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The Rivera-Ewing Clan

The Beginning

So this project was a bit of an ass-kicker for me for a few reasons. For starters I don't have a lot on my ancestry, immediate or otherwise, and no real access to finding out more at the moment. I have for the past decade or so been forging my own legacy, building a family of my own/been incorporated into my Wife's rather large and close-knit clan. So this crest is in honor of our union and the greater union of the family.

So this is  where the real kick in the ass comes in as this is also a tribute to my Father-in-Law Richard J Rivera, who we lost just some few months past. With his loss comes the realization that his daughter and I represent amongst other things, a continuation of the line. Anyway this is for my family and for Rich, a real good guy who I miss.

Setting the Tone

Mood boarding, inspiration, etc. Pulling heraldry, color and feel from my Wife's heritage (Puerto Rican) and general ideation,

Some "Sketches"

I'm not a big fan of showing my pencil stuff but here are some exported art boards:


I decided on a non-traditional shape for the shield, representing my burgeoning interest in (sacred) geometry. I did toy with the laurel idea but dropped it in favor of being less busy looking, as for the heraldry/mottos:

Bullet on a Book: Richard liked guns and books, and we talked endlessly about the latter, the end.

"In The Eye": Loud colors, carribean colors, "tacky" colors, punch you in the face colors. A family staple.

The Dots: My kids, three Princes and a Princess (she has a sword too, chill). The future of the family.

NYC | NJ: Home Base

Straight to Panic: Something Richard was fond of saying and did a lot, a trait he also passed on to his daughter, it there's a reason to be even remotely (dis)stressed; see above. It's cool, I'm the antithesis of that particular frame of mind, so balance is preserved.

Thanks for your time and attention, and big thanks to Draplin for being generally awesome and specifically awesome here as a teacher. 

Oh I'm Ewing in case that was confusing anyone.


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