Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken Teriyaki - student project

I was very excited to try this project especially since I've never cooked chicken teriyaki before. I followed the original recipe loosely and added a personal touch to it. I decided to use a mix of broccoli and green beans since green beans are in season now and also wanted to try cooking with a product I've never cooked with before. I used chicken thighs which turned out very delicious and I garnished them with scallions and green chilis to make it even spicier. I seasoned the eggs with smoked paprika because I really love the taste it adds and pretty much use it on almost every meal I make. For the sauce I couldn't find mirin in store but I read online that a mix of rice vinegar and sugar is a close substitute so I used that instead. Overall, it turned out very tasty and I'll definitely be making this meal again in the future.