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Digital Illustration Workflow Hacks

teacher avatar The Artmother, Professional Art Teacher and Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Downloads and Setup

    • 3. Find Inspiration + One Minute Character Design

    • 4. The First Hack - Composition Thumbnailing

    • 5. The First Hack - Color Thumbnailing

    • 6. The Second Hack - The Horizontal Flip

    • 7. The Third Hack - The Painter's Palette

    • 8. The Fourth Hack - The Value Check

    • 9. Illustration Part 1.

    • 10. Illustration Part 2.

    • 11. Illustration Part 3.

    • 12. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to the Digital Illustration Workflow Hacks!

Do you know the situation when you have your head full of ideas and you just sit down to illustrate, but you are just too excited about the end result? Then you just end up with a bad design, messed up ideas and really really frustrated?

I've got you! In this class I will teach you 4 hacks that will help you stay on track and if implemented to your illustration workflow will get you from your initial ideas to real finished illustrations!


Throughout this class we are going to illustrate a cute birdie together - I will guide you through the whole process from start to finish and I will show the four hacks in action, so that you see them already implemented to an illustration workflow.

I will provide you the brushes, the color palette, the sketches and the original file for reference, but of course you will have your artistic freedom as well.

So the 4 hacks are: Color and Composition Thumbnailing, The Horizontal Flip, The Painter’s Palette, and The Value Check.

In this class we are going to use and iPad and Procreate, BUT, the hacks apply to any digital illustration workflow, so if you will use a different program, for example Photoshop, you are free to do it, you will just need to adjust the technical steps for your environment.

This class is for beginners, who just started out their illustration journey. It is recommended to be familiar with the program you are working in, in my case Procreate. However, I comment on every step in detail and have notes on the screen so that you can easily follow along.



The skills in this class will help creatives, illustrators and even hobbyists to create better illustrations, with better compositions and color combinations, with harmonious designs and values.

By the end of this class you will have a full illustration of a cute birdie, but so much more than that – you will already experience the magic of these hacks, and you will be packed with skills that will skyrocket your confidence while illustrating.

So are you ready to illustrate with me?

Let's get right into it!

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

The Artmother

Professional Art Teacher and Artist


Dear Students! Come and JOIN ME in my latest class "Digital Illustration - Illustrate Plants & Pots In Procreate" ! It will be such a wonderful creative journey together with potted house plants (my addiction:)) and experimental digital illustration techniques! If you wish for a new FUN project, this will be the BEST CHOICE for your next class to take! See you in class and Happy Creating! 

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1. Introduction: So you love to illustrate, huh? This class is a solution for does who usually get too excited about creating. I'm sure you know the situation. Then you have your had full of ideas and visuals, and you just sit down to create and illustrate and pain. But you expect to have a must appease their five minutes. So at the end, you want to just throw your foot out of the window. You procrastinate over your ideas for another beak. Don't do that throughout his class. I will teach you four hacks that feel happy to stay on track will be a stable point in your birth flow, and you'll make your ideas a reality without any technical damage. Hello and welcome to the digital illustration. Workflow. My name is always under Gabbert, and I'm a professional art teacher. Muscles degree in art, education, Island artists, andan illustrator as well, and I'm on my own journey off, perfecting my illustration style on workflow. I'm constantly analyzing the offer's off my favorite illustrators, the percentages in the speech training videos I'm watching instead of Netflix, and I lead a ton of books on art and art work floats, so I selected four hags that I implemented into my own illustration workflow. That helped me to get from an initial idea to a full illustration and give me confidence that my designs will be harmonious on a static. Throughout this class, we are going to illustrate disc you'd birdie together. I will guide you through the whole process from start to finish. And that will show you the four hacks in action so that you can see them already implemented into a workflow. I will provide you the brushes, the sketches color, pull it and the orginal fly for reference. But of course, you will have your artistic freedom as well. So these are the four hats, the color and composition. Some nailing the horizon will sleep the painter's palette on the value. Jack, if you don't know these tricks, keep watching. But if you know them already, keep watching. As well as Ill Street is cute with me in this class, we're going to use an iPad on procreate. But the hacks apply to any digital painting and illustrating process. So if you have, you will use a different program. For example, Photoshopped, you are free to do it. You will just need to adjust the technical steps for himself. Okay, Obviously these glasses for beginners who just started their illustration journey, it is recommended to be familiar with the program you are working in because the class itself focuses on the hacks, nor the technicalities. But if you have been with me in my previous digital illustration classes, you already know that I comment on everything and every step in detail. And I leave notes here and there so that you can easily follow along. The skills of this class will help creatives, illustrators, even Hopis to create better illustrations with better compositions, color combinations, but harmonious designs on values. By the end of this past, you will have a full illustration off this cute birdie. But so much more than that, you will already experience the magic off these hacks and you will be pirate skills that the tire get your confidence while illustrating if you have any questions for all the class dog has a date to contact me or ask them in the discussion tableau, follow meal skills shares so that you've got notified when the other classes will be up there and follow me on social media as well. Instagram and Facebook to see what I'm up to. My latest works and pro jacked my philosophical thoughts on some music recommendations. All right, so are you ready? Let's dive inside. 2. Downloads and Setup: Hello and welcome to the digital illustration. Burke, for hacks in this video, we're going to talk about the downloads and set up, but let me just first, thank you for taking this class. I'm really happy to have you here. All right, so let's talk about the resource is open skill share on finding area below D videos on Do you have d about reviews, community and the project and resource is section down here. So this is the place where you can create your project. And here are the resource is I would love to tell you that are two ways to do this class The first is that you, Donald? Older resources on you follow dictatorial step by step with me. And the second way is to again you can double their resource is But you create your own illustration and you just take my advice is and staffs and you build your own artwork. I encourage you to do your own illustration. But if you don't feel that safe, you can just download is on. Follow me. Okay, so let's take a look on days one individually. The 1st 1 is the birdies. Catch PNG that is mice catch and that you can use freely. So, two, How does catch, uh, in your appropriate you just tapping holds down hit save image and it will just save on the image to your camera roll. So if you open procreate, go to gallery, create a new canvas because we're going to use a screen sized cameras. Choose dot hinderance button. Add instead of photo. Choose this catch and you will have it right here on a new layer. Yeah, so you can continue from there. Let's go by Andi. Let's see the 2nd 1 which is the birdie color Polet. So I'm providing you the exact color pull it I'm going to use for the illustration. We're going to build a new one end in the next video for Does who wants their own colors? But you will have this as well. So just hit on it opening files and it will automatically imports to procreate. So if you go to the colors and to the pallets, you will have the birdie color. Pull it at the bottom off. Your pal its OK, so don't be afraid. When you open your politics, go to the button and you will have it there. If you want to use it, you need to hit. Start default. So when you go to, for example, Classic, you will have this birdie. Um, Colin Powell at for yourself. Let's go back. And now we have the birdie procreate file, which is the original file of my illustration. It is really good for reference. So just hit it. It will take a little time to load because it is a big file. Yeah, it is opening ands here. Hit, opening, procreate. It is importing. And if you go to gallery, you will have it here. So open it up. And in the layers you will see every layer that we're going to create. We have this the value check layer, this catch layer, the flattened image, the layered illustration, painter's palette and a thumbnail as well. All right, so let's go back again. And we have two brushes here. These are the exact same brushes that I'm providing you in the other digital illustration classes. These are my personal illustration brushes. So to import them just hit opening files and it is importing to your brushes. You will find it down here and the imported brushes. If you have done any other money classes, you already have these. But if you didn't, I just want to show you how to download them. So he does. Shader Brash again opening fires on. It'll show up right here. All right, so these are the resources you can find in skill share. I would love to show you some recommendations for brash packs that I'm using. So let's go to my website, which is, uh, the art murdered. It's calm. And yes, you can sign up for my newsletter. And here you have deep procreate brushes so you can find a liner and a shader as well, so it can Donald damn from here a swell. And down here, they're my favorite brushes on Cretu market. I will use some brushes from the forest tales, and I guess something from the wash brushes. These are some amazing brash back, so they don't coastal to you Can you can see, like, $8.14 dollars, etcetera. But they include, like, 60 brushes and all of them are amazing. So I really recovering you to Gaddum. If you want, I will just show you how to download the brushes from my website. So you need to hold down these download buttons and heat opening new tab and go to the tab . It will open a good drive of page on. You have the download button here. So if you hit that and then you will have the opening procreate option. Andi, it will just import that cheddar brush as well. Okay, so let's go back to skill share. I want to invite you to create a project. You can post working progress photos to your project as well. I really love to see how you build your illustration. And there isn't a place on Facebook that is called the Our Matters Online aren't room. I would like to invite you there. It is an exclusive Facebook group for my students. You need to answer the questions to get in. Um, and you can just share your working progress photos or any other are to create. I just love to see them and to give feedback, so just come and join us. All right. So I think that was all that I wanted to see to you in this video, saying the next one, where we're going to get some inspiration on do one. We need character design 3. Find Inspiration + One Minute Character Design: Okay, welcome in this video. We're going to talk about what we are going to do in this class. So our topic is a birdie acute birdie. So what I want you to do is to go to Google on bright, colorful bird hit images, and you will find some amazing creators. I love you to go through these images and find birds that you really love on in a minute. I'll just show you how to build a color. Pull it from these images. What I have chosen for my project is, uh where was my cue? Birdie is a dissolute acute E on the way. I'm going to build a color polish from her is that I hit this too buttons and create a screenshot. Now I will go to procreate and create a new canvas. So hit the pause button and create a screen sites. Chemist. This is what we're going to work on. The reason is because it is big enough to be a quality illustration, but not too big. Big to how a limited layers limited number of players. Okay, So he did arrange button and the photo and do the same process. So insert is be birdie here and now. Um, you now have this birdie color poulet I have created here. You can create a new one from D image you just imported. I will create a new color. Pull it into color, pull it. So hit the plus sign here. You can name it like you, birdie. Just so that I can, uh, differentiate on started as a default. Every time you create a new palette, it is going to be the default palette. So you can put colors into it, go back to the classic, and, uh, just hit a color picker and go through the birdie on just on. Does that you like? So this is a quick way to build current color. Pull it. Did you like? And you see that it's hard, ceremonious. So I'm not going to do this again. I just wanted to show you the process off it. Okay, so this is the inspiration off colors. But now let's do a want a minute character design. Okay? So let's do one. Win it character design, and I'm going to show you an exercise that will help you to create some fun and goofy characters. So character design is a really deep topic. I could talk about it like, for our worst, and I will in skills, your claws and the future. But right now, let's just create a new layer juice, black color on the six beat pons ill and sketching brushes and and do some exercises. Okay, So scribbling always like freeze op detention in your head. So that's just a first Do some really scribbles around whole canvas. It's to free the tension in our hands. You can just clean it. Ah, let's just do some small ones, okay? Just just these ones. Let's do six of dumb. Okay? These looks like nothing to you, but they can be actually animals or are birds even. So, let's just play Videla. Just place some eyes. There is the beak. Let's say here is one leg to lag. He can have this wings here. Can you see the bird in it? I will just erase from it So you can play with this shapes and just create some fun things from from these cripples. Ok, Okay. I can see a bird here. I will. I really raised this barn so you can erase from it. you can add line Street. As you wish. Use the wing. Yes, some tummy. I love to do these googly eyes. I love this one. This is fun. Okay, you Let's move on. Oh, this will be a big birdie. Um, Okay. I don't like this line here, so I will delete it. I will make some big guys like this. So again, your dusk is to do these scribbles on, do some fun with them and choose one birdie to be your character. Okay, so, uh, we will play with that in the next video, which is going to be the first hack, but Okay, uh, this is an interesting shape. Why? See? Having let's let's make him a longer, longer legs. This is going to be wing. This is going to be very serious, bird. I will put time some cool. Let's do another one here. Okay? This is going to be a mama. Mama. Birdie with a small, cute birdie. Okay, It's that. So this pre bills can really turn your creativity on. Did suddenly Good. Okay. Why? Nuts. Okay, so I have some scribbles here. I choose something like this, but with a different shape. I already have its catched. So five will keep with that one and do this exercise to have some idea if you're birdie, or you can just use my scotch. Okay, so in the next video, I'm going to do thumb. Nailing. This is again optional if you are going with my scotch. But just keep watching because it will be like, good to see what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. So your task now if you do your own illustration is to efforts. Build a color palette from a colorful bird image, then warm off with some scribbling. Then create six small scribbles and use your creativity to make birth from them. After that, just want to be your character. If you are not going to do your own illustration, you can still do it is exercises for practice. OK, so now see you in the next video. Let's start with the first hack 4. The First Hack - Composition Thumbnailing: Hello one. Welcome to the first tack, which is some nailing. Actually, it is composition and color thumb nailing, which are two different processes. But they're so closely related that I wanted to include them in the same hark. But we are going to deal with them in different videos. Okay, so what is thumb nailing Tom nailing as the stage before catching? So it is basically laying down rough ideas on a very basic level. This will prevent you from jumping right into this catching and just messing up your design idea. So in this stage, we are going to do two different things. Composition on color, thumb nailing these to answer different questions. So the composition, some nailing answers that what are we going to dro and where are we going to draw it? And obviously the color thumb nailing answers what color the elements will be. So now what do we know? We know that we want to draw acute birdie on we already. How is how wonderful character design. But we don't really want this birdie to be alone. But also I don't really want to overcomplicate the whole illustration as our closest focusing on the Hearx. So I decided to add a decoration ALS element, which is this floral that I include in most of my illustrations. So what I'm going to do is to combine days to together in an illustration and now your task is to decide. What do you want to add to your bird? It can be a floral. It can be on object or a different decorative element. Don't over complicate and just make sure don't the to fit together. Okay, so we already know the colors. What colors will be used? We already have the color polite built. You already built your own color. Pull it in the previous video. So now let's just talk about the wear. So the composition time nailing actually answers more this wear question. So where we are going to place or elements what is going to be dominant? What is going to be in proportion? Bigger or smaller? Etcetera. So what I love to do is to place my elements into a shape, so I'm going to use a circular shape to guide my design. So then just go back. But we laughed off and create our composition. Some nails create a new layer above everything and I will keep my black color Ondas catching six b pencil. The point off having thumbnails is to see the canvas with my illustration and character. It is a kind of visual ization off the whole idea. So I'll just laid down free off these landscape oriented canvases. So this is one campus. This is one canvas. You can use a quick shape function in procreating. How, like straight lines. You can lay down more to see what works. Okay, so in the composition, some nailing, which is the 1st 1 you place your birdie into D canvas you have in front of you. My idea for this illustration Waas and what I love to do in my illustrations is to place my characters and elements into a shape send. I love circles, so I will just draw a circle into the middle off every campus. You can edit the shape to make it a circle. If you don't cannot joe proper circle. Or if you are actually doing that you don't need to do this. You can do something else which you like. Okay, you really have the artistic freedom because this class is about the hacks not actually the illustrating part. Okay, so let's see the 1st 1 And my question is where I'm going to place my corrector into setting. And it is also about dominance. I don't want to do a too complicated illustration. I wants to have my birdie, so I will just catch him here. I want my birdie and I want some florals because I really love my florals. Uh, if you know my style. So this composition time railing is about dominance is also should I place my birdie into the meal of this circle? So this is a really rough catch. And if Laurel's should be around him like dis, for example, or my birdie should be like small and D florals should be dominant, like around him. And I can add, like, more. So are should I make you more actionable soda? Birdie should do something. Or should I should I draw him somewhere here? I love spirals as well, So I will do something like this. Now your task is to do thumbnails like this and try out some place mons and compositions. Will The birdie will be big or small in a sender. In aside, would elements bill you how in a really rough on a really basic level. Okay, so you can do more of ideas. I am doing just free because I already know that I will choose this something. And when I decided, Dad, I will select my thumbnail with my three fingers on the screen slight up and hit a condom paste. And what did this does? Is that it feel place my thumbnail on the new layer. So I will just delete the layer below. And I have desk uh layer. And now I can continue to the color some nailing, which is the second part off the first hack and we're going to do in the next video, so see you there. 5. The First Hack - Color Thumbnailing: so welcome to the second part of the first hack D color thumb nailing color. Some nailing is basically laying down rough colors in more versions from the color palette we have built in order to choose the best possible combination, the color of some nailing answers. The question. What colored elements will be So now we have or little beautiful thumbnail and a color palette that we have already built. So we're going to do now is that we're going to create more colored versions off this time . Nail. So let's go back to procreate da. Placate this thumbnail several times on our canvas, and we're going to place it around a canvas Dan. Create a new layer below all of the layers you have. Andi. Start trying out color combinations, so paint on this layer below. To Tom nails. Choose the liner brush or any GOPAC brush to lay down two colors. You really don't need to go into details. Values are shadows. The point is to know what color the main elements will be in this case, the background, the birdie on the floral. You don't need to restrict yourself to the color polity have built you can add and remove colors as you wish. So, at the end of this process, you need to select the version that you like the most. For some reason, I love desk Mom. So what I'm going to do before I start catching is that I will. Celic told these, like yours Group Dan. Okay, so when you have the group hit flatten and it will make one layer from all of the layers now hit select. So, like, Aldo's that you didn't like free finger slide up on hit cut and you will remain with the little family with decomposition and with the colors. And now you can start working. So in the next video, I'm going to catch on show you the second hack, which is the horizontal fully. Don't forget to give yourself time for this process on Also, share your colored thumbnails in your skill ship project on or in the Facebook group 6. The Second Hack - The Horizontal Flip: All right. So welcome in this video, we're going to sketch the whole illustration. I have the someday layer and I will create a new layer for the scotch. I can rename this layer, so I will just thumbnail on rename catch. Okay, So what do I need for my scotch? I need black color. I need sketching six people and still and I need a circle. Uh, thank God. Broke retires the quick shape, so I will draw the circle holds down. He added shape on circle and I have circled. Now I can go deeper in Teoh character design. I'm not sure if the if the bird is going to have the same shape. I'm not sure, although, or it should be a triangular. You know what? I'm going, Teoh be like spontaneous, and I'm just going to draw this straight. Liked us and this is going to be my bird. And I'm not going Teoh ever commit more So this bird will have his lacks around his. This how? Yeah, it will hop three things up here, one bigger. I just love to do that. If you just look goofy, this is big and he will have big tummy, some pictures on one wing, other ring. And I didn't, but I just wanted to be so simple. I don't want to overdo this, so I will have some bubbles around. That's my thing. Andi, I think that's OK. Ok, so the second hack is the horizontal flip. What? Doc means that you select it on her raisel and you see what is wrong with your illustration . So now I can see that it's absolutely off balance. Maybe took look better if it would be like desk. I'm missing something here from here. So I will add one more little this leave. I will just turn it back a little bit like dis. I can see that his legs are a little bit like, um, imbalanced make makes like your feeling. So I don't play with the legs and maybe I can just turn this days birdie a little bit, so I know. Just hit the select cut around him and just a position. I think this may be just a little bit Okay. Feels better. Just the milli meter, but still Okay, amazing. Cool. Now I also see that dis spiro is not okay as well. So I will just I just turned this. I don't like this one. Eder. So decide. Really? Cleaning Opti discounted, Making it better. Amazing. And now what's living, Doc? Andi, it looks great, but I think this is too big. So I just delayed it again. And well, I have my sketch and it is balanced. And I know my colors and everything is just fine on this. Feel like I didn't Do you are illustrating is experience because you will have, like, everything a little bit better. Get smaller. I mean, I do odd here. My dad Sorry, Something. I just can't stop doing stuff. Lighters. All right, now let's move on to the illustrating part on We're going to talk about the third hack, which is deep Painter's palette. Now you'll have seen how mice catch was foreign. But if you are doing your own catch again, give it time to work on your catch food back and forth as many times as you need to reach balance this time. So if you're doing your scotch, your task now is to finish it 7. The Third Hack - The Painter's Palette: Okay, Welcome to the third hack where we are going to do the painter's palette. Okay, so the point of these hacks is to make your illustration workflow easier. And I just hate that when I have these colors chosen, I always need to click on and go back mainly when I'm really into painting. So it is like a flow, you know, you have the flow and you are actually interrupting the flow with clicking on dso stuff like that. So what I love to do is to create a painter's palette because I am a traditional painter and I just love to have, like, everything in front of me in a massive A and I really missed us from digital. So what I love to do is do hit a plus sign, put this layer behind us. Catch. I will choose. Um uh, brush. Actually, it can be any GOPAC brush. I'm going to use my liner again on what I'm going to do is to go through this. Colors just laid him down. So it doesn't lighter version here. I think I want a lighter version. Hair is maybe I'm not going to use all these colors I just as if I would, like, squeeze them out from the tubes, if you know what I mean. So I will just place it. I rather maybe this vibrant dragged. I just added, back here, I will go with the magenta. This why I'm squeezing out the paints to my palette so that I can just grab them. What I love to do is to choose the darker and a lighter version from same color. Because when it comes to shading, I just grabbed a darker one. I I'm ready to, uh, use nos. Okay. Actually, I am missing a little bit off. I don't know. This'll mean green. I'm not sure if I'm going to use that. I know I have the color thumbnail, but maybe I will need dot for details. I just loved his colors. I'm just on down here. I lead a darker version of it. I loved a navy to start naming. Okay, So does is my color palette. Did I'm going to just had the color picker and start painting. It will just make your painting and illustrating workflow a lot easier. Okay, so now let's continue to the next video where we are going to apply Defour tack de Value check and then reveal start illustrating on finished US illustration up together. So let's see, even in the next video. So your task now is to squeeze out your colors to a painter's palette to see how they work together and improved its pull it by adding lighter and darker versions on different colors that you're missing. 8. The Fourth Hack - The Value Check: Okay, So before I start illustrating, I love to do the value check layer. So heda layers and create a new layer above everything. And now choose gray. Hey, that layer on hit feel layer And now you have a full gray layer. But what we're going to do now is to hit us and go to collar and go to color. And now you will see everything in grayscale. You will see so to have a harmonious a design, you cannot have everything. Disc dark. So now I see even in my colors thumbnail that the color that I've chosen here needs to be lighter. I see my color Plet reach our values off my colors. Uh, you we'll need to turn this layer on and off while you are illustrating so that you can see that everything's all right. And this is what pros do because your designs need to work in grayscale as well. All right, So, seeing the next video, let's start illustrating 9. Illustration Part 1.: just check what we have here. So we have a layer for the value check. You know what? I'm going to rename dot Well, you shot Amazing. Then we have this catch. Then we have d, uh, painters, poet, and we have to some male on That's what we have. And now let's create a new layer below this catch. What I love to do with this catch layer is to he to end lover the capacity and hit multiply . And by this I will be able to see through this catch. Do this layer on. Let's choose a color for birdie, and I will just use this one. Another thing else did I always think in layers? I mean, what's behind what's in the middle? What's in the front in the middle is the body off days birdie. So just draw and fill in the shape of his body with the color of your chosen. Now what I love to do is to add a little shading to my illustrations. If you don't know how to shape, I recommend you to take my digital shading class. So what I'm going to do is to all full of this layer choose a darker version of color. Choose the Shader Brash again. Make it a little bigger. Just I don't use a darker one, actually. So they owe. That's too much. I love earning capacity. No, I know. I'm a little shadow belonged his eyes. You look fun. Okay, so this is a little bit shading with color, texture and transparency, as it is already transparent layer. All right, So hit new layer above Jews white color because we are going to do the eyes on. I choose the liner brush. Okay. And I will again off the locket, I will add a little bit of gray on shader brush. Actually, this is simple process. A full week. So great. And now choose black and at the line it is making like, goofy. Yeah, that looks great. That looks great. I will add back. As you can see, I love ERT the size off the brush. I will just add back Will, um, light to the eyes. Cool. Now add a new layer on It is going to be the beak. So now I choose this very vibrant red and again choose the liner brush. I know bigger. Okay. Looks great. I'll turn off the scotch so that I can see it. Butter. Okay, I might add some more shadows, so I got off a log. A big Andi Choose a dark, darker, darker read shadow. Here I go. Go back to the eyes on I will adjust that group would. And a razor. Okay, I'm sorry. I didn't comment on death. Princess Little bit that I had Teoh, uh, make up my mistakes. So it looks better. I need to repair the shape of the bird as well. Okay, so I just repaired it and I will turn on d catching layer again. So let's create a new layer and make this thing and I always had Let's say I think it should be like blue. I will just status and I don't take d Lina brash again and put this layer behind the birdie . So no distracting. Wow, it looks great. Oh, it's shaded this well, I have his navy here. Choose to shader. Brash. Ok, awful. Look it put some shadows there. Do decides it looks great. Let's put the bigs on. It will be a magenta. So again it can be in the same layer on only you need to on the Alfa locket or own look it on now. Choosed a liner brush. So it's This is exactly the same bro size that I'm doing over and over in my outer illustration. Glasses. So it is not like anything surprised just to have this little birdie my saying It's no, my veal chooses darker. Weiland, maybe. And shade with that. Are you off? Walked while you're again Amazing. Looks great. I just love it. Let's do a value check. It's fine. Maybe the beak could be like darker. Let's just do it. So Jews. The layer of the bake he d adjustments you such a region on Brian is darkness just pulled a little bit darker. Let's do value. Check Muehlegg's batter. Great. Turn up the value check on. Well, let's continue. So what about the legs? I will create a new layer for DHA. Lags on. I think they could be rid. Yeah, so again, liner brush, right. Looks weird. I did a little my does. Okay. It can state. So what I'm going to do is to paint the background. And the reason for daddy is so that I have something to put this floral. All so choose the color picker Andi this dark violet and create a new layer below everything. I mean off T birdie and just dude circle. Okay, Looks great. Let's do value check. Okay. Still OK, but these wings, um like are a little bit lost. So I need to think about something. I will turn out this. Yeah, I know why I will repaint death. So I will choose the layer of the things and Giusti magenta again She with Shader brush. You just repaint at everyone does mistakes, okay? And I don't use this light pink and I will not shade. But Leiden no moves, OK, do well, you check and it's fine already. Maybe this still lost somewhere. And Alexis Bill. So I will need to find solving what color is this? Value check. Why kill all actually need to do something with the background. And I will just show you a texture that I you really love. And it is the forest tales brush sat on this water brush. Jack texture. I don't maybe choose this dark, maybe. And just dark. And where the birdie is Let's do well. You check much. It looks fine. I just don't like the Lex now, so I will choose the legs hit adjustments you saturation shows a different color darker wants. Mm. Maybe this blue darker red and I Alfa Lockett juice. Uh uh. Yellow Giusti. Shader. Brash on I just do something like dusts. Looks better. Great. I wanted to put us some kind of a stomach to disparity. And it was this orange. So I just use the orange juice tha the body of the birdie hit select on hit new layer. So now I'm on a new layer, but still in the shape that I have selected and turn old is catching layer and tooth. The liner brush. I will just Nice. So what I will do to include death shape within the shading off the birdie is to create a layer about these two shapes Jews black, and you can keep the shade of branches low overcapacity making a little bit bigger. And it's transparent layer of black about his color, real, affected color. So that it, like, blends into this shading that we have here. Okay. And now, okay. Lets value check and it will be fine because I want to add some details around his stomach so that it will, like be a little bit, um, separated. Okay, so I will make. And now a little bit off. Let's continue into next, sweetie. Oh, break. 10. Illustration Part 2.: All right. Welcome back. I hope you two ca little break as I did. So I'm back to dis illustration It just always a good thing to step aside and have a break . Now we're going to continue with illustration and when my problem is that I'm not sure what color I want this to be. I I wanted to hide like desk magenta, but I think it feel blends too much into the background and will be to purplish I don't know. So I will just see what I'm later on, I committed a new layer about everything. Yeah. What I wanted to do is to select all the layers my birdie has on grouped in and just rename it like birdie. All right, so I have a birdie. I have a background and these layers and I have a new layer 13 0 lucky number in this layer . I will go back to my thumbnail on. Just try to figure out And I don't like this red. So what's dry? Something yellow. It will be too yellow. But you know what? The birdie has his own deal Stuff honors had and I gas. It would look great to have the steel laurel around. You can be flexible with this storm bailing as well. But you you have I like a little family to try things on. Okay, so you don't need to go right away into the illustration. So I have this 13 layer. I have my liner brush. I have to Teal color I have here on Let's start illustrating. So I have a line of brush again, and I will try to increase pressure to have this nice gradation from the same line to the thicker line. I have tried to follow de line the outline off this ground. If you have problems with the brush, that is not really following two movements you want to make just eat on it and add streamline. And it'll just picked us. Fix this problem. My hands. I a little bit shaky now. No, we need more streamlined. You could always just this, uh, and just back. Don't be afraid, Teoh, to do what you need to do. Okay. Great. It looks fine, Kit. All right, so let's do value check. Yeah, really blends into the background. So what I need to do is to eat her light enough this part of the background or dark and dance. Lighten this up and dark Indus maybe. Okay, Now you track Turn off. I don't offer lugged us floral on. Choose to Shada brush again on pick dismayed color like white blue or Minter I'm not sure what color it is, and I don't just trying to at a little mention again to this floral So I add on the top of this leaves as if it was highlights. Looks great As a little variation, Teoh and I add a little maybe to make you were there smaller? Uh, I loved us back. Maybe so This is when the color picker is really useful. One that we have this color poulet painters color. Pull it here. So what are We can just go back and for it. I don't like this bigger shaded. All right, go back to the navy. So I am doing simple shading, adding a bit off a treating free dimensional feeling to the whole illustration find Let's deal value check. Okay. It looks great. I'm only too dark and darkened by Grandal. It doesn't go back to the background on, um, juices, whatever brush texture, if you don't have this. You can use the artistic, the wash brush it was. Find a smell. Maybe I will stay. What does before? Brush first, maybe dark and a little bit. And I will choose this. Like when a swell and pulled back with it. Okay. While you, Jack, I will add this light, um, purple, where the sh discharge everything's are and I will dock. And it when? A little Maybe where it is like this wider. I will do it like that will be the trick. Okay, fine. Looks great. We're just talking a little bit. So So just play with this. Okay? So in the next video, I will at some details. 11. Illustration Part 3.: All right. So let's add some details. The first detail E layer. So create a new layer above everything. I mean, this illustrations is this is the birdie and on her stone Mac, I want to see something a little bit reddish. I will go go to this darker rad on to choose. I don't know. So facile I would just make it smaller. Just I have just stuffed a soul to do his tell me I can choose this vibrant yellow And what I love to do is to Jews the six b Where is catching a 60 pencils are some no things lined up Still Mark So So let's say let's to it a little bit of orange. I will place this layer to the birdie on a bill of eyes on the beat so that I can continue And it was dark red. I will go back to the six big puzzle in just okay. I know. Choose this like ping and at some wines todo winks dark This dark magenta cool looks great to me. Let's at something up here. So what's justice? Why brings blue can just are this lines. So I will go to death. Uh, laurel. Okay, I will create a new layer about the floral and I maybe some dots here and there. Yeah, I loved us. I love so much when the illustration just comes together on when I'm not illustrating for a long time, I get too excited about the results. And I tend to like over do things. You just add his adults. Well, look so interesting. And I just loved is let's do a value check on it. Looks fine to me. I think it's a really looks good. And grace scales Well, turn off the value check. And what I wanted to add as my personal thing did. I love to do Art is a little black bubbles. I know. Just turn on this. As you can see, I added some here and there. You can, like, do this as well or do just your own decoration. All things. So what I love to do is to just black Jews My light a brush do black bobbles because that's my thing. Signature elements. You can add it if you want, but don't use it as your signature element, please. And what I do is I awful. Look it. Choose the white juice the shader make. It's small. Go inside. Just just this. It's feeling. Does little black bubbles cool? I will turn out this catch. And here is my cool illustration. Okay, so now that we're done with the details, I will add one more layer off shadows. And if you have taken the digital shading clause from me, you know that what have you happened? I will create one more layer above everything. Beloved this Catch Jews black as my color and choose from painting the round brush. I will over to our capacity and size of bed. And I will add this inclusion shadows. There will be just a little shirt. I tried to make it fit. Illustration. What? It does it, that is it Adjusts on colors right away. So, uh, maybe below her eyes, Smaller one, maybe on the beach. Okay. Just really, really soon. Transparent line make here just a little bit. Looks fine to me. I will. Here, here. You know that These are just fine details that you can add. You don't need to, but I just love to I don't add here. Here. You know where things touch all right. So now we are down. What do you stay to this illustration? I just below it. It is so fun and colorful. And it is harmonious and composition and in colors and values and everything is just amazing. So I hope you enjoy this class. I'll see you in the next video, where we're going to summarize what happened in this class, and you will be, like, able to upload your project. And they just can't wait to see what you create. So see you guys in the next video. 12. Final Thoughts: own gradual ations. You have gone through the whole parole set and now you have a crispy illustration that I fast you're proud off. I hope this tax will help you to level off your art on Dad. This class was really beneficial for you. It would mean so much to me if you will leave me a review so that I know what you think about the class and I am super excited to see what you create. So don't miss out on posting your projects into the project gallery and share it with your friends and family and other students to get feedback. Please join the art matters online are true Facebook group, where you can post your results on working progress photos and other artworks of We are really happy to see what you're up to. I'm so glad that you have finished this class and that you have chosen me to be your instructor. I'm really, really thankful. So stay tuned for the next blast. Do you? Let's just summarise what you have learned in this class. Now you know that you have a great design. You need to plan ahead to get inspiration for a color Palek, Real creators that you can design a cute corrector from scribbles funnily will help you to place your elements that color some kneeling will help you make better. Call choices is looking at your design from a different angle to help you correct mistakes that a squeezed out color Platt will help you pay more smoothly. And that value check will be a vast friend when illustrating. I hope you're happy with your dirty happy creating everyone.