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Character Doodle: Design Characters by Their Interior Spaces

teacher avatar Charles Yang, Artist & Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      One Simple Method


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About This Class

This course is about to share one simple method, that can help you design the inner space of a character.

Key lessons include:

  • One Simple Method: A step by step method that you can use it to design the inner space of a character.
  • Clear Examples for Each Step: Clear example are given for each step to make you easily to understand this method.
  • Concept Generation: Ways to generate ideas are told in this class along with examples.

The only tool you need is a pencil, and you can draw any character in simple steps within just few minutes.

The project is to draw several animals and choose one as your favorite.

It will be fun to explore these ideas.

Hold your pencil. Let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Charles Yang

Artist & Teacher


Art is a game of finding interesting restrictions!

I strive to create courses that are inspiring and enjoyable.

Creating is fun and I love to share my experiences with you.

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1. Intro: Hi, I'm Charles, of course, is about to share what I can help you doing like space off. It is also a good way to get my riches characters for you Next. You only do you need it. Many examples used have unity fighting message Who you're Hyleas Demented girls can drawings in the computer gravity's so you can benefit from with what? Our media used the project ing to draw Kechter with these methods I encourage you to share . You are the work to others. It will be found to explode the side ears in your pendants and joins. Let's get started. 2. One Simple Method: these are the characters trim by method. We will later. They are Okaka and the frog with interesting in the spaces. Why should Wenger in the space off a character? It is because it gives a new way to look at all things. We might use it to depict the feeling inside the character. All we can reinterpret the things and they give the new meanings, and the most important is because it is found. So let's look at how to do the other in a space of a character. They are six steps to do. We first have overview of each step and a god in her. In the following sections, the first stab is drawing a Rendon ship as the body over character. Different kinds of ships stimulated different ideas. The second unstable drawing the features of character. This step is based on how you associate ID shave your draw with certain things. The third step is drawing the wolves. They separate the rooms in the flowers and make the whole cater more three dimensional. The fourth step joining stairs. They all the objects connect all penetrate to different floors. The fifth step is drawing the doors in the windows doors connect different rooms, and the windows connect inside the ways outside the final step in drawing the objects inside these rooms. Now we have know each step. Let's go deeper into different steps. 3. Step 1: the first step is drawing a red in shape is the body of a character. You can make the body shape with square corners around the corner, so both of them different kinds of shape can stimulate the different ideas. Why exempt awful shape with the wrong cornices, these old and the UAE example of the shape of the square. Conor's you these mountain, the body shape can be used as a whole body over half a body. The example of cock is the case of whole body. The example fuck is a case of half body in the beginning, if you don't know what Jeff to draw, you could use the ship of vegetables and the fruits such as mushrooms, piece apples, bananas, lemons and a curse. The Schapelle vegetable. Certain foods are simple with strong characteristics, so it is good to start with them. Here is a example about a fax trim by a ship of mushrooms. The ship of these machinery is upside down. In this case, you can use similar shapes in your series of drawings. Similar shapes can phone the style of a serious of joys. In this example, they are all hard like shapes Somehow the shapes are a sling and Sundlof late some hardship , estimated some planned. It'll shop. Side hardships can also be combined to form a new shape. Here is the example using to heart like shapes, the ships off heart are upside down. In this case, notice like that we should not draw a body shape in two complex form. It is because we should focus on the objects inside the body. Simple body shapes can bring our objects inside more by the use. You can try complex once if you want. After you have a drawer shape you like. That's go to the next step, throwing the future several character. 4. Step 2: The second step is drawing the features of character, the stabbing based on how you associated the shape you draw with certain things you might think shapes like two mountains as rabbits, the mountaintops all the years of a rabbit shapes. Lighter mountains could also be rhinos. The mountaintops are the homes of a rhino you might associate in the wild like shape with franks, the two princes of why all the ice off a frack? Why life shapes could also be crocodiles. There two branches of why other two parts off a mouth, our place like shapes might look like monkeys to you, the ABO party, the face and the PLO party, the party you might think a lack shapers, sheep dear or the side of you off dog the like. Ships are layer bodies. T like shapes are cute. P. G's the two sides of a T life ship. Other years of a peak T like ships could also be the front view off talk the two sides of T like ship. Other years of a dog, too. What a trouble like shapes can be a soldiers to the side of you off frocks. Or you can treat the water drop like ships, us the bodies of the bulls. The light ships could be the bodies of the horses. The check mark like ships are cured of faxes. Triangle life shapes are the players or a mouse is especially noticed that you don't have to draw animals. You can do life. These things, such as a mountain in this example after you have aided in the features of character. Let's go to the next step during the walls. 5. Step 3: the third step is drawing the walls. They separate the rooms and of lowers and the making the whole character more three dimensional. They are two steps to draw the walls. You can, first to you stablize to give the thickness to the walls. Then you can draw the ages of issue in the mainland three dimensional, the size of ejim, decided by whatever you want. They are no specific rules here, but the use you can consider the cordon racial while separating rooms, which is the ratio of less ices of neighboring rooms, is about the 1.6, while during the curves of walls, issued a lately and look likely outline off the body shape, they are two examples here. The curves of wars of the all around corniness. It is because the online of his body shape are wrong. Cornice the curves of wars of the mountain. Ask Greer, Conor's. It is because the online of its body shape our square corners. You can also take a rate of the walls. It can be decorated by repeated Peyton or any objects you like. The wars can partially staple of the rooms. It is not necessary to completely separate rooms. The floors can be small regions. Without it being entire follower, we can go up with them to lease regions by stairs. The floors or worse, can be not only inside of the bodies, but also can be inside other regions. They are two examples here for left example about a frack. The floor show up. It is I in hand for a right example about a fax. The floors shows up eight or east tail. They are several variations of inner spaces winds that they are many floors but lays only wonder in chief lower. In this case, we should focus on the objects which penetrated different floors, just like the tensing movements in music. Simple another is that there is just one flow, er, but they are many rooms in these flow er, in this case, we should focus on the objects which penetrated different rooms, just like training. This example. The other is that layer is just one floor, and ladies only wonder in this follower. In this case, we should focus on how special the words inside his room use. After we have draw on the walls, let's go to the next step, joining stairs 6. Step 4: the fourth step is drawing stares. They are the objects connect our penetrated different floors. You can use the objects we normally uses stairs such a steps. Leaders types in the ropes. In this example, he to use steps in the later says he stares in this example the use of Piper. These stairs we can also use special objects s the stairs such as the flower. In this example, which is a plant you can use any living things and stairs. In this example. It's a user, Robert, in this world and sit stairs. You can use any lifeless objects of stairs or you can use your imagination such as attention moves. In this example who he invents something new. Go slow stairs. Although we can use special objects stairs, the normal ones still have layer function. It is because they have a symbolical meaning off. Climbing up Oh down. We can use this magical meaning to tell a story. Such is the stairs. In this example, they are standing little may inside the left the character they also a sitting leader made inside the right to kill it. They can go upstairs in the Minta Angela Bridge so the meaning of the stairs might be the difficulty sleigh should overcome. You're since the beige objects of states were looseness in Valley community of climbing, but it makers inspired and make the whole artwork more interesting. You can decide which kind of stairs you would like to use. I noticed that one stays my looks different, a two different floors in this example. The stairs say, the one floor moves and Italy other tensing legs. It will be very fun to things, and he's kind of difference. Especially noticed that the stairs can show up not only inside the body, but also can show up it other places. In this example, the left leg itself becomes the stairs. After we have drawn the stairs you like, let's go to the next step trying doors and the windows. 7. Step 5: the fifth step is drawing dollars in the windows, those connective rooms and the windows connecting side with outside. Why should we join those in the windows? It is being called. Stores can connect subjects in different rooms. Objects in different rooms can interact through. Does Windows can connect characters with their surroundings? Character can interact with their environment and more. In this way, you can use no more doors and the windows justice, like simple showing at least piece. Or you can use some parts of the body as doors in the windows. In this example, the peak of Liz Cock treated us a window. It connects inside with outside. Another example is least you. The door is opened it in the position of his tail. The fox tail penetrated the store and the peak on the tail of this year, we can Diggory the doors and the windows by objects which penetrated through them, just like the train. In this example, it appears through three D, even the rooms or just like the port in easy, simple, it looks to work inside through the window. We can make a door over no closed, whatever you like. The door in the left example is closed and the adoring the writing temple is open. When's our object penetrates through some window? His direction might be different in the left in temple, the birdies looking from inside it worth outside in the right. Example. The burden. Looking from outside toward insight we can further is 10. The doors and the windows by some objects in this is simple. The window is extended by exterior shelf in this is temple. There, those are extended by a road. After we have drawing the doors and the windows, there's to go to the next step during the inside objects. 8. Step 6: the final step is drawing the objects inside these rooms. They are several ways we can design these subjects one simplest way either to put a little objects, which are impossible, showing an indoor just like the mountain in. This is simple. Normally, mountains are usually assuring an outdoor a hand age, also impossible, showing individually it over and connects to someone's body. But the hand showed up individually. In this example, play is one mechanism we can use. That is, we can make a bigger things to be snow, and the snow seems to be big. In this example, the mountains much bigger ling a room Angela handed much smaller linger. They are scaled in size and they can be settled in the You can also do your one single substitute, such as Alliance in the lying. In this example, the our lions. They could represent like that. We might have different characteristics inside the our mind. We can also redefined rooms by objects such as a cell in the moon. In this example, these rules are rooty find buying time slices found a two night. Another is the moon face change. In these example, this rooms are also redefined by time. Spices objects can emphasize to the things we originally have inside our body, such as the heart in this example, they might have reasoned. Or Hardaway's passion Objects can also re interpreter the way how things work so arduous. Look, aka NBC example. The crowd is produced by a catchable munching. We can also depict the difference of reactions of leaving objects such a slow and most In this example, they have different reaction to bombs. Now we have learned all the things that we need to do the other inner space off character. That's a recap. Issues stab it quickly. They are six steps to do first drawing a random body shape. Second, throwing the features of character. Third during the wolves, fourth during stairs, fifth throwing doors and the windows sixth. Joining inside apple cheeks, you can now start your own do doing in the ham from 9. Final: Hi. Thank you for attending this class project. To use the method totally in these lasers to drop by simple character. I encourage you to share your project to Alice. It will be fun to explore these ideas. If you feel these courses good to you. I will be very grateful if you can leave your review to me in the feel free to ask in creation. See you next time.