Summer Holiday...

Summer Holiday... - student project

I've been wanting to do some posters and postcards of our holidays and travels similar to the old-style travel posters like BOAC and the vintage postcards of Monaco's grand prix races in the thirties... This was the perfect class for me and I learned a lot.  I need to get hold of some gouache paint next (I used watercolour for this project...) and get more familiar with Photoshop (I landed up using Illustrator - I pretty much use it for everything! lol)  Awesome class Anna, thank you!  I had fun putting this together... will keep working at it :)

My poster/postcard is of the incredible Venetian-built fortress of Palamidi, in Nafplio Greece, which is situated on a hilltop offering amazing views and about 800 steps to the top!

Update: So I've refined this poster somewhat - having had a better go at gouache paints and colours, even added another child...  I'm quite happy with this look now.  Thank you!