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4 Easy Watercolor Landscape in 15 minutes

teacher avatar Dhritikana Nath, Watercolor Artist and Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Art supplies

    • 3. A hot summer afternoon

    • 4. Walk in the Meadows

    • 5. Romantic Sunset

    • 6. The first snowfall & final thoughts

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About This Class

Landscape is all about three important elements sky, land and water. Only by altering the color combination's, contrast and the amount of water we can set the mood and atmosphere of a painting. Painting quick yet appealing landscapes under 15 minutes each is a task but this class has simplified this task to a great extent. It helps you to choose a color palette for each of the season and guides you how to create the mood with the chosen colors.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dhritikana Nath

Watercolor Artist and Instructor


Hello All, I am Dhritikana Nath an artist, instructor, educator & entrepreneur  from Delhi, India.

I am the founder of VibrantParcels where we make hand bound sketchbooks, brush-roll, pouches etc. This is a fairly new initiative as I was searching for good sketchbooks and it was not available readily in the market so just thought to make something of my own. Then wanted to cater to the greater needs of creatives and added brush-roll & Pouches.

I have a monthly membership on Patreon where I teach more about light & shade, landscapes, urban sketching, travelling etc.

I am a strong believer of the idea that anyone can paint if you put an honest effort and for excelling in painting there are only 2 rules practice and frequency of painting. I did start my jo... See full profile

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1. Introduction: they're majorly three aspects off a landscape painting sky land on water. The choice off colors variation off Don's con trust amount of water helps to set the mood and atmosphere off a landscape. Hey guys, I am pretty. Khanna are Delhi based watercolor artist on From the time I have started painting Landscape remains my first love. You can find me on instagram as watercolor dot illustration dot Today we will be painting four or Scott size landscape painting across different seasons each. Ondo 15 minutes. Yeah, you hold it right. Each painting will be under 15 minutes. So go ahead, grab your pains brushes on watercolor paper and let us partner today with the medium watercolors. 2. Art supplies: we will be doing four landscapes. I am very excited to teach each one off them, capturing the mood by variation off the colors. Water contrast is one of the takeaways. The close. Every landscape is simple and will not take more than 15 minutes. Let's start by diving off deep into our art supplies. Masking tape one inch. You will need a masking fluid. This is a prime. A water column asking fluid that I am using it has caught a great nozzle on the top. It helps me to spread my masking fluid. Even you can other ways. Use a white wash if you do not have a mask. Include colors. Colors are by PWC. It has 32 sheets. You can use any other color that is available with you. The other brands that I always suggest is similiar white knights, primal watercolor, Winsor and Newton. I always tried to go with a professional grade watercolor. It just helps you to have a better are put off your painting even as a big No. Whatever is affordable for you has a professional grade watercolor. You can take that kind of the people. This is Ah Fabbri on a 100% quarter and 300 years symbol of green people. Dennis Sergeants Rob Green 300 GSM 100% chord in people Now 300. Jason is very important because it can hold a lot of water on many off our techniques. Is using went on Victor. All these people that you have would be off the size five into eight into 4.1 itch, which is basically a postcard size that we would need for doing our paintings. Orders You can go forward and his success for completing each of these paintings who have another brand called Paul Reubens, which is equally good. It a score pressed acid free paper 100% quarter Okay about the brushes. The first is a mop brush size one many retailer brush 0.75 inch flat brush for the wash script Liner brush. 40 Dealing flat brush size hate on size to round brush. This is all you need from the brushes. The all are from Princeton part. You can go ahead with any brush around the same size that is available with you. I'm not very particular about the Russians that you would be using the next is my pencil hard. I need to keep in a razor along weathered. Have two jars off water jar will help you get the fresh supply off water that you need for completing the painting on another jar will help you wash your brushes. 3. A hot summer afternoon: We will need just six colors to complete this painting. The first is forming Kahlo deep. Then it's cadmium yellow. Orange are plummeting. You can have use Kenny. Are Germany that is available with you. These three colors would be required for your sky. Then, is your bond sienna way? Go with Crimson Lake for the bushes on this is any shade of dark brown that you have available. You get you stuff. Okay, so it's a summer. Often one in the fields, which is drive on. It is already harvested. It's very simple and easy painting. Let's start by dipping down our paper one sweet. Deep down our paper, we need to run our finger port back off our brush along the side. Let's draw the horizon on the sun. The horizon would be bed below half of the size off painting. I will place the sun on the right inside on, then apply my masking fluid to mask it. You can even use wash that this white wash at the end to show the sun. I'm using a rough, hard pressed home, people to blend my colors and check the harmony for the sky. Have a go for light of values to the darker value permanent. Elodie, Can you get orange on our trauma team? Once I apply the colors, I will run my clean brush over the swatch from lighter value. Toe the darker value. Just keep in mind the blending off cadmium yellow orange on art remaining should be clean enough so that we do not get any money color. You can always leave some gap between these two colors and then blended with some clean water. This is a small trick which can help you blend Beto. Let's start applying the colors with the flat Princeton brush. You have to divide the sky into three equal house. Now you can work either in your mind or ALS. You can even market on the masking tape off the painting on the left or the right inside the first color that I'm using his permanent yellow deep. Then I would go ahead with cadmium yellow orange on you will see that I am blending it with some clean water. As I'm not very happy with the yellow that I've already applied. I will go head on again, apply some more at the bottom. I would always need some soft edges to soften it up. I'm using some water and taking it towards the end off the fields. Now we will go ahead and apply some hard remaining on the top off the sky. I will keep applying it in layers. You will also that I will keep a gap between my cadmium yellow orange on artemisinin and keep blending it with something water. This is important to point any money colors. Yeah, once the sky is done, even move toe the feels. Just apply Bon sienna at the bottom on blended with clean water to get the light of value around your eyes. So there is a vanishing point above the horizon, and I add the lines into the fields to depict the perspective. Now this perspective is very important because it helps me to show the fields below the horizon. The lines will appear closer when they are receiving into the horizon on, they appear broader when they are near the bottom. That's all we ever do. Even in our painting, I will start growing the lines directly, applying my pains. You can even use the pencil on do it. All these lines have to be made in a way that they move dodo vanishing point above the horizon below the horizon. Just apply or, like wash of Ponsana and then had these lines. It will appear soft as we don't need any hard lines to depict coffee. I'm making these lines a bit more dark. When they are near the bottom, you can use again any kind off the brown. To do this, your people should be mildly weight. When you do this process, - it's me, the bushes now in the background. I will apply some random strokes off Crimson Lake on top off the horizon line with the help off my Princeton brush size to two different colors. I will mix. One will be my program simply, and another would be a mix off like orange on crimson Big. Now there's two colors that I'm using will help me toe add some dimension to the bushes. I will leave it up to you to use these two colors or toe only use one particular shade off pink or crimson color. I'm planning toe are two or three distant trees now, Andi, that's all we will be doing in the middle of the horizon, part on. Then I will be extending my bushes from the left toe, the middle auto horizon alongside. We will keep blending our bushes into the background as we do not want any hard edges. Now to blend, you just need to be a brush which has some water in it, but not like flowing water. You need to dab off the extra water off the brush on the issue and then use it blended with the background. Uh, - I will know aren't some final details off my tree. With help off my mini retailer brush, you can use any small brush that you have like 00 and size. That should be fine. These are just the final details which will make the aesthetics load better for this painting. My fields are dry. I want to add another layer off Mancina as it looks a bit lighter and shade to me. Right now, I've been take off the extra pains, wash the brush on and then take it to the top of the horizon because my horizon needs to be lighter in value on and the lines towards the bottom needs to be deeper in value. Once it is again dry. I will use the same technique on my lines to show the fields because the lines which were there below this wash went a bit lighter in value. So let's just do that on, then blended with the help off our flat brush into the background so that we do not get a Lord off hard edges. Let just had some more perspective by adding some grasses to the fields. The classes needs to be added at the bottom of the painting because they only or to us undress all the other spaces, I believe empty Use the deepest value off brown toe art, thieves, grasses Once you want all the details, let people dry on. We will be lost that day. Alright, guys, we're done with the first painting. Let's start peeling off our tape and check me Accord the crisp edges or not. I'm really happy with this painting as this her stoned out very right on beautiful last step is to take out the masking fluid that leaders apply in the big name. You can even use the wash now toe add the sun If you did not use the mask, include that's all 4. Walk in the Meadows: this painting is all about walking the meadows, so the flats first discussed the colors. It's Naples yellow cerulean blue, Khobar blue on portion for our sky, greenish yellow, olive green viridian on sepia for a ground. I'm not very much concerned about what colors you are using, just something which is very close to these followers. You can use them for the final painting before we go ahead. We need to tame down or paper on. Let's start taping down our paper, one speeding down our paper. We need to seal our ages. No seeming are edges is very important because then what? I cannot seep in through our roles. We will not get to clean on Chris Patch that usually weekend get. Once we finish a painting, let's start by drawing the meadows a bit more than 1/3 of the paper, but again, not exactly half of the people There will be two layers of meadows that we would be doing on. It is a wet on wet technique darter. People apply so we don't wear technique, needs a lot of water on. I am just doing the cross watch sh on the paper. You will need a lot of water on your people. It should be wet completely before you start the spending. I think the flag brush and apply some Naples yellow on the sky as it is a cloudy. But Sunday morning leave some distance when you are applying the yellow because we will need some blue color or so to fill up the sky and the clouds. Naples, yellow and blue doesn't react to get the green, but it is always better to keep a distance between them, as we do not want. Toe makes these colors on get model or greenish kind of pinch in it. We want to even show the sunshine with the yellow that we are putting in. Tow the sky right now on the ones I'm done with the yellow, I would go ahead and apply some civilians blue after the civilian blue, I would go with the cobalt blue harmed and the portion if you see the application off my colors. It's always going from the light of values to the deeper values. Now, Lighter values means my yellow force than Serie Liam on then would be my other deeper tones off blue Khobar flu that I'm using right now is basically to show the shadows off the clouds that I applied already with the civilian. Andi in just helps me to give the image that the clouds are becoming heavier and though it might rain any time on now I'm going with my potion blue on the top, I will cover both. The hands just had a bitter for Khobar blue. Angry oppression on applied on the top two sides off the paper I might ignored in show off CPM Pinto, my Prussian blue again. Now this is to depict the deeper tones off the clouds on the top. Off my painting hospitals, I'm adding it in a few places where there is more clouds. Can I? Let's start painting our meadows so the three colors that we would be using for our meadows is or greenish yellow. All of green and viridian always take all these colors on your ballot on Let's start with the first wash off greenish yellow on our meadows. After the wash is done, we would be adding the olive on Veridian. On top of it, my first more shows Meadows is complete, So now let's so go ahead and take some olive green on I some deeper don't into our meadows . Now. These deeper Don's will be only after 3 to 4 places that I am doing. Right now. It is on the left, Tesla's on the right, or to show that there is some Bence Meadows that you can see Onda. Then there are grounds, which is depicted by a greenish yellow pinch. This'd is how you need to apply it on the West's office, so do not like your paper dry. If your paper is or be getting dry, let it dry completely. Apply one more. Wash off water. It should be a very light wash off water under. Then start your medals. Let's have some viridian on top of the olive green to show some more depth into our foliage . I keep adding one or two dots here and there with my very dean shade. And if you are ah, bit off new into your Viridian, it would give you property per shade, so I'm just adding someone you are to give start deeper daunts off my medal. - Now I will make so some off my Viridian on some blue on, apply it randomly into my forage on show that these are some kind of trees or bushes. The whole painting is done in our completely style Onda. Therefore, you starting on minority deal you're and there will help us. So once the people has become semi moist, it should not be like fluid or two are much wet. It should be like likely red. You should use the back off your acrylic brush by Princeton or ALS. You can even use a planet knife to draw these random strokes on these random strokes can actually help you make it look just like some bushes or some small small branches that is arising from your meadows on after that now takes him CPR To show your branches, you can always use your pencil and draw them first in case you're more confident enough to directly pain with the brush. These will help you to depict your trees on. Give some more insights into the foliage that we are doing or painting right now. Way less about the composition or perspective in this painting, as this one is all about losing appear style, not caring much about the finer details. Lego off your fears with watercolors and the whole idea is just pain. Let us now finish our painting by adding some loose leaves and grasses. Brussels would be mutually in the foreground, and your lives would be on the background. There would be one or two on each of the branches that we have shown. Since it is not about adding a lot of needles, it's about keeping it loose and just adding one or daily deals. I will fast forward the process, orbit more, since we're just starting the final readings, and there's nothing much prohibition right now. But the most important part, sometimes what happens is I also do get overboard while I add some greens alive. But I know I am adding with more greens that I might need in my painting. I usually take a bit of them tissue or a normal tissue to dab off the extracting so that I have on my painting on. That's how I did you So the amount off greens on my painting after I see the complete painting, I was not very happy with the number off branches on that I had in the meadow, so I'm to starting a few more Rogers here and there But more than that, I'm dreaming. Satisfied with the painting? I can see the shine off my son. I can see the clouds. I can see everything that had to be depicted with the help of this painting. Once it is done, we need to peel off the tape. Harned, you are painting is ready. 5. Romantic Sunset: we would be painting or romantic sunset on. Let's jump on the colors first the crimson Lee prominently Elodie, then is your Opara. On the second last is the Prussian blue, and the last would be in my paint Scrape. The paint is from similiar on. That's what we would be using for are painting today. Let's first Steve donor papers and then we will start off with sketching Way will start with a sketching on the first I need to see the horizon line. It is a pit above my one thought of the people that I have. I always try to use or off people for my first sketching, and then I put it on my final painting on the right. Inside I'm making the sun on. I need dough so show or small hill, which is nothing but some foliage that I'm throwing on top on the Rio region below my horizon would be my water above it would be my sky. I will use my masking fluid to Moscow, my son on the right on, and I'm using our primal watercolor masking fluid. It has got a very nice on. Also on the top on it is very easy are to mask it. Let's take the lightest valued for painting Right now I am not using a wet on wet technique . I would be just doing all wet on dry as this is a very small painting that we're doing on the we can easily with the wet on dry our technical first time taking my yellow turned I'm applying here now I'm going ahead with the concentrator. Your heart It is the the it is just the value that I am changing. It is a deeper value that I'm applying. And then I would go ahead but Opara on and reported on the sky and mixing some amount of yellow in my Opara because it's the first wash that I'm doing. And once I'm happy with my post, Portia who heard on take new like I'm doing right now would apply on my sky mix some Opara crimson lake on some yellow toe Apply some deeper tones in tow The sky Once I'm done with this layer, I will start mixing my blue in tow. My think that is my claim simply to make some purple Has I want O heart some purple near my horizon on finish off my sky with the purple, you can start applying it now on paper on. Just diluted a bit with some water. When you are going towards the horizon, make some Opara and crimson Lee can apply on the top off this guy, as happened a wink. I want tojust I don't know one more layer off the Opara on. That's what I'm applying on top of my sky as well. Us. I want O make it but lighter in value when I am going towards the horizon because it's just a lot of purple that I've only ordered. I'm adding some more. Open out into my sky and the purple and the Opara looks very beautiful. Together I will keep adding called more colors into my sky because your permanent care then open crimes. I want the skies to become more vibrant, hard till it becomes vibrant. We will keep adding more and more colors and toward if you're not very confident off getting a purple, you can use the color that is available with you as purple on extend some blue into the sky . As I'm doing right now, I have been using the flat brush because it's easy to apply and the strokes or street, as I want for this painting, I do pick up my colors because sometimes when it gets muddy, you just need to wash your brush, pick up the color on to stab it off on the issue on. Then you can use the purple color as I'm doing right now, to show that the shame is Corp rather than being money shade as a team olio, there's no best way off painting your skies. Once you are happy with the vibrancy and the harmony off the colors, you should stop then and there I will start the softening up the edges below the horizon. No, as I'm extending into the bottom off the painting on, so I will just take something water on my brush applied. This would help me toe give a nice soft edge rather than having any other hard edges. Take some Opara into your brush on. Apply some Opara in the ocean that we are showing right now. Apply some deeper dorms off Opara on the bottom on. Make it lighter. When you go towards the horizon line Onda. Then you have to mix some blue with your open toe. Make that purple, Get that light purple color on just aren't as straight lines in tow. This semi moist paper not exactly very moist because then it would be totally running into each other. Now these lines I want to differentiate because that would show that there is running water orders, currents in the water rather than it being a standing water. Similarly, you have to take even your blue and extended the the bottom would be more people in tone compared to the top on swell us. The bottom lines would be tickled compared to the lines that I do on the top. Okay, as we continue to paint, it's very important to understand why we have used these three shades started Opara than crimson and blue for painting. Now, whatever is there in the sky will get reflected in water. No, water doesn't have any collar off it, so I will continue adding some purple on some more blue. Our toe reflect the color of the sky in tow. My ocean. Now this blue is a bit important because that few of the spaces on the sky we even have lied on the broader strokes will be towards the bottom on. It would get, you know, when we moved towards the horizon, as we have done, I'm lifting some color with the help of a damn team brush. Now this is because I do not get the space between the two lines that I have made on their dams office with purple and blue. It's very important for me to get that gap so that I can show though currents in the ocean on. Then I would go ahead and remove my masking tape from the sun. I'll go with some yellow or you can even go for with some Naples yellow if you weren't on just being the son. Even bombing and yellow is fine. Just go ahead. Being the son with the help off against some water landed on the top. I'm going ahead and adding some more. Galo are in the base off the sun. You can even aren't or Angel Cabrera in your yellow on, then. This is just to make the sun a bit more vibrant and show that it is setting out. Now. The top portion off the sun will still remain known. My daughter on the bottom will be. People always secure people that it is right or not before you are the foliage conclusion. I have fast Robert this process of it because it is simply just are filling up spaces, which we have creator, though, as a sketch or during the first part off our painting, when we were sketching on and that's it. I'm filling up right now for the hill. - So just keep adding the foliage er right now on the one or two dots here and there, just to show that the trees are there on the hill on keep extending it filled the horizon on. It would be like a small portion below the horizon. Adversity isn't originating from the ocean on. That's how we will complete this part. - Let's take some things great on a ballot on and start making the goods supposed. That's just practice on the people. It is basically the reshape, simple birds that we would be hoping things are. No, the books happened to be in both the shapes in the sky. They might they flap, usually sold them up and down as their things. So I will have frustrate me as well. I will have to be, Which is showing downwards. Yeah, just be no far date. Once we are done with the painting on the sea that if we have got clean edges and I'm happy and I think that we have the absolutely much Yes, we haven't. 6. The first snowfall & final thoughts: So this is a potion law are committing. Then we will take any deep shade off ground that you have, like the Nike Brown or seek deal on the last would be a bouncy. And so these are the four ships that we would be using for competing or anything along with it. We will need some sort to show the snow. Okay, guys. So we are on the last painting on it is the first no fall off the vento. During the evening we start by drawing on horizon and then some small outline off the bushes about the bushes. We need toe paint, some trees which are try because it is almost window and it is the person of all that is happening in window. There are no leaves on the trees. It would be only some dry branches and dry trees that we would be some trees are basically is exact lines on the only two priests will be in the foreground and the rest all trees will be in the background. You just need toe draw these exact lines and then, to show the perspective, we need to draw three pines in the background, 3 to 4 points. You can happen the background, Um and then we have to start with a painting. Let's go ahead with the deepest value for now, which would be off. Could be pushing blue. And then we have to go ahead with our trauma team. Blended very well. Hand below that We have to blend only with water. We'll take it towards the horizon. It is a wet on dry technique, which is nothing. But I would take my bread pains and apply Don't know drive people this again. The size of the paper is really small. It is a postcard size paper that we have taken. Therefore we do not need toe very much about what we are using as a technique for this particular piece. Ah, once I'm done now with my blending on the top of the sky, you will also that I will wash my brush overdub off any ex trappings that I have on my brush and then extended towards the horizon only and only with water, because towards the horizon it is mostly the white. The spaces that you would be seeing as the night sky has not completely fallen. And it's basically a gloomy evening that we want to show over your. That's basically the mood off the painting. For now, continue planning your colors, and usually I the best blending that I can get is using or flat brush, because that plans very well all the colors that you have. I'm not very particular with the colors that you are using. So for pushing blue, you can use in Nikko on for ultra meaning. You can use any other shape that is very close to it. I'm using some more argumenty now to show the variation off my colors because I think that I need one more letter for Germany, as you will always know that whatever is the color that you are seeing right now on your painting will become one shade lighter. When you're from painting dries on, do you have to apply a small bunch of sold on top off your painting that would act as your snow? Try tow. Avoid using a lot of sort because we just need very, very less amount of sort on your painting, so we will start with our grounds now on the ground, so if you see it's a very, very light color off blue that I'm using on from the bottom. I'm using that blue and blending it towards the top. I just used off plain water when I was moving from the horizon towards the bottom. That's all we need as we want to show it as the snow does, not discovering the grounds it has already. It did snow, and it is still snowing. That's the fact we want to show over here. Grams can never be perfect. Er, they're usually cook erred on. But that's what we're trying to show with these small, small lines that were painting over here, make some more amount off deepest value of brown, that you have life and I came around. Or you can even use Apia tow ard some more extra lines. Just don't overdo a lot because we just need a few extra alliance here and there. I didn't don't don't toe the ground off course, gives an edge on it even shows that the grounds are not completely covered with snow. There is some still some space, which is left manage the ground is showing up from below. Terrible. I feel that I've overdone a place I usually go ahead, wash my brush about the extra paint and just blend it with the ground that I have now. My painting is entirely dry, and you can see such beautiful effect off sort that has come up. It is exactly what I wanted. I have not overdone a lot with the sold on the sky. It was just showing that there's no is falling. I'm taking some bits off Mancina on just having a flat kind of a wash on my bushes. We have already done the sketching part of the bush come Justo, adding the bon sienna in the sketch. Once the spark is done, evil are a bit off the deeper stone off brown that a CPO or like it, adding in few places here and there just to show the day. Whenever you're having the deepest own off brown, it should be on the same. You mice office off Mancina so that both these colors can bleed into each other and give a beautiful effect, which you would be seen once we complete hard bushes. My bushes are complete, and you can see that both the colors are bleeding into each other on their individually being seen it's not that one off. My color has completely overshadow the other colors. Have a continue painting on this exact lines that I did sketch. I will keep extending all these branches. I will keep painting on the sketch that I did. You can even sketch after you are done with your sky. I leave it up to you. But doing a preliminary sketch will always be helpful because you can understand your composition better than if you need to act Some lunches you can even add kind. Have this fast forward this process a bit because there is not much. Do we explain? It's Ah, simple or D pistone off around that I've taken on my script Liner brush. You can even go for any other munity dealer brush that you have and keep adding these branches. I think the branches is always so tedious task and it takes a lot of time. So take your time completely and keep adding it was satisfied. Oh, but you're from composition balance. Once you're satisfied, we will stop it there on. Then we will move ahead on stock making finds in the background. You will extend your branches. Toto thought off your painting. I am not trying toe occupy the complete sky and paying the entire brunch cities over there . I really want to show the effect off snow and I want to keep spaces. I am not covering it entirely at all. We're done with our branches and I'm pretty happy the way it has stoned out. Ivan, move ahead on Goto my background where I would be painting my Bynes. Now these finds are very small in size because it has to show the perspective they would be just 2 to 3 in numbers or maximum four. You can go ahead with your indigo color or you can even take your push in blue paint these fines I'm going to using pushing Ludo pain these finds. Okay, Okay, so we have almost reached the end off the spending. I hope you had a great time painting this one. We will just died some more row finally deals on some landing on the background because I do not want any hard edges of the fines being Schoener. The last step off the painting is taking out all the sort that you have from the people as a people is completely dry and then peel off the day. Finally, yeah, Guys, we leader toe the last painting and I hope you did like painting with me. I am planning to come up with another exciting class on cloud scapes very soon. This whole class was all about painting different seasons. Help you partner with watercolors, understand the perspective and how hiding lines can show distance. You can tag me on instagram my handlers watercolor illustration dot later as I love to go through each one off your class projects, if possible, upload your class projects on the project gallery on leave up feedback so that I can improve upon it in my upcoming classes. As a teacher, it means the world to me a big thank you to each and every person who took out some time and did watch my class.