"Having the universe in the palm of your hand"

"Having the universe in the palm of your hand" - student project

Finally ! I finished this course ! That was a long and quite difficult one, yet very instructive.

Thank you Shawn for teaching us the basics of logo design 

I studied product design for 3 years, packaging design for 1 year and graphic design for 1 year, but I never learnt how to make logos. Now I want to work as a freelance designer so I need to fill in the gaps ! This was my real first shot designing logos and I had a lot of fun (and sometimes frustration, let's be honest ahah) doing this.

Working on this project, I really tried to keep in mind the sentence I read in the brief "having the universe in the palm of your hand" and some of the keywords like "science=exciting, fun, family, miniVSmaxi, immersive, miniature universe... 

One of the biggest challenge for me was to find the balance between "too conceptual" and "too literal". When is it too much ? When is it not enough ? My favorite logos are the ones on 6/8 (left) and 8/8. I really feel like those are completed. I'm not quite sure about the others, but I though it would be interesting to show some of the others options/sketches i've worked on.


Please feel free to give me your opinion, so I can continue to learn :)

Thank you very much.