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How To Make Gin Martinis - Home Bartending Guide

teacher avatar Phillip Dillow, Be Driven!

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Welcome To The Class

    • 2. Gin Martini Recipes

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About This Class

This course provides an exciting introduction into making Gin Martinis. The course will be taught as a guided step by step on how to make Gin Martinis. After finishing this course you will be able to wow your friends and family with different Gin Martinis. The class is intended for the beginner who want to learn all about Gin Martinis.














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1. Welcome To The Class: do you want to be able to impress your friends and family with your knowledge of martinis? Well, then you're at the right course. I and my wife have put together a fun course that's quick and easy To give you a good repertoire of some classic and modern classic Gen martinis. We're gonna be showing you how to do everything and explaining the techniques and alcohol's that we used to build these different drinks. After completing this course, you'll be able to while your friends and family with your repertoire of exciting martinis or next time you're at the bar and press the bartender by knowing exactly what to order. So let's get into the course and let's start learning. 2. Gin Martini Recipes : Hi and welcome to the course. We're gonna be diving into some great gin martinis, But first I want to stop and talk about removed. The two types we're gonna be using in the course are red, sweet removed and white driver move. There are many different types of appetite reads and removes and other fortified wines that you can use to make cocktails. But these are the two that were going to stick with throughout the course, and these can pretty much be found anywhere. The brand that you choose really doesn't matter. Just make sure and pick something that you like. Whether if it's inexpensive or expensive, you need to like it first. So with that, we're gonna go ahead and jump into our gin martini recipes, and we're gonna be starting off with a basic gin martini. Now we're gonna be showing you a 1990 style, and the traditional style first up is the 1990 style, and this is mainly what you saw in modern movies and TV shows. It's just gonna be the smallest splash of removed, usually white removed, but you can do red, and you're just gonna shake that around the glass and that's called misting or, you know, splashing the glass just kind of getting a little bit of that perfume in the glass. Then, if you want a complete your 1990 style martini, you would either stir or shake up some gin about 23 ounces and add into the cocktail glass . And this makes a bone dry martini. That, for my personal taste, is not very enjoyable. But if you like it, it is a type of martini. Next, we're gonna move on to the traditional martini, which is going to require two ounces of gin and one ounce of removed. We're gonna be putting both of these in a shaker, and on this you could use either red or white removed. Alaba's just personal preference, but we're gonna be sick in the white removed for this first cocktail. And once we get both of these all the way in the shaker, we're gonna combine them thoroughly by stirring them in a nice shaker. And the reason why we're gonna stir versus shaking is shaking causes ice chips to break off and dilute the drink where a stirring just chills the drink, giving you kind of a full flavor or full hit of the drink. Now, a lot of that is personal preference. If you like a little bit softer drink. I have a recommend that you shake if you like something with more than alcohol punch, have a recommend that you start after that's done. We're gonna go ahead and pour it into our glass and enjoy our traditional Gen martini. What makes this traditional style martinis superior to a 1990 stall martini is removed, has flavor. And you want that. Otherwise you're just drinking a shot of gen Next, we're gonna be making a perfect Martine, which is that kind of split decision. Drink where you don't know if you want something sweet or dry, so you can kind of have one foot in both worlds and enjoy both. At the same time, you're gonna be needing two ounces of gin. Any gin will work well with this. No matter the botanicals, air, the age or the oak ageing of the jinn, pretty much anything will go well in this. Then you're gonna need 1/2 announce a driver move and 1/2 announced of sweet for move yet again. You can pick whatever style of removed you prefer on this? You know, if you like somebody s'more floor Lee or less for Lee, feel free to really kind of go out there and stretch your palate a little bit. We're gonna combine all of this into a well iced shaker, but we're not going to shake. We're going to stir this drink cause we just want to chill it. We want the full flavour full hit of this martini now yet again. As I said earlier, if you prefer a softer drink, feel free to shake this and diluted. But for this example, we're gonna go ahead and start after you get that nice and cold. We want to go ahead and have our glass waiting at the ready and we're going to strain are perfect martini and after straining, enjoy are perfect martini. Now we're gonna be making a smoky martini. And this is, ah, fun entry level drink for people who are big scotch drinkers. But want something a little bit different here, there. So we're gonna be needing two ounces of gin, fall by half an ounce of driver move and 1/2 an ounce of scotch. And on this you don't want a softer scotch. You don't want a lowland or anything mellow. You want the Highlander? The heavy wood, heavy smoke, heavy salt, heavy Pete flavors, maybe like an Isley. Try and pick something. It's got a lot of body and a lot of presents because there's not gonna be a ton of scotch in this drink. But you want that flavor to come through. After we get all those together, we're gonna combine them into a well ice shaker. And yet, again, we're gonna be stirring this drink. We don't really want deluded. We want that scotch flavor to be very forward in the drink. Because if we don't do that, if we did shake this and I alluded, Ah, lot of that smoky, salty PD would Z deliciousness is just gonna kind of get lost. And it just won't be the drink that that you want it to be. After we get everything stirred and chilled, we're gonna go ahead and grab our strainer and have your glass at the ready and then strain after straining. You could enjoy your smoky martini. We're gonna be making a sweet and salty martini. This is another one of my personal favorites because you really get to have fun. We're gonna be starting off with two ounces of gin, followed by one ounce of sweet bruhth. And here's where you have some wiggle room 123 pinches of salt, depending on how salty like you drink to be Now for me, I'm going to go all the way. I like a lot of salt in this because the Swede removed has a very sweet flavor, especially in a drink like this, where you just have three ingredients and if you use a softer gin, it's really gonna come out strong. So I'm gonna put all the salt in there. If you don't like things on salty, you know, start off with just a little bit of salt and kind of work your way up until you find your happy spot. But what we're gonna be doing is taking all of these and combining them into a well iced shaker. But we're not gonna be shaking. We're gonna be stirring again in the area began that so we can get that full punch of the Martine. After we get everything fully stirred and combined and chilled off, we're gonna have our glass waiting at the ready. Then we're gonna go ahead and strain into our glass. And after straining, you can enjoy your sweet and salty martini. The can can Martini is a great classic for anybody who likes Elder Flower. Any other type of floral flavors in their drinks were gonna be needing two ounces of gin, followed by half an ounce of dry white removed and 1/2 announce of elder flower look or I recommend ST Germain. It's my wife's personal favorite, but feel free to try eating elder flower LaCour that is your personal favorite. We're gonna be taking all these. We're gonna be combined them into a well, I shaker. And after combined, we're gonna be stirring it again. And you want this drink to be kind of super cold whenever it comes out of this trainer, that way could be very Chris, because as it warms up, the perfume from the elder flower is going to start to develop and you know, kind of pepper vests a little bit That way, the person drinking can enjoy that gradual approach to a stronger elder flower flavor and elder flower smell. After get everything stirred. We're gonna go ahead and strain into an awaiting glass, then enjoy our can Can martini the millionaires Martini is a fun classic with a twist. We're gonna be topping this drink off with some champagne and some extra bubble and richness to the drink. We're gonna need equal portions of gin and driver move. I'm gonna be using an ounce and 1/2 of each and then any champagne will do. I wouldn't recommend going with something super expensive you could even get away with using, like, a sparkling white wine or some type of persico or sparkling Moscato. If you're looking for something a little bit more affordable to enjoy this drink with. But we're going to start off and we're gonna take arginine are removed, put them into a well, I shaker and start. We don't want to add her champagne to the shaker while we're stirring. That would cause the bubbles toe. You know, it prevents and evaporate and leave the drink. And we really want all the bubbles in this drink. After stirring, go ahead and strain into an awaiting glass, then have your sparkling wine or your champagne at the ready, and we're gonna take our spoon, and we're gonna use it to kind of help defuse the champagne across the drink. And the reason why we want to do this is just to make sure we try and maintain is many of those bubbles in the drink as we possibly can. I would also recommend if you confined a very bubbly champagne. It works better for this drink. Then enjoy your millionaires, Martine. We're gonna be making 1/3 degree martini, which is a great way to mix absent into your martini repertoire. Absent is a fund like or that has a licorice lee flora liberal, woodsy flavor in there were gonna be needing just one splash of that an ounce and 1/2 of Jen and 3/4 of an ounce of dry white vermouth we're going to be taking are absent were poured into our glass and just kind of slosh it around a little bit. And all we're trying to do is perfume the glass. We're gonna be pouring this out. Now if you really love absent, feel free to trying leaving it in. But I will warn you, if you're not familiar with absent, it's a very powerful flavor. Arjun and are removed. We're gonna put into a well iced shaker, and we're gonna be starting this drink again. Once everything is combined, we're going to start to it's chilled. And once everything is fully chilled off and combined together, then we're going to dump are absent from our glass, and you can reserve this to use another drink. You don't need to throw it out. I would recommend if you are going to use this technique plan on making more than one of these and then poor are chilled liquid into the glass. After pouring, you can enjoy your third degree martini. This is another one of my personal favorites. The ML martini is a combination of Gen driver move and green structures. For those of you who aren't familiar with green chartreuse, it's a very herbal ley floor Lee someone medicinal bitter liqueur that has an amazing flavor. We're gonna be needing an ounce and 1/2 of gin, 3/4 of an ounce of dry removed and 1/4 of an ounce of green chartreuse. Truce is a little expensive, so I would recommend you just start small. If you really enjoy the strength like I do feel free to splash a little bit more in there, but make sure that you're gonna enjoy it before you go crazy. After we combine all these into a well, I shaker, we're gonna go ahead and stir and get the nice and chilled off and get again You could shake, but I would highly recommend trying the strength stirred first just because of the cost of sharp truce. And you want to make sure you get all that flavor after stirring, we're going to pour and strain into an awaiting glass. Then you can enjoy your MBA martini. We're gonna be making a sake, teeny Next, which is another fund drink. It allows you to kind of give that Japanese flavor to your martini repertoire. We're gonna be starting off with an ounce and 1/2 of gin, followed by one ounces sake. And on this I would recommend going for a softer Jen. And there are a ton of different times to sake out there. We want a nice, normal, clean filtered sake. Nothing super strong, nothing unfiltered. We're gonna combine both of these into Shaker that's been well iced and yet again we're gonna be stirring sake is very delicate, so we don't want a bruise and damage those delicate perfuming flavors and soft tones in it . After you get everything thoroughly chilled off, we're gonna be straining into an awaiting glass. And after straining, you can enjoy your sake team. Now we're gonna be making another fun absent twist on a cocktail. This is an obituary martini. We're gonna be starting off with 2.5 ounces of gin. So really strong. Drink 1/4 ounce of driver move in 1/4 ounce of absent. We're gonna be taking all of these and combine them into a well iced shaker. And yet again, we're gonna be stirring. We don't want the loot, this flavor, that we get that full punch the absent from the gin. I would tell you that this is gonna be a strong one. So if you're a little nervous about trying this one, maybe start off with shaking it to kind, alluded down a little bit. But if you're ready to dive in head first, start on shake after getting everything fully combined and stirred too, it's nice and cold. We're gonna have our glass waiting at the ready and they were going to strain into that glass, then enjoy our obituary. Martini. Our last martini for this course is gonna be a classic. The Gibson, another one of my personal favorites were you need two ounces of gin and one ounce of remove you conduce dry or sweet removed. It's really just a personal choice on this one. Most importantly, we're going to need either a pickled onion or a cocktail onion. I happen to have some lovely homemade pickled red onion that I'm gonna be using in my drink . After you get everything set up, we're gonna go ahead and combine the gin and removed into an awaiting shaker. Stir to chill, and then we're gonna pour over that pickle onion or cock telling you if you prefer that and after you do that, you can enjoy a piece of history. The Gibson Martini. Thank you for taking this class with myself and my wife. We really enjoyed making these drinks, building this course instructing you, and we hope that you enjoyed it too. But we did want to take a minute to remind you to always drink responsibly, never have more than what you need and always assign a designated driver. It's important to have a good time. It's great unwind with a couple cocktails of family and friends, but it's so much more important to make it home safe and wake up the next day and keep living and enjoying your life. So again, thank you for joining us and please drink responsibly.