Sinicized Pickles

Sinicized Pickles - student project

Since I'm currently living in China, I thought I'd give a little chinese side to my pickles. For this, I used a spice combination often used here in China, although I omitted a few ingredients such as soy sauce or aged vinegar, as their taste might be a little too strong.

Without further ado here's what I used:

(I forgot to add a garlic clove on my picture!)

Tasted it after 5 days, and I'm pretty happy with the results!

It has a distinct chinese taste, with a slightly pronounced star anise flavor.

Next time I might chop or shred the chili peppers, I put them whole this time, and the result isn't very spicy. I'll also remember to add a little bit of ginger!

Franco-Greek designer living in China.