Better Visual Storytelling Sample project

Better Visual Storytelling Sample project - student project

This is a sample project for the class Better Visual Storytelling, with the focus on contextual contrast. It offers so many ways to play around and you can pick one or do all of the exercises, just depending on how much you feel like it. It is a fun topic that really invites you to DO it yourself and it will help you recognise it around you more often.


Interspecies encounter: hoofs! [cover image]

I just noticed this when I was in the stable with a friend.


Out of context 

Part of a series with vegetables and colour coordination. (I agree, I am slightly strange sometimes.)


Motion - still

It doesn't have to be a perfect image to be effective.


Mixing eras : duckface!

Bring something from the past into the present and play with it. Hetty brought her own phone from when she was young, to make this shot.



All photos: Lucy Lambriex,

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