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Watercolor Color Magic 3.0: Color Balancing

teacher avatar Charles Yang, Artist & Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Class Project


    • 3.



    • 4.

      Character: Frog


    • 5.

      Color Strategy: Number Of Colors


    • 6.

      Color Strategy: Slight Changes


    • 7.

      Color Strategy: Region Similarity


    • 8.

      Color Strategy: Color Balancing


    • 9.

      Color Strategy: Set Focus By Colors


    • 10.

      Basic Technque


    • 11.

      Painting Process: Main Character


    • 12.

      Painting Process: Minor Characters


    • 13.



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About This Class

Let's together play watercolor with a specific style: Shape Puzzle.

The class content will be arranged as following:

  • Basic Technique: Watercolor techniques we need in this style.
  • Color Strategies: 5 color strategies that can enhance the color expression of our painting.

It will be fun to explore this new watercolor style. So let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

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Charles Yang

Artist & Teacher


Art is a game of finding interesting restrictions!

I strive to create courses that are inspiring and enjoyable.

Creating is fun and I love to share my experiences with you.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: Hi, Charles. I got his phone time. One in his class. We are going to try a new style using while the color, which is called the Sheriff hassle. We will in several colors. Trilogies, Ellicott easily improve your mother's family style for me. Trying different styles can nourish mice, perceive a building art and then cover different parts of me. It is just like travel into foreign countries with different cultures. Way feel excited about discovering your things? Got a whole new way back. After that, you can travel to different countries everything. But we can do it the way South pence. If you like this style, they recently class for you. Please join me in lace themselves from you to give it. 2. Class Project: we first taken located a class project. We will visual watercolor painting with this style. In the end or fax. He used us in the main topic, but you can also choose your habit. Take niece told in this class computer also applied to you Other watercolor paintings is well. 3. Supplies: Let's quickly go through all the supplies leading used in this class. The brushes I used our SEPTA goat. I have two sizes who shot 003 Either They were smaller, full of details in the painting. The brand of watercolor I use is hoping lovely. A beautiful colors there. What the color can be upended the villainy on what? The color paper, Cuz you see the parrot I use. It has a lot of region, makes colors. I think it is important to me because I often want to keep some colors in the middle of a painting and a useless later paper towel used for resolving the water in the watercolor brush. We see the water contained I used. Actually, I will use to water contender in the same time wind for watching process in the wind for missing colors. They want to color paper. I use these favorite I don't know what color pet the size in the weight I was showing on the screen. A waterproof tape you used to stick to the ages are watching how the paper it will keep. I am the region. After you finish you about the fallibility, you can hold the European invitees region for safe If you want a friend your painting In the future you have to keep police region Otherwise pass of Rio painting will be plucked Have to friend me now all the supplies we need have been introduced. 4. Character: Frog: the mentality governor pending in this class is frank were driving a more creative way. These are the France to him by Major. We will later we can notice that lay our different. They have a special shapes and simple forms. The a bone lying. The front view of Frank's belies the side view of France. They are drawing different mazes. That's look at this message. They are four steps to drove from you from first Drew Fattah y Shape, which is a ship like Why in the wild in the middle second to rise third through our nose in their mouth full. Do anything else. Basically we completed from too far in this week. If we can see these frogs are ultra women fed y ships, we can make a Y ship fatter. Always going to have a frakking different. Two sides of a Y ship can be long or short. This will change the outlook. A vice ships off the two sides of a Y shape can be around those screen. These were also changing the outer Do Co vice. Let's move on to how to draw a side view from There are four steps two through a side view from first watch travel ship, second drawer, two semi circles as the ice third through the nose and in the mouth. Fourth Troy. Anything else? Basically, we complete aside frog. In this way, we can see these frogs are old. Joint. What? Travel shapes. We can change the events of watch, strap, ship toe make a fucking difference. The height of ice can also be changed. The ship over What drop can be wrong? The little screen. Now we have learned how to draw a frakking the moral creative way and the leases the frog we are going to use if we want to know how to draw in the animal. You're more creative ways. In the used land is the main topic of you open. You can check out my another class drawing a unique and more crafter in simple steps 5. Color Strategy: Number Of Colors: Now we are going to introduce some car strategies which are used in this time. The 1st 1 is number of colors. As we can see, they are three regions are pointed out in these paintings. They are the main character, minor characters in this around these because the main character is the most important one in our painting, so we might want to emphasize it by using this color strategy. We give the main character that makes my number off colors minor key interest used to lace number cars. Then the main culture had a lesson wrong deiced, useless number of colors and minor characters. As we can see in this example, the main character has trailed colors who she's the first. He's one of the minor characters, has four colors who she is the second. Which part of Listen Roundy's has only two colors, which is the last. In this way, we can sit in the hierarchy in our pending 6. Color Strategy: Slight Changes: the second and color strategy like that. We're using these stories slide change, As we have mentioned earlier, we only use two colors for in each part of this. Around these, the religious pointed out uses in Eagle in the Orange. We leave me to Lisa region to least two colors, but we also wants his car inspiration to be reach so we can use local strategy off slight change for a color we used. We slight changes to forest. How we painted. Take a low indigo first exhibit people we have used almost at different kinds of indigo. They are quite a smaller, too, but not too different from each other. So is it the orange? In this way, we can maintain the color culture restates off on average it while enhancing the details of it. Just as a three flowers like we see the Sikh temple left his wise hoist as we go toward right. Allow skates. More details. Although the pedals off our orange, the leftist want you see only one kind of already. The reader. One uses two kinds of orange, the rightist one. Here's four kinds of orange. The more we use, the more details we get. But neither does. It. Means more is better. We should consider of feeling that we want to come away And the Royal Albert your place. 7. Color Strategy: Region Similarity: another college strategy. We can consider the regions in hilarity. The color combination off different regions might be different. In basic simple, we can pare two groups of neighbouring regions. One group is on the main character, which is pointed out into the left side. The other group members Roundy's who should point it out right side the colors in different regions of the surroundings on similar they all your storage so they will be hungry. There's hope, even youthfully are separated from each other. The colors in different regions off the main character are very different, so they will be completely separated even if we are this effective used when we want to emphasize or weaken something. The cars in different regions of lemon characters are very different, so these regions have high color contrast to each other. You were cars and abject ridged to have higher contrast this after it will be more strong and focused in the painting. On the other hand, you recall something out. You arranged to have lower interest. This attitude will be more week in the last folks in the the main character is usually the most important one out pending, so we can later. The colors on the main character have higher contrast to each other, and the later colors in the surroundings have lower contrast to each other. Let's get you know this idea. More bodies. Example. They are doing birth in this page. They are useless in color combination, but the right of one of his higher father contrast but in your regions are so it will be strong. But they tell them mean that the right away the better. It only means we can increase the color confessed. But your neighbor Regis, if we want we're emphasizing it. 8. Color Strategy: Color Balancing: Now we are going to talk about the how toe parents the car listen in the Z simple. The painting into the left side has a blank which is needed to be field and in Lapentti. Internal right side has field in these regions. When we want to choose what colors we should use for these regions, we should consider two things. Why's locals in the regions nearby? A region we want to feel. The other is the cars in the regions far from the region. We want to feel justice. It's shoes it right parting corner off the speech you choose a green color to be well the colors. Would you feel these regions because of nearby region handover? The frog has similar green card. We choose a blue cannon Toby one off the colors which you feel this region Because afar region the face off the frog has a similar proof when we happens in the colors. All painting usually used to the colors Future already used in all color pain scenes, just like colors are playing, sees us. We might dependence on origin one region go swimming or then we might need to pensa origin it other regions in order to finance it. But we don't have to use exactly this in color. Two beds, one car. We can use the colors similar tweet. Just a slap Inca in the brew, which is for the purple back to our example. We choose the colors from the nearby regions before, so we want to harm arise colors. Locally, we choose the cars from forages because we needed to play Colisee. So in a fancy will we start out handy. In the beginning, we have the most freedom to choose any color we want. But while we keep for gracing our painting cars, we can choose become. That's because off Taliban, we can understand this in more detail in your following six is about the depending processes. 9. Color Strategy: Set Focus By Colors: you need section, we will. How to say focus with colors In this painting they are two objects are say those focuses. Why is the clashes on the Frank's face? The other in the star of the frog spots? As we can know this, the clashes have the most different color All of Frank's face and the star is the most and even color on the front body. This way we can make them most obvious layer local region. One painting we can send many local focuses on the while of lane should be most of abuse. Would you regions the force off the entire painting? 10. Basic Technque: in these sections, we are going to living a basic taken it over these watercolors style of a labour color. Ships lay out several different ways about a painting color ships. The 1st 1 is about in the bodies of LeMay and minor characters. We first pin the border of one region with the color ships. Then we over labour color ships toe feel these regions. In this example, I only used two colors. They grip like ships to feel this region, but you can use any ship in color combination you like. There's taking the wise about of the surrounding environments. I first developed region. I want to upend into different parts in the Pindling with similar colors with Ling. What gifts they used a. Another color toe overlay. What? We have pain. The 3rd 1 is about the bacon. I used publican ship to paint bacon. We done of liking any ships. Point gunships are used to fall a big they can make high contrast to the program. It is because of off lines of the ships in the bacon trade allies and the outlines of the ships. In the foreground are curves. Be a bow. Three ways are what we have used to go. You can design your way. You like 11. Painting Process: Main Character: in the section, we are going to a pendulum main character, which is a fracking oil painting. In this stage, we have the most freedom to choose in color with light I first pain a very light colors. The paper. It's color is similar to the color ships. We were pain related. It is an optional steps. We can decide whether you want to do it or not. Then I penned the ice in the glasses. You can especially know this how I slow down while painting a tiny region. Then I painted the border over these regions. You can notice I used the prophecy, so I'm moving back and forth to make it faces. Moves outline. The pain has taken the color after I have finished the first color. Yes, you can notice I painted a second color at the whale. A region has more planes or we can say it is painted A one off. The Web proves off the first color I choose to these regions because it can make the second color Most avenues. - Now I start to view out of these regions by color ships I first to use well off the colors that the border has used to depend. - May I start to feel it out of the region. By the second card I used to the other color that reporter has used to paint? No, we have finished the region. The process of other regions has just person just remember to choose different color combinations to distinguish different regions. Now we have finished our main character. 12. Painting Process: Minor Characters: in these sanctions, we are going toe in the minor cultures in the stage, the colors which used to have some relation with the main character. It is because we want layer colors, summarize together and the recognize us home. We first penned a star on the tadpole. I made it for the top pose as the shooting stars, and as we can see the colors of the star on the tableau, it looks endlessly one on the frog. Then I painted the ice of tugboat. Yes, we can see the cars off Lynn. Other singers, one on the frocks late lay the one keep about choosing what color we should use. We should choose the one fund dependent colors, which is a little far from the region we will paint. It can make our painting more tightly make. In this case, the brew on the fact late is a little far from the region we will pay. Then I start to upend the border off the top as we can see the green choosing from the frogs hand. It's a region a little far from the region. We will paint, keep doing similar process. The minor chemicals are finished 13. Final: thank you for attending these classes. The Christ Project is to pay the painting with the style we have learned earlier. You've used English classes. Good to you. I will be very grateful if you can leave your review to me and they feel free to a skein in question. See you next time By