What a BIGY life

What a BIGY life - student project

Hi there!

I want to begin saying "thank you" to Rylsee. I really had fun doing this project, even if it didn't come out as precise as I wanted it to be. There are some imperfections here and there, but after redoing it for the third time, I really didn't feel like going for the fourth! Lazy girl here!

Anyway, the quote that I chose doesn't have any meaning in English. That's because it's something that I'm used to say with some friends of mine, who are half italian and half canadian and it's a mix of the two languages.
"What a bigy life" is a literal translation from the italian: "che vita bigia", which is a funny and dialectical (I'm from Florence) way to say that your life sucks or that you have bad luck. We could have said it in another way but "Bigia" is a pretty old way to say "grey" and it can also mean "gloomy" or that something isn't going in the right way. For example: "la vedo bigia" means that you have the feeling that something won't go in the right way; that if "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". Murphy's law! XD

We turned the "bigia" in "bigy" because it sounds more "english" (and because we're idiots) and that's why I decided to chose this quote. It always makes us laugh.

And this are some of my sketches: 

at the end I decided to go for the "tangled" parchment because "what a bigy life" means also that your life is a mess!
Here the final result:

As you can see there are some imperfections, but I can say that I'm quite satisfied about it!

Thanks again to Rylsee and his class and to whoever is going to take a look to this project. I also want to apologize for my english, which is pretty rusty! I hope I didn't make awful mistakes!