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An Introduction to Nature Journaling

teacher avatar Johanna ✳ Foraging Gardener, Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. • Introduction •

    • 2. • Your Nature Journal Set Up •

    • 3. • How to Keep Journaling •

    • 4. • Nature Journaling in Forest •

    • 5. • How I Add Details •

    • 6. • Outro •

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About This Class

This class provides an overview of nature journaling and how to start your own. You will learn how to set up nature journal equipment, how to keep journaling regularly and some examples. You will come along on a day of nature journaling and see how I personally like to journal. 

By the end of this class you will have an understanding of how to start a nature journal and hopefully feel inspired to do so! 

Have a look at my Youtube Nature Journal Series or Instagram for inspiration. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Johanna ✳ Foraging Gardener



Hello, my name is Johanna (she/they).

I'm a gardener and illustrator based in Edinburgh. I studied Botanical Illustration and Horticulture and am currently studying Herbalism. I'm from the Netherlands but grew up in Germany near to a large old forest. Wandering through there often, I observed the mature trees, mysterious mushrooms and insects that provided the inspiration to begin collecting and illustrating findings in a nature journal.

Favouring watercolours as my medium, I illustrate and record nature through video and photography too. I run a small online shop where I occasionally sell some illustrations, prints and stickers. In 2016 I did a monthly video series capturing my nature journal journey.  


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1. • Introduction •: Hi. I'm Joanna. Um, less meat in this class. I'm going to show you how you start your own nature journals. I'll show you my old nature. Journals on also explore different mediums, which conduce If you're wondering what nature journaling it is, it's basically keeping a notebook that in some way relates to nature. Simple as that. I really love nature. Germany, Because it's a wonderful way to explore nature, reflect and kind of gain a better understanding of things around you, general. Regularly, you'll feel more connected to nature, and you also gain observational skill. You need your senses journal a pencil in any year, the medium of your choice that you will come toe using. I hope you join me in this course way. 2. • Your Nature Journal Set Up •: sick. Firstly, we're going to be looking at how to set up your nature journaling equipment. This made changes you continue to journal, but it's helpful to have a broad idea of your personal process of journaling or what you want it to be before you start. You said I could look a bit like this every journalist different, and you can use which ever medium you're most comfortable with. You can also explore different mediums. You could use crayons, Watercolors. Gosh, we're just a pen and pencil thes are just a few examples to something you're comfortable with. It's definitely helpful to your practice. If you're relatively confident with the materials, they were brilliant natural places to journal. You can write about and explore anything you have a particular interest in. Really, just make sure that your materials are light and easy to take a long walk throughout your practice. You might realize that some things could be better for your set up, for instance, that you never really use your watercolors in the field and mostly prefer sketching with a pencil on finishing off watercolor paintings at home. Don't journal by the idea of what you think in Nature Journal should look like, but instead focused on the learning and the process itself. Focus on what you're doing before I continue to the next class. I'd really like to mention how help four field guides are to identify plans, mushrooms, insects and other things or animals you may find. Check your local bookstore for some nature guides will definitely aid your learning process knowledge of species. 3. • How to Keep Journaling •: sit. Um, I hope you're crazy with some t. Say, let's chat you. We probably established that there's no particular way to external. And if there's one thing I'd love you to get out of class is that you kind of find her individual set of nature channeling that you want to continue in order to continue Nate's down. You want to go into your life. It sounds easy, but it's a little harder itself speaking from experience here, you know, we probably all been wanted to start a new habit. It'll get to the gym every week, meditate every evening and things happen. These have It's kind of Yeah, they go and it just happens on That's okay. So I have three little tips to help you on your nature journal in journey on. Yeah, everything they help you, number one get inspired on. Go outside. So, to me personally, it is most inspiring to actually be up to nature because I see all the diversity of all these little things that I want a document on that excites me on they going Teoh from we need general and just start General. So try and find something similar like that try and find something that inspires you and incorporate that in your life. Really just seek out those experiences. So if you usually walk home, for example, you could decide. Teoh, go walk through a park everyday on. Maybe some things will catch your eye and you can document those. Maybe it's other people's art, So I sometimes like looking at other people's journals or kind of a general nature. Lately, art on that really inspires me because I can see kind of what mediums they use their style on. Yeah, it makes me want to develop my style. So that's another thing that it buys me on, basically basically trying Sea cow nature. Even if you live in the city, you know you can. Number two is to find the time to nature gentle Andi actually use that time, so it's relatively easy. Teoh. Forget about anything self care related or, yeah, just I feel like you don't have the time for self care anymore when you're in a stressful position or when you have a little work to do it in a moment that's relatively natural. That happens on That's okay. I do think that it's really important to try and still keep incorporating those things in your life. Journaling is one of them, you know? Um, so try and under a realistic way, Teoh Nature in your life don't set out to nature General every day. If it is unrealistic, that's fine. If you their general for one week or two weeks in a month or several. It's happened to me. I don't always need to general something. They take really long breaks. And sometimes I just a general for days and days and days make for you the best week in nature. Journalist taking on the holiday Just document everything you experience or see. Or maybe it's the journal. Just once a month, where you set aside a horrible day on you spent the whole day, um, documenting everything that you saw. Threat. Thank you. You just look back in your kind of memories on many pictures that you've taken, and then you make wanted being sort of page full of memories. You know, there's so many ways, Teoh. It's the Nature Journal. There's no one way to do it. You can find your own regime. Also one thing that I always find me to consider is that if you are really stressed on your having kind of a busy time or not so good time, even with little things, I often find that personally, nature jamming is almost a good way for me to get away from that strikes, to get away from myself. Because I'm essentially documenting things that don't have anything to do with, you know they'll be there no matter if I see them or not on. It's very nice to just take a step back and not fixing yourself. I'm not making about yourself, but just purely look at what's out there. What isn't on all the things that you can control that just there they just happen. They're beautiful or something so beautiful. Yeah, it's very lovely. Ways just kind of have this output of stress. So just sit down and realistically have a thing about how much time you can commit to this . How much you want to commit to it. Um, there's a ton of my change and you won't find that half a greeting for you. Oh, maybe just one native down for a long time, but uncomfortable. But you will enjoy it, and then the third tip is to get together with somebody else. Shared experiences. A really good thing because you can talk about the experience. It's also a good thing Teoh to meet up with someone need to general because it almost forces you to kind of go out and do it. You know, it's a lot more fun when you're talking to someone you can call that we found you can have that shed. Yeah, Shan experience. It's really lovely on. You might find out that you both have very different ways of documenting nature. Perhaps you rule that for each other, and no tip is definitely if you have Children. When you look after Children regularly, then nature with that, it's so much fun to next. Generally, Children, because they spoke the most. Miss you lovely things. You'll be surprised. What? That really So yeah, share the experience. Eso just a quick recap. All the tips one. Go outside, get inspired to find this hunting each journal and then use the Time planet realistically, three chairs experience with someone else. I hope those tips help you on your nature gambling, Danny. So let's continue to the next video 4. • Nature Journaling in Forest •: Hello. I'm in the forest now on. I'm going to show you how elected general in the forest before I start walking around and looking for things in the forest. I thought I'd show you what I brought to nature general today. So because I quite like recording plant species on kind of biodiversity. Of the places that I'm visiting, I brought three nature guides which will relevant to forest biodiversity. So these are the three that took their relatively not so heavy and maybe a little too heavy . I should probably left one at home, but Well, um, sometimes I can't actually find what I'm looking for in these guides. And then I will just taken image on either do that with my camera or with my phone on when you do that to make sure to take quite a few pictures and kind of take a picture of the plans up close on may be further away. And sometimes I also like to collect plants, but, um, you can't always collect chance everywhere. Just make sure that you know whether it's allowed to take plans from the area that you're exploring on. Please don't ever take plants from conservation areas, for example. So yeah, the other thought things that I brought my nature journal, obviously on then everyone kind of the equipment that I used to use. So I have a big kind of pencil case pouch thing with pens, pencils, raises, pencil sharpeners, all sorts of things that I might need. And then I brought my paints, which I don't usually tend to use when I'm in the forest. But I thought I'd bring them anyway. And sometimes I used them some things I did. We'll see. So yeah, that's all I have. Let's explore. I just wanted to say that it's always a good idea to take someone else when you're going to the forest because I know what you get most or you get hurt. Um, if you're someone else that you could help each other, Um, this is myself with us. So I found fun, which I really want to press take with me because management was big enough to put it in between pages. Wait and then within two weeks or so, it should be done American on glued in. So first thing I'm gonna do is these mushrooms do a quick sketch close. I don't want to be painting. What happens when it's breeding season. You find eggshells. I'm not gonna go home. And I'm gonna take these two mushrooms and paint them so I can get the colors quite accurate on. Yeah, I'm gonna look at the pictures. I took a look inside some bigger nature guides and see if I identified things the right way on here. They know finish off the last kind of finishing touches with my typewriter because it quit . Like doing that on. Then my nature German page will be nervous. So that was my my Forest Nature Journal. 5. • How I Add Details •: Hey. So I quickly wanted to go over how I like adding details in my illustrations. Um hey, I will research a plant before I illustrated if I didn't have any images of it. Um, this is Prunella Vulgaris, a plant that I saw recently, but I didn't have a good image of it that I could. You say I decided to just kind of, um look up some images online and then kind of illustrated the way. Um, yeah, I felt like I didn't really have, um an idea of what I was gonna dio is just kind of giving with the flow on. Usually that's what I like doing most. When I illustrate, I just I just relax and I just litigated done. I like to add information about the plant, and I like doing it with the typewriter, but you just write it as well. Sometimes I write it by hand on my handwriting is just not very good. So referred. Typing it up usually just look it up online and sometimes also looking books. But, um, you know, I just use a few tips kind of what families in on what type of flower it is. when it blooms, like adding a few kind of bits and bulbs really around it. So I also like adding paint and kind of colors of it. So every every page is different really on. And this is what they look like. Yeah, se hippie. But that was helpful, Yeah. 6. • Outro •: Hi. So thank you so much for joining me in this class. I really enjoyed it. If you feel like it, post a new image of your nature. Damning page. I would love to see it. Please be so kind. Teoh, leave me reviews. Just feedback really helped me improve from the next class. If you're interested in maybe seeing some more nature journal related videos, I have some YouTube on a link. That description. I'm chest. That's pretty mature. Enjoy your nature turning journey on. Good luck with everything. My, uh