KP Female figure class

KP Female figure class - student project

Whatever I've drawn myself has been referenced from HANDS ARE HARD SO I DID ANOTHER PAGE TRYING TO GET THEM LOOKING BETTER

Was very happy with the proportions on these few drawings (THANKS KYLE!) so I decided to colour this Starfire one in CSP. 

The main thing I've got out of this course is confidence and speed in drawing the female figure. I think In future when using these tricks I just need to work on which lines to ink and which to leave out. I have a habit of ruining female faces by adding too many lines and then I've unintentionally aged them 30 years. Overall a very helpful course and I'm proceeding onto the male figure.

Very clear explanations from Kyle but required a LOT of stopping and starting the video to keep up. I'm sure I'll revisit this class in future for a refresher.