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Soap Making: How To Make Your Own Handmade Soap

teacher avatar Beau Colin, Graphic Designer / Soap Maker

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      The chemistry of soapmaking


    • 5.

      Preparation & Measuring


    • 6.

      Soapmaking: the basic soap recipe


    • 7.

      Unmolding, Cutting and Storage


    • 8.

      Making lavender and green tea soap


    • 9.

      Customizing a soap recipe into a moisturizing soap


    • 10.

      Unmolding Lavender & Green Tea Soap


    • 11.

      Unmolding Moisturizing Ginger Soap


    • 12.

      Cleaning Your Soap


    • 13.

      Gift wrap suggestions


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About This Class

If you would like to learn how to make your own handmade soapbars, you're at the right place. I'll teach you how to create soap from scratch with ingredients and equipment you (probably) already have.

We'll start with a basic cold process soap recipe. I'll teach you how to add herbs, scents and other additives to your soaps, give you tips and tricks about ingredients to help you create your own soap recipe and show you some examples on how to package your finished soapbars.

I like to think of soapmaking as a combination of cooking and chemistry. You have to know what you're doing by carefully measuring the ingredients, but once you know the basics I'm going to teach you, you'll be able to customize the recipes into your own. Using your favorite scents, making herbal soapbars and make soap especially to moisturize your skin for example.

In this class I'll teach you how to make soaps with pure natural materials. No artificial scents or additives are used.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Beau Colin

Graphic Designer / Soap Maker


I'm Beau, a Dutch graphic designer who always takes on diy and crafty side projects: making soap, painting and making jewelry. I've been making soap for family and friends for years now and I also have my Etsy shop where I sell my soaps online.

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2. Equipment: - you probably already have most of the equipment you need for soap making basics. - You need our stick down there about a little plastic bucket to make sure soap in. - Make sure it's deep enough so you won't flush your kitchen full of soap. - Well, - blending it. - I don't recommend using the equipment used for soap making for cooking. - You need it most. - This can be anything from a silicon cupcake. - Multi plastic food containers you cheap disposable molds for the first couple of thousands - of making spoon, - baking paper, - freezing paper or even the plastic back will do for lining your If use a silicon multi, - don't need to like it. - A heat resistant bull. - I recommend the ceramic or glass heavy bull because resistible you'll be mixing the lion - and you don't want to knock it over. - Clubs, - glasses or goggles. - Multi shirt for apron, - a sharp knife or scraper to go to so. - But it's ready. - Foot monitor, - and they will cloud a carport to protect it up off your kitchen counters still or microwave - limited skill 3. Ingredients: - for soup making. - There are a couple of basic ingredients you need oils and fats, - water and sodium hydroxide. - You can use any oil like olive, - some flooring, - guests or oil. - You can even use Dello Lord if you want. - There are also more Uncle Miles that'll uses soap making like coconut, - avocado, - Iraqis and grapeseed oil used to cheap oils and trying your first soup recipes to get the - hang of it. - Sodium hydroxide is also known as caustic soda. - It is often used in drink. - Clean issue could get at a hardware store, - just Jackson able if it's 100% sodium hydroxide. 4. The chemistry of soapmaking: - so making process is actually a chemical reaction between two liquids, - so making you need to reckless right and sodium hydroxide, - or to simplify you need oils or fats and lie. - You can use oils. - You may be used on a daily basis like olive oil and some flour. - Oil lies the solution of sodium hydroxide on the right amount of a liquid, - which is most of the time water. - But this can also be substituted by tea or beer. - For example, - the soap making processes also got support instigation. - When you bring the two components together at the right temperature, - I start blending them. - That's were created to mixing the two components, - also at an extra byproduct called glycerin, - which makes so moist rising there are different ways of making soup what to most common - ways are called whole process and cold process of making. - In this class, - I will teach you how to make co processor. - This gives you more control over the whole soap making process, - plus our ingredients. - One gets very hot this way. - We have way more chance of keeping all the good qualities in our soup. - I've added more info about help process of making in the additional resource is when making - gold process soup. - Your soaps needs to be cured for 4 to 6 weeks to get a heart and save. - So far, - soporific ation process needs time to complete, - and the water needs time to evaporate out of your silver. - If you don't have enough patience and you use your soup too soon can be harmful to your - skin to test if your service ready, - Don't you so bore with the tip of your tongue? - If you get a little Sepp, - don't wait a little longer. - This sounds like it hurts, - but it doesn't. - It just tastes bad. - When it doesn't step, - you're ready to go. 5. Preparation & Measuring: - get all your ingredients and equipment together. - For a basic superspeed, - we need coconut oil, - olive oil and palm oil, - water and sodium hydroxide. - This is my go to basic soup recipe that makes a heart and moisturizing so far with simple - ingredients. - Also, - press Peter stated on percentages, - as it depends on the mold. - How much oil, - water and sodium hydroxide you need area of the formula to calculate how much oils and - French need to fill your I'm using this world. - Now we know that the total amount of oils and fats we need 17.7 ounces. - Now we can calculate the oil part off the soap recipe. - If you know you're right, - amount off oils. - You can calculate the rest of your recipe with soap calculator. - You can find them online, - I add it. - Links to so calculators to the additional resource is okay. - I'm going to tell you about how to use a so calculator. - Um, - I'm using the so calculator from Sobchak dot net. - Um, - it's a very elaborate, - so calculator. - I like it very much. - Um, - at first you're going to feel energy use sodium hydroxide. - We have Countess here. - Total amount of oil was something boring. - Seven ounces, - and we go to fill in this. - I'm going to tell you more about, - like concentration later. - Also going to tell you more about super fretting later, - but just leave it at 5%. - Kristin's right. - Um, - we use coconut oil and all of royal. - I am Paul Moral. - In a soup recipe, - it falls 26% coconut 30 39 4 and 35 form one. - So that's it. - You don't have to fill in more. - We're now going to calculate the rest every year and just check off the tool of Mount this - 100% and it's 77. - But that's fine. - Now we can you or recipe. - You can see here off things in the super flooding like all situation, - and it calculates how much water you need from its lie, - how much of each oil he needs and also checks what kind of qualities you're so borough half - . - So that's also nice. - We can use the soap calculator for customizing your sober as well. - We're going to do that later. - Soon. - Just make sure you mark this one. - Okay, - so that was how to calculate the basic so breast be here. - You have a complete easy soup recipe. - The super faring part of the recipe is the amount of oil to at extra to make your bar - moisturizing. - Don't go over 5%. - If you don't have that much experience, - yourself could end up too early. - The like on situation calculates the amount of water that is used in your life like I can - be more concentrated. - But as you are new to soap making well used to standard 27% like concentration as an - experience of maker still uses like concentration of 27% because it's safer right on your - super speak, - you know, - ready to make soup. 6. Soapmaking: the basic soap recipe: - Now this soap making can begin. - Measure all your ingredients carefully and go for your kitchen counters. - We will start to make the lie because this will get very hot, - needs to cool them at the water to a heat resistant bull. - And then at the sodium hydroxide were carefully steering. - Use your gloves, - apron and goggles. - I recommend doing this in a good fence. - Elated area. - I prefer doing this outside in the garden or under a cougar route. - Always put in the water first because otherwise you get a caustic soda for Keanu, - let it like all done for about 40 degree Celsius or 104 F. - Now it's time to put all your oils and fest together and heat Amona stuf or carefully in - the microwave to temperature off 40 degree sells years or one of the 4 F. - - In - the meantime, - Langer mold with baking or freezing paper so you're Sobel easily come out when both the - oils and liar at the same temperature with the oils in a high pot and then at the lie, - start branding it with a stick blender until your reach. - Trees, - please. - You took gloves, - apron and goggles. - Trace is the stages, - so making runners no point of return. - The oils and lie are completely makes. - The chemical reaction has started. - You can check if you're reached race when drizzling a bit of soap on the surface of the - better. - If it doesn't sink in and stays on top, - you've reached trees. - Traces also the states when you at frequent and additives. - But because we're making a basic soap recipe, - we don't at any additives yet. - More about that later. - Now you can fill your mold with so better shake in a bid to prevent air pockets, - go for it with a piece of cardboard and put it in the fridge for about two hours. - Way are cooling, - so because we don't want to get it through the jelling face. - As you maybe know, - there are many different ways of making soup. - We are making gold processes without going through a gel face, - because that is the most foolproof way of making soup. - I prefer not going to retailing face, - but it still gets very hot because I want to preserve all the good qualities from additives - I added to the soup. - If you want to know more about jelling and whole process. - Soup making check. - The additional resource is don't you get yourself out of the French. - Put it in a cool and dry area on. - Leave it for a least 24 hours when you think it's hard enough to take it out of the world - where you're not sure, - just leave it in for nowadays. - It will interfere after you unmold er soup. - Got it in bars with a sharp knife and story more about storing on UNM alling. - Later, - you can clean your equipment by soaking it in boiling hot water and then put it in a - dishwasher. 7. Unmolding, Cutting and Storage: - It's been 24 hours, - and the soap is hard enough to unmold. - If you can push little dance in your soup with your finger, - you should wait another two off hours before you all molded - your - self needs to procured for 4 to 6 weeks, - water needs to evaporate, - and this a pontification process needs time. - You can test if it's ready by doing the tasting test. - As I told you before, - hold your tongue against so and if you don't get a little set, - it's ready. - Store the soups in a covered container that I loves air circulation and in the cool and try - location. - A few books will do fine. 8. Making lavender and green tea soap: - Now it's time to customize or soup recipe. - A major list of ingredients are used on a regular basis on the list. - You can find all the qualities and properties off those ingredients. - He confined it in additional resource is the first custom My super going to make is 11th - hour and green tea soup. - I want to make a rubble soup with beneficial effects. - For an oily and on smooth skin, - Levinger helps against an oily skin and green tea rejuvenates skin. - This is the soap recipe I'm going to use. - Start again with getting our your equipment calculator soup recipe a measure all your - ingredients for the lie May green tea instead of water and let it go down completely before - you make lie with it. - Not making liar of green tea. - It turns into a brown like mitt, - and it doesn't smell pretty. - Both the smell and the color won't end up in your finished super, - so no worries. - - You - concussed my supply and more different ways. - You can use different teas. - You cannot use coffee, - milk and beer, - for example. - More on that you can find an additional resource is your your Royals. - - Blend - the oils and light to capture until you reach trees. - When you reached race at some 11 their butts on never essential oil. - If you want, - stir gently. - True, - the better. - I usually add a couple of trips proponent and go with my gut feeling. - If you don't have that much experience, - use a calculator to check how much essential or you need to add. - I added. - A link in additional resource is I prefer using essential oils over artificial frequent - soils. - Essential oils are beneficial to the skin and natural. - Now you come for the better in your mold and then put it in the fridge for a while again. - Once you all mould, - let it cure 11 but can oxidize. - But that doesn't mean your bar has gone back. - You're working with completely natural ingredients. - Butts get darker, - but it won't hurt yourself or skin. - You will have 11% chores and about four 9. Customizing a soap recipe into a moisturizing soap: - we're going to customize this Oprah speed. - It makes a moisturizing silber. - Olive oil is a very good moisturizing, - but it makes also a very soft sabar. - If you make 100% olive oil sober, - it can take up to week until it's ready to a mold. - That's why we're using coconut palm and some floor oil together with a high amount of olive - oil. - This way we get a moisturizing and the heart toolbar that lasts a long time in the show - over. - We're also going to use danger because it's known for its moisturizing qualities. - - Proceed - as normal and at the change of powder and essential oil. - When you reach trees, - Ford and mold, - put in the fritz and unmold it after at least 24 hours. - This might take longer because we use a lot of olive oil and this makes a soft sober. - My urine does just lived in the mold for Not today. - It won't hurt your soup. - - Now - you know the basics. - Plus, - you have some pointers on how to customize your soup recipe. - Always use so calculator, - and if you're not sure whether or not you can use an ingredient for so making jacked - ingredient list I gave you or Google it. - There's a lot more to customize. - You can try recipes first, - but just got calculating them. - Also, - that and checked qualities. 10. Unmolding Lavender & Green Tea Soap: - I checked my soaps officer a day, - but I wasn't sure they were hard enough, - so I left him in the mold for another 12 hours. - I use the silicon mold, - which makes all molding really easy. - You can use a silicon mold, - too. - The simple cupcake moat makes a really nice round soup in a perfect size because the - leveller and soap reacts. - We're working with natural ingredients. - Levinger will turn brown after a while. - This doesn't mean your soap field. - This is normal. - Make sure you store your soaps in a dry place like shoot books. 11. Unmolding Moisturizing Ginger Soap: - Now we're unveiling the moisturizing ginger soup. - It has been in the mold for almost two days because there's a lot of olive oil in this - recipe. - Olive oil takes longer to harden the soap as a screening yellow color because I added - unrefined palm oil, - which has an orange color, - and I used a lot of olive oil. - I only use natural tolerance if they're useful in the recipe. - Let the soaps cure for 4 to 6 weeks, - and they're already when the best taste as I told you about. 12. Cleaning Your Soap: - These are lemongrass and ginger soaps that are fully cured. - I made a whole batch of them from my Etsy shop. - As you can see, - there's a white chalky residue on the soup this called soda ash sodium carbonate, - and it forms us water in the super evaporates. - Before you were going to gift wrap your soup, - you can easily brush it off with some water and a clean sponge. - You don't have to do this because the soda ash is not harmful to your skin. 13. Gift wrap suggestions: - well, - gift wrapping your soup, - MMA curious soups are fully cured. - Auto vice. - Take on these stains on the packaging material. - I really like to recycle material when I gift wrap soups. - I do speeds from old necklaces tissue paper that came with the bed I got from my Kia on - left over again in cotton recycled material really fits to get over to have made process of - soap making. - I also added some printable tax in the additional resource is you can use them for your own - gift wrapping. - You can also customize your rapping but printing for example of photo and cut it to a paper - bands I used to photo made while I was embarrassed to complement the girls off my soup. - Now here you have some examples on how to gift wrap your soup. - This was the last video. - Thank you for taking this class. - I'm looking forward to see your creations in the student gallery by