These days, we spend so much of our time scrolling or typing that it’s easy to forget how enjoyable it can be to make something with our own hands. 

Somewhere between childhood and becoming an adult lay collections of untouched popsicle sticks, egg cartons, glue, and glitter. But we’re here to show you how easy it is to rekindle your love of creating with fun crafts to do when you’re bored.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through some of the most popular DIYs that anyone can enjoy, from simple and budget-friendly kids crafts to 5-minute crafts that you can easily make over a lunch break or while dinner is in the oven.

What Are Some Easy Crafts to Make?

If you’re new to arts and crafts, or if it’s been a few years since you made anything, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are plenty of fun ideas out there for crafts to do when you’re bored or when you only have a few minutes to spare. 

The holidays are a great reason to dig out your craft supplies!

Big occasions are a great excuse for something handmade, so the holidays are the perfect chance to test out something new. DIY Christmas and Thanksgiving crafts can be fun for the whole family, especially if you’re looking for easy kids crafts to keep them occupied when they’re not in school. Working on Christmas ornaments as a family or with friends will definitely give you plenty of special memories to look back on, as well as something unique to add to your tree each year. 

If you don’t want to wait until the holidays roll around, an upcoming birthday party or bridal shower is also a good time to try out your crafting skills. Keep it simple and work on party decor like tassels, fringe banners, garlands, and gift toppers. 

You can create all kinds of amazing Pinterest crafts using only a few tools like paper, string, and a little tape, which will definitely impress the party attendees. This is also a great way to save on crafts—the supplies won’t cost too much, so it’s not as painful if you mess up and need to start over.

Crafts don’t need to be for any particular reason, though. Being able to take a moment out of your day, away from screens, is all you really need to have an enjoyable experience. 

For example, creating backdrops for photos is one of the easiest crafts to do when bored, as they don’t take up much time and can usually be made from items you already have in your house. Whether you’re a content creator, an online shop owner, or just want to make your pictures stand out more, backdrops are a great addition to any photographer’s collection and the perfect entry-level craft for anyone.

While there are some trends that never go out of style (think about the toilet paper roll crafts that you made as a kid!), there are definitely some clear winners for current craft trends. A greater focus on mental health and finding ways to unwind has led to some new ideas that we love, like adult coloring. 

coloring book
Coloring is great for crafting when you’re bored or as a way to relax.

Plenty of studies have found that coloring can lower levels of anxiety and depression, as well as increase self-efficacy and creativity. Aside from that, it’s also a lot of fun. You can buy adult coloring books from craft stores and bookshops, but it’s also possible to make your own. If you’re familiar with Procreate on an iPad or want to have a go at designing personal coloring pages, this is a great way to incorporate some five-minute crafts into your daily schedule.

Calligraphy is another hand-drawn art form that’s seen a comeback in recent years. This stunning ancient hand-lettering technique has seen a revival in popularity with Pinterest crafts enthusiasts, wedding invitation designers, and both professional and amateur artists. The careful attention to detail that you need when working on hand lettering makes this an ideal choice when you’re looking for fun crafts to do when you’re bored—there’s no room for distraction here!

If you’d rather make something physical, clay earrings are perfect for beginners, whether you’re new to arts and crafts or just looking for a new medium for your creative expression. Clay earrings are a bit more time-consuming than 5-minute crafts, but you’ll feel so proud to show off your new jewelry or gift it to someone special that you won’t notice the time it takes to create them.

4 Crafts to Make at Home

Now that you have a good feel for some of the most popular and trendiest crafts to create, it’s time for you to get started on your own projects. Take a look at some of our favorite home crafts to flex your creative muscles.

1. Hand Embroidered Animals

animal embroidery
Hand embroidery is a useful skill, whether for crafting or gaining practical sewing skills.

Hand embroidery can be much simpler than you think. If you know how to sew a button back onto your shirt, you can hand embroider. And even if you can’t, this class will show you how easy it is! You’ll learn the basics of DIY farm crafts with cute hand-stitched woodland animals.

2. Clay Owls

clay owls
Turn clay into any shape you want, like these small owls.

Interested in sculpting but don’t know where to begin? Working with polymer clay is the perfect choice for new artists to get started with as it’s easy to work within your own home, without needing any special tools.

3. Papercraft Flowers

paper flowers
Papercraft flowers are a fun way to brighten your home with your handmade art.

These might be a step up from the egg carton crafts you worked on as a child, but making papercraft flowers can be a great way to reintroduce yourself back into the world of creating. It may look complicated to create something so realistic, but we’ll show you how easy it can be.

4. Needle Felting Animals

felt fox
Felt animals are a great way to get children involved in crafting!

Looking for something fun to do with the tiny humans in your life? Needle felting is a fun and hands-on craft that’s easy to do, even when you have little fingers. Whether you’re looking for some DIY farm crafts or a way to add a new ornament to your Christmas tree, this beginner-friendly project is perfect if you’re on a tight budget.

4 Easy DIY Projects

Ready to put your newfound love of crafting to good use? Here are some DIY projects that aren’t only beautiful, they can be used as gifts or around your own home. 

1. Handmade Soap

handmade soaps
Handmade soap can be made from just a few simple ingredients.

Spruce up your bathrooms and save on plastic by learning how to make your own soap. These sweet-smelling bars also make for great gifts, especially given that you made them by hand. 

2. Wooden Spoon

wooden spoon
Wooden gifts are perfect for special occasions, especially when you’ve made them yourself.

Woodworking can seem like an advanced skill, but there are plenty of easy ways to learn how to make your own wooden objects. Learn how to make wood crafts like spoons or spoon holders with basic tools and expert guidance.

3. Popsicle Art

popsickle stick drawing of wolf
Popsicle art is a simple way to get back into crafting if you’re a little nervous.

Popsicle stick crafts aren’t just for kids. They make the perfect tiny canvas for anything you want to paint and you can even turn them into other useful items, like coasters. So next time you’re snacking on a popsicle, make sure you save the stick for your next DIY craft day.

4. Macrame Wall Hanging

macrame art
Learn how to make macrame art and save hundreds over store-bought pieces.

Bring the boho vibe to your home by learning how to make your own macrame wall hanging. There are plenty of designs out there to copy, and you’ll only need to make a few purchases at your local Michael’s Crafts store for everything you need to get started.

Where to Find the Best Craft Supplies

You can find craft supplies anywhere, no matter what your budget. Rummage through your house first to see if there’s anything you already own and can repurpose into your craft. This will also help you to stay on budget when you stop by a Consumer Crafts or your local craft store. You may be surprised at what you find! 

The stopper from last night’s drinks can make wine cork crafts that will start conversations at your next dinner party, or maybe the last box of eggs could turn into an egg carton craft for your kids. You could even try venturing out into nature, especially if you’re working on something like pine cone crafts. (Just be sure to only collect natural objects that have already fallen to the ground, rather than picking something from a tree.)

If you find that you need specialty items, Michaels Arts and Crafts and Ben Franklin Crafts stores should have everything you need. It’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed in these big stores, surrounded by thousands of craft supplies. Stick to your list for the specifics and pick up extras of anything that you know you’ll use for future projects, like string or glue.

Whatever your next craft project is, have fun and get creative!

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