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How to Write a Resume with NO Work Experience or Degree!

teacher avatar Yasir

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

In this quick class, I'll teach you how to apply for jobs when you have no work experience or degree. I'll show you why it's more important to focus on the job description at first before you even write a resume.

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I'm Yasir.

I know what it's like not to find a job, not to get any calls, or to be afraid of going in for an interviews. I made it my mission to develop these skill by working with career mentors. I now work as a Professional Recruiters where I help other people find jobs.

My goal is to help you become successful in the job market by teaching you how to build the perfect resume, how to search for your dream job, and how to cultivate the skills you need to prosper in the job searching process.

I am a Master of Education with a Bachelor of Business Management.

My Focus:


Student Engagement - Using experiential learning to ingrain vital skills for academic success.


Recruitment - Disseminating relevant information to stude... See full profile

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1. What You'll Learn : Hey, this is Yasser from Career Success Academy. I'm a professional recruiter and coach. I help people find and thrive in a job they love. In this course, you're gonna learn how to put a resume together. When you don't have experience when you don't have work experience, maybe in high school, maybe your university, you haven't really had a job. You haven't had a part time job or even a full time job. Do not worry. In this course. I'm going to break down the exact step by step process you should go through when putting your resume together. I'm also going to show you live how to actually apply to a job and show you the correct way to Larry a resume in a way that it really stands out to any single employer. So sit back, grab a no pad. If you have a computer in front of you, that's awesome as well. You could come along with me and make your resume. As we go to this course. Let's get started 2. What Every Employer is Looking For: when you're applying to a job that does not require any work experience, there are a few things you should keep in mind, especially in terms off what the employers usually looking for when you don't have experience. There's some things that you still have somewhat experience in that the employer will want . These things are communication skills, team working skills, perhaps in persuasion or negotiation skills, the ability to be organized, the ability to me deadlines, the ability to be proficient and have an eye for detail, these air things that every single employer is going to be looking for. Maybe not the persuasion as much. That depends on the type of role. Okay, now, if you're applying for a absolutely entry level job that does not require any degree, chances are you'll be learning what you need to know on the job itself. So they'll be looking for someone who is a self starter. They'll be looking for someone who can work on them on themselves on their own, and it also you're looking for someone with a really strong work ethic. So if you don't have any experience, these or something you really want to outline on your resume because they're gonna be common across every single job you apply to. Now let's talk about some other jobs. Some jobs are very performance based, especially like sales jobs. They don't require any sort of sales experience, but if you have sales experience, that's great. All of the things that you'll need to look no, you learn, actually, on the job they'll train you about. The product will train you, but the company, they'll train you how to sell it, and then you go out and you sent up to the customers so you don't need any prior experience . But if you have some sales experience, it always helps out. But again, it's an entry level job. So for most of these positions that you apply for it, they'll be looking for good communication skills, good work ethic, team working skills and, of course, the ability to talk to people. That's just going to be common across every single place you apply. So when you were going into this tutorial, keep that in mind when you're applying with no experience whatsoever. These are things you want to absolutely focus on, and you want to look for as many examples that possibly you can find and include them on your resume. You also want to use the rats model. I'll talk about it later on as well. That results to accomplish the actions you took, the task you had in the situation you were faced with and explain how you have all these, all these different things. We're gonna talk about the full tutorial. So let's just keep this information in mind and get to it. Get straight to the tutorial. Here it comes. 3. Full Tutorial - Grab a Notebook!: All right. Are you ready to go? I hope you've got your note pads ready because we're diving right into this right away. Okay? Now I'm gonna show you just to give you an idea of how you should be applying to job. Now, this is an example of one of the entry level jobs that you will see its a customer service representative. So we're just going to use this as an example. You can use it for just about any job that you're applying to. Before we get into that. I just want explain you something about applying to the right kinds of jobs. Now, if you don't have any experience at all realize that you're gonna be very limited to the types of jobs that you can apply to. You can apply to a job that wants five years of experience of three years of experience because you simply don't have that experience, right? Like, for example, if someone's looking for someone to drive their car and you just say, Hey, can I help you drive the car? Well, obviously they're not gonna allow you to, because you don't have any experience driving a car kind of the same thing when you're applying for a company. Except you can't crash anyone's car. Weird example. Let's continue. Okay. So as a customer service representative, you're not gonna need a lot of experience outside what you already have, whether your university with you in college, a lot of that experience you can use here, because again, it is an entry level position. So what we're going to do is we're going to go to the job description now. We're gonna pick out key things they're looking for, and then we're going to design a resume and I'll show you why this is so important. Usually, people designed one resume, and then they look for jobs that they can apply to with that resume. No, we're not gonna do that because it's not an effective method. We're gonna do it the exact opposite way. We're gonna start with a job description. Okay, let's have a quick read. We're looking for ambitious, motivated and hardworking individuals want help? Others ask you, isn't it? You love helping other people. I'm sure you do. Even if you haven't done it. I'm sure you are someone like that. We believe in working hard while having fun and celebrating our achievements. That's awesome. Now, the main part is the duties. What are they actually looking for? What will you actually be doing in this role? Speaking with clients on a regular basis and answering queries. Okay, so now you know it is a customer service job. Well, it says in the title as well. But now you know, for a fact responding to email enquiries in a timely manner. So not only are you speaking with them, but you're also sending emails, providing customers support via video conferencing applications. So let's go ahead and really start bolding these words up. So, you know, okay. Organizing and maintaining client files. There you go. Coordinating incoming calls, different departments. Okay, Now you've got an idea off what you will be doing this job. You'll be speaking to clients. You'll be emailing them back and forth. You might be using a video conferencing software like Zoom or Skype or whatever else you'll be organizing a lot of files and, of course, Cornyn incoming calls. If someone's calling, say hey, connect me to the the accounting department, you will connect them to the accounting department. That is your job. very simple. Okay, let's move into the qualification before I actually show you why this is important. Well, they're looking for is someone who has experience and customer service. If you don't have experience, don't worry. We'll show you how to do it. Someone who has positive attitude. You've got positive attitude, don't you? Of course you do. And then you have to be driven and ambitious. You have to have analytical and problem solving skills. They offer full benefits and a flexible schedule. So essentially what? They're looking for our these things right here. Okay, you have to be coachable. No matter what job it is, you have to learn on the job, especially if you're just starting out. Now. We've had a quick look at the job description. Now we can really paint with the hiring manager, looking for what kind of individual they're looking for, someone who can speak to a lot of clients. They're looking for someone who has done a lot of email before, especially in high volume, because it is entirely a customer service role. We all were also looking forward. They're looking for someone with a video conferencing application software, someone who's organized files someone who's coordinated incoming calls. Now, if you just look at it from a bird's eye perspective, these air not really high qualifications. They're not really high requirements. You probably done all of these things. Have you sent emails? You probably have. You send emails when applying to college. You probably sent emails to your friends, colleagues, whatever else you've done that most students have done that speaking with clients on a regular basis now, you might not have spoken to clients before, but you might have talked to colleagues. You might have talked to people in your class. You might have talked to your instructors. You might have talked to staff in your college or university. You might have had some sort of experience with someone that shows you have experienced talking to people. That's essentially what it's saying, because if they wanted to speak to clients, the underlying thing they're looking for is communication skills. Communication skills are going to be probably the most important skills fall when you're applying for a job. No matter which job you're applying for, they will always, always look for communication skills. So when they say speaking with clients on a regular basis. This doesn't mean you Onley have tohave speaking reclines experience. It just means you need to have communication experience. Okay, Responding to emails, you've done that before. Videoconferencing. Listen, we live in the age of Snapchat instagram, Facebook's whatever. All of these things have some sort of a video conferencing application built on it. You can talk to your friends about it. You have probably used some sort of video conferencing software before. Even if you haven't used something like Zoom before, it doesn't take long to download and just get 90 of how it works. It's not that hard. So you already had this organizing and maintaining client files. Now listen, I'm a very filthy person, my files on my computer all over the place. But it's not that hard to organize files on a computer, and it's not that hard to organize files on a cloud. You can essentially look at what tutorial online, and you can have this qualification as well, coordinating incoming calls. Now this is pretty easy as well. Basically, someone calls and says, Hey, put me through to these people. That's all you have to do. Not that hard now, just by the look of these. You can do all of this. You don't need a lot of experience. You don't need any experience. You already have all the experience. You want to tackle all these duties now what? They're looking for experience and customer service. Now, you don't have experience and customer service, but don't worry. Like I said, what they're looking for is the ability of we're gonna show them. You can work with other people that you can talk to people with a smile on your face with a positive attitude. Give examples from your class. Give examples from classroom presentations, group work, volunteer work. All of that really counts, and we're gonna dive deeper into that later on as well. Positive attitude, of course. Who doesn't want positive attitude? No one is going to write. Hey, you want someone who has a really negative attitude, someone who just comes to work and just throw stuff around. Ask what we want. No one's going to say that driven and ambitious shore analytical and problem solving. Now I think this goes directly with the organizing and maintaining files because you have to be analytical sometimes and suppose someone's coordinating or calling you, and they don't really know which department they want to be transferred to. It should be up to, you know, kind of solve that problem for them and do it. But if you look at this job requirement, it's not hard. It's not something out of the ordinary. You can definitely apply for it. Okay, so let's start building a resume. The reason we looked at a job description first is because we want to understand what they're looking for. Once we know where they're looking for, we will then provide them. We're not gonna have something and then figure out who was looking for it. Okay, we have our resume template. I'll show you the regiment template really quickly. So you've got your name. You got your city zoom out here a little bit. This will be available for you to download as well. So don't worry too much about that. Summary of qualifications. Right on top Work experience, extracurricular activities, education. This is something that I would recommend if you had any work experience under your belt. But you don't have work experience under your belt, right? I still wanted to use this template, but I want you to change work, experience and here instead talk about either volunteer experience you have or extracurricular activities. And what I want to do is take this education section and actually take it right up here, right under summary of qualification. So it should be number one summary of qualifications, and then we'll actually just move that up there, take that here and then move it down. Going on. Boom. We will remove this section for now. Okay, So education comes up here, and then instead of having work experience when you could, you do just do is remove that and right relevant experience. Okay, So relevant experience could be anything from extracurricular activities, commuter interests. Whatever. Down here, there's already a section for extracurriculars. You can just remove that and you can type in your interest or any additional experience. You have interest. Or you could even ride skills. You can combine these two whatever. Now we're still looking at a one page resume. I think a one page resume is more than enough. Especially if you don't have any work experience. This is the temple were working with right at the top is going to be your name your city. Your phone number. Email address. Make sure to have it on there. Then you're gonna have your summary of qualifications. This is the most important part. Let me show you why. Really, really quickly. What you What you want to do is right at the top of the resume, right at the top. You want to include the exact things they're looking for. So what are they looking for? They're looking for someone with speaking declines experienced emailing experience, organization experience. Someone's got positive attitude and experience. Customers selling. Okay, Right at the top. The moment they opened their your resume. You want to show them exactly how you're qualified in the 1st 4 lines? This is how you'll do it 3 to 5 points to show your relevant experience. Let's start with speaking with clients. That's the first thing you're looking for. What, you what you do, You're going to write down communication skills. Or if you've done any public speaking work presentation, you can write that down as well Speaking skills. Now, this entirely depends on the kind of experience you have in high school and university. You might have done something very different, but say you're someone who's done some sort of public speaking right? You've done some presentations in class you could say participated, participated in over 14 public speaking workshops on campus focused around X y Z focus around whatever. If you don't have any experience with public speaking, you can write something else like contributed to, as I really yet do, team success by leading 55 team members in a debating competition. Anything like that, right? So you can think off whichever way that you have communication skills, whichever way you have any speaking skills. But what I want you to do is right at the start of the resume communication skills, E mail organizing and then probably not coordinating cause a lot of similar ones and then video conferencing. You will write all of these right at the top of your resume, because that's what they're looking for, and for every single one of them, you will provide them with one example. Now, the way I want to explain that is using something called a rat's model sounds a little weird, but this this is what it means. It can rats, so the result the action you took the task and then the situation. Okay, so, for example, the result will be increased sales by 25%. That is a result you got by prospecting candidates across Canada. That's going to be the action you took and the task you did in a at 30 day period. Okay, so it tells me a lot about what you did, what the numbers are, what the situation was in paint the whole picture. If you had just written down sales experience, then it's like, yeah, but like, where is your experience coming from? So use this model used the rats model to really explain every single one of these, just have one sentence for communication. One sentence for email, one sentence for organization and use the rats model for all of them. Describe your experience and be as vivid as you can if you have numbers to support that if you have actual department names, put that in there, so it really stands out. Okay. Now, even if you don't have experience working with a company, you can always write actual numbers, for example, help. Maybe we're volunteering somewhere. OK, so you could write helped registration department send upwards off 50 emails daily to ensure customer success or whatever it else it might be. But just give an example of that, and any numbers you can drop really helps off. So that's what you gotta do, right at the top of the resume. Have the exact thing that you have the exact experience. You haven't Farai proof. Always provide proof. Never leave proof out there, because then anyone can just write this down. We see this so much and resumes. Or people just list down things like organizational skill of team working, says Bob, blah, blah, blah, blah. But they don't have any proof. They don't have any evidence. What you want to do is the moment. Open up your resume. You've got evidence. You've got exactly what they're looking for. They don't have a reason not to call you. That's how you stick out. Okay? Your education has to be right on the top. No, again. I usually wouldn't recommend this if you have work experience, because once you have work experience that takes dominance over your education. But since you are studying, if you don't have a degree just right high school down, but just mentioned your degree here. Just mention your GP A only if you're proud of your GP. If you're not proud of they were not happy with it. 80% or higher is great. If you don't have that, leave it out. And then any courses that you have that irrelevant mentioned that. So if you have a communication course mentioned that mention what you learn out of it, what are some transferrable things and again, use the rats model. Write that down, give specifics of what you learned. Okay, so now you've got your somebody somebody of qualifications, you got your education section. Relevant experience will be anything that you have done anything in terms of volunteer experience, anything in terms of joining clubs. Maybe you did something with your friends, maybe had a personal project, anything at all. I'll give you a quick example. There was a client of mine who was applying for a I T help desk role, which required them to put computers together from the ground up and do that for clients over and over again every single day. This person never had any I t experience. They had no idea how toe do that for clients, but He had a lot of experience making computers for himself in making computers for his friends. Now, this is something you can absolutely put on your resume because you've done it. You have experience doing that Similarly, if you have any experience using video conferencing or organizing or e mailing, write that down in relevant experience wherever you did it. Now, if you don't have an actual company you work for in the actual organization you work for, don't worry about it. And you could just expand on these things here. And where you got that. You don't have to worry about the job title any of that. You can just write down email experience and just follow it down. If you feel like you've got absolutely no experience working for any company, I would just skip relevant experience altogether and go straight to interests, interests and then your skill set. This will be you showing them. Okay, I have. Maybe you have some some skills and it'll be Photoshopped. Maybe have some skills and Microsoft Suite, anything that you think could really help with this. Now you know they're going to be looking for email, so it's a really good idea to write down all the email software is you've used. Maybe you've used outlook. Maybe you've used Gmail. Write that down and skills and certifications. If you add certifications, that's great. Maybe taking some online courses. Talk about those online courses. Okay, Now, what you don't want to do in the interest section is list down things that are completely irrelevant. Remember this. Never list things. Never. Just write them down a list like I'm interested in hiking, biking, exercising, cooking. No, don't do that. It doesn't tell them much about why you're interested in any of them and how it paints a picture for them. You can always write the same. Exactly. Did this here you could write. For example, if you come down here to interest, you could write something like hiking climbed two kilometers wolf. Whatever mountain. Let's just assume there is a mountain called whatever mountain Somewhere in the world. Whatever mountain in four hours world record. Or maybe not whatever. That's how you should describe your interest again. Give them why you're interested in it, what the situation was. You have to paint it out for them. I hold that's really helping you out. Okay, Now all we've done in this entire process is looked at the job description. See the keywords, They're looking for the main duties. And we have just changed up our summary of qualifications because that's the main chunk of it. And we have just copy pasted everything they're looking for. And we provided one sentence for each one of them. That is as simple as it is. It doesn't need to be long. You don't have to fill out 33 pages off your resume. All you have to do is follow the format that I provided you over here. Just fill in all the information for yourself. That is it, guys. That's all you have to do for every single job and you apply to not remember. Not every job is gonna have the same job description. Not every job is going to have the same exact things they're looking for. So for every single job you will have to individually tailor your resume. You will have to individually tailor the experience that you have the experience that you show so never just make a resume and fired in 55 different directions. Make sure you look at the job you want see what they're looking for and then finding reasons finding experience that you have in your resume and chewing it on there. So this was the whole tutorial off. Not on Lee. How to make a resume according to the job, but also picking the right jobs, the jobs that would actually be suitable for you. So you're not wasting time applying to jobs you're not really qualified for. 4. Next Steps: And just like that, we have a resume made and ready to go. Listen, even if you don't have work experience, I hope you know it's not that big of an issue. It's not a challenge when you know what to look for in a job description and how to tailor your resume specific to the job you're applying for and make tiny things in your resume. Tiny things and your experience really stand out, so your lack of experience is no longer a problem. If you enjoyed the scores, please check out somewhere other courses as well. If you'd like to work with me personally, step by step and showing you how to go about finding a job in your industry with a more personalized approach, please email me at career success Academy training and gmail dot com, and I'd love to get on a call with you. Talk to you soon. Take care