Style Class: 26 days in Gardening

Style Class: 26 days in Gardening - student project

My Instagram: adelewithstyle

1. Inspiration Case Study


2. Self Inventory


3. My List



4. My Pilot Set


A for Asparagus



B for Bulbs




J for Jumpsuit




O for Organic




Thoughts: I really want to use some lettering but struggling to make it right. 



C for Compost


D for Digging



E for Earthworms



F for Frame



G for Glove



H for Harvest



I for Insects



K for Kneeling



L for Lawnmowing



M for Money



N for Netting



O for Organic - I made some changes of this one



P for Pruning



L for Leek



I have the time-lapse video for this one on my instagram. Check it out at adelewithstyle


R for Rest



S for Slugs. I ditched the original plan of 'Seasons' and who doesn't like to see a slug right? :P



T for Tea



U for Unexpected



V for Vase



W for Watering



X for X-Ray



Y for Yellow




Z for Zen. (I know, not as planed, again! My apologies.)



Thank you very much everyone that liked my project. I hope you enjoyed the class as much as I do.


UK based illustrator/photographer