Alycia Whatley: Alexa

Alycia Whatley: Alexa - student project


Alexa is a comic idea that I've been trying to develop for some time now. It focuses around a girl who's sick mother died prematurely, told that "A hero tried to save her. He made a mistake." Her city is protected by exactly one hero; a super-human that calls himself Bishop, so there's no question in her mind of who is to blame for her mother's death. She promised to make his job as difficult as possible; taking some weapons here, a nanosuit there, creating an arsenal to ultimately bring him down. 

Here are my 10 face sketches! :)

aaaand here's the progress on my reference sheet so far :)

Yay for outfits! Alexa's was fairly easy; I've had her design pretty much at this point for a while now. Bishop on the other hand, I've only drawn very few concepts of. I'm really happy that I was able to come up with an outfit for him with both style (hopefully) and function!

Here are my lines! I decided to stick with a similar style to what I use when lining EMMA; I'm very comfortable with it, and I love the heavy line weight! I did find this tricky when inking Alexa though; she's a bit smaller than Bishop, and her details are closer togther. 

Masking is done! Obviously the most fun step, can't wait to do it again, and again, and again...

Here is my Reference Sheet! I've tried the shading with the soft brush; usually I like to go in and blend using the chalk brush. Let me know what you think!! ^_^

I also wanted to make up a reference sheet for Alexa's partner in crime, Rocket! Here's the process on that :)