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FRINGE 102: PAPER | Tissue Tassels, Fringe Backdrop, Party Decor and More

teacher avatar Carli Vergamini, up-cycler extraordinaire

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. FRINGE 102: PAPER Intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Tissue Fringe Backdrop & Garland

    • 4. Tissue Tassels

    • 5. Fringe Garland

    • 6. Crepe Paper Tassels

    • 7. Crepe Paper Gift Bow

    • 8. Paper Tassels

    • 9. Adapting What You've Learned

    • 10. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to part two of this multi part series where we’re exploring different types of fringe in all sorts of materials. 


In this class we’ll be playing with paper to create different styles of tassels, ultimately creating all sorts of fringey decor fit for a fun birthday/bridal/bachelorette celebration (or any celebration for that matter).

Throughout these lessons we’ll be experimenting with different types of papers + ways to incorporate these easy crafts into everyday life.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Carli Vergamini

up-cycler extraordinaire


Hello, I'm Carli.  Lover of sprinkles, known to cry when laughing & often found writing run on sentences on Instagram.

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1. FRINGE 102: PAPER Intro: Hi guys. Welcome to my second skills for Glass. And currently the designer and founder leather goods company obsessed with up cycling and tassels on everything for two of the Siri's were seriously getting festive, as I hope you to your newfound skills. Different G party before I'll be walking through the steps to turn also the paper tassels, garlands, cake toppers and what I like to think is the modern day kid. Such a fabric sensors aside as this time, we'll be using tissue paper, great paper card stock. And, of course, if you want to get resourceful, newspaper and magazines are certainly welcome. You'll easily be able to partake in this class watching Part one. First, however, we will be integrating some of the techniques of projects is discussed in French 115 Basics class. If you wish to start their profile or the link in the class description to take you there, let's get this party started 2. Supplies: thin. This class will be using the following materials a ruler tissue paper, the type of paper typically used when shoving a gift in a gift bag card stock. This comes in fun colors, and it's slightly thicker than regular printer paper washi tape, a glue runner, scissors, stapler, pencil and curry paper, also known as streamers for some of the project adaptations will also be using yarn or string and small wooden dowels. Thes aren't required but might be useful. Also for one craft in particular, you can replace the stapler with a sewing machine if you have access to one and basic knowledge of using it. Lastly, feel free to experiment with other types of paper. If you wish. Old magazines, newspaper wrapping, paper scraps, etcetera. You know I've got to give my up cycle fixing here. 3. Tissue Fringe Backdrop & Garland: to complete this project, you will need a ruler. Tissue paper, scissors and a pencil. String and glue runner may also come in handy. Let's start easy with straight up tissue paper fringe. Flatten out the paper as best you can. Stubborn wrinkles can be removed with an iron on a very low heat. The lowest setting possible, please. We'll cut a strip the length of the tissue paper about eight inches wide. From here, mark a faint pencil line about two inches down from the top. This will be a point of no return, no cutting past this line. I repeat. Don't cut past this line along that line. Make another mark. Everyone inch do the same thing on the bottom of the tissue so that each of the marks line up. You can connect the two marks with a ruler if you wish and use as a guideline. Starting on one side of the tissue, Cut along your guidelines, stopping in your point of no return way. Keep cutting until you make it to the other end. Look at you. You're already underway to festive party bill. From here, there are a couple ways to continue the fund here's my favorite and hear these trips of fringe to a wall to create a backdrop with major movement. Just be sure to use painter's tape or something that won't harm the wall. Start at the bottom and work your way up covering the previous layer of tape as you go use for a photo booth at a party or a fund backdrop for a cake. Smash photos will pop against the colorful and textured background. Another option is to greet a hang able garland. Here's how. Break the rules a bit and cut through every fifth fringe or so until you have a pile of little baby fringes. Grab a piece of yarn or string, play it over a section of fringe. Place a line of glue along the fringe way and fold the top edge down to your guideline. Continue alternating colors until you reached your desired length of garland tape, or tie the end somewhere cool and enjoy the way it looks every time someone walks by. The's cutting techniques will be a continuing theme throughout this class. Keep watching to see what you can do with tissue fringe and how to adapt it into all sorts of other projects and creations. 4. Tissue Tassels: grabbing on the removed tissue. It's tassel time. For this portion, you'll need a ruler, tissue paper, washi tape, scissors, a pencil and yarn or string if you wish. Same rules apply for breeding of wrinkles. However, same cutting rules do not apply. Started holding your tissue paper in half the hamburger way. I'm using a 20 inch by 12 inch piece. Draw faint guideline about 2.5 inches away from the fold. Parallel to the fold line every half inter, so draw faint guideline perpendicular from the original guideline. We'll be cutting here, starting on one side of the tissue, Cut along the lines perpendicular to the fold and stopping at your point of no return. Carefully unfold your tissue. Start rolling into itself at the fault line straight in the strands as you go. And don't worry about rolling too loose or too tight. We'll be fixing that later. Once you reach the end of the paper, twist the middle portion of your tassel onto itself. Wait for the tassel in half and continue to twist. Make sure you leave an opening at the top so we can attach it later. Secure in place with fun color of Washington and set aside. Once you have a few tassels finished, start stringing along a piece of yarn to create a garland. They also look great attached to the string of a helium balloon. Have fun mixing in matching colors there so many ways you can integrate these tassels into a lot of cool projects. Stay tuned to find out how. 5. Fringe Garland: this'll. One is super easy. Grab some scissors, a stapler, streamers and a sewing machine. If you have access and basic sewing skills, this is gonna be fun. Cut 2 to 3 colors of streamers the same length however long you want your garland to be, stack them on top of each other and stapled down the center so that the staple is parallel with the street verse. Continue stapling every inch or so until you reach the end pro tip. You could also use a sewing machine backstage a bit at the beginning and end, and be sure to use a wide stitch length. Once you finish stapling or sewing, it's time to start cutting. Start on one end and cut small friend every half inter, so stopping just shy from the staples or the stitch line. Continue this on both sides of the streamer. Make sure not to cut all the way or save time by folding streamers and half First training is complete. Unfold the entire length twist along the middle of the streamers. This will let all the colors open up and intermingle. Keep twisting until you reach the end, then hang for instant party vibes. 6. Crepe Paper Tassels: crepe paper is an easy way to make teeny tassels because it's already cut to the perfect length. For this portion, you'll need a ruler streamers, glue runner, scissors and a pencil. Start by cutting a length of streamer about eight inches long. Mark a guideline 1/2 inch from the top of the streamer all the way across. Start fringing, cutting equal strips about 1/4 of an inch wide all along the length of the streamer, stopping at the point of no return. Cut another ship of streamer 1/4 of an inch wide and glue and half thin attached to one end of your French streamer at the top. Place a small line of glue above your guideline and start rolling the tassel onto itself. Keep rolling rather tightly until you reach the end of the streamer. Glue in place aren't here with washing tape on fluff. The ends. For a fuller look, make a multicolored crepe paper tassel by mimicking the same technique we used with the tissue paper. Cut 2 to 3 strands of streamer about 10 inches long. Stack on top of each other and fold them in half mark about two inches down from the top of the fold, cut 1/4 inch fringes, stopping at your guideline. Unfold the streamers and start rolling onto itself at fault line. Once you finish rolling, twist onto itself in the middle, fold in half, leaving a small opening twist again ordered here with Washington, Experiment with different color combinations and different sizes to suit your needs and keep watching to see what you can do with these fun little tassels. 7. Crepe Paper Gift Bow: Let's circle back for a moment to the technique we just learned with the first crepe paper tassel. If you change your perspective, we get a whole new craft. Just by flipping it upside down, you'll need a ruler. Streamers, glue runner, scissors and a pencil. Let's try it a little faster this time. Cut 2 to 4 pieces of streamer about 10 inches long sec on top of each other and draw guideline about 1/2 inch down from the top way, keeping the streamers stacked. Start fringing every quarter inch or so all the way across. Line up the streamers and begin rolling onto itself. Continue to roll, straightening them as you go. Once you reach the end, secure each layer in place with glue. Wait for the layers down and fluff the edges to create a fuller look. Stick to the top of a present for a fun new take on the gift boat 8. Paper Tassels: the's paper tassels will be a breeze. After the last few projects, you'll need a ruler card stock. Washington Glue runner, pencil and scissors. Start by cutting a piece of paper the length you'd like your tassel. I'm using a three inch by eight inch piece mark a guideline about 1/2 inch down from the top. Just like with the previous projects. Start fringing along your paper, stopping at the point of no return. Your fringes should be pretty narrow no bigger than 1/4 inch to allow for easy rolling. Cut one more strip of paper, about 1/4 inch by three inches, glue and half and attached to one side of your tassel toward the top of the guideline. Make sure the loop is pointing upward. Add a bit more glue to get the tassel started. Begin by folding the paper as you go to make sure the attachment piece is well adhered. To get a rounder shape, fold the attachment piece in half where it connects with your tassel. Carefully smushed the top of the tassel as you continue to roll to try and form a more circular shape. No need to glue the entire way. Once you get to the end, stick in place with washi tape 9. Adapting What You've Learned: now that you have the skills and techniques to make all the fringe, here's some ways to create your own tassel party for anything party for that matter. Crab. Some toothpicks Follow the same instructions for making a tassel, but instead of adding a paper loop at here, the end to a toothpick. Instead way. Use the same technique on a swizzle stick. For a fun addition to a drink, dress up a basic tablecloth by adding your tissue paper fringe used double sided tape or a glue runner to adhere it to the edge of a paper tablecloth. Fringe up a narrow piece of tissue paper like you're making a tassel. Instead of rolling onto itself, roll onto the neck of a wine bottle secure with glue or washi tape. Try layering multiple colors. It's the perfect last minute gift. String tassels onto a piece of yarn and attach each end to a small wooden towel the way from the dowels. If need be an insert into your cake pie or cupcake tower, it's a great excuse to bake a cake using a single or double layer of cream paper. Cut using the same technique as discussed in less than five. Wrap all the way around a gift and topped with a piece of ribbon down the center way. Don't forget the pom poms or the party boat. Use tissue paper or crepe paper fringe to make your own pinata. Whether you start with a pre made base or make your own from scratch with paper machete, use an all purpose clue or glue runner to adhere layers of fringe onto your pinata. Extra credit for covering an entire gift bag or box. This way. Cut a triangle out of card stock and write a message inside. Tape some tassels onto the back side of the pennant. Wrap around a wooden dowel and stick inside. A vase of flowers are on top of a cake. Tassels look great attached to a palm or three. Learn how to make those infringe. Wanna one string on a gift tag or leave as is, it makes any present look extra special. There are so many other ways to adapt what you've learned. Have fun experimenting and see where it can take you 10. Final Thoughts: thanks for sticking it out till the end. I hope you enjoyed learning about all of the things you can do. Paper. I'd love to see your finished projects, party photos and all your cool experiments. Please post any of your pictures of your creations in the your project portion of this class. I'll be sure to respond with any feedback. And I'm excited to share some of my favorites on instagram. Also, be sure to check out the all Project section to see what others are creating. Following out scale shared his day off today with class offerings. Believe it or not, there still are somewhere tassel and French companies to cover happy crafting.