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Draw Better: Make Your Lines and Shapes More Attractive

teacher avatar Charles Yang, Artist & Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Smooth your curves


    • 3.

      Make curves more attractive


    • 4.

      Organize lines


    • 5.

      Add attractive detail


    • 6.

      Refine outline


    • 7.

      Use symbol wisely


    • 8.

      Notice the negative space


    • 9.

      Organize shapes


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About This Class

This course is about to share some simple tips about lines and shapes that can make your artwork more attractive.

Whether you are a beginner or working on being professional, I am trying to cover all the useful tips that help.

Many example artworks are used to make these tips easy to understand and implement.

You can apply these tips to both hand drawings and computer graphics. So you can benefit from them whether what art medium you choose.

It will be fun to explore these tips in your paintings or drawings.
Let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Charles Yang

Artist & Teacher


Art is a game of finding interesting restrictions!

I strive to create courses that are inspiring and enjoyable.

Creating is fun and I love to share my experiences with you.

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1. Intro: these courses. Sound symbol keeps about line ships that can make your other more You are thinking you're trying to cover. They do enjoy course. You can just keep on past or you can start a new I. You are slowly years, let's get started. 2. Smooth your curves: in this section, we are going to talk about how to smooth the curves we drove. It is important because curves lighting almost everywhere in nature, whether we want to draw people wild animals like lying or birds queen, such of flowers. Oh, even nature of scenarios like rivers, curves are always the things we need to draw. There indeed exists some method. We can draw curves better in this page. They are three groups. Online's the right one. Each group is refined virgin off left one this week and see the right way more smooth than the left one. The secret is that we can use circles to a simple of fight curbs and make them more smooth . This page shows how circles help. We smoothed curves. Each bending of the left curve is replaced by an arc off certain circle and the resulting in the right one. That is all about how to a smooth curve. That is also a method we often used in logo design to simplify shapes. We can use least method where we are designing some characters, such as these from animals in these page, or we can use it when we need to draw any curve, such as a ribbons in this page. It is very simple to keep it the might, and you can't immediately apply it to your artwork. 3. Make curves more attractive: in this section, we are going to talk about how to make our curves more attractive. We might think attractive itself in various subjective. But we can note that we human often built, attracted by similar things such as beautiful flowers, killed animals or good looking people. So let my bees on rules lasting our humanity, Right? Somebody's have studied these, and they give the ask her us in the ends of the most beautiful curve. We might not have to accept it immediately by the ticket. There's a concept for now. We can first see some examples about how we can apply to the Steve to our out work. These pages shows some examples about how we can use that's curb To improve our work. The S curve is repeated asla decoration off the characters. The roof itself also contents. Many is curves. I guess it is why roses are so attractive. And now the example is, in my past work the secret of poker's I used to hairs to decorate the characters and then to be part of the style. The Siri's here's also contain many s Kurds so they could make you are the work more attractive I also found it very useful When we want to drill creatures s curve is more naturally Arkin living things. They are, for example, groups in these page which are ice hence flowers hills in the tales The left one of each group uses accesses Cruyff writer one uses as curves instead the ones used arcs are more mounted but the ones uses curves are more like to leave in things. So by now we have introduced another tip about Esseker. You could a party to you article right away. 4. Organize lines: in the section, we are going to talk about how to organize the rising. Our artwork. Lights are coming. A lot of work, such as LA wise, off objects or the curves of patterns we should all delight lies in our artwork toe make lend look more comfortable. It is not only required when we drew complex subjects we also needed while drawing simple objects. One secrecy that we should not intersect the lies too much. Let's see an example about of fax. We should especially noticed lines near its nose. The red one belongs to its hand, and the green one blows to its nose. This in largely to see more detail in the result in the red, the comparative Griff, we should not in the sector lines off hand with the lice of nose the left well off this graph of Lloyd's in this problem. But the writer one doesn't Interceptor Land together will make us confused to recognize the hand in the nose, so we will feel uncomfortable about Elise. Let's see another example about arranging to to reaps the left is wide OK, but the others isn't the right into examples into sector lies of the two tulips at one point too much we should avoid in the Shabba cornice off one object to attach other objects offline. It will make us feel uncomfortable, just like somebody used a knife to stick our skin notice. Like the sections of realizing our artwork while throwing objects, he took a improve our artwork with more beautiful detail. 5. Add attractive detail: in this section, we are going to talk about how to at attractive details to our out of work after we have a sketch about our artwork. We needed to add details to eat one choices to droit in a realistic way. But, um, I think you would like to add a Europe personality in your artwork, so we will learn how to add the personal details to your artworks. One secret is to add a repetitive of things. The details which limited choices. Such a lease example about a fax. In the beginning, we sketch the facts like the left one. We can add some details with only two leap life ships, which will result in the writer one. The limitation of virtually polite ships makes us impressive more, and they it also forms the style of these facts character. And another example we have seen earlier is these roast monsters. They used 20 structures to depict player details. We feel these two characters blows through the same style. It is because they use similar shapes as decoration. In my past. Other work, Siri's the secret off focus. I used the hairs in the Czech participated toe DPT details they are all repeated in this Siris in the phone, the style of the Siri's in these artwork repeated. The details are hell eyes when the meals in the Plains. Basically, we should not to use more than three kinds of objects of details. If we want to make our style war impressive, notice that the different kinds of lives should not be counted. Low sales plans they have different ships in the makers feel different. We have learned another tip of other repetitive objects as details. You could choose your February 2 average IQs details, and they use lane your other work right away. 6. Refine outline: in this section, we are going to talk about the how to refight. Analyzing are rattled. Her post of a little refinement is to make every part in the other guy Toby Harmony, that is. We want to make every part of your other work defeated to each other. One key point is the self similarity. We can make the shape of some part of you on the book be similar to the shape of other parts. Doesn't like these two bulls in these page for left one. We make the curve of its legs be similar to the curves of his homes. For right one, we make the curve of its legs be similar to the curves of its back. Let's look at another example. We make it all eyes off faces off lease to monkeys. You similar to a curve. Sommelier bodies. This similarity will make a your characters more welding night. The style video Partick ain't union together so whole. Another example is this cage, which is about to deer in the forest. We can notice that they are many circle life shape hiding in their homes so we can't attend the circularity shape to its surroundings. just like a rose. It's in the trees in these page. These will make that year and they surround. This feels home. The self similarity could make you artwork more well. Tonight you can apply to the steep to your other work right away. 7. Use symbol wisely: in this section, we are going to talk about how to use symbols in your artwork in New York situation. We should avoid to use common symbols in our rattled, such as hard symbols of the music, noticing both. It is because they are widely used in our day life. So Leiby come toe ordinary and less attractive and other reasons that the layer style might not be fitting to yours your outlook but layer still some chances if you really want to use them. The secret is to transform or take a red limb in the mingling from ordinary to extraordinary. In these artwork, I decorate a heart symbols us love frying path off. Let Bert I also transform a spate of symbols into some lighter reflection it in the surface of the ocean. The tactics of decoration and transformation are both used in these artwork. Another example is one piece on my pastor. Siri's The secret off. Poker's has transformed this paid symbols into a wide up key, and the Kochs come was in broken, been transformed into different things. If it is necessary in these artwork, the collapsing Bo is transformed into a cross, not amused that the bird clung text difficulties of challenging gains and they enjoying them. The meaning off the symbol become part of the meaning off his artwork. In this picture, the heart symbol becomes part of receptor. It means that the characters owns the power off Kim. We can make symbols as part of an object to look into the function of it. So we have things that God works about how to apply symbols to your adult. Next time, If you want to use symbols in your artwork, you can apply these tip. 8. Notice the negative space: in this section, we are going to talk about the negative space. Negative space is the space around in between objects in our picture, that is, it is where we didn't draw anything in this example. The space besides these two rabbits is the negative space of Lee's picture. Why should we understand the concept of negative space? It is because not only the objects we have drawn a Fackler feeling we perceived, but also a space. We didn't do anything. Why we are in the process of the joining objects. The next give space of the whole picture keeps changing, which you do notice how we feel about the negative space while we aiding a new object. Later, we'll make our other work be finished. The whale. One simple OTP is that we should not leave any part of the negative space look like a rectangle. It is because rectangle is to regular might make us feel bored. An irregular negative space is more interesting. Let's look at this example. In the beginning, we drew a sketch lighter lettuce. One. We can note that many parts of a negative space surrounding that woman are rectangle like we hear the just limb by aiding objects which results in the few one Or we can t just a posture of Latin woman which results in the figure two. Both ways are good. You should use then depend on whether you want to its place. Now we have learned about how to treat the negative space whale. You can apply these taped to your at work. 9. Organize shapes: in this section, we are going to talk about how the organize shapes in your at work. Why should we organize shapes? Because every object ing or at work has its own ships. They need to be organized to let the main subject over your artwork can be sing well. The key point is to use the shape contrast. Why is around a square contrast in this example? The allies of lament Territo. Our curves but early are wise of the surrounding beauties are straight lines. This kind of arrangement can meddle. A main character can be seen clearly, and I think the simple in this picture is a lion. The all wise of these lying are curves, but early on lies of the chair, the karangwa straight lines so the lying can be seen clearly. The other is the symbol in the complex. Contrast, as we can see, the ships off of these cat are simple, but the ship's always surrounding plains are complex, so the kids could be broader whale by these planes. Another example is the cock, the shape of its face, its simple but the hail like ships nearby face are complex, so it's face can't be seen clearly in this way. For now, we haven't learned about how to use the shape. Contrast toe organizes shapes you can use least keeping you out of work right away. 10. Final: thank you for joining these class. The project is to apply self off these methods to your artwork in the sub permitted. You can also use limb in my another class joining animals in simple steps from ships you like. I will be very grateful. Even you can leave your review to me and the feel free to escape in question. See you next time.