Urban Nature Journaling

Urban Nature Journaling - student project

DAY 7: The fruit trees in an old farmers orchard are finally blossoming and things are much more green after the past full week of rain. This is a portion of one of my favourite nature trails very close to home. It was hard to choose a single section as the entire trail is actually quite lovely.

DAY 6: Spring is really taking a while to come to Ontario, Canada. We have had so little sun but a lot of cold, wind and rain in the last week (even a bit of frost).  I found this little tamarack twig, dried old cedar sprig, and even a pretty snail with a few feet of one another.

DAY 5: I liked the diamond-like pattern on this tiny pine cone and I could not resist the pretty little crabapple buds.

DAY 4: I looked skyward for inspiration :)

DAY 3: Some dried Queen Anne's Lace that  I found along the path.

DAY 2: Textures of tree bark, dried linden leaf and turkey tail fungus.

DAY 1: Lichen formations on tree bark.

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