SCREENPLAY DRAFT - student project

A blind man tries to cross the street

He has a white cane that makes its obvious that he is blind

It is in a very crowded intersection at about five o'clock when it is peak traffic.

The sun is still shining, it being a summer day, 

you can see the searing sun affect the asphalt, as if everything is starting to melt. Women’s heels leave traces in the softened asphalt.



The blind man presses a button on his watch that tells him that in 15 minutes he must reach the court.

He gets flashbacks, of when he head an argument with his ex-wife Who promise him that he will never see the his child again

For moment he thinks: how ironic “I will never see the child again'


He looking for the traffic light button but it is not there.

You can see how he scrambles around confused next to a pole on the edge of the street trying to find the button

He starts to check with his cane and with his right foot for the grooves in the ground if he is actually at a crosswalk.



He starts asking people on the street “excuse me-“. "Most of them pass by him without listening to him or even looking at him.

The blind man was dressed neatly in blue jeans, a red shirt and a brown leather jacket, his long hair tied in a ponytail and a black beard with some gray hairs’ being somewhere around 40 years old.



On the other side of the road is a coffee stand in the shape of giant coffee cupe with  a straw inside of which worked a kind hippie-looking young man with tattoos and long hair.

Having no customers at the moment, he mumbles: “no one drinks coffee at five o'clock" 

He sees the blind man struggling to cross the street, so he decides to close the shop for the moment and help the blind man cross the street.


Right after he closed the stand, he sees that the blind man has decided to cross the street with all the risks. Cars are honking and speeding by, one of them comes really close and tips him over, the young man rushes to help and cross the street together with the limping blind man.



The blind man: "thank you very much for your help"

The young man: "I'm sorry I didn't react faster"

The blind man: “faster? What do you mean faster? You where right on time"

The young man: "how so"

The blind man “I needed this little accident to realise…

The young man “realise what?"

The blind man "… what really matters to me"



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