The obsession - My days in Macao in 1984

The obsession - My days in Macao in 1984 - student project

My mind started flashing back to a specif year in my life: 1984. The year i lived in Macao.

Coincidences started to reach me:

. Friends asking me about that particular experience.

. A player at a chess on line site asked me about the habits of Macao.

. The painting of the Chinese woman that belonged to my father started to be more visible for me in the living room and i found myself looking at it more often.

. Found an old post about the cakes in Macao in my old blog

. My stepmother kept saying I should write something about Macao when she called or adress me in FB.

I begun remembering episodes that I lived that were in any case special or interesting or that had a connection, and i found that there were several that could be used.

So I have identified those episodes and decided to write about them.

But I kept thinking that I needed some illustration. So I though I must find a partner to do the illustrations

The obsession - My days in Macao in 1984 - image 1 - student project