SAMPLE PROJECT - student project

Hey guys! Alright so this is an example of what I'm going to be looking for from you guys as we go through the course.

Don't have to worry about uploading them all at once at the end, in fact, allowing your fellow students and myself to see your progress will be beneficial to getting the most out of this class.

First, I want to see some sketches using the head shape technique, along with some stylized facial features, as can seem below:

Next, we'll make some body sketches, I want to see your experiments!

Now show me your chosen body types along side a "head stack chart" so you can have consistent proportions.

Time for clothes! Share with us the clothing you've created for your characters.

Lining is next, using my custom brushes, (or a brush of your own,) create some clean lineart ready for masking.

Lastly, separate your color masks out and color your characters with the soft brush technique taught in the class!

Looking forward to seeing your projects! Talk to you soon : )


Professional Artist