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Canadian Resume: 5 Secrets to Win

teacher avatar Max Medyk

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

In this premium mini-course, you will transform your resume to get the job you want in Canada.

Step by step, together, we will go over your resume to make sure it sets you up for success. 

You will also get 400+ power verbs to strengthen your resume and 9 email communication templates to maximize your chances of landing the job.

On top of it, in the end, you will get a trick that will make you stand out among other applicants.

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Max Medyk

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1. What to Expect: I am so happy because at the end of this course, your resume will be transformed for you to get the job. You want. A job that aligns with your interests and will achieve it through a practical experience, yes, this course, as different from everything else, grab your laptop, your resume, ready to rewrite it, because as we go we'll be doing a makeover. I actually had one of my subscribers saddened me has resume, we'll be going through it together, restructuring, and you can do the same to yours. On top of it, you'll get two important PDFs. The first one will help you with 400 power verbs for you to empower your application to be stronger compared to other candidates. And the second important PDF, we'll have nine email templates for every stage of employment process. And on top of it, I'm going to give you a trick at the very end for you to send out by contacting the right person at the right time during the application process. We're happy to start. Let's dive into it. 2. Format: First we need to talk about the format. I'm realizing that most of the people watching this mini-course will be coming from outside of Canada and in their home countries, they might be including things into their resume that will get it rejected here in Canada. So let's just avoid all of those. The big no-nos are your photo, age, marital status, religion, or other personal information. And Canada resumes with personal information might be considered inappropriate and they open a window of discrimination and now they're big. No, no, don't send your resume and the PDF format as it's not readable for the ATS applicant tracking system, I recommend saving your resume in the Word document format. Now let's go into the resume. Their Raj sent me, he asked his name up at the very top. That's awesome. The education does not belong there. Your degree doesn't have to be at the top. It's the education profile, we'll go into that later. Then the address that's unnecessary to have your phone number as well as the e-mail that's more than enough. Profile is two along overall, the resume has two pages. That's too much. If you tell me that your resume needs to pages, I'm going to tell you it's mostly not true. I even know CEOs, business owners who can fit their resumes. Even though they run big companies into just one page, they can do it. Why can't you include only irrelevant details? And we'll go through it in the next couple of classes that I want to kinda drag your attention to this point language. Just list out the languages, you know, it doesn't have to be read, write, speak. That's kinda like unnecessary as well. Education. Don't even get me started on this. This is another topic I want to touch in the education class that's coming up strengths. You can save it for your interview, maybe the cover letter but not the resume. Next, personal details again, opens an opportunity to discriminate to show biased behavior against you. So that should not be there references if there is spot where you can upload those within the job posting, yes. Do that but don't say that here on the resume. Now let's take a look at how your resume should look like your resumes, you have five main sections, profile, experience, skills, education and languages you speak, languages you speak and really help you stand out and get to the very top of the applicant pool. As it shows that you can work in international teams and that's very valuable here in Canada, the layout that I recommend is on the screen right now. It's readable, easy to go through it as fast as possible. It's not overwhelming and it does not say that I will waste your time as I want you to read my essay or novel that I wrote about myself. Like in some cases. 3. Profile: One of the most important keys to crafting a great resume as reverse engineering. Reverse engineering from the job you want to get. Each application will require a different slightly altered resume before I start changing anything, let me just show you which job will be applying to for Raj. I think everybody knows Tesla by now. It's probably the biggest car manufacturer in the world. And if you go on their website, go into careers there you can find anything from data engineers to logistics analyst. And that's exactly the position will be applying to from going through the job posting, I can tell they need someone who's ready to commit to high standard tasks, who's good at customer service and working with teams. So it's important to indicate the Raj as an accomplished logistics analyst with 11 years of experience with a successful track record in large-scale plans, freight forwarding, as well as team management, add an international logistics company. It's important to make your profile short, readable and tailored specifically to the job posting. This should not be an essay about yourself. Moving on to the most important part, your experience. 4. Experience: Experience. This is the most important section. Everything else acts as support to this section. Now more and more I'm seeing an interesting trend that's education doesn't play the most defining important role anymore. It's all about the results that you can bring. That's why I don't have any formal education in marketing. I was able to work in the industry because I showed my results through of the YouTube channel that I have MS, a pretty large audience, active they experienced part first, I want you to take a look at what was written by Raj. The biggest mistake here as not mentioning specific achievements back by numbers, suggests pretty much in general, a laying out a toy you debt of the company now will you achieved at the company, that's the biggest mistake. So let's rewrite it with a three-step formula, how to articulate your experience for success. First, I want you to tailor your experience to this specific job. Second, use that power verbs to describe achievements plus numbers and the class notes, you'll find a PDF with 400 plus Proverbs to rewrite your experience for success. Number 3, include only relevant experience, anything that does not convey value to the employer that's not related to the job should not be there. Now you might ask, what if I'm a high school graduate, I don't really have any experience. Can I still get a great job? Yes, of course you can. In most cases, at least there's always something to go through it to pull out from your profile, but it goes on a case-by-case basis. I really need to see your profile. That's why if you want to work directly with me later and this mini course, I'll be announcing a way of how you can do it. So let's alter this resume with focusing on this specific job posting from Tesla and altering it in accordance with the responsibilities and achievements that they need. I'll be using a trick of subsections and makes it easy to read first, the position that you had at the specific company that you worked at or still work yet, then your key qualifications and then key achievements. And you'll notice that most of them are backed by numbers. This is very important that you show some proof, some numeric proof that you were equal to, not just deliver what's expected, but to over-perform and expand on the systems that are already in place. Let's go back into Teslas job posting. It says ensure premier service throughout the shipment process, including quick responses to inquiries and problem resolution. Well, we can definitely tweak this into our resume and say something like the key achievements, increased shipments speeds by 20 percent through accelerating inquiry responsiveness. So this speaks directly to what the needs. And it shows that not only will I deliver this result, I will improve whatever you already have an existence and key qualifications. It's good to say it they use sustained timely reporting with arrayed sheets and routing plans as if you go into the job posting. Here talks about maintain and update CMP rates, cheats, and routing plans. Now I'd like you to take a look at the before and the after of the experience section that Raj had and that I transformed foreign him. Now in the next class we are covering skills. 5. Skills: Skills is a small section that should act as reassurance to whatever was said already and to what the job requires for you to accomplish. This is why for this action, I went back and forth in between the resume and the job posting and folded out in accordance with what the company is looking for and what Raj has to offer. So first of all, I said large teams coaching, it's very important for any job you're applying to. Mention that you're good with people, the urate team person, any job more or less would require for you to work with others or maybe even manage other people. Next, we have shipment cost optimization. Again, what Tesla was kinda looking for, frayed coordination, business analysis, scaling new solutions. And before I go into the trick, that would make you stand out and get the job over a more experienced, qualified applicants. I want to briefly talk about education. 6. Education: Education is great, but now more and more employers don't really care about it unless you're applying to a research based project. And one of the biggest mistakes is mentioning your GPA. Nobody really cares about at least only less salad your relevant education that's relevant to the job you're applying to. And please list out your education and the order that makes sense to the job you're applying to. So the most relevant of the top and then it kinda goes down. But here you can tell that I included actually a BA in information technology. And the reason why I did it as because we can later on tweak this and the cover letter and say how I would bring more to the table because I have this and, and information technology that I utilize in my logistics projects to maybe optimize certain systems better. But it's not always the case. Only include that if you know what to say about and how to use it to your advantage. And before the trick to get any job over a more qualified, experienced candidates, I wanted to compare the before and the after of deaths resume. 7. Secret: What makes person B get the job over a more qualified person a at simply one trick. So once you submit your resume along with the supporting documents, once your application is submitted, I want you to find the hiring manager. It's simply done through either rocket reach, which I prefer a length, and typically for linked and you would need to have a connection with that person so it might not work. Sometimes the hiring manager might be even mentioned bearing the job posting, even though it's not often, if you can find them anywhere, at least go on the company's website and find somebody who works in that department. They might not connect you to the hiring manager, but at least you would have some kind of connection there. So what's rocket reached that I mentioned in the beginning, it's a platform that allows you to reach out to pretty much any employee at any company. And the great thing about it is that it's free for the first five connections per month. Let me give you a little tutorial right now. So right now I'm on rocket reach. I entered Tesla and the search bar for the company that I need. Also, I filtered through Canada and job title, which is recruiter, that's what I need. And here I found this. Kristen gallons, who works at Tesla Motors as staff recruiter. She might be the person who I need to contact. I just click Get contact info and they are verifying her profile. After that you get their professional e-mail that you can right away click on and send them an email. And the subject you want to say employment opportunity. And now you want to enter this message, dear Kristen, I recently applied to the position to which says logistics analysts. You can just say that in your department, but in this case she doesn't have work there. So you can say at Tesla, I really wanted to connect with you personally and let you know how excited I am about this opportunity. The part of this role where I can bring the most value and the results as. And then you list out a specific requirement. You can say something about optimizing their freight costs or something like that. And I am thrilled at the prospect of joining your team. I believe I can deliver results as prior I. And then you list how your achievements here. And then you say, I've submitted my application through the proper channels, which is their website, but I also attached my resume and cover letter for your reference. So here you want to attach that. And then if you're available to discuss your expectations for this role, I would appreciate an opportunity to have a quick call with you. Thank you for your time. And then you say your name, what just Raj are at the end of the e-mail you can say ps, ef, I've sent this information to the wrong person. I'm really sorry. I'm just very excited about this opportunity and I wanted to reach out to express my enthusiasm because she might not be the recruiter for this specific department. If you know that I need to connect with OUD, really appreciated if you could help me get in touch with the correct person, if possible, this extra step would definitely make you stand out. And if you can't connect with the right person, the chances of you getting that job go through the roof to boost your chances even further, I attached a PDF to this class with nine e-mail templates that you can send out a different employment stages. And now let's go into the last bonus class that I have for you. 8. Bonus: This mini-course covered pretty much anything you need to build a successful resume to get the job and Canada that you want. But if you want to go deeper, if you want me to help you with your resume personally, if you want me to help you with your cover letter, if you want me to prepare you for the job interview, there are the six human needs formula that allows you to connect with the interview or on a psychological level, connect with me on Instagram. And let's talk about your case. Please remember that this ceiling does not exist and you can go for the best in life. Also, please leave this mini-course, a review. I'd really appreciate that. Thank you for tuning in today.