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12 Videos (2h 6m)
    • Welcome + Understanding Creative Suite

    • The Tools of InDesign

    • Setting Up Your Document

    • Inserting Images

    • Working with type

    • The Fun Stuff

    • Layouts 101

    • Working with Master Pages

    • Paragraph and Character Styles

    • Polishing your project

    • Exercise: Practice Layouts

    • Preparing files for export, print + packaging


About This Class

Learn InDesign while picking up basic principles of good design. 


In today’s competitive job market, knowing the basics of InDesign can help set you apart, regardless of what field you are in. Whether you want to develop or maintain marketing materials, make a postcard or e-card, design your own resume, layout a book, or just gain an understanding of the software, this class will give you a solid understanding of how InDesign works and different ways you can use the tools.

** Every week students can look forward to feedback from the instructor on their project boards in the online classroom! **

What You'll Learn

  • Working in InDesign. We’ll walk through setting up a basic document, designing from scratch, working with multiple page documents and layouts as well as master pages, all the way through to creating a PDF, preparing files for print or digital, and packaging files.
  • Editing visual components.You’ll learn how images work in InDesign (hint: they’re linked) and how you can easily make adjustments to your page layout.
  • Troubleshooting. There are multiple ways to do things, so you’ll become a savvy trouble shooter in the process.
  • Finesse. You’ll gain an understanding of working with text and fonts to give your work more polish.
  • Strong foundation.You’ll gain a solid base of InDesign to explore on your own, or for future follow-up courses. Practice makes perfect.


What You'll Make

Students are invited to design a multi-page InDesign document that will be exported as a PDF. A few ideas are a photo essay, portfolio, media/press kit or deck/presentation on a topic of your choice. 

This course is designed to be beginner level and will cover the basics of InDesign, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve never opened the software program.

Note: This class filmed on a laptop + using screenshare, and may not be as flashy as some others, but it's all about the ideas, concepts, and content.

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I kind of wish that Skillshare made an option that let us leave a neutral recommendation, but overall I'd have to give a positive recommendation because I learned some useful things from this class. But I also found that later videos really felt quite scattered. Also, it definitely helps if you have used any Adobe CS program before - although there are some good descriptions of some functions that will absolutely be useful. This course doesn't hold your hand, but there is definitely enough to get you going if you have a project you're looking to get started with. The project that is being worked on in this class is a resource related to a prior class created by the same teacher... I feel like it might have been more beneficial to have constructed a project that related exclusively to this indesign class rather than it be something she was working on and trying to teach from at the same time.
Packed with great information to get started with InDesign.
Kirsty Lyon

Art, Design, Film & Language Student.





Anne Ditmeyer

design + communication

I'm an American design + communications consultant based in Paris. I founded Prêt à Voyager in 2007 to explore the intersection of travel and design. I'm also co-founder of Studio/Practice (a curated library of tips + tools for creative biz), and give custom tours of Paris through Vayable

I have spent 8+ years working as an in-house and freelance graphic designer. I teach Map Making, Intro to InDesign, InDesign in 30 Minutes, Designing Professional Documents (Résumé Redesign), Presentation Design, and The Art of Travel Posters on Skillshare.

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