Hey Foxy!!! My pen tool enamel pin project

Hey Foxy!!!  My pen tool enamel pin project - student project


Hey Everybody!!!

My name is Sivan and this is the first project I'm doing on skillshare :) I love animals. I know that sounds all girly and cheesy LOL. As pets my vote is for dogs and maybe cats.As for the beautiful and whimsical woodland creatures that should be wild and free I like collecting them in illustrations, cards, pillows, minatures, stuffed animals, cool salt and pepper shakers, coffee cups, stationary, stamps, books(bookmarks), stickers, any printed material really and anything I can get my hands on.

In the photo: just a few examples

This collecting obsession started with my mother and this pin is for her. She is the most interesting person I know and has always been there for me. Before i studied graphic design way back when I was a kid living in Los angeles, before everything was computerized, we loved to do crafting projects together. Over the years I developed a love for creating. And now here I am and its all because of her.

Step 1: My Favorite Reference Pins 

Check it out: https://www.pinterest.com/sivanavishai/my-favorite-pins/

Step 2: My Favorite Apple pin from www.applemetalcn.com

I think its pretty self explanitory. Love the colors too!!!

Step 3: Word Brainstorm and inital Sketches

just a few ideas going through my head....

I narrowed it down to the Fox. Still exploring whether I want typography and what kind of style. I really like steampunk and geometric shapes. 

Sooo.... I dont have any experience drawing foxes... just doodled some and other animals I saw online to get the feel. :)

Dec. 25

Straying a bit from the task at hand... but maybe not: Drawing a fox filled world and having fun doing it!!!!

Dec. 31

Happy New Year Everyone !!!!

Here I am using the pen tool in Illustrator to search for my fox:

Thanks Jon for the comment !!!

Nice to get a thumbs up from the teacher :). Kind of weird being in a virtual class, talking to people you never met. Probably will never meet in person lol.

Also I agree the fox with the wide face is my favorite to. The top red one.

Well the possibilities are endless and Im finding myself going toward the Japanese Hello Kitty / Kawaii style. Kind of Kitch. When trying to translate hand sketches into the vector world I find that the beautiful quality of the mistakes or inaccuracy get lost. There are some surprises though. 

Im still exploring...

Now back to work :)

Jan. 8

I added some embelishments to my fox design. She came out looking all Spanish or Chinese which I love. I took Jons advice and printed it the size I wanted (2 inches) I found out that some of my details were to small. After fixing that I started to do some color schemes to see which I liked best

Jan. 9 

My final pin design!!!

Hope you like it,  crossing my fingers waiting for the contest results!!!

What now? maybe patches.....