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Composition Secrets 2.0: Tips to Draw Better

teacher avatar Charles Yang, Artist & Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      01 two-level repetitiveness


    • 3.

      02 unusual direction


    • 4.

      03 divide into small regions


    • 5.

      04 contrast between round and square


    • 6.

      05 combine different view directions


    • 7.

      06 imitate the structures of flowers and trees


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About This Class

Let's learn some tips about composition that can instantly improve your art!

  • 6 useful tips: You can benefit from them whether what art medium you choose.
  • Clear examples and instructions: You will feel easy to utilize those tips.

Whether you are beginner or work on being professional, I try to cover all the useful tips that might help.

It will be fun to explore these ideas in you art. So, let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

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Charles Yang

Artist & Teacher


Art is a game of finding interesting restrictions!

I strive to create courses that are inspiring and enjoyable.

Creating is fun and I love to share my experiences with you.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: its course is about. We share some single tips about composition that can help you to improve your If you are working on the profession, I'm trying to cover all your help. Each t pasha and I can help you feeling understanding you not only apply both. Some enjoys incompetent but also other kinds of related to so in campaign funds, his Lotus ideas you are so let's get started. 2. 01 two-level repetitiveness: the first TV's Who labor repetitive nous. They are two regions on bounded by orange. Starting allies in this picture was on the main character. The other is on the ship, which is on the pattern off this picture. Li are both repetitive structures. If we separated originally to see laying more clear way, we can get low to pieces on the right of this page. The left one you some repeated ox inside each are they are many dots. These stars are arranged your certain directions, which are lined with locks as we can see players, the to label repeated destructor decided Basic Temple, the first label Lory pet itiveness off arcs. The second labour is the repetitive nous off. That's less than to see the example on right. They are some repudiated flowers for each flower. It has many repeated paddles. This Fido's are arranged by certain rules which had aligned with circles, as we can see, lays a to labour repeated structure. Inside Elise example, the first labour is the repetitive nous off flowers. The signal label is low, repetitive these off battles. By using this kind of label repeated tractor, we can't make our illustration more experience, least page shows how to apply this deep for your joins. In the case of Rice, you can first segment allies by a certain kind of a shade. In this case, it's all live like shape. They each segment, you can take a ready by repetitive objects. In this case, they are crude's. This page shows how to apply these tape for your joins. In the case of shapes similar to the previous example, you have first segmented shape by a surgeon kind of shape. In this case, he's a time in like shape. They each segment you can decorated by repetitive out chase. In this case, they are paddles around, the time in shape. Now you should try this tape in your joy. 3. 02 unusual direction: the second narrative ease unusual direction. Unusual things usually can catch our attention. Attila Position one in this picture plays a person flying downward. Usually our impression about human it head on the top and the feet on the button or in the huddle. Elizondo state. When a person is lying down the upside down state who tree the feet on the top and the head on the battle is really seem by us, therefore, it came easily. K shell attention. At the position to in this picture lays a bird fed by food. Although the bowing down the birth is not a real condition, it's still not quiet. Very open, because bind now off the animal is usually a state of alarm. Dismissed. It is more dangerous for an animal to quickly response to Southern 38 so it is not over BC on a wild animal. In this case, the neck over this burden is very long so we can see the body down. Actually, more clearly we can advertise some action who she's in bowing down in this case, piety for me, son characterised. Ease off the animal, which is the extension off Nick at the position three. In this picture, there is a rule of upside. Now houses, we hang on a rope like bets. This kind of direction is also not very open. Sim piles so it can catch our attention in this way. Lay out two ways that we can apply this tip toe. Our joins winds upside them, which means we can make an object outside them in our trying. In the first row of this page, the two trees are both upset them in different conditions. The other way is to switch him, betraying vertical and the horizontal. This means we rotate and object by 19 degrees, and they its vertical direction becomes horizontal direction in the sector. Rob Lees Page. They are examples about a face in the house. The face is usually looking haggard, dentally, but now virtually the house is usually in vertical direction, but now in half horizontal direction. In these two ways, they can be further divided into two conditions. Why the rare condition? Who should means that he can't happen by the really be seen? The other is image, native condition. Who Jimmy's. It can only happen in our imagination. For a Colin about rare condition in this page, the trees up signed them because the position into gross looking down face is also a possible condition for a Cullen about Imagine native competition in the stage. The tree's leaves gross underground, and then the house banded to have it down to a direction. These two examples are hardly possible in normal life. Now we can apply this tape to our joints by choosing one way from these four confusions. 4. 03 divide into small regions: the thirties, dividing to small regions. Repetitive nous is a very common video from in nature such a square Iceland. It has repeated graces, which is, we know wind. There is also repeated the texture on treat sound. It assists led repetitive nous is the way the nature give things details. Sometimes we also need to to draw some regions in which things are repeated. We can use the people in this section who make Lynn not too boring, and the more diverse in this picture play is a region bounded by orangey rectangle. It is a region of hairs. As we know Hiss, I'll compose off. Many repeated the single hairs in common situation. We can give the region of hairs listen picture, which you can represent fulfilling of hails Mother. We could also add some tricks to it and make it more interesting. In the first tape, we could divide things into regions before we want to draw the details for Hell's. We feel first that divide hairs. It would be friend, the regions. We can see that the hairs in the orange erecting go have different regions, some regions that depicted by lines and there's some not depicted by patterns this deeper Regis make it more that worst. It's a natural tendency of human that we usually classify the things we see. For example, if layer is a picture about the forest, different possible is forest competence, different kinds of trees We have recognized these difference and interesting things are steeper groups. Sometimes the trees sale can also be considered a group. After we separate laying with even groups, we were starting to feel the amount of groups Well, the amount is large enough. We'll feel a sense of beauty in the second mixtape. After we divide us singing regions, we can start with depict issue region They are two points We can give me mine No first thing that we can make it a region be different from each other Initiating ladies Some regions are lighter and the some illusions are doctor The second thing that we can make the patterns of regions remote I burst that is, we can use different kinds of parents knew she region Besides the first a second step Please. No One thing You can know this Gladys direction. Each object in the drawing has his own direction for the hairs in the example trying It is the direction from hell goods toe head hymns. We're 90 vital regions of hiss I to it aligned with the directional hails. It makes the region's more natural. In this way. Now UK apply the steep to your story. 5. 04 contrast between round and square: the fourth TV's contrast between round and square. Every object in a drawing can be considered a shape which is made by its control. Where the difference of shapes amount averages are large enough, we can Merisi distinguish them. Therefore, we can use these characteristic to compose out join so we can know this. They are many places in this ruling, which are marked by brew and orange allies. The origin lies within. Then the average is your violin. Use curves as part of Les account. To us, the broom lines represent the objects near violin you straight lines As part of the account rules curve sense. Tree lines are familiar types of lines. We can use low contrast between Lin to distinguish different the objects. It can also increase the beauty off a jury in destroy curves. I arranged nearby straight lines. You can also try this table your joy 6. 05 combine different view directions: no fifth Steris combined. The preview directions where we are taking photos were usually want to choose a good of you direction for our topic. This is also happened While we are joining, we need to choose a mutilation of objects that we want to job. But sometimes we will face a diary Mom, that if we choose a view direction to make some parts of it, I'm just do good. The other parts of the subject my not look good on the least new direction. To fix this problem, we can combine the print of you directions your joy at the partition one in destroying it is no canopy over an umbrella. Yes, we can know this. It's real direction in the wrong is top. This view to Russia is choosing because we can see the radio structure from the top. Who she is a beautiful one. If we don't choose these view direction at the choose the side of you one. The Centerview Open umbrella is not very easy to draw if we want to with the picket three termination Love you to Russia, Brother Tap is the easy of US duty pink umbrella, A three dimensional but a review direction over the pardon Help we send you because the most a beautiful park in the band 1/2 lococo over the handle. The side of you can show this part better. In the end, this umbrella contends to real direction for beauty. One characteristic overthrowing is that we don't need to. Very realistic. We can your things in the following Ways at love decision to in this joint in similar to the decision one I Love You direction of the roof off the Left Health with the from the top and it's about 1/2 inside of you. The View de Russia off the right house remains ordinary. The different depicting ways off lease two houses also make these joint more diverse. So this time, when we want to draw thing, we can consider two things you know first, that you, which starts over these objects, are more beautiful than other parts. The safety's which direction we can't useful and OTP claim better. Now you have parties tip your touring 7. 06 imitate the structures of flowers and trees: the six day be is human tater structures off flowers and trees. They are many beautiful things in the nature that the weak who limb from them where we are joining It is also true about the composition flowers, entries in the nature I extremely love the by evil. So when we come post out during week, a multi layered structures in the late hour jury more attractive as we can see in the drawing, they are some parts. I'm actors blue and then some part time actor's orange. The orange ones represent that the arrangement of objects are reverence from flowers. Everyone's represent that the arrangement of averages are reverence, frown trees and the position one is our main character, which is the queen. By observing structure, we can find that it looked like a glimpse with many lies. Changing out from it. League lives is her body, the strange alights Allah crumb hands and legs. This structure is just like the structure of flowers that is the center part into the paddle part. It is also similar at a lower position to the tail and legs of the horse arranged the UN propose by imitating flowers. The head legs and the tail are just like the patios over flowers, and they spotty the center over. For our the place is, say, the position three and afford a little different. They utilize only some portion off a flower at a positive year. Three. Utilized right bottom part of ah flower at a position for utilizing the left part in parts of a flower. For now, we already know what's the structure of a flower. It is a ship with many lines shrinking out, fried at a lower position. Five. It utilized the structure over tree. This character is the lone body, which lines stranger out toe tap. They are just like the trunk and the branches of a tree with a trunk. With the body of this character and the branches all the flower in his hand and it's a crown. It is also similar it a precision six. It also utilizes the structure of a tree. The ground is language, hunk of a tree and the houses out branches. For now, we already know what's the structure of a tree. It is the lone ship with the main lines show you out to a tap. Now you can utilize that keeping your during 8. Project: thank you for attending these class. The project is to choose a while or more tips on the practice slamming your troy. If you feel this class is helpful, I will be very grateful if you can live your review to me and feel free to ask in question . See you next time.