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John Foreman, Chief Data Scientist, MailChimp

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8 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your Project

    • 3. Overview: Metrics Matter

    • 4. Types of Email

    • 5. Metrics in Perspective

    • 6. Testing

    • 7. Demonstrating the Project

    • 8. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Join Mailchimp's Chief Data Scientist John Foreman to learn about the email marketing metrics that can help you — the small business owners, freelancers, and startup teams — accomplish your business goals.

This class is an overview of smarter, more relevant ways of approaching email metrics — and is specifically designed for those wary of numbers! Key lessons cover:

  • basic metrics to consider
  • key metrics by email type
  • ways to test and optimize campaigns

You'll leave this class with a healthy and strategic understanding of how to approach and understand the data that exists in your emails and your email service provider (ESP).

Whether you're just starting with email marketing, growing your list, or looking to improve your the impact of your next campaign, use the frameworks in this class to make the most of email!


Mailchimp is an email marketing service provider founded in 2001. It has 9 million users that collectively send over 15 billion emails through the service each month.

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