Condensend typeface

Condensend typeface  - student project

Nice class! I always wanted to design a complete typeface and I think this class is perfect for me to finally do it.

My inspiration was actually the sign of an autobus in Buenos aires. I really like the condensed edged letters on it but since it only has upper cases I just inventet the lower cases.

Here is my first sketch:

I actually sketched a lot in the beginning, I used a copic sketch pen to fill out the letters quickly. My experience was that using a brush pen is best for me since than I don't get stuck to much in the details (which I usually do).

However it turned out that on the computer I changed my design a bit more into a less condensed form, it just happend in the process...

Here is the whole alphabet until now:

I think the diagonal forms need a lot more work and also the spacing. Actually I'm not that satisfied with the form since it turned out a bit to round and less condensend.

Well I guess I go back to sketch, I might start with the uppercases and also numbers would be fun and then adjust the lower cases. 
Feedback always appreciated.


Final version and posters