Drawing in Procreate! Tutorial 3/7: Draw Faster Using Textured Brushes | Lettie Blue | Skillshare

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Drawing in Procreate! Tutorial 3/7: Draw Faster Using Textured Brushes

teacher avatar Lettie Blue, Architect & Digital Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Preset textured brushes


    • 3.

      Selecting brushes


    • 4.

      Let's Draw!


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      More examples


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      Class project


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About This Class

This is the third of a ten-part series on Drawing in Procreate. In this course we will talk about textures.

We will learn how to use preset textured brushes to save us time and get nice textured illustrations.

I will use iPad Pro and Apple Pencil but it's ok if you use your fingers instead.

This class is perfect for everyone who wants to learn how to draw faster in Procreate. If you don't know anything about the App, I recommend you to take the two previous courses first: Drawing in Procreate! Tutorial 1 & Tutorial 2. By the end, you will be able to create awesome illustrations in less than 30 minutes!

Drawing in Procreate! class schedule:

* Tutorial 1: Brushes & Gestures. Learning the basics of Procreate (1/2): Click here to take it!

* Tutorial 2: Layers & Colors. Learning the basics of Procreate (2/2): click here to take it!

* Tutorial 3: Textures. Draw faster using preset textured brushes: THIS CLASS

* Tutorial 4: Creating Calligraphy brushes. Custom brushes 1/3: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 5: Creating Stamps. Custom brushes 2/3: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 6: Creating Seamless Patterns. Custom brushes 3/3: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 7: Blending Modes 1/2. Darken & Lighten sets: click here to take it!

Make sure to follow me so you know when the next class is released! ;)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lettie Blue

Architect & Digital Illustrator



 Hey there! I’m Lettie, architect, illustrator and teacher.

I love drawing, making crafts, traveling, cooking, reading, singing, dancing, listening to music, growing my own veggies... well, I am not good at the last one, but I like it anyway, plus the snails and their bug friends living in my small garden seem to be very happy. :)

As I was saying, I am a curious and motivated person, always eager to learn something new and to share what I learn with you all. I’ve been drawing in Procreate since 2012 and I LOVE IT! I make illustrations for apps, games, books, print-on-demand products... I draw A LOT every day! I've taught over 100K + aspiring and established artists to get the most of Procreate. Teaching makes me re... See full profile

Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: hi amity in a straight on that in a vise assignment. Somewhere in this that costs about drawing in appropriate. We will learn how use from the preset fixture brushes are. We will use them to draw things like spines. For San or Smith, I would show you my process to create nice Texter. Illustrations seem no time. In fact, the past project will be a trained him in a similar situation for your calendar. The level of this curse is intermediate. No previous knowledge appropriate. Don't worry. Just was imperious curses off this serious and you were ready in no time. Okay, I but apple pencil fingers all said Let's have some fun. 2. Preset textured brushes: We talked about present brushes in the first Coast. So I suppose you already have your favorites. This time we will focus on the textured ones. I know charcoal oil, world color, brushes, all of them. Give us a nice texter illustrations, but I will like you to give other bruises of dry. Those other bruises are the ones you will find. Insects like textures, abstract elements, retro. And so one. I highly recommend you to try these sex, sir brushes, because if you get used to them, they will save you a lot of time at the beginning. It's not easy to know which one we need to get the texture we want for our illustration. So I will show you my process, and I hope it helps you. 3. Selecting brushes: we're going to draw this illustration. First thing we have to think about these. How many different textures? The illustration. We want to draw hats here. We need one for the sun, one for the background, one for the actors itself, one for the spines or thorns and one for the flowers. So we need five texted brushes. The easiest way to have all the brushes we need together is to create a new set and make a copy off the ones we need. These would save us time because we won't need to swipe on. Look for the brushes again and again every time we want to use them. As you know, when you feel is your drawing, you can delete the set. Just stopping on it and choosing elite. Remember, these brushes are only copies, so you will find them in their region on sets. Okay, I've added technical pens, A brush for sketching. You will find it in the sketch in set of process around bras to draw the cater's with. You will find it here, finding I like that Dexter disbar us gives me. But if you want a smoother texture abreast from airbrushing set will fit you better. Or if you want a rather finish, you can use another press from the painting said, or from the artistic one. I will use the speak Ill Cross to draw the spines. You will find it in the upstart set. The laborers from there gunning, set to draw the sand, charcoal Ross's or even bonobo from sketching set. We'll find to get sun texture as well. In the first cars, we use several brushes to draw flowers. This time I will choose the old brush from the paint and set. I've tried to flames from the airman set, but it is a bit unpredictable. I wanted US class background, so I went to the water set and choose mart splashes backgrounds with watercolor finished looks great. Teoh. If you prefer this one, just choose the watercolor brush or try with a water for us that you will find in the paint and set. Next step is to create a color palette. Look for reference images in case you need them, and you say I dropper to select the colors you want for your illustration. This time I chose them currently, from the coloring. We have everything waited, so let's go 4. Let's Draw!: choose the technical pencil and draw the cactus letters. Use the terms for button to feed them in the campus load capacity of this cat's lair on Create a new layer to paint the letters angry. Choose a round brush for this task, - paying the characters with different shades of green. Madden. The light is coming from the left, so use lighter green calls for the left areas and darker for the right areas off the characters letters. If you need to use the eraser, remember to top on hold their eraser button to erase with the same brush you was drawing with. Create another lay on Used the laborers to paint this end, change the color off the back or layer to blue to keep in mind the color jury. Apply and shoot. Stand out, create a new layer and draw the thorns with the speak. Your brush increased un decreased the brush size to get the kind off tones you need for each cactus. Create another layer. I'm used the old brust to draw the flowers. - You mean on out to see if the drawing is looking good at some shadows in the sand? Un retouched The captors if you're not happy with the result, - create a new layer for the background. You selection to UN selected part off the campus. You want to splash on used mud splashes, press to get expression effect. Play with the brought opacity. Um, make start like blue with white to get a more interest in effect, continue our in shadows and highlights until you're happy with the result done. 5. More examples: with President process, you will be able to make all kind off illustrations in no time. For example, I did this Christmas card in Onley seven minutes. If you want to make it, you will need that following process. This penguin took me on the left 10 minutes. Imagine the time. It will take you if you have to draw hair one by one. If you want to make it, you will need this six brushes. 6. Class project: This is my reference image. I've already created a set of brushes on a color palette. Create a new layer on draw this sketch with detainee co pencil. I am more comfortable making small drawings, so I will use the transform battle later to increase the size off the sketch. No other capacity and create another lay changed, a brush and the color to draw the metal snap hook, Use the color drop and retouch. If it's necessary, select the object tapping the transform button us we learned in the first course, we will swipe three fingers downwards to copy and paste top fleet. I move the object active. Also look change the color and at some shadows, be careful to draw in the layer you want to use like pen on flower brushes. Four Highlights creatively on. Draw these shoulders. Drop using their technical pencil to draw the old line. Create a new layer to draw the leather texture. Using the all screen brush top the previously and choose reference. This feature will keep color fields tending separated select D empty layer. Use color drop. It will feel Onley This truck area active on fellow to use their all skin brush. Do the same for the other leather parts. Create a new layer unused tweak brush for drawing the fridge. Create different less to do it at some shadows using the same brush. - Deactivate preference on. Draw the bag in black. Continue adding details using the same techniques. Create a new layer and use the medium brush to create the back shadow and choose a brush you like to create an opinion back room.