2018 Calendar Months-Jan, Feb

2018 Calendar Months-Jan, Feb - student project

Using guides was a great way to get everything lined up perfectly.  I chose to add a color background on my artwork to punch it up a bit.  Made square BG/turned into smart object and then used a filter/distort/wave. 

Creative & easy tut to follow.  I did speed the viewing up for my use.  (Glad we have that option on Skillshare.) Excellent PDF followup including links to supplies you may need.

Always learn a little tidbit here and there and on this one it was how to move text.  I didn't realize that you only have to go into text mode and wait for arrow to then move & click to grids!  Happy to learn that!  

Thanks Anne.  And your florals are lovely!!!

2018 Calendar Months-Jan, Feb - image 1 - student project

Jeanne Bosko

Fused Glass & Surface Pattern Design