EVALUATING USABILITY - student project

Description of the product


Product:: https://www.yogawithalicia.com/

Description: It is a personal website I created for my yoga teaching as a way to let students find me, read about my background, my teaching style and eventually join my classes. It was built some months ago, so the website is done, but unfortunately when I created it I had no knowledge of UX so I built something which looks ok. However, many things could be improved. 

Development stage: live


Research questions & goal


As the product is live, I’d like to run an evaluation of it to understand what people do & say. 

Type: Evaluation

Research: Market (SUS) & User (Usability testing - moderated) 

Audience: target focus groups (personas - common customers). 

Goal: understand if the website is usable, and based on this think about ways to improve it. 


  1. Market Research: understand audience perceptions, attitudes, opinions (what they think about the site in a generic way). I’d administer System Usability Scale for this purpose. As the site is live, I want to know overall how users find the site to know in rough lines the amount of improvement needed. 
  2. User Research (see link): understand what the audience actually do when trying to complete a task. Usability testing (moderated). The task would be to understand the style Alicia teaches & contact her. As my ultimate goal is to gain students in my classes, I’d like to know how easy it is for them to understand if I offer what they look for & to get in touch with me. 


Insights & improvements 




Market Research (SUS):


I run the survey on 3 people: 

Subject 1: SCORE 62.5 I am doing OK but could improve

Subject 2: SCORE 47.5 I need to Make usability my priority now and fix this fast.

Subject 3: SCORE 100 People love my site and will recommend it to their friends

There is a huge discrepancy between the responses, which need to be clarify. The reason why could be that Subject 2 is not a common customer, rather someone who would never use the site since it is not in his lifestyle. This could have distorsionated the data. We MUST run surveys on personas.

Anyway, considering the other 2 responses, it seems that I am doing ok but there is room to improve. The next step would be to work on collecting more specific information about WHAT to improve and WHY. For this I’d run User research exercises.


User Research:


The subject is provided with 2 tasks: find the style Alicia teaches & contact her to ask for more info. 

Task 1: it seems that it is not easy to know what style Alicia teaches. The only clue is via a video posted BUT if the person is not into yoga, they would not be able to know based on this. 

Task 2: there is a contact page so it is easy to contact Alicia. 



Based on the data collected, I’d start clarifying what Yoga style Alicia teaches. 

Experienced TA - learning Product Design