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Transition into Product Management | Become a Product Manager

teacher avatar Faisal Memon, Product | Engineer | Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

33 Lessons (1h 43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Who is a Product Manager?

    • 3. Types of Product Managers

    • 4. Product Manager VS Project Manager

    • 5. Essential Skills of a Product Manager

    • 6. What is PDLC

    • 7. Teams Product Manager works with

    • 8. What is MVP?

    • 9. What is a Product Roadmap

    • 10. What is Hypothesis?

    • 11. Customer Segments and Personas

    • 12. Identifying the problem and Figuring out solution

    • 13. Defining success metric and a timeframe

    • 14. What is Customer Development?

    • 15. Finding people to interview

    • 16. Preparing for user interview

    • 17. Conducting user interviews

    • 18. Summarizing and drawing conclusions from interviews

    • 19. Working backwards from a press release

    • 20. Working backwards writing a review

    • 21. Defining a MVP

    • 22. What is PRD and what are its components?

    • 23. How to use PRD

    • 24. Creating user stories and user scenarios

    • 25. What is a Wireframe

    • 26. What is a Prototype?

    • 27. What is a Mockup?

    • 28. Overview of Balsamiq

    • 29. Sketching out a mobile app chat app

    • 30. Working with Designers

    • 31. Software development methodologies

    • 32. Building Products with Waterfall

    • 33. What is scrum?

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About This Class

This course teaches you everything you should know to about Product Management to become a product manager and get the job.


Product managers are typically paid around 100,000 USD in silicon valley which is on par with engineers. Every company or startup needs a product manager to make sure they build the right product for their users and eventually become successful. Also you might know that there are no degrees in Product Management and very few certifications available.  


  • In this course, you will learn the core of Product Management, how to build product from just an idea to launch.
  • I will teach you about Product development lifecycle, MVP,  how to create a Product Roadmap and skills needed to become a great product manager
  • I will teach you how to conduct user interviews, form hypothesis and validate it before building the product
  • I will also teach you how to work with designers and engineers. We will also learn about different software development methodologies



  • Students who want to start their career working as a Product Manager
  • People who are looking to transition their way to become a Product Manager
  • Entrepreneurs, who have ideas but are looking for ways to understand the process of how a product is built and validated



  • I am Faisal, having 8+ years of experience working on software products and building companies from scratch. Currently I am heading product at one of the most innovative health care startup.
  • Products that I have built have catered millions of users across the globe, have been funded by best VC's and also was shortlisted for Google Launchpad Accelerator.
  • I have compiled all my experience that I have gained throughout my startup journey in this course.



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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Faisal Memon

Product | Engineer | Entrepreneur


Hey - this is Faisal and thanks for being here.

I have over 10+ years of experience working as a Product Manager + Founder/CEO + Engineer in Mobile and App development industry. I have been building global products being used by millions of users across the globe since the beginning of my career.

Currently I am heading Product at one of the fast-paced startup in India and enjoying every moment of it. Prior to his, I built out couple of startups which had over half a million users across the globe, raised funding from Google + other investors and was part of Google Launchpad Accelerator. I have experience of building products from scratch and scaling to global users.

I am here on Skillshare to share my knowledge with seeke... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, Thanks for checking out Michael's. Let me first introduce myself. I am facing having six years of expedience working on software products and Blinken Nissan Scratch. Currently, I am hitting the product at one of the most innovative healthcare startup problems that have big have catered. Millions of fuses across the globe have been funded by best we seize and also were shortlisted for Google. Launchpad accelerated. I have come back and buy all my experience that I have gained too much mass started journey in the schools. Why you should take this course This goes teaches you everything you should know about. You become a product manager and get the job. Product managers are typically peered around $100,000 in Silicon Valley, which is on par with the ingenious Every company or start up needs a product manager to make sure the bill the right product for their users and eventually become successful. Also, you might know that there are no degrees in product management on very few certifications available. What are the benefits of this course? In this course, you will learn the core of product management how to build products from Justin Idea to launch. I'll teach you about product development. Life cycle NDB, how to create a product roadmap and skills needed to become a great product manager. I will teach you how to conduct Jews are testing how to conduct Jews. Interviews form Hypothesis on validated before building the product. I will also teach you how to work with designers and engineers. We will also learn about different software development methodologies. Who is this goes for? So this course is designed for three kinds of people. 1st 1 would be students who are looking to start that Correa working as a product manager. Second, would be people who are looking to transition the way to become a product manager, and they are already working in some other field or in some other door organizations. Hard would be entrepreneurs who have ideas but are looking for ways to understand the process off. How are productive, spilled and validated. So what are you waiting for, President? Enroll button now and Santa calls see you in sight. Thank you. 2. Who is a Product Manager?: guys will come to this class today, we're going to understand what is a product manager. So project managers are typically found at companies that are building products or technology for customer or internal use. Brock Manager is a rule that has no clear definition. On is different for different companies. A responsibility off product manager is to help your team build and ship the right foot up to your users. But what does right product mean? So you must have seen and used tons of products in your life. Now they must be products that you must have loved or hated products that did the job really well, and some did not well. It was the product manager off those products who were responsible for your experience. A product managers responsibility is to identify the right market opportunity, conceptualize the solution that means the opportunity and build the right product. That full visit so operate managers responsible for identifying conceptualizing on executing division. Behind a product managers rule is a cross functional rule where you will work with different functions but in the company and are responsible for aligning them. For example, if you're building an app that helps users to book a cap using the smartphone. You will be working with the design for defining the use of flows experience. You will also be working with engineering to make sure that they understand what makes this app off features successful. She will also be working with customer support to understand what use is allowing in your app on what they hate the most. Although product manager has the word manager, the fact is you are nobody's manager operate manager does not manage anyone nor doesn't even report to him. You are managing the product and not the people who you work with. This makes product manager very difficult rule toe being. You have no one reporting to you, but still you have to work with different names in different departments to make sure everyone is in right direction, working towards north only building the right product but also shipping on time for your users, Barrack management is often seen as an intersection off business technology and design. Business is an entity job which will make the profit when the product is successful. So that's it. I hope you got an idea off what a product manager is responsible for and what the rule is about. So see you in the next last Thank you 3. Types of Product Managers: Hey, guys will come to this class in this lecture. We're going to talk about different kinds off product managers that exist. So let's get started so you will find different kinds off PM's in the industry. Three most popular ones would be technical product manager. Do you doubt? Product manager group product manager? So let's talk about technical project Manager first. Technical product managers are found in companies that have technique, technology product and focuses on building product for technical people. Technical product manager will have or technical background. And that job is mainly to translate the business requirements. Toe technical requirements. Technical product manager doesn't could, but he will be responsible for translating business requirements into technical requirements. Upper hand for technical product Manager would be to usually worked pretty well, but ingenious because they understand technical requirements very well. They can think of technical stuff like AWS souls, FBI's except very easily. Let's talk about data Product manager data Project managers are usually found in companies that have lots of data to analyze and used tools togather insights like predicting user behavior. Target customers analysed friends, ex sector data product manager in such companies are responsible to understand the business requirement based on which he helps the team tow bill solution that analyzes meaningful data up behind for data product manager would be They can understand data really, really well and have really good analytical skills. Group product manager Good product manager is responsible for driving the features that bringing crude off the product. He's mostly focused on features that will help protect unlock. Nonlinear Group. A product manager is usually found in companies building product that satisfies the need off market and eventually makes brought successful. Accrued product manager will focus on features or solution that had the product group. Apart from these, you will also find product managers working on internal in products, B two C products and B two b product key Differentiator between these black managers are stakeholders, but Wallace Stakeholders, a stakeholder, is anyone who has input in what your building or someone who you're bellyful. Some example of stakeholders would be your user, your sales team, your executive thing, your customer support X sector. Let's take a look at each type of product manager separately. Let's start with product manager for Internet buttocks. This type of product manager manages products that are built for internal use within the company. Your your end users will be the employees off the company You work for usually the goal of building internal products. It's reducing costs or improving efficiency off internal employees. An example of this would be a product manager building tool for customer support to reset passwords or change account information for the users. Product manager for business to consumer. So be to see product manager that is, business to consumer product manager works on product shoes by end users. Facebook, Twitter Airbnb, which are being used by people like you and me, are examples off B two c products you to see. Products are built to solve problems, and users are facing Joe. You will get LOL off input from your customer support on what issues are challenges juices are facing while using the product. Also, you will have to talk to your users to understand how they're using your product. Product manager for B two b be Toby product manager that is business to business product manager works on products being used by other businesses. Here are your end Users will be other businesses who use it to improve the efficiency revenue growth. Expected An example of business to business product would be Oracle Salesforce Base Camp Exactly your stakeholders at other companies and hence you as a B two B product manager would be interacting with your sales team in your own company toe. Understand other businesses and their requirements. So a quick recap of this lecture we spoke about three types of product managers in the industry. Technical product manager Peter product manager, group product manager. Then we also looked at different types of product managers based on who the stakeholders are. We learned about internal product manager business to consumer product manager on business to business product manager. So that's it, guys, See you guys in the next class. 4. Product Manager VS Project Manager: Hello, guys. Welcome to this class. In this lecture, we're going to understand what is the difference between a product manager on a project manager, So let's get started. That is a lot of confusion between product manager and project managers rule, but they seem No, they're not. Before we jump onto the key differences between the two rules, let's first understand what it's a product. And what is a project product is anything that satisfies awful since the need off the market. The project is a series off past that is to be executed to achieve an in cold. So what is the response of your deal for product manager? Responsibility off a product manager would be to help the sheep team build and ship the right product to their users. This will include that you walk across department to make sure everyone shares the same question a product manager owns and is responsible for Iraq war. In that product strategy Vision feature releases ideation on go to market strategy No more . Now project managers responsible for project managers are responsible to make sure that project is on schedule and meets the deadline. They will vote with the team to make sure everything is on time on track. Our project manager owns and is responsible for resource a location, timelines, budget capacity. So the comparison off responsibilities between the two rules will look something like this . Ah, product managers. Responsibility will include everything from ideation to go to market strategy with the help of which you will make sure team is building the right product. And it's successful in market project managers. Responsibility will include everything that make sure project is delivered on time. In many organizations, you will find product manager and project manager work together to deliver a successful product. I hope you got an idea importance of difference between the tools. See you in the next class. Thank you. 5. Essential Skills of a Product Manager: Hello, guys. Welcome to this class In this lecture, we're going to understand what are the essential skills needed to become a good product manager. So let's get started. Ah, product managers Rule requires a combination off hard skill on a soft skill. So let's first understand, what are the heart skill required? First, the very first hard skill is having a great problem solving attitude. This is the most important skill that you will require to build a successful products. There will be lots of challenges study or users might face with the product. There will be lots off challenges you might face toe. Bring different teams on same beach, hence never give up. Attitude and ability to solve problems is what you should have. Skill number two. Eye for design. As a product manager, it is very important to know what would be the best way off solving a problem that a product has. You will be constantly working with design on giving them to feedback on every markup they do. Skin number three. Strong business sense. Whatever you are building for the company ultimately has to be profitable, hence making users willing to pay for a product solving the real problem on tapping the right opportunity is what would be expected from a product manager. There is no point in building Brock that has only uses and is not making any profits. Skill Number four would be strong analytical skills. Ah, product manager should be highly data driven. He should have strong analytical sense. Should know how to use data to crunch numbers and create solutions for business strategy on product development. Now let's look at some of the soft skills needed for the rule off a product manager. Skill number one under soft skills would be leading without authority. As we all know, a product manager is nobody's manager. There is no one reporting to you, but still you are responsible to motivate on a line different teams together to ship the right product. This is a very difficult thing to do but very important skill that you have toe skill number do strong and the business goes one off. The responsibilities off product manager is to work with different functions within the company on aligned them, Heads up product manager must be able to communicate the vision appropriately to them. Skill number three Strategic thinker strategic thinking begins with posing the right questions, understanding the market, less competition, defining the products road map and privatizing the right stuff. So that's it. Thank you. So, you guys in the next class? 6. What is PDLC: Hello Guys will come to this class in this lecture. We are going to understand what this product development life cycle. So let's get started. Every product goes through five stages off life cycle, which on creating and conceptualizing an opportunity designing the solution, building the solution, launching the solution to market on refining the solution. Let's first understand what is creating and conceptualizing and opportunity. It is very important for every product manager to identify what will be the next thing to focus on during this face right up opportunities identified on value. Who identified the next thing to focus on you first have to understand what is exactly the goal off the company. Cool off company can fall into three categories. Probably revenue engagement on acquisition if the goal is revenue. What's stopping uses from being if the goal is engagement, what's stopping uses from coming back and using your product every day? If the goalless acquisition, what's stopping new users from using your product? By understanding your current goals, you can think strategically and make sure productive bill aligned with them. You can identify invalidate the right opportunity also by talking to the customer on understanding the pain points, conducting surveys, deep diving into product metrics and getting insights from the indemnity. What does? Designing the solution means once the abort unities valued, you can start working with the design being the idea to life. Your you will be figuring out the best way to put this idea in front off your users. You will also be going through back on every design iteration and make sure it needs to cool that were set to achieve. This face will also involves user testing. Do the testing is nothing but off. We re valued your product design by testing it with your deal users. Next step in product development Life cycle is building the solution. Once you're done with design, it's time to build it. This is the face when in us, a product manager will walk with the engineering team to manifest the idea. Launching the product. Once a productive engineer, it's time to launch it. It's very important in this face to position your product in the right way to your uses. A product can be launched in close beater very only a set off users who have opening to get this productive, receive it or you can launch it in public, Peter faring. Everyone can go and start using this partner, refining the solution off their uses. Start using your products. It's very important to understand how your uses are using it. You as a product manager will deep dive into analytics, conducts service, collective back and understand if the product has interested, needs off to use. So these were the five stages off product development Life cycle. Thanks for watching. So you in the next class. 7. Teams Product Manager works with: Hey, guys, welcome to this class in this lecture. We're going to understand who will you as a product manager work with. So let's get started. So as a product manager, you will have to work and collaborate with different people to make a product successful. You will frequently work with project managers, designers, developers, product marketing managers, quality team or testing Jinya sales. If it's Toby Toby product that you're working on on executors, let's talk. Let's take a look at each one of them. Project managers. A project manager owns the resource allocation and schedule off a particular feature or the solution. Once the features ready to be executed, you will be constantly working with the project manager to get the necessary resources or people on schedule. A project manager is always there to resolve any blockers or issue within the team designers. You, as a product manager, will work with the design team to make wire frames, prototypes or markups. We will understand what a wire frames prototypes and more cops in later stages off the course, designers are generally off two types. July Designer and UX design are you A designer focuses on the use of flaws on the placement off the elements are you are designer will focus on the visual appeal off the product. Developers Developers are the one who will recording the actual product or solution to bring your idea to life. Once the product or solution is designed by the designers, it will be brought to life by the developers. You will be making sure they understand what we are building on. Also, you will be reviewing the work product. Marketing manager. Product Marketing Manager will be responsible for positioning the product in the right way to the user. You as a product manager will work with the product marketing manager. Clearly articulate the features benefits on the value your product. Willard product marketing manager, will then be responsible to devise a strategy to communicate them to your users. Quality or testing Genius College team will be responsible for testing the product and making sure the product is Buck Tree U S. A product manager will be responsible to explain the entire product acuity so that it's distant well sales team. If your team, if your company in was a sales team, you will also be collaborating with them to make sure they understand the benefits on the value the product will are. Sales team will be responsible to sell the product outside. So the customers and hence it's very important that they understand all the benefits on value the product ads so that they can go out and send executive. You will also be walking with executives and stakeholders to make sure productive on the right vision on right track. So that's it. See you guys in the next class. 8. What is MVP?: Hello. Guys will come to this class in this lecture. We're going to understand what is M. V B or minimal Waibel brought. So let's get started and maybe is defined as the smallest thing you can build that lets you quickly valued it. Build and measure your product or something that you build out with minimum set off features the best out of the market. If you are starting to below a product, you first have to prove that whatever you're building is valuable, and then baby is nothing but the minimal rusian off your product that you would require to prove that. But why would you build an M V P first? Many a times People in the building a lot off features in the product. And then they realize that it's not solving the problem as it is a the end of basting a lot of time and money behind things that won't work. Hence, M V. P is very important if you're bailing out something new for your users as it ensures validation first with the minimal version and hence saving diamond money, what will and maybe get you So when and if we can get you idea. Validation initial funding, better understanding off your target audience and help you with future or map to understand . And B B. Let's take into a real world example. Let's check out hope Buffett started. So what is buffalo so before it is a social media app that helps you scheduled post. Track the performance off your corn. Tend you posted on various social media networks and manage all your accounts in one place . So join the founder off before wonder to validate the idea off, allowing people to schedule tweets as before boarding the product. He first build out this lining beach test if people would be interested to check out something like this. So this is a very simple peach, which explains in three steps what the product will do on a link to plans and pricing, which takes user to one of the page where he tells the user that product is intermediate and prompts the user to enter email so that they can reach or when they launch. After putting this life. He just tweeted this to his followers on Twitter and got some amazing feedback, which validated the idea that run up that this product people would use next step for. Jewell wants to figure out if people would be willing to pay for such a purpose. So he just added a plan space with three plants or free version, a $5 plan under $20 plan. Taking on each would redirect the user toe same email collection page. So after launching this and seeing the metrics Jewel brochure that people would be for such a product and when I had to pay one. So just to summarize this lecture quickly and BP is defined at the smallest thing you can build that lets you quickly validate building and maybe saves time and money. Which m. Maybe you get to know if your solution opera is valuable. So thanks a lot, guys see in the next class. 9. What is a Product Roadmap: Hello, guys. Welcome to this class. In this lecture, we are going to understand what is a product roadmap. So let's get started. Operate Road map is a plan that is created to achieve a long term or short term business school. It should reflect your part from your current state who you're born. Think off the last vacation. Did you plan when you're Jordan down the things you wanted to do in an exit? That was exactly the Woodman you created for your vacation. A product roadmap is maintained by product managers. You as a product manager will be responsible for creating and maintaining the product. Roadmap. Put inputs from different departments like engineering, sales, marketing and management. Apartment. A local map should be kept at high level without deep timing into the individual future list, or or map is typically mean. Then, for a period off 3 to 24 months. It includes things like feature name, the first place cost and approximate release dates. Sotelo is one off the simplest tool to create the roadmap and is easy to use. You can check it out a trailer door home, and it's free to use with limited features and works really, really well at one. Speeches will cost you. You can also create and me dental maps in an Excel sheet. I recommend any off to hello or accept. So let's view and discuss the business roadmap. Often, actually, company that is powerful. So this is the road map off Buffalo before actually uses trailer to maintain the public road map on. This is what the Lobo looks like. In fact, I'll just take you through what Arthur Lo board is. I'll give your basically where we all what it looks like. OK, Trailer board has thes lists. Picture has which can be containers off cards. Okay, So let's can be a state like you can see you, will you? This is a list call potential or the things that they're seeking. Feedback on this is the list off. Things start that they have planned to pick up next. This is the list off things there are actually in progress on every list will have a card which can re present a feature or a chunk off. So you can see there are seeking feedback on say, let's say, single sign on for large organizations, okay? And you can see the entire conversation. Or you're, like, what other different people? What other teammates talking about this product like a feature or what they want? Oh, what they're wanting, you can even see back. Okay, well, also has the stink or labels that in, like you could categorize each and every cards. So you can see this feature or this card Stag does offer for business. So so before actually has our differences off products like our range of products. So they have mentioned. So they are actually less called about the roadmap, which actually talks about how to use this board, how to send them a feature request on a general overview. So you can see they have mentioned where you're like Louis for before Prop publish. Green Label is for published for business. Black is for mobile lapse for police for before analysing Think it's for before the black and you can see like these labels being used in different cards. So So So looking at this road map, it actually gives a complete overview off before this working on on what's up with them, and you can click on actually on any off them and understand the entire descriptions of this is descriptive. One, like before as a sort of products for published replying analyze with three off the rocks on. This is what the description of the future is on the level sort. So you can also imagine attachment and hello? Like for any references or anything you want. So they're talking about this on the team, discussing over you. As your feature progresses, you can move this card, but then different lists on, uh, so that's so that is the complete roadmap off buffer. Yeah, I leave the Lincoln, though. I live link somewhere in the course. Okay, the next toe step. Or you can take it down so you can be with. Okay, so that's it. Thanks for watching guys. See you guys in the next gas. 10. What is Hypothesis?: Hey guys, they come to this class in this lecture. We're going to understand what is the hypothesis. So let's get started. You, as a product manager will never be short of ideas. You will have tons off ideas coming from internal team company executives. Your customers expect each idea is just in opinion. Do you from different sources. None of them are facts. It will sometimes stone hard to know if an idea is bad at first. Please. Our hypothesis is nothing but a statement that you are supposed to validate with M v p. It should align with company goals and wishing very good hypothesis. Welcome to stuff customer, Sigman, problem, solution, metrics and time. So first place to start with hypothesis is to understand the company calls the course off. The company can be categorised broadly into three parts revenue, engagement and acquisition. Whatever hypothesis you pick up next will be to help your company achieve these goals. After deciding on goal, your next step would be how to achieve it. There are two ways to achieve a goal. I training on existing feature or building a new feature. What does hydrating on existing feature mean if you notice Facebook. The air in more interactions in the life wasn't buttoned recently. Increased engagement No. PM's at Facebook must be wanting to increase engagement. They knew that the users can't like a post on funerals or any other side. Even hence, this feature was boarding to bring in more engagement to Facebook by just a simple hydration. Next, let's talk about building a new feature, a very good example of building a new feature or product. Good Belinda, they added. A were to hire freelancers by launching your service called Pro Finder. Tapping into a new market would help lengthen, unlock new revenue stream and add more value to the network. There are tons off example around on a company I reading or building a new future. Just observe them. You'll find it. Thanks for watching guys seeing the next class. 11. Customer Segments and Personas: Hello, guys. Welcome to this class. In this lecture, we're going to understand customer segments and personal. So let's get started. A customer segment is the smallest group off individuals using your products or services. For example, first time job seekers or metal travelers. A Persona is a fictional character created from customer segments. Personals are important to create, since the help product managers to relate their research to something a personalized usually develop after doing customer interviews. So these, if your product Selves multiple customer segment, you will have to create multiple personals representing each. Why a person as important personas helped him relate their research to a user. Personnaz Help PM's understand users and their characteristics in a better way. Personas helped PM's answer questions like Why Bill feature a or will be? Well, why does feature makes sense? Wilson has created to help me PM's make better decisions While building the product. For example, Facebook started as a network for only call the students, and then they ultimately opened up for everyone. Hence person s OPM. Actually, his book would have bean students between 18 to 25 years off each in college and hence, if you Google some screenshots off Facebook in 2004 you will find lots of features specific to call a student, for example, in the screen Short, even clearly. See, Facebook held a feature which allowed students to have parties. They also allow users but what they were looking for in the profile like, Are you looking for friendship or something else? And you could also update your relationship status on your profile. So that's it. Thanks for watching guys see you in the next class. 12. Identifying the problem and Figuring out solution : Hello, guys. Welcome to this class. In this lecture, we're going to talk about identifying the problem and figuring out the solution. So let's get started. After identifying customer segment and persona, next step will be to identify the problem these people are facing. Your job as a PM would be to identify the problems using persona as a guide, you have to make sure solving the problems you're listing down will help you achieve your goal. There are various ways to identify the problem, like customer in W's. So bees deep diving into analytics. Once you have identified the persona on the problems you're facing, next step would be to figure out the solution. You can choose to solve the problem by building a new feature or a product, or I'd reading over an existing one. A solution has to be always designed to do one thing really, really well. So that's it. Guys do in the next class 13. Defining success metric and a timeframe: Hello, guys, and welcome to this class. In this lecture, we are going to talk about defining success metric and our time. Three. So let's get started based on the personal. The problem you're solving on the solution. How do you know if the problem has actually been sold? Success. Madrid gives the answer a success. Metric can be. Anything that is measurable on is directly impacted by the solution. Your building. It should also contain the change number that the solution is intended to bring but success metric. It is also important to define by when do you intend to see the desired results? Example. If your solution is to redesign the add to cart beach, your success metric in time for timeframe could be increasing people adding items to card bite or duties in next 60 by 30% in next 60 days. So that's it. Thanks a lot, guys. See you in the next class 14. What is Customer Development?: Hello, guys. Welcome to this class. In this lecture, we're going to understand what is customer development, cause someone development is nothing but going out and talking to customers. Both your current and potential customer development is done when you are seeking validation for your hypothesis or getting some feedback to see if nothing is correctly built, you usually do the latter thing. Once you have started building the product or solution, customer development is a way valid It. If the customers you think are your customers are truly you're right customers. A way to confirm with your customers if you are on the right part, a way to find out what problems your customers are looking to solve. A way to understand what they're doing right now to solve the problem without having any solution or productive hand a way for you to understand. If feature solution is what building, why do you need customer development? So Cosima development is very, very important part of the entire process because at the end of the day, very few companies fail if they are not able to build the technology's most company fails feel because they don't have customers. Your goal as a product manager would be to make your customers life easier. Hence, it is very important for you to understand your customers. Really, really Well, thanks a lot, guys. Seeing the next class. 15. Finding people to interview: hello. Guys will come to this class in this lecture. We're going to understand how to find, keep it to interview. So let's get started when you decide to start out with customer development, the most important part is to find people who fit into your target personals so you would always want talk with right set off uses about your product. The falling of the best places when you can look for people to talk with, the 1st 1 would be your existing list of users. If you have a product already in market, there should be your first place to look out. For users to talkto, You can retrieve a list off users who fit in your expected persona and e mailed them regarding your research. Your first degree connections. You can scan through the list off your first degree connections and let them know about the research as well. Fordham's user groups communities. If you are not able to find enough people from dub off two methods, you can target social network forums, except you can join Facebook groups and forums very, and you will find people who are living to you instead of looking for people You can also get people to find you. You can put up an ad on Craigslist for people to find You be sure to mention what kind of people are you looking for? So that only really, when people reach out to you, what will be the duration off your session? So that didn't know that the time they will have to invest or spend? What do you want to do? When do you want to do the sessions? And what would be your prerequisite information? So that's it. Thanks for watching guys seeing the next class. 16. Preparing for user interview: hello. Guys will come to this class in this lecture. We're going to understand how to prepare for user interviews. So let's get started before in Whiting uses for an interview. There are few things that you have to build it of it. Make sure you have your hypothesis, including your success metrics Ready. Also, do some research on who you think your competitors are. There is a fair possibility that your users might not think same product stacked you think as your competitors and have a completely different opinion about them. Having a list of questions that you want answers for is a must before initiating. Are you going? It is very important to make sure that you ask the right sort of question to your users so that you get the right sort off answers. Following are some off the things to keep in my brain. Forming questions. First things first thing would be. Keep questions open under. It's always good. Good toe ask open ended questions that don't just end with yes or no questions should be. Such very users are prompted to tell you stories as you might lined up, lined up, having some valuable information from it. Second thing would be asking how you use this. Sold the problem today. Get to know how yes uses solely problem today, which you set out to solve Its really important. Well, it might give you or add some direction in the productive your building. Starting would be avoiding questions, which already assumes a piece of information about the user. For example, how frustrating was your experience with the last tradable? Now you're you are already assuming that the experience That's frustrating. Insert. You could ask it like, How was your experience with the last radio talk? Let him talk. If it was frustrating, four thing would be Give you the Liberty toe at points. Your last question can be Is there anything else you feel I should have asked you about a particular topic? Name? This gives user deliberated off, adding some points, which you might not have focused on, or Tarloff keep writing the list of questions, and then it read over it after first your interviews. If you feel the negative after you have list of questions, step back and ask yourself if this question would deliver the information that you would require there a few more things that you need to decide and communicate to the interview format. Off interview. Decide on what kindof interview Jewel take, whether it would be a face to face video call or a phone call. How much time will each in WT. You also need to communicate your time expectations to the interview. Would you want to pay your interviewee for the interview? This is a common practice to reward users for their time. If a user is existing, use off your product, you can offer him an extended subscription well as you can all for him. Some other agrees or Amazon gift cards. That's it. Thanks for watching. Nice seeing the next less. 17. Conducting user interviews: Hello, guys. Very come to this class in this lecture, we're going to understand how to conduct user interviews. So let's get started. Now is the time to talk to your users. So once the user is their creed them on, have a broad smile up your friendly and build a solid report. Rappel. There are few things you need to take care off during the interview. Fourth oneness. No right, no wrong. Before you start to use the interview, let the user know there are no right or wrong. Answer. Just a part of your research. 2nd 1 is stock symbol. You should start with simple questions first, so that user gains confidence and feels easy. Hard oneness Don't rush. Don't rush through questions and go at a natural speak natural peace. 4th 1 is let the user speak. Let the user speak most of the time. Remember, your goal is to gather as much information from the user, and hence you have to be a good listener. You rather than a speaker. Don't start talking when usable. This photo breed 5th 1 would be Don't get defensive. There is a possibility that the user might criticize your product or service. Don't get defensive, relax and stay neutral. But I do understand more on what went wrong and how it could be improved. 61 is find a tipping point if you are interviewing users for your right sharing app and user sees I hate waiting for the right. Try to get the answer for what would be the time he would wait, for instance, if he's okay, reading for a minute. If North five minutes find notice Tipping Point 71 is recorded interview. It's always good to record interview instead of taking notes. That is a risk off missing Something with notes, which goes away when you record video recording is recommended. If you are showing users prototype to record the expections expressions off your users. If you still decide to take notes, I would recommend toe have a note taker along with you in the meeting so that you can focus on the participant. If you have never taken a user interview, I would recommend you to practice it first few times with your colleagues and then do it with one drill user. So that's it, guys, Thanks for watching. See in the next class 18. Summarizing and drawing conclusions from interviews: Hello, guys. Where you come to this class in this lecture, we're going to understand how to summarise and draw conclusions from user interviews. So let's get started. One thing to views over immediately. No, down the important points you got to know in the interview. Be sure to know down reactions like I love the sea Jer would be awesome to have this if we use this is it's nice to have this feature. I would not use it, but I'm sure others would just ignored it. Every interview will bring you closer to understanding if your hypothesis is valid if you're not getting results and as expected, that is a chance that you're talking to the wrong sort off users. But I changing the person us and see deserves a game. If it continues to be seen, your hypothesis is incorrect. If very few people are excited about the solution, you could have a sizing problem, too. There is a possibility off. Many customers are hydrating over the same being points again and again. If that's the case, you might have to reconsider if that could be a better opportunity. So that's it, guys, Thanks for watching. Seeing the next class 19. Working backwards from a press release: Hello, guys, where you come to this class in this lecture, we're going to understand why it's important to work backwards by writing a press release. So let's get started. Walking backwards from the future helps you build a clearer picture off the future on the feature you want Obey. If unknowingly there are few things that you are not clear about, you will get stuck in Presley's and hence saving time and efforts. Walking backwards is all about achieving clarity off thought. Before you start building on how you want us to think about your product. I trading on Presley's is cheaper and quicker than I trading on product, So this is the biggest. This is the biggest benefit off writing press release first product managers that Amazon have to write. First, the pestle is before the start, building the product, falling other components that make up a good press release heading the 1st 1 If you were to tell about this product toe, a user or a friend in one line, what would it be? So that's heading subheading. Some heading can be. You can describe the product in a couple of lines. What is the benefit on that the users get. Somebody can describe the product in short, like it can be bigger than subheading. Problem is a problem that the product or feature, is intended to solve. Solution. A solution can be can describe like how this product off feature sold the particular problem that you listed in the previous point next point could be a quote from you, like a court from anyone in the company. Like, Oh, why you have built this feature or product, or what do you have to say about it? The next point could be a quote from a user like how this product has helped a user. No, you can also mentioned, like how to get started so you can describe in few steps on how easy it is to get started. What are steps required to use this product or feature on a next part could be called to actions at the end of the press releases. You should always include a call to action. So if someone reads the press release what it is supposed to do next, or war where he's supposed to find a practical solution, press release can also get complete by our vic you document, which is frequently asked questions. Okay, you can write a thick you for or s. So I think you can comprise off all the questions that came up in your mind before you started or while you start writing the press release depending on the kind of the productive or building, you can also include a user manual with the press release. So a user manual describes on how to use the product. Concepts and terminology is that you have used. So that's it. See you in the next few hours, guys. 20. Working backwards writing a review: Hello, guys. Where you come to this class in this lecture, we're going to understand why it's important. Toe right, the review document. So let's get started writing a review document helps you understand how you want your users to perceive the product. What part of the feature to you want users to focus on? For example, if you are charging higher price than company does, your users might mention that interviews. So are you fine with that? Or do you need to do some tweaks in the product so that it becomes cheap? Cheaper? If your users required to do some tradeoffs, they might mention that and reviews as well. After writing review document, you will have an idea off positioning that your product will. Having uses mind based on the clarity achieved, you can decide your next stop with the futures. So that's it. So in the next class 21. Defining a MVP: Hey, guys will come to this class in this lecture. We're going to understand how to define an M V P. So let's get started. Once you have written your President Lee's on your customer review, you have a better picture off what output will look like. You will also have a sense off what features are important and work will matter to a customer. And BP should be able to do your core task perfectly. For example, if you're MVP's designed to help you this book right successfully, it should focus only on that right and M v b. Follow these steps refering to the documents you created in walking back backward Lectures . Make a list off all the important features you want O build that helps you achieve a goal. Remove features that you think are not valuable or not going to satisfy the core need off the user. This is the hardest part of the process. You will have to think really hard while doing so, because your product has to do one thing really, really well. For example, have you returned down two factor authentication system as one off the features in the list ? Is it required, or it can be trimmed out on put up in the next version on a lower priority. Best way to decide if you should include off particular feature in and maybe is toe. Ask yourself. Thus, user need this feature to solve this problem or does use a warned this feature to solve this problem. Let's come back again. Does user need this feature to solve this problem or does use the warned this feature to solve the problem. For example, for right booking up productively. Need access to users location so that it can show user the nearest right available on Also right can alive at the exact pick. A point user may want to change the location so that it allows him to get picked up from a less countered location. But that's but that's not needed for the core off the application to function so you can skip the users wanting to change the location part for the first version of MTV. So that's it, guys, See you guys in the next class. Thank you 22. What is PRD and what are its components?: Hey, guys, welcome to this class in this lecture, we're going to understand what is PRD and what are its component. Congratulations. You now know what you are supposed to build and have a clear understanding off your users and the problems. Once you're done defining things, it's time to bring your ideas to action. This is when Biyani comes into the picture beyond the stands for product requirement document. Before we go on to understand more off PRT, let's first talk about the importance of documentation in software project. Let's take a look at this picture. This picture gives an idea off the kind of miscommunication that can happen at various levels within the organization. You're in this picture. You can see custom explain something how perfectly they understood it, how analysts designed it, how programmer wrote it, how business consultant described it, how the project was documented, how what operations installed, how the customer was built, how it was supported on what the customer really needed. No sure, the miscommunication happened at various levels. Hence it's really important to have a centralized documentation. Documentation not only helps you keep things centralized, but also brings in transparency into the picture. One of the most important tool that helps you bring ideas to life with proper transparency is PR Lee, which is productive requirements. Document. A PRT usually defines the product. Purpose features functionality on behavior. PRD usually consist off introduction and gold. Who is it for? Why build it? One doesn't consist off success metrics Some more cups that you can put in timeline and releases. BRT is the most important document that you, as a product manager will maintain. It will also be the point of reference for your sales, marketing and design, engineering and grouping. So that's it, guys, See you guys in the next class. 23. How to use PRD: Hey, guys, welcome to this class in this lecture, we're going to talk about how to use PRD. So let's get started. Are you coming? Starting the first version off PRD as a private document because it will change a lot. Initially, after you're done writing the fourth version, you will be sharing it with others four feet back Now when asking for feedback. Always remember, product is not designed by the by a committee. You are responsible for product. Your approach should be. This is what I felt right. Did I miss anything as opposed to? What should we build first people to share it with would be the product leads and your fellow product managers. You should also share it with someone who is there in the company since very long time and has a great sense off market business and is very close to the product. Gather some feedback on insides from these people and incorporate it into the document. Next, you can share it with stakeholders such as design, engineering, marketing and sees. You might again get some insights from the stakeholders, which you can collectively incorporate. At this stage, you will have a much better version off PRD. Dan Initial washing You might be your asked to share this with the broader set off audience , like the company's board, the entire company exactly so that others can refer to it and get a better idea off what the company is building. So quick. Recap start PRT Private Key When you are done writing the first version, share it with the opera duct Leads plus fellow PM include people who are close to product as well on understand it really well. After retreating with these people, shared with design, engineering scenes and marketing to get their feedback after drinking with them, you will have a better washing off PRD that then what you started. So that's it, guys, See you guys in the next class. 24. Creating user stories and user scenarios: Hey, guys, But it come to this class in this lecture. We're going to understand what our user stories and what are users scenarios do the stories identifies Who is the user? What does he need? And why does he need our Paulson eyes? General One persona can have several years of stories. A user stories has to be in user's voice. I use the story. Can Britain ass as a type off users? I want some goal so that some reason, for example, as a movie level, I would want tohave the list off all the movies releasing on my smartphone so that I can keep myself updated with the new releases. Notice this example. Juices Story reflects code problem to be solved and why it is supposed to be solved. Let's know, understand what is a you? The scenario I use a scenario is detail. 10 user stories it will extend on user stories on will bring in more information, use the scenario, give some back story conceptualized the need and users knowledge on why he's using the product. It will also mention how your product will be interpreted and used. A perfect scenario comes in the form off the story, which describes the context in which the product is used. You. The scenarios are very helpful in designed to understand the way and the kind off users that will use the product. Here's an example Off users scenario. Joe, 25 works as a software engineer and loves watching movies. He's usually busy with office Wall and finds it difficult to keep track off new releases. Usually when he gets to know our new releases or shoes, all tickets are so low. Joe usually watches movies with his girlfriend and family on four straight off the released Avoid the spoilers. Joe would want an easy way to look up for upcoming releases in multiplexes around him so that he can pre booked them on. Relax. Now, this use a scenario gives more information about the user. The situation, like Joe, is busy. It watches with his family or girlfriend on. He usually prefers watching movies on first year of the release toward spoilers. So the reason off why he wants toe watch it in the first day of the release is also pretty clear. So it gives you more background on the situation that you the user job isn't so That's it, guys, thanks a lot. See in the next class 25. What is a Wireframe: Hey, guys, welcome to this class In this lecture, we're going to understand what is a wife name. Off I frame is nothing but a layout off elements that represents structure or flew off, developed side or up a wire frame born focused, much on looks insert. It will focus much on what elements are supposed to be sure what kind off copy will scream near what will be the flow from and to the scream. A wire frame will look something like this. Notice over your. There are no visual elements. It's focused on problem solving and user flows rather than bringing in via, well, a mint off design for you. Wire frame is done before design. You can do y frame on paper on a white board, or you can use online tools like mark up or mocking board. Now why on wire frames muted So why frame is a tool for product managers? The Visualize communicate and make the team last? Stakeholders quickly understand the concept and future that we are building to solve a particular problem. It also helps in Bain straw me and collecting the useful feedback instantly. Secondly, y free enables everyone walking toe come on the same page and do early iterations saving the design effort later on. So that's it, guys. Thanks a lot seeing the next plus. 26. What is a Prototype?: Hey, guys, welcome to this class. In this lecture, we're going to understand what is a prototype. A prototype is applicable and can be interacted with designers. Built prototype To understand how users will respond to specific evens 30 times out, off two types. Hi fine and Lo Fi High five Prototype is a mockup made clickable. It's more off of Is your design. Hi fi prototypes are used to do them or designed to clients. A low 500 type is a wire frame made clickable. It is used to get some early feedback on the use of flows and interactions. No. 500 type can be used between teams internally. To understand the flu. Prototypes can be made into tools like marble. Envision on mocking board. Did one pages off prototypes can be. It is useful to understand the interaction and what will be the final product looking like in design phase itself. Bird I'm can be used to conduct do the testing with real users. We're in meaningful feedback or usability. This evaluated and acted upon the disadvantages off prototype can be. It can consume a lot of design plan with if it's not blind properly, so make sure if you're doing it right, you plan it properly. Seductive guys, Thanks for watching 27. What is a Mockup?: Hey, guys, Welcome to this class. In this lecture, we are going to understand what is a monkey? Um, Octopus, More off visual design and focused more on look and feel off the feature off solution you're is one a mock up looks like as you saw, a markup is focused on the kindof visual feeling you so will get once he starts using the app. Um, I hope will also have different typography. Pelosi and layouts. Designers you sketch for creating more cups for the shop is also used, but sketches more preferred from for mobile markups. You can go and explore more markups on tribble dot com. That's it, guys. Thanks for watching. 28. Overview of Balsamiq: Hey, guys, Welcome to this class and this lecture. I'll be taking you through a very popular wire farming tools, which is a cosmic. So let's get started. So I'll start with the website, so we go toe balsamic, don't come over you like you can see, they have to wash ins, which is the cloud version and the stopgap. So if you're probably working with a team on a commercial software, I would recommend you toe by a cloud version off there Thought up so you can see like they have a free trial as well They have. Ah, or subscription. Which you you can choose. Ask for your requirements And the how big is your team on depending on how big is your project, Right. So are you allowed leaving this link in the resources section off this particular election ? Okay, you can go to it and even trickier yourself. Okay. To start without, just to give you any will be walk, walk about something is all about. So after you sign upto balsamic and you create your first project, this is what do you see? So in, right? So you will have this smoke up, which is like this. Karl Marx. You can remember toe whatever you want. Like sample first remark cup off. It's a mobile. First green. You can call it like log in screen. Something in the idea. Keep out in different kinds off markups. You can name them whatever you want. OK, so this is your canvas. Like you see this entire thing over your This is like the Markab section. Ah, this is ah, sidebar. I'll take you guys through this section or legal stooges off this lecture. But this is what is your what are the elements that are pretty defined by balsamic So you can see like they have different times off limits, defined warrior. And they have also categorized it in tow. Different sections like the importance. So if you want to add a Barton to your my friend, you can like to speak it up. You can call it at work. Something died. Yeah, it's just it's just that you can use it. Oh, you're gonna add a check box you with whatever you want. You can just drag drop dead on the mod's. Call it animals just for just a table. Animals Just for this temer purpose. Oh, they're different sections on their different elements. Like you'll see our partners over you're you just cool you and just call that so Parton No , Neil. Right side. You'll see the side wall, which shows you the property off the element that you just track. Okay. So you could see, like, ah, your size leering position. You can change the background were you can change the icon as well. Link it to something else if you want to. Yeah, on the street should be like, What else do you can define it? A wheel. So this will be different for different kinds. Off elements. Oh, yeah, those who has. Aiken, you okay? So you can search for a Nikon Oreo onda percent. Oh, that I cannot be is a Well, listen, I can enable. Well, you can name the I can call me profile or something got on. Then you can go. Were and put your posts and be my guest. You can also define it Sizes small, medium. Excellent. Double X. Yeah. So yeah. So you gun? Sure, sure. Waters, you can hide it. So these are different properties than this. Properties or tab will probably section will baby, according to the elements that you have selected a Well, Okay. You can also select the containers where you like you can pull out Ah, ipad away or directly into the skin loss. Okay, I'll take this. IPad behind those elements. Yeah, or I'll take all of this up off these, don't you? And bring forward. It's all on the screen. Yeah. Oh, you released this for a while. You can also drag drop an iPhone. We'll and define your own size. Digging behind. Okay, Read a minute. I'll have to select all of them, and then do it. Select all of these. Oh, like on bring forward. And there you. So if you're looking to build a mobile lab, even just drive dropper greedy, own form can It was shiny elements the way you want on in play around. So they're different kinds of elements. Some some elements are some black phone specific. Like these are I use specific elements, which is like a toggle button 0.2 button bobble. An IRS keyboard. If you want to use it on alert box summly out so well that you will see Tab far splitter. But in bar some arrows you know. So putting some or controls for your media player if you're building out an app that has a media clear So basically Ah, work by something allows you allow. It gives you a very simple in the face toe. Create very creative, very nice wire frames, which you can share it your team toe. Present your concept right. Then after you're done with your wire frames over your flow, whatever you so you can export it to pdf. Or you can export it to different formats like images or beauty. If I perform usually before pdf. So that's in a world view about balsamic on duh. What it has basically, so that Thanks a lot, guys. So you guys in the next class? 29. Sketching out a mobile app chat app: Hey, guys will come to this class. So in last lecture, we understood what balsamic is. We went to a few off. There are elements. We actually saw some properties off some of the elements. Now we will actually be sketching out a wire frame off a very popular messaging app called telegram. Okay, so this is what being to face looks like Off telegram. If you're using telegram, OK, it's very simple. So I'll just catch this out in Baltimore. Okay, so let's get started. So to start without just renamed the smoke up to like the league Graham Home Beach. Okay, I'll rename this. I'll pull out the container, which is, like often iPhone. I'll change the screen toe iPhone. 678 Okay, we have the option in this Properties bar to do that. Now, if you look at the interface, there are three labels at the top. So what I'll do is I'll pull off three labels. Electrical. We all search for label. Just drop it over. You first label Say's at it. Yes, and it chats and it is the 1st 1 I'll just copy Paste it. I'll just move it to the same dough make it chat. Just make it bold. Just make it bold, Okay? Tried person don't make shirts and center next to see if I can were at the top are so we'll just pull off I can just trying it over here. Onda uh, search for and I can't see edit. I can So you the sun is familia? Yes. Did you the slides off to submit hurts and sink with the other labels out there at the top are OK now it looks perfect. Next element is sociable. So what we'll do is the, uh so there's a ready made a limit for storage box will just pull it off, drag Drop it over a year will just extend it Suitors and our line will just take it a bit We use Adel's to just move the element across again Waas okay and just looks perfect. Okay. Do you go anything when to start any properties for this? It looks perfect. Now we'll start by creating individual chats like a list. So these are the chat If you do with your child consist off like ah, profile picture name of the person on but also have this preview off the chat, will you? We'll just start by creating this. Okay, Who to start with for profile picture l load and Nikon, please. It's like gonna were Okay, Onder dummy made. I'll take a bullet Sins image person. Okay, So person of it, you just click on this as well. And you can just take a look at, like, what different, Aikens I can has. Okay. So you can just go through all the different kinds of my can Now, if you want to. So it's like you can just search with person. You'll get all different kinds in all different sizes You can use to it. Just aware. So I just tried our dropped us. But you searching it from you, Okay, on the next element is a person's name on privy off the charts. So for showing the person named Bill need a label we're trying to drop over a year. Person's name can be Joan. We'll just use dummy names as off now. Jones met. Okay, Well, offender, just make a republic off this, okay? Well, just based it below this, and we'll show. Let's see, like, some chart. He what? Uh, how are you doing? Oh, Yeah, it looks fine. No, you will. We notice. Like this has mawr like this. Looks like full on it has. Ah, Jack Review is actually a little bit in the background. I would like the color. So basically, what we'll do is we'll make this pool press to spar on board cause bowl Well, just make this great. Next. It looks perfect. Yeah. Yeah. Do you? No. We need a horizontal separator between every chatter. Where you Okay? No, before that. You also need a date. Or I should say time over you to display, like the timing off the chat so you can, like, just bluff under the label. You just drag drop it over your You could just see chain for Chuan. True? I don't think did explain the whole day half being Yeah. Yeah, really. The size off this a bit to bring it in. Sync with the neighbor limits. 12 11 with both feet 11. Seems fine. Yeah. Yes. Now coming to the horizontal separator. Were you okay? So every child receptor by horizontal separator horizontally. So you're I think this one looks perfect. It sure we'll just dig this. Just put it out. The way. You just use the arrows to reposition this. Yeah, on if you notice the way, it's just into end. Just below it doesn't takes it through the profile picture like you won't see this. Going below profile picture. You'll see this just in a line off this texts. So we'll just keep it over here and we'll just stretch it end to end. Yeah. And, uh, it's dark. Lives off. No. So I'll just turn this two sheets later. I think it to explode. Thank you. We'll make it a little bit. 10. We could make it a retired. Losing the capacity find now. No. Ah, no. This completely disappear. Oh, try it. It's in D. Bassett. Feel sorry. Driving brewing capacity. No, it's OK. Nods looks perfect, I think. Yeah. What we'll do is we'll repeat, we have to repeat these elements. Okay, So and this is the bottom bar that has contacts, messages and settings. Three options. So what we'll do with so like, will this create replica off this? Yeah. Sticking blunders lose our arrow keys to reposition them. Yeah. I mean, this looks perfect. Copy this boot, make a replica, you know? Sorry. Leave me a copy of this beast It food track. Drop it just below. Um, yeah, it's perfect. All right. Okay. Just when you're sober, Dolph, we'll make it. Yeah, they're sitting noncoms. No, that's just fine. Yeah. Do you want to go? It just needs to learn maker applique Aeltus again and pull this off below Were There you go. I think these in between elements are Rodolphe three. Position it. Yeah. Do you? You have to reposition tests. Okay. Do you go explore? Picked here Now we have to create this bottom. Borrow your like so that's three options like contacts, messages, settings. Okay, We're also, uh, pick up, go to some common. So there are two kinds of these essentially, Aikens, which we need to create this layout aware. So we're although created. Continue now. Will not a rectangle. Yeah, Pull this off. Well, this off. OK, it's perfect. This cool. Okay, remove the border will just make it a little light. Agree? Oh, it didn't show up in the background. Has to be like three. Something like this? Yes, I think yes Now will pull off. Ah, need some Aikens. So basically you know this away You deserve the Aikens along but a text. So buy something. Already has two kinds of Feikens. One is a normal, like an and one of the I convert a label. So I think this is a veritable off this one. Read. Eat. This will dig like anonymous contacts for us when it's called contacts. Right? So Well, I don't know when I can search. I fought off person person Close in a way. Oh, yeah, we got a person on. I'll just reduce the size of their fit Sena. I think it's perfect. It looks good. Yeah, I'll make a replica off tests. I just pulled us off in the center. This is gold messages. Messages on the ICANN is off the chat. We're all going well. Cool you to a chart wagon. Something like Dexia has ticked. Yeah, make a replica lotus again. We for a store one. Okay, Your torment. We are just called settings on Dalco. Well, stick to settings Eichin that you take a look up more sitting. I couldn t have Hey, you on this Explore flicked here so were adjusted. If we created a wire frame off telegram telegram is so so like you must uh, So, you know, what we did is we went, actually rewards. We actually look at the design Onda we actually converted that designed wire free. Okay, which is not actually how it would work in real world in real well, you will first create a wire frame and gender wire frame will be converted to design, so you'll actually know when you think Often idea when you think off Fuser floor, you will actually have a picture in your mind. Okay, off how? How it should appear on the paper. So in real, when you go to build a product, you'll actually have a picture off flu or a screen, or what elements you should pick up in your mind via. And using that you can actually create a wire frame if you warned. Like, rather than jumping directly on about something, you can force catch it out on the people and then me one word that people rough work, toe a wire frame on balsamic. And you can share this with your team for feedback or level. Right? So I hope you guys enjoyed So you guys in next class. Thank you. 30. Working with Designers: Hey, guys, welcome to this class. In this lecture, we're going to share some light on how you as a product manager, can walk with designers as a product manager, it will be very important for you to own respect from your design. Being do as a product manager are there to solve the problem. Your role in design is to make sure that design solves the problem in the best possibility designers agreed to work with. But sometimes you will have to make sure that design is not were complicated and we're design. You will be there to balance it out. Sometimes designers will come up with a very good design for a feature or a solution on engineer might have who run it fast. So your role will be to choose the best that helps you build the best product faster. The work with designers It is very important to understand the design, language and principles of design, and it's really important that you SPM should learn about design. But how should be in learning more design? First, you should develop a good taste in design. Second, you should understand the principles of design to develop a good taste in design. You can start downloading the award winning APS from the APP store and play store. Install it on your phone and spreading the floor Interactions used. So mostly build is designed. AB started coming to check would be Airbnb Telegram. Facebook Fabulous. You can also browse through designs honorable and be hands for some inspiration. You should also join some design communities and subscribe to newsletters. Deducted guys. Thanks for watching. 31. Software development methodologies: Hey, guys, but you come to this class in this lecture, we're going to understand what our software development material Aggies. We are also going to talk to take a look at two popular and commonly used metre lodges. Software development methodology is nothing but a framework in software engineering who structured the work off Malinga system or a product. There are different kinds of software development methodologies. The two most popular ones are a child development and waterfall development. Let's was understand what is a giant software development? A judge? Software development is an iterative approach to software development. So does this work, and a giant process looks like in the first stage. The requirements are discussed and finalized in a meeting after requirements off analyzed. A plan is me to launch the words in 1.0. The product after planning the next step, would be their design and get the requirements done. Design is followed by development and testing. After testing, the product is launched with the user on its feedback is evaluated after getting feedback again, a meeting is conducted to discuss the new set off requirements, which incorporates and addresses to feed back and just like the continues. So as you saw the different stages off. Agile methodology is meat, land design, development, test and evaluate. A jail approach enables an active approach all your delivery and continuous improvement based on the feedback received. Let's go see what I did. Want ages off a child So a journalist, adaptive and responsive to change, it means agile methodology is adaptive to changing markets and user needs. If a customer has feedback, it can be easily incorporated in next iteration and presented to the country customer. Since every iteration it is very small over you, second and one, which would be only delivery with a giant. It's possible to build a quick and maybe a launch to gather feedback about the product and understand user needs. Torrid, Wondered, would be flexible in agile. It's possible to accept the requirement in later stages off the development as well. Let's talk about this Disadvantages off. A child so agile might have unclear requirements sometimes, and hence it might be really difficult to predict the outcome. So that's it, guys, seeing the next class 32. Building Products with Waterfall: Hey, guys will come to this class in this lecture. We're going to understand what is waterfall development. So waterfall is a sequential model where in development happens to the series off steps from requirement analysis to launch. This is what a wonderful mortal would look like. Wonderful mortal stocks with requirement analysts we're in. All the requirements are analysed, captured land and documented next step would be designed very in. The requirements are taken to design and designed in the best possibility to solve a particular problem. After design comes development, you're all the design inputs are taken into consideration and project is divided into small units on engineered, which can be much later to form a full product. Then comes besting. You're the product is tested by dividing into units on its called unit testing. After unique testing, everything is integrated and tested again. Then comes the launch. Once the productive complete, it's deployed in the custom and woman or released to customers maintenance. After the product is released, you might have to work on issues on release patches for your clients or customers. I like a child in waterfall. All requirements have to be defined up front and have to be clear. Wonderful is not an iterative approach. Let's talk about at one pages off waterfall model, the force had wondered. Would be clarity. Requirements in waterfall are very well documented, clear and fixed at the beginning. Second and one day, it would be very document. Since the requirements are very clear, every face have a certain off deliverables. Let's talk about this in one pitches off Waterfall Morning, Forster said. Wantage would be adaptability. Waterfall model cannot incorporate changing requirements like a child. Second dessert Wantage would be no work is produced until the later stage off the process. So that's it, guys seeing the next class. 33. What is scrum?: Hello Guys will come to this class and this lecture. We're going to understand what is scrum and how it works. Scrum methodology is nothing but a framework used by things to manage work. Scrum implements a lot off principles off a giant framework in scrum. The entire team gathered together to prioritize work, land work and set goals. But you, as a product manager, will have a strong important this Ask ERM contest off product back lock and sprints. Ah, product backlog is nothing but a prioritized list of features that can be walked upon. Items at the top should be ready to implement for the backlog will be maintained by you as a product manager. Ah, spend is nothing but a unit off development in scum are spending his time box usually 123 weeks. This is what scum looks like Every spring starts with spring planning but in the team gathers toe. Identify the priorities for the sprint in next specified time for you. These items which are to be executed in Sprint unknown aspirin back look once all the members agree that sprint is achievable. The spin starts scum does not specify how the items are supposed to be executed. It is left for the team to decide. Scrum has a practice called daily stand ups were in all the team members gather every day at a commonplace, and everyone talks about what did they work on yesterday? What are they working on today? And if there is anything blocking, the Progress team will also maintain a list off to lose. Each one is working on track on Tupac. What Progress looks like at the end of the Sprint team has a Sprint Review. We're in the demonstrate what they have built. Two key stakeholders after review team takes time to reflect on what work and what went wrong. This is cold Sprint. Direct perspective points discussed in retrospective self as input for next print and want ages off daily scrum Daily meetings help everyone measure productivity off every team member and monitor that progress issues and blockers are identified in a timely manner. Because of daily standards, large projects are divided into small Spence that are easy to manage. So just a quick recap. We learned what it's cramp and how it works. He also understood what I did one days off, strong