An email I did not read

An email I did not read - student project

Subject line: a negative "don't miss.."  I've never heard of NowForum so I don't care if I miss it, so don't tell me to Register Today!

From: I've never heard of CipherCloud, Inc

Top graphic banner: "Everything as a Service" is vaguely intriguing but not specific enough

Body copy:

at least they got the salutation right

Clearly laid out with all the info you might need at the click of a link (if you wanted it)

Links to social media and contacting them

easy to opt out


The salutation made me search back to see when/why I started getting info from them - turns out I must have visited their booth at a conference, but I have no interest in their services. (many booths just scan the badges of all people who stop for even a moment...)

They have sent me 5 emails since June, more than monthly. This includes asking me to register for  conferences which they are sponsoring.

I wonder if it is productive to send so many emails to people who are not interested in your service?  This makes me think I am right not to add people to our mailing lists unless they are well qualified and interested.