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YouTube Success: 5 Steps to Viral Content

teacher avatar Max Medyk

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      YouTube Success: 5-Step Formula


    • 2.

      Step 1: Define Your Audience


    • 3.

      Step 2: Create Viral Content


    • 4.

      Step 3: SEO & TTDT


    • 5.

      Step 4: Filming & Editing (Easy-Peasy)


    • 6.

      Step 5: Promo to Get Views


    • 7.

      Bonus: Money-Making Machine


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About This Class

  • How to start a successful YouTube channel?
  • How to build and grow a YouTube channel?
  • How to film YouTube videos?
  • How to script YouTube videos?
  • How to optimize SEO on YouTube?

All the answers are in the course! We'll go through everything together with ACTIONABLE worksheets you can find in the class resources. 

Note that this class is made for beginners as well as experienced YouTubers to take their channel to the next level. Please see the 'Class Project' for PDFs which you can fill out as we go through the YouTube Success masterclass. The last class will demonstrate the most effective ways to monetize your YouTube channel.

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Max Medyk

Level: Beginner

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1. YouTube Success: 5-Step Formula: You will leave this YouTube success masterclass with the viral video that you will have posted upon graduation, will achieve it together through a proven five-step actionable formula. I daily implement on my channel that I grew from 0 to 23 thousand subscribers in a year. This master class is about gradual, realistic growth. Make it go viral in your niche. And the last bonus class will teach you how to monetize your audience even without having a large following or YouTube ads monetization turned on. And before we start building the YouTube channel with an impact, I'd like to remove some limiting beliefs you might have in your half-hour, so you don't need fancy equipment to start a successful channel on YouTube. Literally this, your phone on a tripod is more than enough. You don't need to have this super engaging personality to have a channel with an impact. And last but not least, you don't need to be a university professor to bring value into people's lives. Remember on YouTube the sky's the limit. But to get there, you need to start acting right now. That's why I'd like to invite you to this YouTube masterclass Bill, help you make the leap. 2. Step 1: Define Your Audience: To set you up for success, I will first walk you through what a lot of people miss, whether you are starting a new channel or you have an existing channel, you want to grow further. You need to define your target audience. Please open the defined your audience PDF in the class resources. The simplest way to go about this is to ask yourself three following questions. What did I talk about non-stop. What do people in my life ask my opinion on what small Beck challenges have a overcome. I recommend making the foundation of your channel on something that you have experienced. And please note, you don't need to be an expert in it. What's an expert anyway? It's a person who knows 10% more than you do. For example, I added in Final Cut Pro, it's a professional editing software, but I only use about 10 percent of it. So to somebody who's never, ever edited, I might seem like an expert, but to meet, for example, people I look up to, they seem like Qj experts. And then for then there's always somebody on top of them that knows war. So don't let that fear stop you from growing you're following. But as a beginner in something, you'd rather learn from somebody who knows 10% more than you do. Compare it to a pro who knows much more. Because a professional, for example, it can do something very simple to them as they think of it. They would not have been covered that and talk about it to have beginner. So you'd miss very important steps in your growth. That's why it's very important to have different levels of experts you learn from. And once you define your niche, I highly recommend finding a specific very narrow area within that that you can become a master and narrowing down will expand your brand long-term. Simple example you might have heard of is when you have a heartache, you see a heart doctor, not a general practitioner. The same applies to you too. General practitioners make less than those specialists that are really narrow. For example, my channel, I'm kinda is all about helping international students come steady and kinda, and then emigrate. So it's about immigration through post-secondary studies in Canada, very specific width and the immigration niche. And what I started my channel, I had this very big barrier to growth and that was invisible to me at first. But it was essentially me trying to pursue this white topic which I thought was pretty narrow on itself, which is immigration, but there is work immigration, their spouse immigration, so many different ways to move to Canada. But me, myself, I have experienced and moving through studies, through post-secondary education. That's something I decided to narrow down in and that was able to generate the traffic to my channel. And now that you've defined your audience, you find your niche. Let's dive straight into the action of this whole thing. And that's creating your first viral video. 3. Step 2: Create Viral Content: Good news after this class, you should have your first high-performance video topics ready as well as the script for it. Viral content is just a formula that has three steps, pain and remedy, validation and engaging script. Now that you defined your target audience, can you think about certain pins or challenges they are facing? Your target audience has a problem and pain. For example, a 40 year-old men might struggle with their relationship with their partner, or a 30 year-old woman, once you lose weight, or maybe a 20-year-old girl wants to start investing, but the information out there is overwhelming. They are stuck at 0.8. But how do you bring them from point a to point B? You have to be that bridge that connects them to the solution to their problem. That's the key to valuable successful content. Well, what solution can you provide? Maybe at five questions mill aged men need to ask themselves to fix a relationship or a three super effective weight loss home workouts for 30 year-olds, or a five-step beginner's guide to investing from millennials, please take some time to think about certain pains and remedies you could provide to your target audience. Now that you've done that, let's validate your idea. There's one thing that differentiates a video with 10 million views from a video with only 10 views. And that's simply the supply and demand. But how did you check the demand on YouTube? This is where I recommend investing in too buddy, it's a tool that costs, they're little like about $10 a month that helps you research that demand for a specific topics. Simply go to keyword explorer and check the demand for the topic. You see that the overall score is above 50. You can check the search volume, which is your demand, and the competition, which is your supply. At the demand is high, yet the supply is low. It means your video has high chances of attracting a large audience. And now that you've got the video idea you validated and you made sure that there is enough demand for it. Now it's time to make this script. We're almost done with this class and you might be tired, but please remember that to be the 1%, you need to work harder than the rest, 99%. And I haven't made things easier for you with the viral script formula PDF in the class resources. It good script has a great hook. Then you want a person to start caring about your channel, Weather Channel mission, then CTA or call to action. Last but not least, channels schedule. Please read through the entire viral script formula PDF, and thinking about how you can leverage the information in there and turn it around to make your own script for your own high-performance video. 4. Step 3: SEO & TTDT: Search engine optimization as well. We'll put you ahead of everyone else. This is simply you telling Google and YouTube 2-tuple your video in front of where your video is about. To achieve this, I need you to learn as simple acronym, TTD, title, thumbnail, description, and tags these four factors that will determine how your video performs in terms of SEO, or simply how it will rank in search. Or in other words, whether the video will be on the first page of search, the first search result, or maybe potentially somewhere down in the list, what you don't want to happen. I really wanted to give you an unfair advantage. That's why I've put together titles that tend to perform better. And YouTube, and I put them all in this viral titles PDF that I have in the class resources. Please open it up and let's follow through. First of all, there is number be subtitles, for example, three steps. So you get a scholarship in Canada for international students. It's a video on my channel that has over 130 thousand views. As of this recording, notice the three steps in the title and the first part that makes it easier for people to click on it as it's not too much, It's not too overwhelming. It's broken down into, it's easy to follow. So people who would be interested in getting a scholarship as an international student coming to Canada would be much more likely to click on it as it's more digestible. Some more examples. You can use our 15 things poor people do that the rich don't. 10 high-speed jobs you can do from home. And then there's also intrigued based titles, as I like to call them before you, x, y, and z. What does the truth about X, Y, and Z? Whatever stuff you talk about that's under your niche. Five things I wish I knew about X, Y, and Z. Now at that in the prior two classes, you came up with your video ideas, then you've got your script ready. And now I'd like you to think about the title so that before you press the Record button, you already have the title in your head. So you can use it, trigger the algorithm and use it as a tag. So whatever you say, you tips voice recognition and learn said in your video, whatever you keep saying. And if you keep repeating that title and naturally in your video is going to help you rank in search higher. Next is thumbnail. It's another key defining factor that determines whether someone clicks on your video or someone else's video. A great principle here is to express an exaggerated emotion and whatever the video is, either sad, happy, excited, intrigued. Also, I recommend having no more than three words in your title cover picture. It's just not to have too overcrowded and then easier for people to read. A clear background is a good practice. I think nowadays it's like a trend in 2020, 2021, go away. But also you can fill out their different thumbnail ideas. My personal style of thumbnails as that exaggerated emotion I talked about, for example, a happy face and then a couple of words and declare a background that's my brand color. Also using arrows helps a potential viewer pay attention to something you want to point out in the thumbnail. Now you're at DT, description and tags. Remember I talked about too buddy prior, you want to go back into the Keyword explorer tool and start searching for relevant tags, relevant search terms that someone might enter into the YouTube search bar when they look for the topic of your video, then you want to check their score to see if you can include them in your description, but you need to do it naturally. You can't just copy and paste your keywords that you found through to buddy with tags. You just saved them all from the keyword explorer into your tags lists. And then you just copy and paste into the text box when you upload your video. 5. Step 4: Filming & Editing (Easy-Peasy): In this class, I'll walk you through a filming beginner friendly principles for filming that you can implement with your phone or even a DSLR. Remember when I started this course, I said that the value you provide as much more important than the video quality or fancy editing. There's a ton of videos out there on YouTube with Hollywood budgets, crazy budgets, huge money, fancy editing, yet they get far less views than those done amateur style. Why? Because of the value that people get from those amateur videos. So don't let that fear of equipment prevent you from starting a successful channel. The US come to where there's value. And remember, you are an expert. I know you might not know everything, but you know your stuff really well. I assure you of that. You have your experience that's unique just to you and that's your advantage. First of all, you can fill it with just your phone. This is good enough for you to start. You can use an iPhone or a Samsung That's really up to you. Just put it on a tripod and that's good to go. But I definitely recommend investing in good audio. I personally use this Zoom H1 and Voice Recorder with a lavalier microphone plugged into it so they can hear me it really clearly before I need this rookie mistake of buying it cheap one-handed are Amazon microphone, sip from China. And unfortunately the audio is really bad. There was wide noise. And then I invested in this 200, our voice recorder that my friend who's a video where first slash director, movie director actually recommend me investing in as this is something kinda semi-professional. It's not super expensive luxury microphone that cost about 100 ours, but it produces really high-quality audio that a lot of professionals actually use to set you up for success. I'd like you to open the beginner's guide to filming PDF. If you look at me right now and if we were to put a grid on this screen, see that the third box has half of an empty and also I'm centered. You see me clearly on your eye level. This is in general the best practice for positioning that works the best for the human eye. You can also have objects to your right or left that would kinda center you more in kinda create those little cool frame around you if, if you like this stuff, lighting makes a huge difference. This is me without light and now the lights are back on. It makes a huge difference though. You don't need to buy lights if he wanted to invest. I put together all of the equipment in their recommendations guide that you can see in the class resources. But you can also use natural lighting coming from your window, though, if it's too bright to kinda take a couple of steps back from the window to make sure it's not creating any harsh shadows on your face. Make sure you're centered the lightest coming through directly to light you up from the center. Now this side not behind you, that's the worse if the lighting is behind you, you'll be all blown out to editing principles. First of all, I think the best editing software for beginners as iMovie, that's what I use personally for the first, I think, half a year of doing my channel that I transitioned into Final Cut Pro, which has a bit more advanced. And you can also use Adobe Premiere Rush. You can download it on your iPad or your phone. I think Androids also support that's hot where my opinion, great editing is simply two factors, rough cuts plus visuals and all you need for the rough cuts as to remove your arms, your senators, your mistakes, nobody wants to sit through that. And it would definitely cut the audience retention if you were to include all of that stuff and not cut it out, if you add it and I move it simply Command B on your keyboard to make a cut and they just delete that little segment. And now let's talk about visuals. You don't want to just download random footage from the Internet as you might get a copyright strike for it. And if it get to a three, I think your channel is down. You don't want that right? So what you do as there is a free resource called packs cells, where you can download different royalty free clips for your videos. For example, if you talk about YouTube, I might include a person filming themselves to visualize whatever I'm talking about, which gives the person's eye a switch from just you on the screen to some pictures, clips, and other things to make it more interesting. And if you want to create your own graphics, I recommend can buffer everything. It's free. You can use the free version for pretty much anything you can just go into and make sure you always sad your resolution to a 1920 by 1080, which is the best one for your videos. They had drag and drop things, play around with it. It's really fun to work with and there's a lot of tutorials and editing on Canvas. This video is more on creating a successful YouTube channel rather than that. So we're moving onto something very important that a lot of people skip and this could hurt your channel. 6. Step 5: Promo to Get Views: The final step is super-important by this point, I hope you have your video ready, edited, published by what's next? You don't stop here. Don't make the rookie mistake and that viewers would just flood your channel. No, it's not going to happen. You need to get it. You need to make it happen yourself, but how do you do it? Think of your video as of an infant. Infants need attention. So bring that attention to them. And that attention can come from various social media such as Facebook, TikTok or Instagram. Strategy that works for a lot of creators, is to share your videos to relevance Facebook groups. Remember only post and Facebook groups. That's our dedicated to the specific topic you cover. People in there might click on your video and go to your channel and eventually become subscribers. And if you have an Instagram account, doesn't have to be big, can be just a couple of 100 followers if they're interested in the topic you talking about, Why not this year and on your story and provide a link and the bio of your profile to make sure people click on your video. That's what I do every single time after uploading my video on my main channel. Last but not least, your friends and family could help you out a lot if they just sit through the whole video, watch it. It's going to help the algorithm to figure out that there is some audience retention happening and if the common that'd be even better. So it's the algorithm there is engagement happening. And the last bonus class I wanted to give you as how to turn your channel into this money-making machine, even without a large following or YouTube ads turned on. 7. Bonus: Money-Making Machine: Now that you know how to create viral content within your niche, let's talk about how you can monetize your efforts and you can start right off the bat. I'll show you that you don't need to have a huge audience. You don't even need 1000 subscribers. You can monetize within like a 100 subscribers. You also don't need to wait for you to monetize your channel As you know for that to happen, you to have 1000 subscribers as well as 4000 watch hours. Now I'd like you to think of your audience as of a sales funnel. You're at the top and the content you produce directs your traffic to your product or service that you sell. And since your personal time, depending on the topic you're talking about, is seen as value. People are ready to pay you for that value if it can provide it to them directly, wanton ones. So that's why the first thing I recommend doing as setting up consultation calls, which you can charge about a $100 for during the coals you just walk people through. Thanks, you've learned and things that they want to learn more in depth about things you cover and you don't need to be an expert. And again, if it's something within your expertise talking about, If it's not just admitted, say that I've yet to learn that stuff, but I can definitely navigate you through other aspects off deaths, as I'm more specifically narrowed down to this one topic, affiliate marketing is another great way to generate some revenue for your channel. And that's simply including links to products you talked about in the description box of your video. For example, you talked about something. You bought an Amazon or you can buy an Amazon, just sign up for Amazon Associates. It's free. You can start with 0 audience. You just simply get a commission off each sale you make from those links. The next one is selling that sell products, probably my favorite. It's you bringing value and a form of something really passive. You create a PDF, let's say a workbook or resume template for your audience to fill out or to just go through maybe some key relevant tips to whatever you talking about. You created once and they just talking about in your videos he promoted, you put a link in the description. You can use the gum road or equity to set up a store really fast, really easy, and just are selling it and you can create the e-book or the PDF itself on canvas, super easy, simple, free, and brings a lot of value to your audience that they are ready to pay for. You can charge anywhere from five to 50 box for a product. Now let's talk about online courses. This is something I recommend doing once you've done enough of one and once enough consultation calls, you know, what come and struggles that your audience has. Something they always ask you about. And then you could package it into a course that you sell and your videos and some great platforms to set everything up or a good job or a party. Yeah, they're really simple and intuitive to use. I really hope you enjoyed this masterclass. You got some value out of it. That's the most important one. I'll see you probably in the next course. But for now, please implement all of the strategies you just learned. Because if knowledge without practice as nothing.