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Creating a lovely Sketch Journal Using Procreate

teacher avatar Brenda Bakker, ♥️ Sharing my skills is sharing my joy ♥️

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Importing Brushset and Canvas and a little explanation


    • 3.

      Explaining the Sketchbook Procreate Canvas


    • 4.

      So now something about Sketch Journaling


    • 5.

      Creating a background for your class project


    • 6.

      Thinking about the Layout and some Lettering part 1


    • 7.

      Finishing Layout, Class Project and Thank You


    • 8.

      Bonus 1: Creating Washi Tape and your own brushes


    • 9.

      Bonus 2: Creating the Watercolor Roses


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About This Class

Hi and welome to my new Skillshare Class  on how to create a Sketch Journal using Procreate,

I just love to draw in procreate, but I also love the authentic look of real paintings. So why not combine those two?

In this class I will teach you my way of creating a Sketch Journal Spread, a lovely open Sketchbook with some drawings and tekst. The purpose if a sketch journal it to create a lovely story about things happening in your own life. A kind of a journal or diary with text and also lovely drawings in it. It can be about anything. Places you’ve been, things you did, things you’ve been eating or drinking, a lovely walk you did. Name it and you can write or draw about it.

This class is specially made for the Procreate user, so you will be needing an iPad with the app Procreate on it and a pressure sensitive stylus (for this class an other stylus or just jour finger might also work, it depends on your subjects).

I will provide a special sketchbook canvas with lots of special layers, make sure you watch the explanation chapter on that one so you will get the best out of it and know lots of possibilities. I think this canvas is realy important to get a realistic and non digital feel and also I share a small brush set with fun brushes as well. You can find them in the class project section. Make sure you are in your browser (like safari) to download them and not in the skillshare app.

When you finished the Sketch Journal canvas. I will be showing you on how to create a lovely background so you can make a real fun looking picture of your project to post it in instagram of Facebook or any other media.

This is a class any level of procreate users, though a bit knowledge is very welcome because this is not a class about the program itself.

Also there are two fun bonus classes which I like are very helpful and fun.

So join me in this class and let's create a lovely Sketch Journal.

Meet Your Teacher

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Brenda Bakker

♥️ Sharing my skills is sharing my joy ♥️

Level: All Levels

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1. Intro: Hello. Welcome to this new Skillshare class. My name is Brenda Bucher and I'm from the Netherlands. In this new Skillshare class, I'm teaching my weight on how to create a lovely sketch journal that only using Procreate. So this is very interesting because a sketch journal is normally made out of paper. And I love to draw in Procreate, but I also like beautiful spread out of the sketch journal. So why not combine those two? We can do that. So let's have pain if you're interested. I will teach you on how to do Malaya out. I will teach you some of my literary and we'll give you any ideas on how you can create a lovely spread. And after we finished that, we're going to create backdrop. So you can post your lovely sketch journal spread on Instagram or Facebook or any other media. So let's get started. 2. Importing Brushset and Canvas and a little explanation: So before we start this class, we have to import all the brushes and sketch book Canvas for. You have to go to the website in your browser, so not in the app. And here at projects and resources, you can find your sketch journal, brush sets, and the sketchbook Canvas. And you can download them by tapping on it. Download. Here you will see it downloading. You can click on it. And if you go to your recent downloads, it will be the first one in your upper left corner. It will import right away when you click on it. And it's the first one on top of your brush library. Then we go back and we can download the sketch book Canvas and click on it. It will ask you when you download it. Yes. It will be downloaded. And then your digital sketchbook Canvas will be here. And it will import right away to your gallery. All the way on the upper left corner. And it seems now like there are only two layers, but there's a lot to tell about this sketchbook settings and I will explain all about it in the next chapter. You will draw only on the layers below. And you can add as many layers as you want, as long as you draw underneath the sketch book settings. For the brush sets. We can go here. For the brush sets. I provided small brush, it's most of them brushes I'll be using in my other classes as well. So if you've already got them, you can ignore them. But I added a few more. So a 6 B pencil, a dry ink, texture brush. My medium messy tip, which is like a fine liner. My watercolor all-rounder, my watercolor scribble brush, my messy brush pen to write, brush lettering, my fine dots, background, splash, my watercolor rose, which I provided for free in this class. And I will also do a bonus class with this one. I will explain about that in my next lessons. Also, I've got a blank duck stamp, and this one is not in class, so I will give you a short notification on how this works. So you can stamp. So you can create a lovely layout and you can play with it with the distorts session so you can create lovely boxes for your journal if you want to. You can also choose not to use hits. Of course, like all the brushes. Then I've got some washi tape stamps and I've got a lot of washi tape or brushes. And that will also be in a bonus class. So you will come by that later. So that's about importing and I want to tell you something more. So when you go to the clause in this Projects and Resources section, I also explained a little bit more, but you have to tip to see More button and there you have to read this one as well. And after you create your project, please create a project and put it here in the project section so everybody else can see your projects. And I can see it as well. And I would love to react on it and love to see what you make out of it. So now I think we can finally start with the class. Let's get on to the next chapter. 3. Explaining the Sketchbook Procreate Canvas: So when we first start, always make sure to duplicate your Canvas before you're getting started. In that way, you're always have a spare one ready for you to use. So let's open it up and show you what I've got here. I made this sketch book canvas with the original size of a 100 Mueller sketchbook. So it's let me see confess. We'll check the information. It's 29 centimeters by 10 centimeters. So it's a really existing. And the sketchbook, this is of course, double the width. In that way you can draw technically like you do in a real sketch book and you don't have to worry about actual sizes. You can always export the canvas to another drawing. In that case, you always have the right size and you can always scale it down, then you will not lose any quality of your drawling. So, and of course, it's set at 300 DPI for the best quality. So when we've got it, Let me explain. There are a lot of layers in it and I've made sure for you to merge them all in one layer. But let's talk through it. You see there are two layers. We have the paper textures. Maybe if you did my previous classes, you already know my paper textures because they are the same. They're all top of everything. It exists with three layers. And you can make changes to them. When you're making adjustments to your conscious will come back later for debt. And then I have to sketch book image. So this is only about the textures. So without it, you would only have the blank new canvas when you create a procreate canvas. Just blank. So let's keep that always on top. You see it's a little bit toned. We get back to that later. And for this one, it's only the sketchbook image. So when I get rid of all these layers, you only have a blank canvas, the size with the paper texture on top of that. This one is also divided in a couple of layers. It's the middle and make it darker. This is layer 4 multiply, so I get a little bit of shadow in it. Here you can see the blackish sketchbook or brownish sketchbook. And there you can choose to only make a brown one or only make a black one. And in these layers, I've put some settings so you can play with that as well, so you can make it darker or lighter. And when you start out like this, if you have them both on, it's what I really like, but not for all colors of sketchbooks. So I made a mixture. Now, as you can see, all of all the brown layers and one black layer, but you can also play with it to create or blackish before. Like for instance, when you have a gray sketchbook, then it looks much better with all blackish colors. And of course, if you want to get more depth, you can always duplicate one. And if you think this is too harsh, you can always tell when I'm unlocking it. You can always play with the opacity to layer it, to lower the opacity to make some change meant just to your liking. So let's get rid of this again. And that's what I like to explain about this Canvas. So if you want to start out and like it as it is, just leave these alone and just play with it. But when you're want to make some changes to the backgrounds, like for instance, you want a gray tone, let me see your grade tone canvas. You can see it's the watercolor paper that's bothering while it's bothering me. So let me choose a gray tone. Then let's go back to the paper textures. And this is the one that's causing all the stains. So you can play with the opacity of that by unlocking it. And get rid of the opacity or just a little bit just to your liking. But mostly when I do a great toned sketchbook or 10 toned sketchbook, I will keep this one low opacity. You can always choose also to not select it anyway, but you can choose whatever you like. So this is just a gray tone. And let me see when we pick a 10 tone. Well that's too much. Well, you can play with any tone you like. Little bit more brownish, grayish. See any sketchbook you can create now yourself. So that's what I like most about this canvas and that's what I can share with you for free, for your own use. Use it to your own liking. Just don't share them and just don't sell them just for your own liking it you can do whatever you want with it. So that's one little explanation of the sketchbook. And let me see in the next chapter how we can do our sketch book. 4. So now something about Sketch Journaling: So like for instance, we can do a spread about the whole width of the sketchbook. And I hate shopping so much in free translated. My hate for shopping like this. So we bought a lovely, huge, and I mean, really huge painting on the wall above the dining room of the Girl with a Pearl Earring by a famous Dutch painter, which I like very much and I hit my eye on it for a couple of months. So I actually bought it and we bought some green pillows. And I will come back to that later. So I had something in my mind for weeks and my brain phenotypes need to get out. So I hate shopping. And it was in this time of lockdown and we were not used to getting shopping cell when we weren't became at the superstore. We met some friends we haven't seen for a couple of years and that was awesome so we could talk about them. But yes, and the most important thing, we scored some new products I went for. So that was also and this one is accordingly to this one. I I was drawing a couch. It was from a picture. A different couch. Couch from days. In fact, I only see a small piece of the couch in an advertisement. And I created my own couch, did some color because I like drawing is dangerous. So I just drew up cute couch, designed the colors by myself. And now I want it for real. And I draw a kits and our dog, we don't own a cat, but I love to draw hits. And it's looking very surprisingly and very scared because drawing is dangerous. And, um, you know, just make the spread and make it cozy. And we actually bought a couch with all these colors in it, just a little tiny dots in the fabric, but anyway, the colors are all in it. So that's a fun facts. So I draw always about the funny things I come upon in life. So, well, that's just me. And this is a spread I did for my work. Well, this one is it. We also get our butts also divided. So my weekdays are the ones I have fun with Skillshare. You'll out every once in a while, I give myself a Bacardi and Coke. Once you know me, you already know that. I go walking with a dog. Of course, procreate is all about my day and my work days. Well, now you can guess what my normal job is, but I only work in DO weekend. So just a Friday and Saturday. I'm it's a hair salon. And yes, my sitters didn't turn out to be quite good because they're overlapping here. And so the seizures won't Even won't close anymore. But, you know, that's what I drew within, but that's me. I like to keep my mistakes in my work and make it actually look hand-drawn. So this is really also and I drew some lines about around it. I like that very much. And yes, I got out of the pages. And I also kept it in their own purpose because I know I don't want to be too digital, digitally and I think I managed it like this. I could erase it, but I don't like perfect. And of course the Skillshare logo, just rude in watercolor and with the charcoal brush I wrote on top of it. And in a later stage on this course, I will tell you how I do my lettering like this and the other lettering as well. So you can draw what's going on in your life. I particularly like this one. I like how this turned out. I used my stamps in black and run with different kinds of watercolor. I, I selected my whole life layer with the black and maybe uttered in later in the class as a bonus, I hope I can keep that in mind. And then I turned with different kinds of pinks and oranges and reds. And I just drew a simple outline on it. Not very hard, but I like it very much. I also like the literary. And this one is for my previous class, the Gloucester Aryan bottles. So I copied it and pasted in here. And that's what I like. So it doesn't have to be a very what do you say? Complicated drawing. Just drew about something you like and well, I was sitting in my garden with my husband and with some candlelight, some stars, nice weather. So. You can make a memory out of this. And you see I don't have true composition. Some people worked with grids and if you're like that, that's fine. But for me it just comes as it goes. Let me check some other one. I can I did well, this one I like I think it's funny. It's just to check out my gray tone and, you know, it's raining cats and dogs. I think that's an English saying, we in the Netherlands say Trajan's Piper stay. And we translate. We love to translate in foamy English, like to make funny quotes between the Dutch and the English version. So it's raining steel pipes, we say in the Netherlands, just for fun, it's not true. True Dutch. Saying. And yes, this one is the one. I also going to show you this type of letters later on in this class. This one I made after the, directly when I released the latest Skillshare class before this one. So I like it very much to see. I go over the lines and well, if you see my composition, a drawing here, a drawing here, here are drawing straight lines in here. I divided that, so just fill in those blank spaces. And I think it's good to go. Just make sure it looks lovely. And you don't have everything on one page and one whole layer, white and then a piece of drawing. So fill it up completely. I think that will be lovely. And let me see. Oh, yes, I truly like this one. So I woke up. It was raining a lot. I took a couple of days off and block my agenda. I want to clear my head and be free from the daily Russia's. I had a period of very excitement interface. So I just painted this with some loose flower of some loose watercolor brush. And then I went on with it. Also from my glass bottle to Lariam, the same way I drew the face and I drew some loose flowers within. It's not about how precise those flowers are. It's just an indication of flowers. I think the picture overall looks funny. I always can go back into drawing and draw a stem underneath. See, I've got it all in layers, just below the whole groups of the textures and the sketchbook. So everything you draw is below that. And let me see some more. I'm going way too much. Well and loves Christmas. We spent the day at my sister's home. We didn't get snow back down, but this was how it's supposed to be looking when we have snow. Well, now when I save this picture and say like Share and JPEG to my images, then we cannot post is truly or fun light on Instagram. So how can we solve that? Well, I've got a next lesson for you. Just hop into the next lesson. 5. Creating a background for your class project: So for instance, I've got this one and I try to create some garlic. We tried in a sushi restaurant that was untrue up on top of our meats. I liked it very much. So I asked my son, who is a shift, how can I do it? Besley, is it often baked? Is it steer fried or whatever? He said? I will try to do it stair fried. So indeed, I put on some garlic slice dates and just in a little bit of oil. Easy peasy. So how can we create an Instagram good-looking backdrop for it? Well, let me show you. First of all, this one is completed. The groups are here. And I really didn't name it by then, but make sure you get the good one. So my painting is ready. I drew my painting and I just want to copy this into another one. So I do a three finger swipe down, select Copy All, and let's just copy because it only will copy one layer, your own. Just copy over. And you can get it to a new canvas. So I create a new canvas on top. And for me, it's the normal square size, but I set it at 300 dpi. So make sure and now I do a paste. So let me say I want to have it like this, a bit more into picture. I think this looks also. And now I have to determine where my light will come from. Mostly, my light will come from the upper right corner. Sometimes not, but let me say here is my lights coming from. Then I'm going to create a sketch book underneath it. And that's very simple. I just duplicate this one. Go to the layer below selected. So I've got the one underneath, select it, I choose black and I fill my layer. So now the one underneath is black. And for that one, I'm going to eyeball it a bit, so I'll make it a little bit larger. I can also choose to make it a brown one if I like. And mostly it is in front of me so I can make it slightly looking like this. So it's more to decide and downside because I am looking from this angle to the book. Or you can make a huge flat lay all the way on top. That's also possible. Well, let me let me do that. Let's get it to the middle. Just size it up a bit, and place it in the middle again, all the way around. And let me choose so brown for it, dark brown, maybe we'll be better. So I go to the orange colors and selects a nice dark brown. Fill. Select Layer again, fill layer again. So now it's a dark brown. Well, I think that suits it more. And now we need a shadow because light is coming from up here. So we duplicate this one again. Well, create this one to a black one. So I only had to make a new one. Well, okay, let's say we didn't write order for you. I select this one, turn it into black, you know, luckily we don't have to pay it all over again and fill layer. So I've got a darker black one underneath it. I'm going to push this a little bit to decide just a notch. And I taking my Gaussian blur, choose layer and just see what's happening here. I'm making a big wouldn't be back to 0. And I will zoom in for you. So you can see there's a little bit of shadow now. And that's what I like or don't like it too much. I can change the opacity, but I won't do that just now. Just make sure I see the shadow enough. And already instantly it's looking like a book on a blank table. Well, I don't like blank table, so I'm going to do something different. You can draw a whole flat lay. I don't want to do that. And for the easy part, so I go to my Internet, go to Unsplash. Always make sure to choose some free, free to use photos. So unsplash is my way to go. And here you can see you can see the search area and type in wood background. And there we can see some awesome wouldn't bet drops. So I find one. I really like. So I want to download this one for free. It's by Sergio, ours. I hope I keep his name right. So once you download it, and now it's here. And I can shape it into my gallery or just to my photos first. And when I go back to my procreate, I can find it here by Add, insert a photo, check out this one. And I make it larger and larger all the way to my liking. And let me see, I will have to bring it all the way down. And I darken did because I had a different background but that it didn't like it. So maybe I can choose, make it lighter again. You saturation and brightness makes it so much, it pops out and it's darker, not too light because it will look for me, it looks too much like digital and I don't want to be digital, so a little bit dark but still in brown stem. So that's what I like. And maybe now I can make a darker shadow. Let me see by duplicating the shadow layer, if it works for me, maybe a little bit bigger. A little bit more. Downwards. Yes, for me now, this is an awesome one and it's looking like real book on a real wooden table. So what can we do underneath it? Let me say we're going to draw a blank paper underneath. And I want to make a note on top of that. So go to my white and selects. And this one is fun, a rectangle. So now I have a rectangle in the size, will actually like a four kind of paper. And I drop it with white. And now instantly I've got a nice note. I can do it like this. And also underneath this there must be a shadow. So I duplicate this one again just for repeater and reminder. Select this one, go to black, double-tap and fill layer again. And now we can movies a little bit to this side, just a little bit. And that's so much. And to keeping it from looking so flat, we can make some fun things. Go to the white layer again. And just a pearl the paper. By warping It's a bit, just a little bit because this is laying on top of it so it won't work as much. And this one is underneath it. So just make sure it's a little bit out of shape, not too perfect. Well, if you know by now, I don't like perfect. And you can write a note. I'll write something on top of it. Let's see. Jennifer Nichols system, also micron pen I love to write with. So just slice apiece. Oh, I hope I write the good English right away. Of garlic and fry it. You write for i, just reason. Why I think easy. B and C. Now that's fun, isn't it? I will put it in for you. Let's go to so just from my scrapbook class, I have here also on Skillshare. I will put it in this one as well. You can choose a lovely flower tape. So let me choose a dark brown again. Create on top of this, on top of the paper. Just stamp. Put it to uniform of washi tape. But you know, it's a stamp, so it's a see-through. So this isn't wide, so you have to draw some white underneath dead. And yes, go back to the other pencil again. Any pencil will do fine. So let me choose my one here. And instantly, you've got a lovely piece of washi tape on top of it. So you can create your own liking. You can draw a pen, you can draw, you know, tumbles or just a brush or anything like that. So this is how I do my flat lay and now my sketchbook is really fun to display on my Instagram account or something like that. So let's go to the next chapter and let us see how we can write in this sketch book. 6. Thinking about the Layout and some Lettering part 1: How about do layouts together? Let me show you what comes up in my mind. What about today are creating a new Skillshare class. So I'm only going to sketch out. So like maybe like so new Skillshare class. And I have a place for to draw something or to write something. I can make a block here, a little bit of text here. Here I can create some free space, and here I have some things. Odes are all spaces I can use. So on a new layer, let me write something about new Skillshare class. I have to play with this one. I can because it's all new layer. Yeah. I did an awesome job on that. Maybe keeps some free space around lines here. So keep this in mind. Maybe you can draw some extra lines on top of that will be awesome. I think you can choose to do it also here. Or just keep it one page. That's fine. I don't have to move it. It's great. So this one is also about sketchbooks. And I'm using Procreate for it. So it has to be involved with an iPad and an Apple pencil. It's just something I come up with now. Just know Skillshare class. Well, I like a text, like a you are now you can see my actual handwriting. It's very awful. New. Skill. Share. Class is always sum to do. And you will. Ways. You see, always learn some thing new. Well, we can doodle something around here, or you can make a logo of Skillshare. Now this is fun. We'll do it in Procreate Skillshare, skillshare clause always from, well, let's get started with this. So this is my sketch layer and my lettering layer. So merge these two together. And let's go on top of that. So for this one, I'll be going to my medium messy tip. Or you can use the mono line brush if you like. It's all, everything is fine. So I will start out in black because I like that on the ground. So let me try something too, right? It doesn't have to be perfect. I hate perfect. I don't like this S type. I can write. Same time. I'm going way too big, but I can. Changed it. And I move it aside. I could screen, shrink it, but I have to shrink my pencil with it. So I'm now going to shrink it all. And I have the luck. I can duplicate my S. Hello, select freehand. Duplicate this one. And now I have two S's at the same width. So that's okay for now. And I have to get on top of this one. So new Skillshare class, and maybe this should be a little bit smaller. And I have to merge these two together because they're not on the same layer because I duplicate it as well. And select my word new. Has to be smaller. So center at two bits. Okay? So I wrote this down. What are we going to do with it? Because I like how it's done. So I'm going to duplicate this one. And the top one, I want to get it white. So select this one. Fill layer with white. And now you see black outline because it doesn't always, I get rid of the background. It doesn't always perfectly fill it in one time, so I do it another time. Select and fill layer. And now you see it's almost gone. That's okay. So now it's completely white and not see-through. So that's why I wanted to do it like this. Now I'm on the black layer beneath it and I'm going to my Gaussian blur. So I go to my magic ones, choose Gaussian Blur. And when I do this, you can see the shadow coming from behind it, but it's a vague line. So I go to my 3.13%.2, and that's what I like. I go to my selection tool, choose automatically, and go outside of the lines. And now I've selected everything outside, but I also wants to go within the letters like here, and also select these parts. And when I selected it, I don't want to color outside, so I have to invert that one. And now you see everything that's now turned blue. That's what I'm going to fill in, choosing black and then choose Fill layer. And now you see all the vague lines and the smoothing edges are now completely filled because I took the selection from outside in work. So the first fake line it took already for my selection. So now I've got this word selected. But now I want to create a drop shadow. So I'm going to duplicate this one. And the one underneath, I'm going to put a little bit down. So now it instantly is looking way more funny. And I'm going to do that again, duplicate this one and drop D1 at the bottom. A little bit more like so. And that's what we're going to change the opacity for and turn it into a bit of a gray looking. So that's how you easily do you lettering with a black outline. A little bit of our heart shadow because their volume is liters and a little bit of a drop shadow on your paper. So this is how I do my lettering like this. Let's do the other lettering. So just to keep things clean, I want to merge these two of these four layers in a group and flatten them. I'm not going to merge them together because sometimes I want to make another difference in a new layer. So a change of blend as we go, the story of my life. But then again, it was just a sketch and I'm the artist. I promised it would be nice. Let's get going. 7. Finishing Layout, Class Project and Thank You: So let's write some other thing. Like on your layer, what shall we writes? So what about on a new layer? Yes, I'm on a new layer. What about taking the same? You can choose any brush you like, but let me try something like, oh, I can use this grid for this one. Canvas, drawing light using a grid, so that will be fine. Like sketch, journal, leg, three blocks. I like cookie letters. I was distracted by the line that I don't have to be a sketch journal like this. And for this also counts up. That's not what I meant to do. Just duplicate and go to the one at the bottom. Really go a little bit downwards and a little bit to the side and change the opacity. Mostly eyeball it to about the same amount of gray because the shadow should be the same. And now I've got my shadows over the side, so my highlights will become over that side. And for that one, I'll go and on top of this one and create a smaller version of this one and a white. And I'm giving my lights. Just play with it. I don't like it there. This one is to keep it nice and bright, playful and get rid of the grids because it annoys me when I don't need it. I want to get rid of it as soon as possible. So that's how I do my lettering for this one. Sketch or a sketch journal new Skillshare class. You can write using Procreate or draw an iPad or something like that. Maybe we can, using programming skill share class, I think we can write using Procreate underneath this black, smaller bin size. And then I need the grid again. Sometimes I'm so clumsy. It bigger. You procreate and just block letters, whatever you like. Let me see. Get rid of the grid again. Well, for example, how do I sketch? Quite easily? To be way too big? And sketching a little bit lighter gray. I bet. Apple Pencil. And there you can make it to your own liking. This just a quick sketch. Maybe, maybe, maybe I'm always in the camera right now. Let me do something very quickly. So a very light gray. Go to my favorite brushes by the SEC lands, they're fabulous, fabulous Feminist precious. Yes, I like to draw outside the lines, you know me, drop shadow on this side. So this one I have to be darker, slightly darker. And slide the caret in. Can just don't fill the whole page. You see it's different string. And there's a Canvas locking out of it. It doesn't fail. Just a fun, easy sketch. Love it, love it, love it. Small, darker line, very small. Just to indicate it's the sketchbook Canvas we're doing here. Yada, yada, yada, and the drawing. So that's fun. And of course what's always fun to do is create an outline. Go to your black. Always on a new layer. You can do it with any brush you like. A dry ink pen. Just take a variation of sicker and sicker lives by pressing harder and lighter. Leaves are open gaps. And they're in an instance you can have your small sketch journal DON created in Procreate. So I hope you like this fun tutorial. I hope to give you some ideas on how you can create a sketch journal using Procreate, just for fun. Create a background underneath it so you have a lovely backdrop. So you can pose lovely Instagram pages. And not just with the black backgrounds, but just create a table. Create some nice materials on the table. I would love to see everything hand-drawn, but I know Wood is a little bit different for everybody. So you can create your own backgrounds. Taken out picture of your own tape. If you've got a nice wooden floor, it's fabulous, fabulous. And while you can draw anything you like, and I love it when it's not to digitally. So it has to look very lovely and very hand-drawn. That's what I liked most. So the project of the class for you would be to create a sketch journal spread. So two pages of a sketchbook. And I would love if you can write something like this or like that. It doesn't have to be perfect. In fact, I like it when it's not perfect. Using a small drawing and write something which you've done. You can draw and write about your furcation, a restaurant, you fissure down your face. It may be some urban sketching and you can create to your own liking. I would like for you to draw a background, a background underneath it, like we did in this class. Let me see, like we did in this chapter. So this will be fun and don't forget to put in your signature or where's mine? I've got it. I've got it in a lot of favorite brush sets of marking all the way on the back. So always putting an ice autograph so it's signed as your work. So this will be a project for you to create. Please do leave me a review after this class. And also, I would love for you to post your projects in the project section of this class so I can look what everybody has done and it will help you other students to find the class they would like. So thank you again for participating and I hope you have fun. And I hope to see a lot of skips journals from you everywhere. And maybe it's your first time we sketched earning. I think I'm going to buy me an actual sketchbook because I would love to draw in real life for sometimes, but I don't like the messy hence and the messy area I have to paint in. So for me that's why procreate is easy and fun. So, see you in the next class. Bye, bye. Thank you. 8. Bonus 1: Creating Washi Tape and your own brushes: So as a bonus for you, I created some washi tape. I got some stamps for my scrapbooking class. But now I have a taper. So you can draw your tape as long as you like. I've created some with some pattern. So I create myself. I've got a blank wall she taper. That's the one with only one color and no pattern at all. And at the bottom. And especially made for you how you can create your own pattern table taper. The only thing you have to do then is always duplicate this one by swiping to the left. You can duplicate it. Then you always have a start one there because I didn't do anything with it except creating it for you. So you only have to change the brain. And for the grain you go to this one, create your own seamless repeat pattern here. And Jennifer Nichols, who's an awesome Skillshare teacher, has a lot of seamless repeat pattern classes on Skillshare. So I highly recommend you to take those classes if you want to do them yourself. And it's very fun and very easy to create once you know how it's done. So the only thing then you have to do is go and get a repeat pattern, you create it. So like for me, I created this pattern here. It's a repeat pattern. So I copy all. And then I go back into my brush again and go to Grain. I go to Edit, Import, Paste. So now the grain is here and I click done. And now this brush suddenly has this burden on it. So when I go back or create a new layer on top of this, or just not a canvas. Just to make it quick. I have a brush where I can take with those edges. Maybe I'm making it bigger. But then you see my pattern is rather big. Again, go back into order to your settings and change the scale. So now you can see how large they are. Smaller they are, you see now they are slightly smaller on each other and then you can play with it. So that's the only thing you have to do for that one. You create your own paper. So that's a bonus for you. Now I get rid of it because I'm going to share these later on. Delete this one. Delete. So always make sure you duplicate it first and work on that duplicated one. Remember that when you do this and you go to, let's say that's my brush making. Let's go into No, not this one. I've prepared this one. Let's say they are. I need a washi tape here. And so for this brush, let me check one. It doesn't matter what brush I will use. Always use it on new top layer. And remember, when you strike from top to bottom, you get those edges like it's stretched from Sean taper machine. I don't know how it's called in English. And when I do it sideways, I have a flat batch, so it's cut off. But just create one top-to-bottom, make it straight if you want to. And then you can always move it and change it so you can choose whatever kind of tape you want. But because it's a black and white better and it's a see-through. So you have to go underneath that with a white in this case, because I want the loops to be white. I can also change, change them to another color. But for now, I want to be choosing white. So I'll create a new, I create a new layer underneath the taper. Go to any brush you like. So maybe a dry ink or a mono line brush that will be awesome. And just create white underneath it so it's fitting there. So now my tape is completed. So that's how you bring on the tape. And thus what you also do when you do a longer tape or smaller tape, and also with the stamp tapes. So these are the exact same size as just a stamp and it's ready. And for these you can create your own length or your own sizes. And also for this one, I'm going to explain because this one is a striped taper. Like I will do it in black. Perhaps somewhere just here, create a new layer on top. So when I push it down, it has some stripes downward. And then I have got the nice edges, edges. But when I do it sideways, my stripes will be down because the lines in the pattern are vertical. So the only thing if you want to change that, so you want flat edges, but you want the stripes in the length. You go into your brush, go to your grain, edit, and just simply switch it horizontally. And now I can make a square of a flood one with sidewalks strips. But now when I'm doing from top to bottom, I get these lines. So that's how you can also change your patterns and your stripes. So that was just a fun fact. Let's get over to the next one. 9. Bonus 2: Creating the Watercolor Roses : And I didn't forget, I've got that rose stem for you ready? And I'm going to show you how I did that in the other one, like here. Where is it? Where is my sweet Rose one? Yes, this one. So I'm going to show you how I did this. So let's dive into a new Canvas. Remember, always duplicate him before using. So you'll always have a spare one. I created this stamp out of a real watercolor drawing I made of rows. So we're going to use this one. I always do my stamps in black when I want to watercolor DEM, so I know I have the full amount of color I can use. So mostly for the rows once or other petals, I would like to do an uneven number, like mostly three up it won't This one is too big. Just play in sizes. I think I have to move these 1 first little bit towards here. And then I can do this. They can overlap a bit, it's okay. And now it's just a hard blob of roses. You can't, actually cannot see the roses right now. But that's going to change. What we are going to do is select this layer. Select this layer, create a new layer on top and just get rid of all the ink here. So now when I zoom in Haifa selective area, I hope you can see it. But the shape of the Roses is still here, but I'm on a new layer. So what I'm going to do now is go to my watercolor scribble brush. It's the one I go to, old sign for this kind of things and create light color. So because there were watercolor canvas is darkening your color. So choose light pink. So it's a little bit to the pinkish one. And you can choose any color you like, but I prefer a soft, rosy colors. So and the thing I want to do now is just create a lighter wash in here. And then type in depth here and there and create more pressure. So it will look more like a watercolor already. I'm going to darken them. The bottom side of the Roses bits. I know they are here. And then I'm going to put in some peachy orange. You see it's also in the top between the orange and red. So a light color and just mix it in a bit. Just to create a lovely variety of colors. Just a bit tipping and dabbing. Not too much. Maybe I'm going to darken this here. A bits, go to my pinkish color. Maybe a little bit purple. That's awesome. So I'm going to put this at the bottom. And maybe a little bit of this pink one. And it's up again. So I'm not sure watching too much. And I think I'm ready for this one. Let me see without the stripes, I think this part is little bit too dark. So maybe I can change that a little bit by first selecting freehand. I'll go a little bit towards here and then go to my, you know, federate First Federal it first just a little bit so I don't get a hard edge. And then I can play with my use saturation and brightness choose layer because I have already selected that one. And maybe little operator. Not so much, just a hunch. And I think it will be okay right now to, so 6% from 50 to 56, that's okay. And if I think it's too light now, I can always take my watercolor scribble brush. I use it. So go putting on my smudge tool by holding it there, it will change automatically to the same brush. Then there's a smaller size like this. I can also rename a little bit back, but now I didn't have selected the colors anymore, so I have to go back into the shape or I have to go get any ratio for debts. But I can also easily select this one. Again, I'm not selecting this one because then the lighter colors won't blend because they have less ink on that bed. So I go back to my black one. Select that one, so I have the overall shape, but I'm going to smudge in this layer. Then I can drag the colors a bit. In the same shape and maybe even just one tip and again to bring in some corner back. But now it's not too dark. And what I did for the other one I showed you, I'm going to create another layer on top. Angle to my messy tip. Make it small, like fine liner, and then create some lovely shapes around. I think this one is still too big. Maybe a little bit smaller. I hope you can still see it's yes, I'm not too much. Maybe like this. So I'm going to do a little outline, but I'm not I'm just tapping and dabbing, so not too much line work in it. I'm not going to follow all the shapes, just some random leaves. And if I don't see the leafs for what they are, I'm just guessing a bit. It's just an indication of some rose petals. And for this little bonus class, I didn't do it, but you can also mirror image. So you don't have exactly the same petals everywhere. So just by tapping and dabbing some suggestions of the leaves. And I think this is already fun. And then go to the dry ink texture brush and just creates little marks around it, around the page. So that's how I did this. So it's very easy. Just remember, your black ink is only your water your water pool where you can drop your ink in. So I hope I explained that well enough. In my poor English. I tried my best, but I hope you have fun. You have to brush for free. So use it. Well, create some lovely sketchy journals and create your own new memories. And then create a beautiful black backdrop around it. And I would love to see you. So thank you for watching my Skillshare class until the very end. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did in creating it for you. So I hope to see your lovely digital sketchbook with a nice backdrop Edit and you can tag me on Instagram at degree level, but please make sure you post your projects in the projects and resources section of this class so other students can see what you made from it. And I hope you leave a review for this class that would help me a lot. So thanks again for watching and I hope to see you in next class. Bye Bye for now.