Sketchbook Magic II - inviting the muse

Sketchbook Magic II - inviting the muse - student project

Happy to start a new project in my sketchbook, in addition to my #365daysofplay and a drawing a day...

For this class I want to use supplies I have on hand, but haven't been using so much.

Day 1 - Tombow ABT

I bought some Tombow ABT markers to do brush lettering with (which I haven't done, yet). And I somwhere saw a tutorial about using Tombows as watercolour markers. With a few lines, a brush ans some water, you can make beautiful trees...

Day 2 - Connect with your joy

This was a hard one, as I don't think about sketching as something that always brings me joy. I have a huge fear of the blank page. I have the urge to make things 'perfect' (and failing miserably, haha). I realized I can enjoy art just for the sake of joy. And it doesn't have to be perfect of beautiful. So today I pulled out the watercolour and just sketched vines in several colours (though I'm not a huge fan of colour, I prefer black and white...)