Style Class: 26 days in "A life of hermit farmer"

Style Class: 26 days in "A life of hermit farmer" - student project

Updated: D like Diligence (last update 1/17/2021) - 17 of 26 Completed


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Here are 3 case studies as a part of the exercise


His Instagram: @iker.ayestaran.ilustration

2. Tom Froese

His Instagram: @mrtomfroese

3. Sam Kalda

His Instagram: @sam_kalda

Other illustrators I admire: Miroslav Sasek, Aurelius Battaglia, Paul Blow, Adamastor, Barbara Dziadosz, Goshia Herba, Kevin & Kristen Howdeshell, Lydia Nichols


Here is my self-inventory and examples of my work
Name: Matej Ilčík

My Instagram: @matej_ilcik_illustrations


The Plan:


Theme: 26 Days - A life of a hermit farmer

Technique: Procreate /textures,brushes with analog feeling/

Context: Book, Postcards, Instagram posts




I am planning to explore a life of farmer living austerely in the wilderness. There would be a lot of funny situations and things happening. I have been drawing this kind of farmer character before the class, but I have been focused on his inner side - emotions, struggle, paranoia. It has had a little bit dark humour.

Examples: Here, Here or Here

This project is going to have more positive vibes. I have taken this as a prequel to the series I had started on my Instagram. So, this series will be depicting the age of innocence.


 The Pilot:


A like Austere


B like Bath



C like Corn



D like Diligence




E like Eggs



F like Fire



I like Idyll



L like Log



N like Naked



O like Odour



P like Pain



R like Remote



S like Storm


T like Tobacco



U like Undies



V like Vine



W like Warm



 All feedback appreciated!