agencies, that is one niche. Or maybe you are making let's say, Google. As for local basis, like a restaurant or something like that, you do want to go in to a certain age and really mastered that. Talk to your client about their business, how they are normally getting their clients understand the incident with their business in order to understand on how to make their marketing campaigns as efficient at you possibly can. This is the art of getting clients to master one thing to become the trusted adviser and to also show off some really results because people want to trust you before they're signing a contract. We do. So if you haven't ah, website up and running. If you don't can show off some good s CEO or which ever needs that you going in within, you need to educate yourself Firstly, and inside of this course, you will have a ton of education, and you can also always ask us anything in the Q and a session. So we're always with you step by step inside of this course until you have your digital marketing agency set up and running. So this is basically the art off getting clients. We're going to continue to talk about how how you can get your first client see you in the next video, guys 25. Get Your First Client: in these video guys. We're going to talk about how you can start getting clients for your digital marketing agency. Let's dive into it. Okay, you just have started your company. Now, how do you get your first clients? Well, it's pretty difficult in the beginning to get your first clients off the bat because you have maybe nothing to show. That is exactly what you would like to focus all your energy on you would like to focus on customer testimonials. What is a testimonial testimony is easily I review whenever you're going to, let's say Google and you type in restaurant near me or I'm doing that. At least I'm looking for the highest rated restaurants near me, and that is exactly what your customers doing as well. When you're going to Google. Or maybe they're coming to website, they're seeing your website. Then they see all these services that you're having to provide for them, or maybe making better a CEO optimized websites. You're maybe doing email marketing. You're having all these kinds of services, but how can they really trust that you are doing a good job? What, you need to find out on how to get these reviews and testimonials up on to your website. Now, how do you get testimonials? Well, I don't know. Or do I? Yes, I do know how to get these testimonies. This is how you go about it. You are wanting to start networking. What I mean with this is you're probably having maybe 100 203 104 105 100. Maybe Facebook friends go out on Facebook. You need to ask around among friends and family members to see if anybody knows anybody who is looking to expand their business. If they're looking for expanding business, they are definitely needing somebody who can promote their services. And you might be that person. So asking around by friends and family if they know somebody that maybe are working in construction, maybe a working are having their own shop. Maybe are a chiropractor or something like that? Because everybody wants mawr business for their businesses. So networking is the first thing. If you don't find anything among friends and family, what do you do then? Well, you go on freelancing sites, sites like up work. We're having freelancer dot com and we're having five dot com. Let's go to the internet and I will show you how to do this. First off, I just want to show you the power off testimonial. This is mine and Robbins website. Now, if you scroll down on this website, you can see we have a bottom here who says Learn more. But if you don't want to learn more about what we're teaching you here, then you can definitely a scroll down and you can see here your came Erickson, a guy who took our course has left in review and testimonial. And he says this is the best and most complete online course about how to grow your online business with drop shipping. I made over $1200 within the first week off sale, which is insane. All thanks to Robyn. Yes, Prison masterclass. Awesome. If you're ever looking for a drop shipping course, then here you have proof that our course are working. So this is the same with your services. Guys, if somebody is coming to website and maybe you're having dislike just text here. Maybe you're having your services etcetera. But you don't have this like testimonial on your website. You cannot show any results you cannot show off anything that you've been working with earlier clients, and they they have got in some kind of results. Then there might not be enough reasons for you to get that job. Okay, so with that out of the way, let's go into this Freelancing websites. Maybe you've heard off up work dot com What you're doing on this website is your providing services services like digital marketing, for example. You go here and you sign up here, just click on, sign up. Either you can sign up as you are, the business that is hiring people or you're signing up. Asked the freelance. So you just go through this process, click on, sign up and sign up as a freelancer. Then you put in some additional information about you about the services that you provide about the price that you going to take. We will talk more about that maybe every soon. So this is actually what you're doing. If you're ever like feeling unsecure on, how much should I get paid? What should I write in my profile? We will also cover that in a second. But here you can see what a Web developer is taking, for example, or you can see in your how competitive the amnesia is that you're going in with. And this might feel like a turn off in the beginning to start freelancing. But this is the best way in order for you to get testimonials to put on your website. What just spread out to friends and family in order to get your first jobs for your agency , you can definitely a scroll down here and you can see fine freelancers and agencies so you can scroll down here and see what are your competition doing. How much pay are there taking etcetera? So this is a great website, and then we're having something called fibre dot com. You can easily us go to this website, and underneath this top here, you can just see social media marketing. What are other freelances? Charging for the service is influence a marketing content marketing. You have all kinds of tabs here, so you can really go in here and spy on your competitors and you can see what they're doing , how the worker is looking. They're doing all kinds of designing work, all too digital marketing on this website and you also go in and you create our sellers profiles. So you create a profile. You can see that this is a profile that we're having, and then you can just click on become a seller and you feeling some information about you, about your services, maybe earlier jobs at Set Trump, which will give that the people who is hiring for anything within the usual marketing a reason to hire you. 1/3 website that you can go in and do the same. Actually on is something called freelancer dot com. This is that this is the home page you just click on. I want to work and this website you can read more about this here so need work to be done, but then you know what you are doing. So it's simple simply post a job, Malala and so on. And but the thing with this website is that you only have to pay. The customer only have to pay for work when it's being completed and your 100% satisfied. This means on this website you have revisions. That means if your client isn't satisfied with work, you have to maybe reduce some things, and over time that can cost you a little bit more time. But this is also good website, actually. So we're having up work. We're having fiber and we're having freelancer dot com. All the resource is is help here in the in the resources tab for these video. And what I've done for you is actually I found a website with super good like examples on how you can write your profile like the text about you, about what you're providing, what kind of services you're providing. So this website is also in the resource is for this video so you can click just to scroll down and then you can see this like template here. What? This is If I scroll down on this page, you can see that this is how you could write on profile like this. You can see there's some annoying Google ads Google as her everywhere guys. But here are for Web developer, as you can see. So Web developer overview sample for up work works the same for five or works the same for freelancer dot com. But this is basically on how you can write out a profile for you in order for people to find you and also to high year you. Because, remember, guys, we're going for the testimonial here. If I scroll down, you can see here from graphic designer. If you're a graphic designer, there is also s e o overview sample for up work freelance about carbon fiber as well. And here is like how you write in your profile, basically my skills and expertise and so on. So this website, you can find them in the resource. Is that well? So once you set up your up work side your freelancer and your fiber side, it's time to go in there and find somebody who would like to hire you. Some work that you feel secure because you have already educated yourself. Maybe you are well educated ones. You go into discourse or your total totally new beef. Then you might have to go through some training in order to get your first client. But once you've signed up to this freelancing websites, then you would like to know that you would like to charge less than competitors. So you are looking at competitors within your niche. Now let's say a CEO, how much pay is anybody in the S E O Field is taking on this freelancer sites. And you would like to charge less than that competitors to get your first client. Now, we don't like this. We don't like to race to the bottom in pricing. That's the worst thing that you can do. Don't apply this for your digital marketing agency. This is just one time. Okay? This is the only time you would like to race to the bottom with the pricing. That is only because you would like to get your first client in order to get a testimonial . Okay, Maybe your first client won't leave your testimonial, but you can ask him or her they were politely. Maybe Then you have to do, Ah, a couple of more clients before you get those testimonials. And once you get testimonials, then you can put them on your website. And you are so much more likely to get clients in the long game. Because I hope that you are in this for the long run, because that is what we're advising you to be. Don't be here to get rich quick. Be in this course, be in this game. Digital marketing agency for their long round. So first and foremost focused on customer testimonials. The testimonial, the review that people are leaving you. This will determine if you are getting more clients over time. And how do you get testimonials? Well, you are either networking within your family and friends to try to find out if somebody is needing anything to do on their website. Or maybe there Social Media Marketing or something like that. And sometimes, yeah, you may have to do this for free. And this is the beginning off all kinds of businesses don't expect together high payroll in the beginning. Maybe you do that for free. Or maybe you're negotiating like a couple of $100 etcetera. You know, these best you have to be able to talk. We will go through negotiation in a couple of lectures, and you find them in the freelancing sites that we just mentioned in. The resource is we have freelance dot com. We have fiber dot com, and we also have up work dot com. And the the best competitivity here is actually to charge less than your competitors in order to get these jobs and get them jobs done. Good guys. Okay, so I hope this helps you and I'll see in the next video 26. Case Studies: in these video guys. We're going to talk about something called case studies and how that can explode your business. Let's dive into it. Or a guy. So you got in your first client or your first clients? Awesome job. Those testimonials are so important now to build on your success. Another thing that it's very, very important is to collect case studies. This means real time results that you have created for a customer. Now, why were collecting this case? Studies from people or companies that were working with is basically because we would like to get more clients. Yea. So in order for us to get more clients now is that we have to show off some type of proof that we are valuable for the company that we would like to get hired by. And this will definitely increase your value by ah lot. I mean, if you go into an interview, maybe you're going in and you going to negotiate? Okay, You're sitting there and they're you're sitting there. Wait, Maybe an old man or an old warm and they're saying, Hey, what can you bring to my company? And you're saying? Yeah, well, I'm good at this and good adapt. I'm good at this. Now, if you don't have any proof than you could just say whatever in that meeting, right? But if you're having some type of proof and maybe you're having, like, four people sitting out in the room waiting also for their interview, then if you're having something to really prove that you are valuable for this company like a case study, for example than this was definitely separates you from the competition, that makes sense right now. So you would like to collect all kinds off data that you can collect. Like I got this company, maybe 30,000 mawr website visitors from my ex CEO skills the last month, which is incredible, right? Or I got, like, maybe five more leads or I got maybe 20 more sales or something like that. You would like to collect data. You would like to document every single thing that you are bringing to this company. Because if you showing maybe that new guy with a new woman, the new company, that you have done something really, really valuable for another company before hand, then you will definitely have a much higher chance on getting hired for that job, So document everything. So in order for documenting everything because a lot of companies would like toa keep their data more private than in order for you to do this legally, you have to ask the company if you can do this, if you can use those numbers from your results in later case studies like to get hired for more jobs. So case studies are super important. In order to thrive your business, they will get your more clients. They will increase your company's value. Ah, lot. And also, when you're going into the negotiation face with new potential clients, you have something to really show off, which is super powerful. And it will also separate you from the competition that has no case studies that has no real proof off them getting results for other clients. And you have to document every single thing that you're doing save all kind of data, all statistics, everything like going to their Google analytics. If you're running a CEO for them, maybe you go into Facebook ads campaigns, and it takes some data. From there, you would like to take pictures. Pictures speak more than 1000 words. You might have heard that before, but take pictures. Go into your If you're having a Mac book, just hold down command shift and four on a Mac book where you hold down. I think it's control shift and four to create this like space, and you can just take a screenshot with your computer sitting at the computer. But always make sure to ask before you do this because there could be some kind off private data for that company. And maybe you're not allowed to share those company details. But this is how you do it. Guys, this is how you thrive. Your business case studies. Don't forget about it. Let's move on to the next lecture. 27. How To Close The Deal: in this video, guys, I'm going to show you how to close the deal. How you can get clients easy and fast. Let's dig into it. All right, guys, how do you get clients to sign the papers? Well, in this video, I'm going to show you exactly how to do that in a bullet proof way. Let's dig into it. First off, you would like to make an offer that sells itself. Why do I mean with this? Well, this is how the entire process goes. You're making at offer to a client. The offer is that you are going to sell them a service. But if you cannot provide a service that you are promising, you won't charge a dime. Okay? You won't take a dime from their pockets. So you tell it lined. I won't charge you a dime if I don't succeed. But this is my price. If I succeed, this is my price. And if I don't succeed, you don't have to charge me a thing. Just let me run your marketing for maybe three weeks or something like that. Is that an offered that you can resist? No, it isn't right, because I'm telling you that I will work for free if I don't provide the results that you're looking for. So it's a no brainer deal, right? So what you would like to do the process is pretty simple. You would like to make a list off potential clients. Now, if you're working locally, it's pretty. So you go to Google and print down some contact information and find their email addresses . When you have found email addresses off potential clients with in your area that you can work with maybe some real estate agents and then you just contact them. It's basically like a cold email out. This sounds pretty terrifying, right? But what I've done is actually ah have created on a cold email template for you. So let's say go and see how you can tweak this around to your advantage. So this is the cold email template that we're providing for. You can find it in the resource is forties video. You just collect a little scroll down about my head. I think it is on the right hand side, and you can just click on this pdf file and you can download to a computer or your cell phone, and what you have to do is actually you can paste this in and just twisted around a little bit and write in the name of the person that you're talking to and your firm etcetera. So let's go through this pretty thorough. So the first thing we do you would be like to be. It's personal, right? So you would like to write something like High and the person's name, and then my name is your full name and, um ah, and then you write your profession. Let's say that your S CEO, specialist and then you're right, I found you on Let's say Google and I have are no brainer offer for you now. If I were a business and I would see on their like second or third sentence off reading this email, I would see you have a no brainer offer for for me. I wouldn't stop reading that email, So this is how you caught their attention in the beginning. This is good copyrighting guys, and then I see that you're selling whatever they are selling. Let's say they're, say, selling some kind of services around your area. Then you write in whatever they are selling within the bold feel all the bold parts. There are things that you would like to feeling the information so you can see that pretty clear here. So then you right? I see that you're selling whatever they're selling and then and it happens to be your business. Name my expertise. Now we have established some kind of interest. You're telling them that Hey, we are expert in this field. Keep on reading. We are small or a big company off. And then you write them number of people maybe, or just you or you are. You can write I'm a one man show or you or maybe 12 13 people's. Then you can write the number that are working with clients in. And then you right there, field off business and we have a spot open to take on one. You client or our new client, You can write that there. Then they know that. OK, I'm pretty special. They have one more spot. Maybe I should get in there and then you write something like we understand that selling whatever they're selling can be hard at times now, on the emotional level, which is really important when you're writing emails and that you your time is valuable. You are like trying to connect with them a little bit. Therefore, we would like to give you are no brainer offer. Now there. We have already spiked their interest in the like, third sentence off. What a no brainer offers. Now we have to give them what it really is. We'd like to take care of your digital marketing for the next couple off. Weeks for free. Um, okay. How do I respond to this? You would like to work for me for free. I will keep a reading. Right. So if we don't help you, then your offer goes here. What? I mean with your offer. Ghosts here, you can see on the screen here your offer. Ghosts here. Let's say that this waas there, real estate agency and we would like to help themselves one Moorhouse. And we're confident within our niche that we can help them to sell one more house under, like, two or three weeks. Then we write our offer here. So we would like to help you sell one house under the next three weeks and we won't charge thing for days. okay, but stop here. You won't be working for free. I promise you this. If you don't deliver, you will be working for free. But if you can deliver, you will make money. So we'd like to give you more and then your offer once again leads or sales or clients or which ever it is. This is comes down to whatever neige or whatever client you're working with so that you can get more business. Okay, here's the thing, guys with digital marketing, that is, if you can get other people more businesses, you will never go out of business. Remember that. Therefore, if we can get you and then you offer once again will take or charge whatever the amount that you were putting in. So let's say that if we help you to sell a house, we will charge you. Let's say $1500 because if somebody sells the house, let's say that somebody is selling a house for $500. Then they will may be charged, like 3% of that. So they will make like, I don't know, $10,000 or something like that. And if you are charging $1500 they're still making a huge profit from that house selling. So you put your amount here and then you, right. And if we don't? We re found you the whole amount, the whole amount. So you're basically telling these business owner that we will be working for free if we don't make your business any money? So how could this business say no to this deal? I would never say no to this deal. And then you can just finish this email off with something like this. We can discuss the details off course, but first I wanted to see if this is something you might be interested in. Stay humble, guys. If so, would it be okay to schedule our quick meeting and then your preference if you prefer to be in person or online, depending also on the location off the business. If you're working with a client online or if you're working locally now, we suggest you to go and work locally off course. So in person would be awesome to go over some contract details and then you finish this email off with best Ricard's and then your full name. How simple. Right? So you basically go into the resource is for this video. You take this whole text and you just copy it and you paste it into a document on your computer or on your cell phone. And then you just twisted around based on whichever client that you're working with and whichever offered that you were having. And you will get tongues off clients if you're doing this right. But it can also be that this cold email template do you have to twist it around a little bits. That takes us to the next point, which is tweaked offer if needed. Now there might be some buttons that you have to change within this email. Maybe there's something more that you feel that you want to tell the clients within this email that you can add it and remove some parts within this email. But it's a really good template to have just copy it and paste it in, and I mean keep testing and tweaking around when it comes to sending out emails. Maybe you have different types of offers for different types of clients. So by keep testing and tweaking this email, I assure you that you will get clients for your business. Now go out there and cold. Email some businesses within your area and get new clients. Good luck with this. No brainer deal, guys. See you in the next video. 28. Make Them Sign The Contract: Alright, guys. So you got a meeting or a couple of meetings? You're excited, but you don't really know how to get the client to sign that contract. That is exactly what we're going to talk about in this video. So let's dive into it. All right, So you got yourself a meeting or a couple of meetings. Congratulations. Whether if you were making them online via Skype or any other type of services or if you are doing them in person, there is a process that you would like to go through in order for you to get the client to be a question mark in order to become an exclamation mark without a words to get your clients from having a problem for you to be able to tell them that you know exactly on how to fix their problems. So let's dive into the process now. First of all, to make this potential client to sign your contract, you would like to listen. To listen to this clients problems is the key in order to make them sign the contract. Because if we start talking before we know their problems, how can we then solve them right So the first thing is to listen more than your talking in the meeting. And once you've listened, you need to start asking questions. Okay, questions around their problems really listen super closely and then ask questions on their problems. Because if we understand their problem thoroughly, then we know exactly how to solve it. And then in the later face, we know exactly on how to come up with a proposal in how we are solving their problems. So we're connecting with him a little bit, which drives us to the next point, which is build rapport, which means that we're starting to establish some kind of connection with them. We're listening to how they are speaking. We're listening to their problems, and we're starting to speak their language now if they are speaking from emotions, we also want to speak from emotions. If they're speaking more logically like from numbers point of view than we also want to speak from the numbers point of view like listen to their language. What type of language are they speaking? Not English, not Korean. I mean their language, like emotionally or logically, and you would like to like, match them like mirror. What? Er saying, Basically, this is actually exactly on how you build this connection with your potential client. You need to start listening to them. Don't speak at first. Start listening. Ask questions around what they're telling you and then build a report, build some kind of connection and start speaking their language. You need to go down often on an emotional level and really listen to their problem and then start speaking their language. And then we need to be confident in our solutions. Okay. What do I mean with this? Well, it might be that they are starting to object, whatever offerings that you might having. You telling them this is the solution to your problem. And this is how I would go about it. And you do wanna be confident in your solutions here because if you have listened correctly , if you're asked the right questions, if you have been some kind of report connection to them like emotionally, mostly then you would like to be confident in your solutions. Just like you're seeing on this picture. You can clearly see that this man is having no muscles whatsoever. But he is having it all in this mind. He is confident with his solution, and you need to be the same here. So you need to tell this client that you understand the problem and this is the solution. And you will get this X Y and see results. So always be confident. When you're trying to sign a contract to connect with your clients, ask a lot of questions, build this connection and then be confident in your solutions. And you will make them signed this contract. All right, so now when you know how to make a client sign a contract, we're gonna go in more in depth into the contract details in the next video. See you there, guys. 29. Writing Contract: Okay, guys. So in this video, we're gonna have a look at how to write a contract with a client. Let's dive into it. So, firstly, why do we want to write a contract with a client? Well, it's because we would like to be on the safe side when it comes to maybe misunderstandings or anything that has with the law to do. Because if you're writing a contract with a new client, then you know that this and this goes into this contract and nothing Mauritz legally binding. So if anybody's tries to sue you, you have the contract to back up, that you have signed this contract and that the client have sounds, that science, that contract on which ever, services that you have agreed up on. Now the contract itself, the template We have already created a template for you, a template that can be used in order for you to start writing your first contract. And then you might have to customize a few things and tweak a few things inside of this contract. But this is just for you to get started. So let's have a look at the contract now before we go over this contract. I just want to make and disclaimer that I am not a legal advice. Er so if there anything inside of this contract that are missing, then it's totally up to you. It's your responsibility before you sign any contact with the client. Actually, to look this up with a professional advice er in law, so that you know that you're always on the safe side. But this template will get you started. So let's have a look at it now. This is confidential, of course. That's why we're writing it in the top right corner. But all these like bold parts here that you can see. This is where you would like to go in and customize and maybe on order parts also off this contract. But let's have a overview of what this is. Your company's logo or stamp is going up in the left upper corner, and then we have the agreement with, and then you can see the bold parts here as well. So your company angles here, and your client's company names goes here. This is yesterday's show that this is an agreement upon between you and your client, and then we have seven different things that goes into this contract and you can see all of the steps here. The first thing is executive summary, and that is basically like an overview off the entire contract. What you going to do for your client, who your client is etcetera. Now, that is what you already went through in the last meeting. This is just an overview off the project that you going to do the service that you're going to do. So here you can see at the following statement off work is uniquely made four and then you feel in your client's firm name here. And then you keep on feeling in your client's firm name here and your company name here, and you include the overall summary off the project here. That is basically an overview off. What you going to do for the client? And you have to read through this also. So if there's anything that you would like to tweak around here, you have to do it yourself from this text, not only the bold fields, but this is just a template. So you get started, really, with all the steps that you have to have included in the contract. So the first step is an overview of the summer off the product that you're going to do for the client. Let's move on to the second step. The second step is the situation analysis, and this is actually what you have in green upon in the meeting. This is you mirroring what? Your client has been telling you off the problem that he or she is having. So here you right? Just the situation. The client is not getting enough leads. That's why we're stepping in as digital marketing experts within this field, we're going to try to fix them more leads more sales, etcetera. So here is where you writing what you already went through in the meeting and how you are going to solve their problem. And then step three is the strategy and the tactics that you were going to use. For example, are you going to do Facebook advertising? Are you going to perform a CEO on the websites? Are you going to do content marketing, Google ads or any other type off marketing strategy? Then you write about the strategy and the method you that you're going to be using a little bit more in detail here, and this is just to protect yourself from maybe future missed understanding between you and your clients. So you'r