Indigo | Independent Videogames Magazine

Indigo | Independent Videogames Magazine - student project

As a project I want to do a catalog of independent videogames because is a subject that I like a lot. I'm thinking in include pictures and descriptions about each game. 

I'm using Rockwell for headlines and Futura for other texts.


..these are the pages with the game information and pictures...


This is the final version:

And here's the pdf with the complete "magazine"


Edit: 10th November 2014.

Well, I redesign this as a serie of magazines called "Indigo"; I'm glad with the results, can't wait to show you...


Edit: 19th November 2014.

This is the final result. It's a magazine that started as a project here in Skillshare and now is part of my Graphic Design portfolio.

It is written in Spanish because it is my first language (I'm from Bogotá, Colombia). 

I hope you enjoy it.

My portfolio will be available soon

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