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Character Style Design: Basics to Make Your Characters Unique

teacher avatar Charles Yang, Artist & Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Class Project


    • 3.

      Drawing Process


    • 4.

      What Makes a Style


    • 5.

      Face Design with Patterns


    • 6.

      Pattern Design


    • 7.

      Pattern Arrangement


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About This Class

Let's together play patterns and use them to give a unique style to your characters. The only tools you need are black & red pen.

The class content will be arranged as following:

  • What Makes a Style: Learn the 3 major factors to design a style.
  • Face Design with Patterns: Design the style for the faces of your characters.
  • Pattern Design: Learn to design and choose patterns for your style.
  • Pattern Arrangement:  Learn 3 tips to arrange your patterns well.

It will be fun to explore this ideas. So let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

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Charles Yang

Artist & Teacher


Art is a game of finding interesting restrictions!

I strive to create courses that are inspiring and enjoyable.

Creating is fun and I love to share my experiences with you.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: pages are about and in kind and beautiful. They can show your personality will buy your choices over them. So it is a good way to use lend to design a style of carriages. Hi, Charles I artist in this class we were doing how to use payments to give your characters a unique style in formal. Siri's you only tools you need that pleasure red pace we will use trained to go through all the details about design styled Courreges. In the beginning, we were talking about how to design face. We say you next time. Then we will learn about how duties that unique take choosing the patents and the use name to teach and the style of your characters. It will be found to explore these ideas, and they usually other things benefit you most. So let's get started 2. Class Project: well, come to these class. We first take a look. About what? The crash prodigies. In the end of the class, we will have a pair of characters which listen style. This style is unique for you, and it is designed by patrons Flu or usually was the class party. 3. Drawing Process: we first take a located A tour in process and away week emphasized during the whole process We start from some facial futures off one character in this case, the other nose in the mouth off a rabbit. We are joined by spatial design lines. The with of leased lines keep changing while drawing I leave someone space around the rev its mouth because single eyes can feel the finance of another work for the more white space can make black red color Don't conflict. I give these rabbits red eyes style. We will see these stating be applied to another character. The face of these rabbits is drawn by that picture. The picture of face is also important of heart to desire Capture have to join the hate We just a draw small piece at one time and drove one after another to finish the rabbits body . - I use the heel like teacher and body. It is one kind of lying picture which we will talk about later in the following section. - I also used star like dot pattern. It is one kind of data texture. - The special patent also be designed to make Lee style unique. We will learn how to detain spatial patterns in the following section. - One secret to Desire style is repetitive nous repeating very star like start to you. Hence the style we will during the three major factors about it in science style, I also repeated the hair like picture to enhance lifestyle. Now we apply the same Satan's toe another kill, too. These two characters were former style in a piercer, Siri's. - Now we have had an overview about the whole join process. Let's go deeper into how to design the arrange pendants in the following sections. 4. What Makes a Style: in this section, we are going to talk about what makes us time. We will focus on pedals in the pictures, which are meant happy over its crest. Let's first take a look. Eight Wine Simple. They are two groups of a curator's with difference down the allies of the case and birth. Different groups identical. Each group uses different combination patterns and textures. This kind of difference makes layer styles different. In other words, we can use different combination of patents in the textures toe for new style. The question is, in pretty way. We can do better when we want to design a new style. I think Lee are three major factors to desires. Time which you are. Contrast, competitiveness and the variation contrast. That means we choose different patterns and the textures for a new stamp. They will contrast to each other in Wednesday. These pictures shows the choosen patents and the pictures for each for left style. Choosing ones are that pictures and a star like parents, this to contrast to each other and the phone list out all the voters in the style of drug violence for the right style. The choosing was out for textures and three patterns in black and white. These two contrast to each other and a former style okay with seeing the style outrun by them. Repetitive nous means the choosen patents. In the pictures I used repetitive Lee amount even the characters in the since time. This picture shows how the peasants and textures are used. Repetitive Lee for the latter group, the that pictures are repeated. Our locators faces the Starlight. A pated are repeated on the winds of liberals in the hands of the kit for a right group, for teachers are repeated. Our characters faces the street, Peyton, I repeated on the wings of the birth into the hands of the cat. Variation means that we can make slight changes to pay dance over textures, which used earlier while drawing characters. This kind of change makes our characters do promote. Diversify for the left group of lace example. The tattoo pictures are vary ated into two kinds for the right group. The first pictures are very ated into three kinds. Basically, we can make a step. I choose two kinds of patents or pictures by the we can choose more you who we want in this example, at least six kinds of patterns and the pictures I choose to make this style more choosing paintings and pictures will make the results time more diversified. But the either will become less impressed because maybe some of your choices all the singles, other people's choices at the same time more choosing PE than said pictures are harder to be controlled. In the following sections, we will learn about some tips about choosing and arranging payments and pictures for your style. Now we have learned about the three Venters, about a designer stamp, which are contrast, competitiveness and variation. Let's move on to how to design the range pages for designers time. This topic is divided into two parts. We will first focus on how to design a style off characters faces. Then we will learn about how to design the style off characters bodies. Now let's go to the next section. How to design a face with a unique style 5. Face Design with Patterns: in this section, we are going to talk about how to design faces of your characters with a unique style. Because least class focuses on pendants in the teachers, we will emphasize at least two. When we talked about face to yes, we can see these characters are in the since style in the form of Siri's. The desire of layer faces are one reason. Like to make these characters who similar to each other, their faces, our black. We start actually their ice hours in her circles field with red. The smell Aridjis make lease characters in this in style. They are three points to desire. Face with this bespeak a style. The first way is the way to dries. The second, the wise, the textual under face. The third way is the patterns. I take a rate of the face when we want. With these eyes. Recon first, a juicy we want to make a circle. Oh, all the shapes circle shape, eyes look more cute and the old leadership eyes look more cool. Then we can further the Xilai bows and eye sockets by any way you want. The only thing you should know this to keep the ice ever you choose earlier, which might be circle or ive ships you can decorate in the eye both in the region surrounding the ice, our kids, the eyelashes, elites here. Ducks can also be drawing in the waste you like. The region connecting who knows can also be joy if you want. After we have learned how to these eyes that we continue to see how to arrange the actual sound face, they are three ways you can do. You can just a thriller face online and leave the face empty or you can see believe. Feel the face with a certain color which is black in missing simple. And you can draw a picture sound face, which is first when we draw in the most. If you use different kinds of that's unwise to depict pictures, the result will be quiet. Different. They are three groups of characters with difference diary. In these pictures, the texture of the latest group is small white dots on the black background, the takeover Lamido Group and drum by Things Leg lice and the picture of the rightist group uses black lines with dynamical weeds. You can also choose your tasks and lies to depict pictures. No Peyton. Other face also affected style off charity. In this example, they are three groups of cultures in different styles. The years and clashes are decorated with different kinds of patterns. For each group left its way in drawing with some star like patterns, the media was decorated with sunlight. Joins the righteous one uses smote US associates pattern. We will learn about how to design different talents in later sections. Now the only thing we need to know are two points flies that we can use. Steven combination off task nights and objects for new pattern. The allies that, well, we put patent under face also a fix tlhis die over character. Now we have that how to desire bases with the union style, which is about three factors. Eyes pictures in the patterns. Now we can move on to the next section how to design patrons to four unique style 6. Pattern Design: in this section, we are going to talk about how toe these. I paid INTs for your style. These patients can not only be joined on the faces, but also on the bodies. Basically, they are see kind of pattern, which at that patient life painting shape Peyton have Jay Payton F check painted a region with no Peyton. We will see she of laying detail later. That bidding made by only doubts light paydays made by only lives shape trading made violently. Shapes have paid and made by the things like that. We can reach the nice have strip it and made by the combination of that's winds and ships, which we cannot recognize either certain update. The region with no pattern is also very important. It is a way we can make our eyes take a rest and make Peyton stand out more. It is just like a rest humanity. The's page shows some examples of the patients. They can be made by 1000 different ships, such a sweet lips, olives in circles. That's okay. Also be regularly. Three ships treating combined ships has one that or decorate ships or starts. The density of a task can also be changed toe make different kinds off. I also found that that's are very useful when we want to feel out the irregular region. It is because that's us no, and have more flexibility to feeding any shape. Well, Aerial point to in this picture shows how that's feel out. Irregular regions least page shows some examples of lime patents. They can be made by strain Liesel curves. Lice can also be regular ships. We can left empty spaces, certain lies and the feel outlay, Abed quote. The signees of lives can also be varied to make pregnancies Braces No. 10 said the innovative can also be adjusted for different patients. I also found that lines are very useful when we want with breast the absent downs. On the surface, it is because lights are directional and they can form a usual so three dimensional. These picture shows some examples that howl i ST Peter's Sofus is another thing. I have noticed that the NATO light line patents also very useful when we want to feel other irregular regions. It is because the lines of a nets can keep dividing irregular regions in juice, more pieces and make a list small pieces through the similar to each other. These page shows some examples of the share patents making visual match of ships south just lips square, so triangles ships can also be regularly pattern. We can also simple fire shapes of objects in the nature of the payments, such as flowers, so hands shit scared over labour to each other to form a new pattern. Ships can also combine which each other that's a single shape to fall a new path. I also found that Foley black groups are very useful when we want to view other regular regions. It is because pulling black ships has to shop sides making feeling each other easy. These page shows selling his import of object patients. They are made by the things that we can recognize. They might be single kinds of objects such as visas, roses, ice lives in the real meals or they can be multiple kinds about please that that we think single category such a station. There they can also be the combination of different things, such as the combination sound, any bird over the combination of what it drops and ice Personally, I really use up to a painter's directly in my ah dwarfs. It is because lay out realistic in the lake off personality. I will change the after Payton's a little bit before I used to live. That's the example. Sure lead page. I assume that in some flour is the object like I want to use to be the pattern. I might just Detroit's otherwise similar ships, just like the first school. Or I can slice the sound flour and just take parts off the Peyton. Just like the second group. I can also transform the shape of light of some flowers, which would result in the third group. You can use the method you like you are. These page shows the less kind of Peyton who she's object Peyton. It is made by the combination with us. My send ships we cannot recognize eat in your budget kids to be Troy intuitively, and he's the one can show your personality will. You might discover that there might be some similar trick patents frequently to him by you . Then they will be your personal, unique patients when we designed the combination patents for our style layout. If Victor's we should notice, the 1st 1 is we should make a choose and petits diversified enough. You, too, can make our characters look more beautiful in the reach. The thinking the way is we should choose pattern static. Impress people because we want to make our style more impressive. The third ways it is better to choose a unique Peyton for your stale. We want our star to be unique. That's first. Take a locator, the first effective. Choose patents for your style in the middle and diversify enough. Basically, you should choose at least three kinds of patterns to make your style diversified enough. Second factor to make your patents impressive, they are two ways to achieve lease. Why is to use the transform the object painting, such as the above two patients that we have seen earlier? The other is to use a picture. Patients whose unique symbols so chose the blow to presidents that we have single view. The third factor is to make your patrons a unique I think, the easiest. The ways to use a district patients your style. Now we have learned how to design patients for your style. Why is the six kinds of patients you can use the other is there three million Victor's to select patients for your style? This move on to the next section. How toe already patents your artworks. 7. Pattern Arrangement: in these section, we are going to talk about how to arrange a pate as well for your characters. We were in several tips making overviews out more attractive. They can not only be used character design, but also you are jokes the first TV to keep changing that line in the ship painted after we have through a region with the pattern, it is better that it's hemorrhaging uses a different kind of pattern. As we can see this example, it region has a kind of pattern, which is different from its neighbours region. The face uses task, hated in the region is to eat, uses she hated. And then the following uses a line. Peyton, the current kind of patient that we are joined, keeps changing. This makes this character more expressive with diversified and also against the strength of this character by the country. Rested between different kinds of pain, objected. The trick. Payton could be considered with my always shape, hated according to what the mayor element it uses if he's uses lime or it is a line life Peyton and they feed uses a ship war. It is a ship like painted the Signet Eby to change it a proportion off, colorfully as we can see it. On the left side, these two patients look similar by the wise like lies with white Bakewell. The Liana is what lies with black make one. They are different in the proportion of feeling black. Let's take a located. Another example. The region's wailer two arrows point to all use light painted by the wise denser. The wine is passive as we can. Knowledge is the spot Cevallos brighter. This kind of diversity can make our caters more racy. They are just slight changes, but impact much. In other words, we can change the intensity and the color feeling promotion and make our style more focused . But in stress it enough, these pictures shows the different virgins of one pattern for her. DiSanto exist into changes in the color, fearing for a potion for the vertical axis. It changes in the density. When we draw capital or adult most of the time it will look better if you to hate their focus. We can use pattern toe chilies. In this example, they are two characters where the errors points to other folks is off lease two characters which mean the most obvious parts of them, in most cases, object in the abstract evidence can play. This role will. It is because lay all the most complex and regular. Now we have learned to three tips about arranging payments for your caters. The 1st 1 is chips Region that lie in the shape haters the safety. And why is change the proportion of color field the 3rd 1 is use paid him to state their focus. You can use name. You're careful design. 8. Final: Hi, I'm house. Thank you for attending these classes. Let's quickly go through all the things we have learned. We have learned the three million. Your factor about it is I in style, which are contrast competitiveness, innovation. We also in let the way to to rise, take Tristan Payton, Samuel face and decided the style for character we have No, they are six kinds of patterns we should choose a These three of live toe make our style expressive enough. If we want to desire impressive style, we should use transformed, object, hated or of a strict paid in with unique seem post. If we want to make our style unique, check patents easily achieve these. We also under that three teams to arrange our patients well, the 1st 1 use. Keep switching satellite A share. Patents. The second wise changes the proportion of color field. The 3rd 1 years, you've paid into a set of focus. Now you have learned all the things you need. You can start to design your own capers with your using style. I encourage you to share your project to others. If you feel his classes good to you, I'll be We're grateful If you can leave your review for me and then feel free to s gain questions, see you next time.