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Creating a Dynamic Character: How to Draw Mouths and Chins

teacher avatar Patricia Caldeira, Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome! Course Breakdown


    • 2.

      Mouth Shapes - Natural Lips


    • 3.

      Mouth Shapes - Thin Lips


    • 4.

      Mouth Shapes - Full Lips


    • 5.

      Placing the Lips and Perspective!


    • 6.

      Male and Female Lips Comparison


    • 7.

      Drawing Different Chins for Women!


    • 8.

      Female Chins Comparison


    • 9.

      Drawing Male Chins


    • 10.

      Male Chins Comparison


    • 11.

      Making Expressions! Part01


    • 12.

      Making (sad) Expressions! Part02


    • 13.

      The Sounds of the Mouth


    • 14.

      Assignment, Don't Skip It!


    • 15.

      Final Words


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About This Class

Learn how to draw Mouths and Chins in a Professional away, this Class starts from Scratch so Beginners or Veterans that want to freshen up are more than welcome!

This Class is suited for any level of Drawing, either if you want to up your Character Design skills or to learn some of the basics.

For the Class you'll need either:

  • a Pencil + Piece of Paper 
  • or
  • a Drawing Tablet + Drawing Software of your choice!

I'll be using Manga Studio with my drawing tablet but you're free to use whatever you feel more used to since the important thing to do here is just practice.

Sample Expressions we'll be creating in Class

At the end of this class you'll be able to create Professional looking Mouths and Chins with great Expressions in your Characters.

Can't wait to see you in Class!

P.S.: This is not a Requirement, but if you're a beginner I would suggest you to start with Creating a Dynamic Character : Gesture Drawing and keep going from there.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Patricia Caldeira

Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer


Patricia Caldeira is a Freelancer Artist working in Illustration, Design and similar Artwork.

She graduated in Graphic Design and Multimedia and soon after started working on her own independent company "Don Corgi", doing work for several Streamers, Game Developers, Youtubers, and even selling Cards and Social Media Icons at her Etsy Store.

You can find more about her, her work and Drawing Tutorials and Tips at Don Corgi.

In the recent past She has:

- Co-Founded the Don Corgi Art Group;
- Collaborated with Programmers, Game Designers, Musicians, Youtubers, Twitchers and more!
- Taught over 14.000 people on different platforms;

Join her Class on Character Design, Gesture Drawing!

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1. Welcome! Course Breakdown: hello and welcome to the course on how to draw Massine Sheens. My name is particularly I'm a graphic designer and illustrator, and I'll be guiding utes by step on how to draw different months in sheets. Coming up with a good mass and sheen is very important for your character. Even though some people think it's secondary, it does bring a lot of expression and charisma to the table. It helps you set some woods and show extra feeling story of character. And if you think about it when we look good, someone we tend to first look at the rice and right after the mouth. That's how important it is in this course, will be covering different shapes off lips with several examples. Then you move on to placement, so the placement off the mouth in the head so that we have our mouth attached to something and not just floating around. Then we'll move on to the comparisons between male and female mouth, different types of shins and the differences between them. And finally we'll talk about official expressions and the shape of the mouth according to the songs we do when speaking, I'll also be giving you on a segment at the end so that you can sink in the knowledge off the course and applied it right away. I would like to thank you for shaking out this class, and if you read it to learn with me, let's get started. 2. Mouth Shapes - Natural Lips: all right, so we're going to start by drawing shapes for our mouth drawings. I have here a simple great just to help me position them better. You can do a simple one on paper or on PC, so this is completely optional. We're going to cover tree types of shapes, natural, thin and full lips so we can do something more simple. And after we can try out something with a bit more contrast, and we can play with the differences between sizes and exaggerate some aspects of it. At the beginning, we're not going to worry too much power lines look, so let's just focus on the shapes and the position off where everything is going to be. That's the important part at this moment. So let's speak a simple brush that you enjoy but a pencil if you're doing this in a sketchbook or piece of paper and let's start since we're doing natural leaps, tried to keep things in an even outsized radio. Let's start with a simple horizontal line for the mouth. We cannot a beat off a wave look to it so it looks more natural and now create a simple shape on top for the upper lip, a simple squared shaped with rounded corners and slanted sites and below. We can just make a white Smith circle for the lower league. I'm going to increase the size a little bit, so it cooks more stretched out. Now I'm making a new layer and switching toe a darker color. If you're doing this on paper, just grab a darker pencil. We food like or a pen. Focus now on creating less lines at the time, making curved shapes. Sketch it out smoothly and relax. You can also add a bit of shadow below the lip to give it a bit more depth. If we want, you can close the lines off the leap here below, but it's not really necessary. Normally I don't close everything up, so it doesn't look very artificial. And then when it's time to paint, I paint the whole shape to make up for it. But it's totally up to you and your style. I'm going to close it up here so you can see the shape better. I'm going to increase the overall size off the lips so you can see it in more detail. So now I'm going to let's hear some horizontal lines, so we have reference lines that we can use for the following lip drawings. All right, Terry, Go. We have a very simple natural shape, one that you see everywhere in paintings, games, illustrations. It's just the base standards. Now we're going to try to round things up a bit, taking into account the previous shape we've worked on focus on creating smooth and low slim's like 2/2 circles, one on top and another one in the bottom like a big ellipse around everything. Unlike the previous one, where we just made more straight shapes, we'd run its corners. This is more like a wide rounded the Libs, making it more tender and simply sick. Let's sketch things up more. We have feared the most line almost in the result a line but going down at the edges and now do the lips real simple, with nice, curved lines everywhere here for the lower lip, you can just make a big, curved line or, for example, you can just draw this lower point here and you have a nice looking mouth, but I'm going to close it up so you have a better reference to look at and there we go. So we have here the 1st 1 which is a bit more squared. The second is more runs, so let's try doing a bit more point. You know this time instead of everything of mostly straight line for the mouth. Let's make an M shaped like this and stretch it out to which side, and now we do the same. For are up early. A big M shape, which rounded corners finally for our lower lip, do a curved line. But let's try to make the tip a bit more pointy, giving it a stronger edge than the previous ones. Let's go over to sketch lines now again, Don't worry if the lines with Messi just try to take your time and repeat as many times as you wish. These are merely for practice, all right, so now I'm going to speed the video up of it so you can see me sketching a few different shapes for lips. The basic principle applies where you start with the mouth line and try to keep the size radio off the entire lip, even keeping about the same volume in the upper lip as in the bottom, Right? Tryouts are the shapes you can think off or try looking for other references, such as photos and fashion magazines. They are usually very nice to use for sketching. Play with different sizes and shapes anything that you can think off its postural as long as you adapted to the general lip shape. And here are some final sketch examples to you to take a look from straight edges to run the bleeps to triangle shapes. Keep practicing whenever possible. Next, we'll be taking a look. FBN LIPS So I'll see you there. 3. Mouth Shapes - Thin Lips: Hey again, we're now going to learn and practice something. Lips. We also be more bold with our contrast with exaggeration between sizes. So for our thin lips, we want to make each leap very thing. That means that our lines will be much more closer together than the other types of lips. Let's start pick up your pencil or a simple brush. And let's create a simple, wavy line now at two archers to the upper lip, very close to the previous line. So it looks very thin and finally, just at the bigger line below, always keeping it very close to our most line. No, let's clean it up. Feel free to use a plan in this step. Take your time. Go slower or faster, depending on yourself and your habits. Just do your own thing. Try different styles with full lines all around or richest simple line in the middle, not connected to the rest. All right, so we have very thin lips and very white. Let's try something more point, you know. Let's do in them shape for the most line. Then we cannot a simple line below for the bottom lip and another M shape for the upper one . This way we can still have very pointy lips. What's keeping them seen? Let's quickly clean this up with a darker shade. We're only doing close mounts here, so we're going to cover open mouths and how each sound you make when talking looks like. So don't worry about it. For now. Off course, you can try and sketch disaster real, but for our first radios, we're focusing only on closed mouth. Lovely. Now let's try something very round and wavy instead of something s pointy as before. So let's do a simple coastline for the mouth line and creating the leaps shape for both sleeps like this. Now we can clean this up, so it's easy to see in reference room just focus on keeping the line somewhere close together. Since we're doing thin lips in this review, All right, so I'm going to keep going with a few more lips. Now I'm spitting up the video since there isn't much talk about, but I still want you to be able to look at the process. I'm playing a bit with the thickness in these next two examples. First I'm doing, in example, where the bottom lips is much thicker than the up early, then the opposites right after you can try different shapes and play around with the sizes and thickness to see what works and what doesn't just try to keep at least one off the lips thin, since we're focusing more on thin lips in this video, lovely. Here are the examples off the lips I've created. Next, we're going to talk about full lips. I'll see you there. 4. Mouth Shapes - Full Lips: Hello again. We're on our third part of our videos about shapes. Now we're going to do the opposite off the previous video, so we're going to make very in lush and full lips instead of thin ones. Let's start here with a simple one, creating an M shape for most line. As usual, we're going to make some what's point your lips. So don't worry too much about how the lines work. Sixties are just sketches, but if you want, you can go in everything up After you're done with the sketch, make a big ground Bottomley opposite to the previous scene lips. We want the lines to be really further apart from each other instead of being close together. That's also make the M shaped for the A police. Very high up there don't make it close to the mouth line. I always stand to dio to sketch lines, as you've probably seen in my classes, since. It helps by letting myself and broke the second lines, but is on the first reference ones. But it's mostly a personal choice. Once you're used to it, you can just make one sets and go for the final lines. It's totally up to you. So as you can see, this is the exact opposite. Off the previous we've done, it's all about keeping the lines further apart from each other. Now let's try something a bit more squared, making arch for the most line going down now a lush and big bottom leap more square than the previous sleeps. But keep the corners around it now. We just need to make the top lip also with rounded corners. Don't be afraid, and that's a few things. It's always good for you, so you can try different ideas. And this way you even have some references around that you can use when you're building your character. All right, so we have the base shapes. Let's clean it up a bit and make it more noticeable. I always start with the most line, so it acts as my base guidelines for the rest of the mouth. But it's up to you how you do your process. Lovely. Let's go for the next with very round and curved lips. Let's start with occur for the most line, but we did going upwards this time instead, then make very round lips both on the lower and the upper one. Don't forget to keep the top one with a semi am shape. Now we just clean it up a bit, always keeping the lines smooth and loose. There we go. All right, I'm going to speak the video up. Now. We're going through a few types of lips with different sizes. Were each leap trying different shapes and so on. We can use reference from many places, including different websites or photo galleries. Even regular magazines will do. You can also just sketch people up that you see on the streets and see how each mouth is so much different and the other. So here are some examples off the mall site created who free to post yours in a discussion . Next, we'll be talking about the placement off the mouth on the SEC position and on the front position and some notes about female lips versus my lips. 5. Placing the Lips and Perspective!: Hello again. We have been practicing our lips with many shapes and types, and now we're going to see them in action by placing them in the head. You have, you know, head guidelines on. I'll be including them in the video in case you want him, but this is totally optional, although I find it's really helpful for practicing purposes. So let's get started. We're going to draw some natural lips, the first ones we drew. When we talk about shapes, let's start with the side position and then move onto the front position on a general note . The mosque position should be somewhere below than those and the middle off the distance between the nose and the shin. Let me show you this better by making a rectangle here. The month should be somewhere around here, and it goes to the middle of two threat angle most of the time. Of course, this varies a lot on your character. So again, try things out. An experiment different placement by exaggerating multiples, Ishan and size. I'm just trying a quick shin here so it's easier to see, but we'll cover Sheen's morning depth on a different video. The most comes from near than those usually Drucker. It's not all straight down. And then here on the side position, the general leap shape looks like an M on the site. Next, we can make the most line here, dividing the lips and connect the points to the extremity off the lives. It almost looks like a heart shape right now. There we go. This is where our most should be. Generally speaking, we have here a replacement. Let's try and draw leaps a little better. Now just go to the lines, keeping them those all around and keep going. Don't worry too much. If they don't look quite right, Feel free to take your time and repeat lines as necessary. All right now, I'm just going for some final lines. Trying to do is few strokes. It's possible. I'm just going to fast forward this video, since there's not much to it. Just go over your lines, which few strokes and keeping them clean and loose. Nice. Now we can point it up, choose the skin tone and paint all around the lips and mouth. This will help by making it look like it's not just a pair of lips floating around. Now we can pick a reddish or pinkish color and plenty actual lips. Just fill them in carefully. You can also add quick shadow if you'd like to give it some more debt. In this case, are light comes from the rights, so the shadows are a bit to the left nicely. Then let's move on to the front facing position we have. Here are guidelines on month placement should be something around here, below the nose. It always depends also on what style of drawing you're making. If it's a caricature, it can replace higher up are lower it near the ocean. It can even co over the entirety off the area. So try different things and adapt to your style. I'm just sketching here the same shape as we did in the videos before, so I'll fast forward disip it if you'd like to see it more in this Goto a previous video on natural lips where we go step by step, so I'm going to list sketches, cleaning everything up and then going for the final lines. I'll also add some colors, as I did before. Pretty simple. The lead here is also coming from the right side. So most off the shadows will be on the left, keeping everything pretty rounded up since the lips are tender and not a hard surface. And there we go, our lips from a proper perspective and front view. Next, I'm going to give you some quick notes about the differences between male and female mouths . Ceiling of it. 6. Male and Female Lips Comparison: so I just wanted to give some quick notes on female and male differences when drawing the mouth. We have here a comparison between both male and female, so you can have a better notion. When you draw female lips, we tend to have more curved lines, and we shape better or lips. But you can see there are some big differences between one and the other in the middle lips . We have more straight lines, and it's a bit shapeless. We can give the shape later by adding some shadows. Although off course, this is a still the stick approach, so you don't need to draw them this way. We can also take a look at our other kind of lips. For example, here are the thin lips. It's basically the same concept, which is change your drawings and shapes a bit more detailed when during the funeral lips with more shape and straight lines and similar on the pale lips. And you can do the shape true colors. There's also the full lips so you can see the differences. All right, that's what I want took off around this quick video. Next we're diving in on Shin, so else you in a bit 7. Drawing Different Chins for Women!: Hey again. So we're going to make a quick break on mouths and go into Sheen's. For now, we'll be talking about different types of Shane's from pointy and round two square chains and their placement. In this video, we'll look over female shins and afterwards were going through Mile Shin's. So let's do this. I have some base leaps year just for reference for female tions that tend to be smoother, just like the lips off course. This isn't a rule. It doesn't always have to be super delegates for a point. Ishan. It's very simple. Make a tiny curve near the lips into a straight line, going down into around the corner. Then you just make a slanted line going up for the rest of the shin. Here's the cleanup version. Pretty straightforward images at some quick caller, so it looks more in touch with the rest of the place. There we go. Let's move on to the front of you. Once again, it's going to be appointed, but around the chin instead of having a heart angle, I'm going to clean this up a bit with fewer lines. If you want, you can just go to one side and flip it so it's symmetrical now. I had some quick caller says before, Let's move on to a more rounded shape. For this. Just focus on the curves off the shin and exaggerate them a bit. Something like this with a bigger curved than before, very smooth. Let's quickly just clean this up. And that's, um, by skin color. Lovely now for the front position, just to the same. A beaker from one side to the other, keeping it very smooth, not just clean it up and that the skin color you can still have different types of shapes for the female face. You don't need to make always the same shape, but here I'll be focusing on creating a very simple and smooth face shape. Now let's do a squared shin focus more on the sharp angle, although keeping it somewhat rounded since we're doing a female version. Of course, here we are always keeping things pretty balanced, but you can exaggerate at will. For example, if you were creating a which character, he could make the shin going out and very, very pointed, so don't be afraid to experiment. You have the basic shapes and you can mix and much and play with them. All right, let's move onto the front position for the squared shape. This would look quite like the head guidelines we have keeping everywhere pretty squared, although with rounded corners so it doesn't look too tough and rough, then just cleaned everything up with some skin tone. There we go, nicely done. 8. Female Chins Comparison: Hey there just a quick note on the female Shane's we did and how they looks next to each other. So we have you appointed style around its style and finally, a squared style. I will give this file to you, so feel free to use them as a reference and practice a lot. Try to exaggerate the shapes, come up with the character exceptions and lips types and so on. I'll catch you in the next video. 9. Drawing Male Chins: All right, So you've seen the female version. Let's not draw the real version stuff with the sketch. Let's make a point machine first, make a straight line going down, and then another line more diagonal for the rest of the shin. Here you can make more heart corner since we're doing in my versions. Normally they're also brother, and the lines are much straighter. All right, there we go. Let's just add some quick color so we can see better the overall shape. As you can see, it's much different than the female. Between its lines and the heart shape off the shin. Let's go for it in front of you. This time, we can mostly use the same lines as the guidelines. The mile face his brother and with harder corners and a few mil version, making it look almost like an inverted mounted shape. There we go. Let's ask some quick colors. Lovely. Here it is. Our point is, she take your time doing this. Next, we're going to do the round it shin. We start from your village and make a big round shape focus on making it look bulky and strong. We can even make the corners a bit straighter near the live, and that's the end off the shoreline. There you go. Let's just color this up. As you can see in the mile version, everything is normally bigger and bulkier. This isn't to your team a troll, but it's how it tends to be. Now let's do the front facing position. It's pretty much like the previous one. But instead of making it more pointy at the tip, we make it wider and more bulky, especially if you consider the female version. All right, so let me just spend uto, and there we go. Finally, let's go for a more square joined sheen focus on creating straighter lines, almost like a drawing your big tilted rectangle below the mouth. It's all about keeping the lines very straight, but don't make it look like a tilt a robot. So try to run the corners standing up. It's if you think it looks too artificial. All right, there we go, a strong big joint sheen. Let's go for the front face, then here, basically used the same shape off the guideline as well. Just create straight lines all around, make it the very wide jaw and she there we go round things up as needed, but keep everything bulky and strong. And here we have our squared sheen. Well done. As you can see, it has much more volume than the previous ones. All right, I'll see you in the next week. 10. Male Chins Comparison: so quick notes on the mild chins and the comparison between them. Here we have the point of Shin, the Russian and finally the squared one pretty different from the female shins, and this can be used on a large number of different characters. Feel free to practice them all and try mixing different types and see what you get. 11. Making Expressions! Part01: So let's go now for some fun, which is making some expressions with the mouth when we were drawing the eyes in another video with Dunk, about how the eyes are important for the expression that you showing to the world and the eyebrows are very important as well. But when drawing the face, another thing that you need to take in consideration is the mouth. So let's start with a normal or stunner expression. Very neutral, like we did before. Let me make some quick final lines. This is basically the same as we did before, and we'll sort on. Lee has a starting point to the expressions. All right now, just a bit of caller for the surrounding skin and the lips. And there we go. This is your standard expression. Let's build up from here. Let's start with something simple. I'm going to make a quick line here so it stays on the same horizontal line as the previous one. Let's start with a simple SWAT, so we're going to have a simple arch going up both ways like this. Start by making the usual AM shape for the mouth line, and then when we make each side. We're going to make them going upwards, something like this. Then you can feel the lives below and up as much as you want. Nice. Let's clean this up Just so it looks Markley. You can also add some tiny chips, a tiene to increase the notion off the smile. The Loreley also tends to extend a bit more horizontally, since the mouth will be a bit stretched. All right, let's just add some quick color and we're good to go. There's no simple smart. Now let's exaggerate expression the beats and making love. In months, we can make it going one way or the other, but I am going to make it slightly up to the right and make a big shape for the open mouth . That's also Adaline here for the A proceeds showing up and another round one below for the song. Lovely, Let's not clean things up with this few strokes as possible. Don't forget to add a small line here below just to represent the lower lip. The Libs tend to disappear off Glendon when you stretch the mouth, depending on the style you're going for, of course, so we need to keep representing them with some extra lines nicely. Then let's now add some quick color sweets. And don't forget the back off the mouth and the song. So let's take this one step further and make a very broad smile, showing a lot of states. Start by making a big line from one side off the head to the other, curving upwards and then make a box shape for the rest of the mouth. Now add a line in between 40 C. There we go. Let's start cleaning it up. Don't forget the M shape on the lip, although it's very stretched out. It's still showing up and the land below for the representation off the lower lip nicely, then that scholars things up. This goes more for a creepy stuff, but off course you can always work how much more or less creepier you wanted to look according to your lines. If you want to exaggerate it, it would want to increase the size off the mouth even further, making it very white. And if not, you might want to make it less white and a bit more closed with its showing. All right, so here we have our for expressions all positive expressions going from a standard one to a full grain. I'm going to cut the video here and in the next one will recover darker and southern expressions, So I'll see you in just a moment. 12. Making (sad) Expressions! Part02: All right, welcome back. Let's get started with some more expressions. They start with a simple, sad expression. To make this, we would want to opposite off a smile so we would make an arch with tips going down this way. So make the most line according to this, and the leap line below and above to represent the lips. No, we can clean it up very simply by making the land smooth and loose. Finally, let's just give it some caller. This is a very simple expression. Feel free to practice. How much you want. Lovely. Now let's make something you beat. More annoyed here. We want to make something like this, a slanted line going down that he in. Then you can add the leave blinds below and above the most line. Very simple, which feel strokes. Clean it up and we can point you toughed. This works better when you want your character to feel a night, but not really sad or angry, a more neutral expression. It also works if you'd want him to look suspicious. All right, let's now up it up a bit more and make something more surprised or even scarce. Imagine a pyramid, but instead of a sharp tip, it has been cut before the tip. Something like this. Then you can add a curved line for the song and another line for the lip. Let's clean it up. If you want to exaggerate even more, the surprised look. You can run the mouth instead of it, having said sharper corners at each side. It'll depends on what you're aiming for. Also, always keep in mind how the lip looks, depending on your expression. So if in the expression your mouth gets wider at that, a cordoning and vice versa. Let's add some callers according to what we did before, and we're good to go. Let's go for a less expression off the video, where we going to make an even stronger expression? So let's make an angry mouth. This will look very like or broad smile above, but we're going to put our shape upside down. So let's make something like this. That's trapeze. You kind of shape, and you can already see the angry feel here. And, of course, that's at some quick lines for the seat. Now let's make our clean lines with as few strokes s possible. You can have a few smaller lines at the corners to increase the way the expression looks. Don't forget the declines, but I wouldn't recommend drawing. It's all the way, since it might work it without official. But this changes from stop to stop. And finally, let's add some colors as before. Pretty simple. There we go. Well done. Have fun doing this and practice a lot. You can also look for some expressions around or even grab a mirror. Or take some photos of yourself doing them and use them as reference. Next, we're going to try and help to do most, according to the sounds coming out when speaking, So I'll suing the bits. 13. The Sounds of the Mouth: Let's go to the last part of our mass drawings this time will be going to be drawing and seeing how the mouth works when making certain sounds is especially helpful if you want to make it look like her character off person you're drawing is talking. I'm going to do a few examples, so let's go through them first. I'm going to make a quick create as before, just to help positioning the mouse. Let's start with something simple, a sound that you do when your mouth is closed, like Woods with an M, B or P, for example, the word magic or paper forwards like this. We want to make a very simple, closed mouth, very neutral and almost a straight line for the most like this. So that's it. Forwards with M B or P. It's very simple with the closed mouth. Another easy one is when we say words we don't know, like the actual song we make. It makes our most look like a vertically lips almost becomes a novel shape. Feel free to exaggerate it, depending on the style of going for. I'm exaggerating a bid, since in reality our mouths don't make such a perfect ellipse. This also works, for other words, so words with an O you and Q make this shape. Next, let's see about T, some in disguise. We don't quite open our mouth but tend to show our seats to make the sound. So in this case, we'll be looking at something like this, a semi open mouth showing more or less like we did our broad smile in our purpose. We do about expressions. So there we go when you want to make it sound like a character is saying a T word like teen or tree. That's how it looks. All right. We've covered the M B N P for the clothes and stretch mouth the O. U and Q sound with a wrong mouth and stretch lips with IDs showing for the tea. So now we can do other sounds with an open mouth, for example, with a words like Amy or alien. So we will have more or less the same that we did previously. We can operate up even a bit more, and we have here off softies, showing enough tongue for a a sound. We opened our muscle lots, a good exercise for you is to be in front of a mirror and try out this sounds and see how your mouth moves and you can try to drop from there. If you don't have a small mirror to look at, we can just take photos or making video of yourself doing their sounds. Then just grab a sketchbook piece of paper are do it digitally and practice, and there we have it are open a song. Another interesting one is the L and N Sound. These are in words where you put your song a bit out of your mouth with your mouth open. So a simple wide mouth shape, almost like before. And then we have here off the Anton for the L shaped. The mouth is a little bit more close in the night, and our songs takes out a bit, just going to clean this up and resize it. So I'm first for in this part of it, his or l and and sell another one. Very important in particular, isn't f sound. When we say our F words we mostly bite are under Lee. I'm going to exaggerate it a bit to make it stand out, but it's up to you. How far did along? You take it something like this. Like your parting. You're under leave. Try out doing it yourself and recording it or in the mirror and see how you look. Then we have our F sound forwards like friends or fantasy. So desire most off the movements we may and the most important ones. The rest of the sounds are mostly true. Small changes off this base ones. If you're looking for a very particular one, then do try checking yourself in the mirror. I know it's the third time I've said this in this video, but it's really important. It will help you a lot. All right, that's about it for the milestones. 14. Assignment, Don't Skip It!: Hey, again. So let's go over a quick assignment for you to do this will help you a lot in getting better at figure drawing, especially improving your face drawing skills. So I really recommend you. Don't skip this and just take a few minutes off your day to do it. All right, so let's get into it. This is pretty straightforward. Just begin expression from the ones we did before. Choose if you want to do a male or a female character, Angela's facial features accordingly. Feel free to use the files after even as reference to help you. I'm also giving you a template for the head that you can use, and that's it's I'm looking forward to seeing the assignment would look and I see you in the bits. 15. Final Words: again. I would just like to live this video here to thank you again for shaking out the scores. And remember, keep practicing your facial expressions on a daily or at least weekly basis and check out our are the courses. If you want to learn more, I'll see you soon.