Aufwärmübungen fürs Zeichnen nach Beobachtung | Barbara Grünenfelder | Skillshare

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Aufwärmübungen fürs Zeichnen nach Beobachtung

teacher avatar Barbara Grünenfelder, time is art

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      anders sehen


    • 3.

      schatten folgen


    • 4.

      linen fühlen


    • 5.

      blinde konturenzeichnung


    • 6.

      fortlaufende linie


    • 7.

      wasservermalbare tinte


    • 8.



    • 9.

      bonus oneliner architektur


    • 10.

      bonus oneliner pflanze


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About This Class

Das ist die deutsche Version meines englischen Kurses "warming up exercises for urban sketching".

Wenn Zeichnungen nach Beobachtung nicht richtig aussehen, liegt es oft daran, dass wir nicht in einem geeigneten Sehmodus sind. Im alltäglichen Modus können die meisten Menschen nicht sehen, was wirklich vor ihnen liegt, und das zeigt sich in ihren Zeichnungen. In diesem Kurs geht es um Sehmodi und wie man in einen geeigneten Modus zum Zeichnen vor Ort wechseln kann. Ich zeige vier effektive und einfache Aufwärmübungen für das Zeichnen nach Beobachtung. Die letzte Übung ist auch eine Technik für "echte" Urban Sketches oder Reiseskizzen - ein schneller Ansatz, um alles zu zeichnen, was man sieht.

Dieser Kurs ist sowohl für Anfänger geeignet, als auch für Fortgeschrittene mit zu viel Routine, die mit "Anfängergeist" lernen wollen, wieder neu zu sehen.

Ich gebe seit 2011 Urban Sketching Kurse in der Schweiz. Die Übungen in diesem Kurs sind die Basisübungen, mit denen ich die meisten Kurse beginne, weil "Sehen-können-was-da-ist" die Grundlage fürs Zeichnen nach Beobachtung ist.

Meet Your Teacher

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Barbara Grünenfelder

time is art


I love to draw and paint, move and explore. i teach creative classes with adults and work as a coach. Drawing, painting and sewing for me are ways to explore both the outer and inner worlds, to deeply connect with life, to sharpen my awareness and to celebrate my playfulness. I am an urban sketcher in bern, switzerland.


about my classes:

at the moment, all my skillshare classes are about urban sketching. since 10 years ago, i teach many urban sketching classes on location, and every one is different, as i adapt them to the participants. there are some main topics that are important again and again, and some topics are fascinating just once in a while. most classes here are the essence of my on location classes in and around bern.

the most important abi... See full profile

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1. intro: How far people Memphis Tight enough, they're parked. Oh, so bashful figure Been sketching all talks and rises Kicks in food in the land and sea models And they basically for our name and Kernan WASI four ounces It isn't. Course that. And you're saying, boy getting nice and very chitin I'm tightening Knoxville, Boston Common They learn and feed court a woman Romans often and say Moto signed to Stellan . This is best selfish Titan and knock the bark Don't magnet. That's right. Electoral made a visit by all time they say in the classroom. Don't happen. We It is a few courts a new Pullman phones. Life is fun for me. No, you pull one. Surely unhealthy. Okay. Hard court E nazione. Still, it's the Technik ag. Nitty how fit for tiki organs catches all talks on the rice is kids Hello on Herzlich Willkommen and Ism Online course It's been Barbara Green and felt it name. Ali owns four shares or Lebanon before Stein Mid Career Tiffin made in Mid Station and Marlon Mir Bean Urban sketching in this rights on the Gable in Baron Thyssen owned urban sketching courses on the online in my own course and in barren dudes and riddles, the Silvestre's finishing off to live here. Oh, here, out to boot it scared off on a hostess to speak fished in. This, of course, is for dish. When did this wonders Room Dinitz Lifelong. When your country misdirected house in on the garnish Dimmick enough, they'll Barstow cycle and weirdest one, if you tell him have cooked when the thanks to the crown sneak station, all the rental. Or could've agent, just even some bash broken urban sketching of the band arises. Keeps hearing. Do you go once in the random paid after someone get fast Tomorrow. Strong currents meet. Name is the coarsest. Arrest the tile under city procurement, sketching all smoked aerial browse to know shifting appear on Devin. 12. All serial dining pencil. I smoked the any other reborn Mina technique madrassa, loosely hitting town that involves a pencil to taken scared. Referenda vanish. Michels Vanik material. Over the next station, you throw image that off, taking courses to saying 2. anders sehen: get still stands a models to violin, especially slits on site and off Roboto on their stand, which takes Treasury tin mining tycoon Courson innovated labor is done, of course, outside every single for Trita Man City states I know so far it on food I *** is the Rexall . She dig around product made side sermon taken when dude and Max loans of reading and flown each boost strengths to the feel like to say on assistant department for super smiled and the mood a based on Mafia immigrated Hairston guns and 400 woman base to indecent flow comes when did not appear. 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So years same love this hour Fox ins on so called Lorella on individual f Ilter saying Gillen taught I escaped up Arauca minds on the most arena Consider of our name on the hereafter Ken and mention else that we walked on her house. Zeitoun And even in this electron tiger cancer for Ryan for off this mortal Deezer save Eisen no Does houses sprout into first engine room? These every woman's on its listened on Buster's recently here and in an east This in developed misty on a camera off the during the next, In talking on service Leavins when without fox and begin and we're thing. It's open in and under simbolo too spicy. But the efforts perceiving the 90 degree are in in Irabu, Guaranteed section and Lemon. So I Artan this Ian's parent, Frederick Franck the Spook sending the constancy and sheep on Dina contemplate if and say on Steichen, models for Nana. I'll take a lickin from cartoons Motors on the sheet with the new Pullman indecent Bukharin revival in reverse e involved in his Colonel Johnson say more juice vixen. The current is an altar glikin make honey smooth Super Liston When Iran's ARF aspect that is Obi Ex constant reran Dion circa here Nischelle Sim Bhullar can't it's, um Bash be Linnean held uncle were to order negative in Rome Lenient in technician Mind fast the self again and we're here McLhinney in the focus of contouring Aunt Lini in for Render 1000 say Ma Deuce, he's a Pullman's in so craft follow software You, Pullman, Valmont damn it in and get pregnant in same All this vaccine come it marks any nor was emancipation and knock payable. Don't for Besson on the and good this training fut out unharmed. Cordy Nazione, send mccaf Your world presents dignity starts the statements on here gain that s brought Hamid them for this tightening. Baobab don't need to get pregnant in se models for boned Ernest and feel like they're in Tinubu money to spray him Alcon dispensation This month he have decency Ma, Deuce and Stellan Come does maf this feline Farhood start feel material Re lot is designed and discussions on Proyecto also notes And I'm Danica Duncan frakking on the farm into Thailand Throw your me off than abide Dragon Frogman 3. schatten folgen: in Shelton for Logan astonished Hillary Sheldon for her. You of a resistor said Were comes fall armed and say motors to excellent on that. I know objects. So then bring in wages. Care here. Not so CFT render situation and Helen on Duncan Barai into Constant really in. So excellent isn't and say models for BC and was here for the now convict Klay sie Barest. Sure announce char fish Elton. Keep this and so Ligon targeting when the blood 13 week now on popular sinned, invited, Deflected from Papiri in France since they stoned her for wearing tickle toe, warned the Shelton in In in rhyme Uncommon Anna Spot. Lumpy pollutes. Forget in the end than the Shelton on blight, Myth and Steve stuffed in poor appeared in under Fort Lau, often than linear. So long basket when safety play to be vegan for Grand forks in flu ster Shelton Baby going , I need to summon forcing the repairman ist in projects and resource is fish boss mark and full tone. When do Marxist Tyler Easels Earth's this pre act meet an inner far Roman order for argon 4. linen fühlen: the union foolin Istana for worry, Boom onto skin feel. 50 alcohol and Cordy Nazione. I'm Faulcon from Contour into a living on See Health Dow, Then say models to vixen. One can't even with Alama Honasan interest. Some defaced the fuel body form. Hot bash Billboards on the music order to cycle Nicosia The tigers here meet my name gets it. So it's diet leash. This is no need to mind a pretty is that our stay long gate? It's getting then, say models on the Leben Miss ish. The inched along the same models unfilled I respect that were just tighten. And it is, um, se models toasty. Megan site. No confusion the wrong from continued. So clever. Does puppet often t show to Professor Gates Meter and the Colombo The meat. The sickness. Big window, mid bite in hand and are biased. Begin emitting shifted. The meted ISP appears on stem finger in their meat. A discus eats actually city organ for the along some meat and fingered and contouring discuss. It's on. Forget life's I tick Meetem stiffed their gefilte and contoured when the phone einem tile So and Amanda Gentile only for been does come to again reels fill. It isn't vague. Bitten finger on the fly by in fact, momentum shift often appear on Foge competed. A vital leaned in Victor and his fingers off them. Guess it by being under speed. Addition. Force a halt. It's getting connected again. Our chitin that are filled on someone die room and get fuel first. Contour involved in super common on the SEC on Field Indies um London. Say they speak the fish build models to vex um, indeed an environment side on this referendum. War to name and one hoste toe December and room dispute Voy in Kerpen on three. Noted the project gallery. Or didn't this Christiane style on dinette? Far Roman Fraga, non so to Thailand. 5. blinde konturenzeichnung: playing this contour inside Afghanistan A courts in the fictive elf where we belong homed in, Say, motors to Exxon from recent videos is objective Alderman in our seat, Tamar Nayman was here directly. Six bodies to constant bash Billet assess the crucial name and off the Thailand plants in Friant. Tightening on the off position isn't cool. He shall. We knew rafters. A B actor nicked off this popular. It can even find the meat. Tell their sons to on phone it for good and contouring on Linnean with man an organ on the Vega, then stiffed Soon Honda two in einer for cloudfront Angelina. They said it control in Bergen. Out our woman, an organ and off make some kite seemed but Monica here in D. C, Hanson and corn, often on Linnean, nicked up catch by. He talked Connie quickly seeing What's your seat? Bodies on the very next guest alternate waas. The semen, um, cope a convivial symbol dish by fittest. Now here is standard to someone for assume the re boom in Monterey. It's material impressed this video's constant No. So the music from Kevin McCloud to show on the East a vital station order some next video spring and 6. fortlaufende linie: this room constable and a court self where we belong. Sign also kind of technique. Fish. Nellis Keaton on grown block If you Ali Art in Front Side Newman knocked their bottom in Iran. Second, Lini apply Been Hilfe Tenga here in C after C in front contour into concentration on stomachs and say models to Drexel Indian models in them, their own for Angan omens and common was we clicked our city Bar east. Do you bring? Get so on the stock often pay definitely new Pullman Shall we helped safely Half the subject affinity for Sina presents between a Reagan vomit Angelina on forget and lenient on contour in the Indian improvements before shall have a noted after spa appear. I'm Tom Leader to rectum object blithely medium stiffed, often poppy for good and contour in a lenient. The subjects me tender foretell often than linear it, citing a hero's by spill with it and lighting no blow. But it's a reborn Bligh baking like in, say, Modoc for here shall way up even know Tick off this puppy. So we to subject passenger Kimber it be meted off like some kinda too often pretence that side by an object on Charlotte. What's Rancic presents that side of this papier? This is the kind of techniques Sergen, if you're been sketching, arises kits and in Factional is Kids and on the Hollinger diskettes and with optically Fellini in for a vendor, see it locked. Mere influenced supply convened in four Hedican, New. Pullman, our Burton and Rock. The subjects Lebed Indyk owned an hour after Poppy to bring in assist are three inch Peel your own personal. But then Delaney in Gulf owned and were then the Allah contouring, the subject for Brendan with an Anglican McGleish Heighten Ordinary Anton Stir Lena Meetem Object Thistle Iced tea Catalina Visiting that site. Long Spear Bar owned Comes Bamba Troster Inha River. I know don't not. It's in this report with six Barbie stands stiffed. Three. Monk, Molly Step right decided their fate often appear. Fulbright, the religion off the subject Hunkeler ordered around her terrorist on month multi nation meter fader. Longer cared assign is there generally near gaped thestreet. 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More display. Ivan Armed Fila, Linnean Start nor I Knit Tightening on a Man and a Faro. Nash released a sneak Ludin optician, Andrew Kain. Someone out on the racing. I'm siding and under person, so by spiel company halt tongue feel life systemic! A reaper vanish Mish time saying on site in with mine Omkar Perrin de halt under person and food older than gets on this vendors of our name in terms and it splatters invent fueler This, of course, Sister Stain and a rifle. Norman sketching Courson Vitara isn't a plant on thesis Tan le Pen Dick meat rocks in the course. If a volume issue before our concrete e cut around Riggleman in Fraga, the discussion style Don Conte start off I'm gay in order on Claudia Tyler, but our beytin dunk dusted it side can almond fast food isn't course on Feel Freud about Teichmann. 9. bonus oneliner architektur: in these in demo of adults. I connect us, not powerhouse Alstom cooking Finster. It's picking them. It's an emerald bogan on Falcone in Lincoln House. 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