Loveless - student project

Hi all! My name is Melvin Todd (lovelessmelvin on instagram) and I am the creative director/founder of Loveless Society. What's that you ask? Well in a nutshell here it is.

How did I come up with such a thing? Well a few years ago I got dumped. While trying to recover from the sudden breakup I drew an image of a drunken Cupid to symbolize how I was feeling.

Being a tattoo artist, a demand grew for me to continue not only drawing but tattooing the cherubs on people. I dubbed it Loveless Society and the rest is history! (If you want a really indepth look of the brand you can click here :)

Now five years since it's inception the brand has steadily grown, with us now having a studio space and two dedicated, yet intertwining websites and a growing fanbase. But as all brand owners I know that I can only get better and that will trickle down to our team. 

My hopes from this course are that I will be able to help bring a more structured, brand management system to this brand and for my team. Also to be able to discuss the brand in it's simplest terms to people as well as establish rules for it that will help lead us into our future. I'm hoping to help bring critiques and such as well to all of you from knowledge I have gained from the last couple of years of hard work. 

MIssion: To use the art of tattooed cherubs to remind individuals who they are to their core in order to achieve not only what they love, but the life they deserve.

Vision: Five years from now, Loveless will be seen as the brand that gave individuals a direction to not only recognize, but achieve the things they love in order to live out the happiest life possible. Through the art of the tattooed cherub, which stands as a personal protector of what they love, these individuals have a guide for how they need to maximize their life. 

We will buid a dedicated community to not only engage in dialogue of what is possible for these individuals, but for people to push each other and celebrate with one another their victories.

In the meantime we will use the art to entertain and keep the brand visually fresh and have people salivate from what we will come up with next, whether it be conferences, books, toys, comics, tattoos, cartoons, etc. The sky is the limit (meaning there is none).

Founder and Creative Director of Loveless Society