STAR WARS! and stuffs...

STAR WARS! and stuffs... - student project

So if you have seen some (...most) of my recent projects you may notice a theme. I LOVE STAR WARS! (It is kind of an obsesion) So to celebrate the 7th episode I decided that maybe that would be a good subject to make my pin out of.

(This subject matter may change throughout this project, but It is STAR WARS I will atleast make the vectors for the pins. Then maybe try another subject matter)

Reference Pins:
Just like Jon did, I imidiatly went to Pinterest for inspiration. (yes, Pinterest, guys out there. I think it has broken its "feminin" stigma, and even if it hasen't, it is quite possibly the best place to get inspired. So go check it out. Go on, give it a try.) Here is a screen shot of my "Pin" pin board. :)

Now for my Favorite Apple Metal Pin:

no explanation needed.

After doing my research I began to layout some sketches for my pins. I added a little sef promotion pin in there too. I figured that would be a pretty awesome give away to existing and potential clients.


Ok, so I have them vectored out. Thinking about leaving them the shape they are, and not doing the circle around them. I will be playing with some layouts. :)

And now in color...

 Mock Up:


Hope y'all like it!

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